$2 Pizza Vs. $2,000 Pizza • New York City

“It’s fulfilling one of my greatest fantasies.”
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Braulio Bunay
Mario Batali
Alex Bisogni
Sam Elesawi


  • eskay


    34 minutes ago

    That $2000 pizza does not even look good to eat.

  • Markus Wallin

    Markus Wallin

    36 minutes ago

    If you guys haven't made that "hunt the tomatoes" episode with Mario, you really should do a mini-series on pizza with him.

  • K U A R O O

    K U A R O O

    4 hours ago

    Say whatever you want, but I prefer pizza with no cheese at all

  • Zeenam Ahsen

    Zeenam Ahsen

    9 hours ago

    Eating a 2000$ pizza Expectations : 12:11 Reality : 14:20

  • Master Rubik

    Master Rubik

    11 hours ago

    If you add to much sauce it’s going to be saucy, well wut ya think bud

  • Rory O'Brien

    Rory O'Brien

    14 hours ago

    How do they make edible gold?

  • Amanda Josefsen

    Amanda Josefsen

    20 hours ago

    «I have gold on my lips?”. THAT is a rich mans problem

  • Wallace Wong

    Wallace Wong

    Day ago

    Burnt, char however you call it.. it leads to cancer if u eat it

  • Andrew M

    Andrew M

    Day ago

    One bite everybody knows the rules

  • Megan Roderick

    Megan Roderick

    Day ago

    I prefer my pizza with no sauce (depends on who makes it and the pizza place btw) so number two pizza might have been a struggle for me😂

  • Megan Roderick

    Megan Roderick

    Day ago

    I would’ve chosen the first one, it reminds me of pizzeria reginas which is my favorite pizza😂❤️🍕

  • Aaryan Patel

    Aaryan Patel

    Day ago

    Alvins face tho

  • Franky Fenello

    Franky Fenello

    Day ago

    Toppings ruin pizza, period.

  • Hetty's Life

    Hetty's Life

    Day ago

    Who else doesn't like pizza Just me ok I'll go home



    2 days ago

    These guys are definitely sucking each other off.

  • Jounhyuk Moon

    Jounhyuk Moon

    2 days ago

    Steven: you’ve git to be gentle, right??? Man: I’m not gentle, I’m hard with the dough!!!!!!

  • Spec Ops 10

    Spec Ops 10

    2 days ago

    Mario's pizza was burnt

  • GrandGamerTV


    2 days ago

    This or Spago?

  • Rod Eod

    Rod Eod

    2 days ago


  • Yoshiboy Second channel

    Yoshiboy Second channel

    3 days ago

    I hope u was the morning of the evening

  • Joe Swanson

    Joe Swanson

    3 days ago

    Ramsay would probably throw out the last pizza into the trash

  • Indian tech support services

    Indian tech support services

    3 days ago

    Really want pizza now

  • Ben Taylor

    Ben Taylor

    3 days ago

    It looks burnt

  • John Eric Martinez

    John Eric Martinez

    3 days ago

    yo, is adam okay?

  • Implavoke


    3 days ago

    Did you just sexually assault me?

  • Madyson Roberts

    Madyson Roberts

    4 days ago

    Marios pizza was burnt there I said it

  • Zer0 X

    Zer0 X

    4 days ago

    “You never get used to eat gold” says the person who has eaten more gold than all might

  • MoonFace Productions

    MoonFace Productions

    4 days ago

    That pizza looked burnt

  • Adrian Painter

    Adrian Painter

    4 days ago

    Mario is funny af

  • Jangoware04 Pizza

    Jangoware04 Pizza

    4 days ago

    I could probably make a more expensive pizza

  • crikeyme89


    4 days ago

    $2 cheese vs $100000 cheese

  • Toxic gaming

    Toxic gaming

    4 days ago

    7:15 why is the pizza burnt

  • Nam Huỳnh

    Nam Huỳnh

    4 days ago

    ME at the start of the video: " let me guess.... just another 10$ pizza with a bunch of truffle, caviar and gold leaf on top?!" 11:08 : I think I will become a prophet

  • Lorenzo Vitali

    Lorenzo Vitali

    4 days ago

    some guys likeme will sad that a burn crost pizza go directly in the trash

  • Red America

    Red America

    4 days ago


  • CallMeLoui


    5 days ago

    It’s burned

  • Clash Clans

    Clash Clans

    5 days ago

    It's burnt

  • Abiyah Judah

    Abiyah Judah

    5 days ago

    Eating my rent 😂😂

  • Julia David

    Julia David

    5 days ago

    I still don’t understand why they paid $2.75 for a slice of pizza when there’s a nyc thing called dollar slice...

  • Bark


    5 days ago

    Bruh Mario seem like the friend everyone want

  • Xenomorph Biologist - XX121

    Xenomorph Biologist - XX121

    5 days ago

    Trump be like: $2000 gold pizza? Hold my beer

  • PRD Henwood

    PRD Henwood

    5 days ago

    do a 1 dollar camaera vs a 10,000 camera

  • Miles Stratton

    Miles Stratton

    5 days ago

    Adam seems like he hates his job

  • Fit First Responder

    Fit First Responder

    6 days ago

    So, on top of all this wonderful food they get to eat, what're their salaries?

  • Sarah Patrick

    Sarah Patrick

    6 days ago

    $0 air vs. 999,000,000,000,000,000,000 air.

  • Ally Attack123

    Ally Attack123

    6 days ago

    everyone watching this most likely could afford the gold pizza and has enough money, you just couldn’t buy anything else😂

  • Abid Rasheed

    Abid Rasheed

    6 days ago

    thats burnt

  • Denna K

    Denna K

    6 days ago

    Adam’s like.. Pls don’t ask me anything.. ain’t got no comments to make 😂

  • Deanna Quarles

    Deanna Quarles

    6 days ago

    try cheesesteaksss



    6 days ago

    2:55 After Andrew and Steven left, Alex approached Sam with a pizza cutter and violently cut him into miniature pieces for exposing the truth

  • lukatzzee


    7 days ago

    my mans just ate my fathers whole paycheck in 5 mins...wow...

  • Xavier Bergonia

    Xavier Bergonia

    7 days ago

    That pizzas burnt.

  • James Webb

    James Webb

    7 days ago

    We put gold on the pizza and now its better No way to explain how it works Just does

  • 1000 Subcribers with only 1 vid challenge

    1000 Subcribers with only 1 vid challenge

    7 days ago

    3:35 how did andrew pizza grow?? 🤣🤣🤣

  • Monowild Games

    Monowild Games

    7 days ago

    “You’re gentle, right?” “No, I’m hard with the dough” *silence*

  • Jupiter_Five toh

    Jupiter_Five toh

    7 days ago

    2:07 Andrew:ur gentle right? chef: *nu*

  • Jupiter_Five toh

    Jupiter_Five toh

    7 days ago

    0:43 Andrew: Adam: *hell no*

  • Meela234


    7 days ago

    Creamy and smooth is not how I want to describe my pizza.

  • Meela234


    7 days ago

    I don't care how you try to explain it, burnt is burnt.

  • Oscar


    7 days ago

    I’d be pretty tight if I paid 17 bills for a burnt pizza

  • Jack Bloomstein

    Jack Bloomstein

    7 days ago

    Why is the crust burnt

  • NCNS Ramin xD

    NCNS Ramin xD

    8 days ago

    *it's BURNT*

  • Sam Poulin

    Sam Poulin

    8 days ago

    I really love pizza and the last one is an insult to my existence

  • Sam Poulin

    Sam Poulin

    8 days ago

    Ayyy NYC where are my Mets Yankees islanders rangers etc at

  • Sam Poulin

    Sam Poulin

    8 days ago

    That pizza at joes pizza looks 100000 times more delicious than that 24 k garbage

  • Amed Sho

    Amed Sho

    8 days ago

    cazzo na peroni 7 dollari???

  • Jimbo2189


    8 days ago

    Fois Gras, Stilton and Caviar???? what a waste of all three ingredients...

  • Luuk En Rens Lotters

    Luuk En Rens Lotters

    8 days ago

    To me that's a little too much char but that's my opinion

  • ZEKondLyFe


    8 days ago

    draa aa aaasticly

  • Omar Khamis

    Omar Khamis

    8 days ago

    7:15 its burnt



    8 days ago

    14:14 cody ko?



    8 days ago

    14.14 cody ko?

  • Andrea Lemus

    Andrea Lemus

    8 days ago

    I wouldn’t feel comfortable having gold in my stomach 😂

  • Polish Brickworker

    Polish Brickworker

    8 days ago

    For 2000£ i expect my money back

  • Vex


    8 days ago

    I can understand the whole "Best ingredients" thing, but what purpose does the gold serve? Like, seriously. If it didn't have gold it would taste the same and seem 10x less pretentious.

  • VincentHoliday


    8 days ago

    ok,did this mofucka really steal Kramers(Kozmo) idea from Seinfeld and claim it as his own? thief!!! Mario Batshitty-you need to give credit where its due ya pig anus!



    9 days ago

    the dough looks burned...

  • DXT Clan

    DXT Clan

    9 days ago

    😂😂 laughing my ass off ( when he making a whole story to try to get out of the fact that it’s burnt ( and acting like he’s Gordon Ramsay

  • David Samveljan

    David Samveljan

    9 days ago

    Omgg hahaha 2000$ pizza 🍕 13$ wine 🍷 lol

  • Jayce Cosmos

    Jayce Cosmos

    9 days ago

    $2000 pizza not worth it

  • mrmemer _playz

    mrmemer _playz

    9 days ago

    I remember when I was like 7 my mom made a pizza a SWEET pizza its was a oreo pizza made with some cheese sugar and the creme from the cookies and it was so good!

  • Neyruto Kun

    Neyruto Kun

    9 days ago

    Is Steven and Andrew having a bromance?

  • Screw You

    Screw You

    9 days ago

    The last pizza is so pretencious.

  • Zohar Israel

    Zohar Israel

    9 days ago

    caviar, english cheese on a pizza..disgusting..2k dollars omg..crazy

  • Lauren Stanley

    Lauren Stanley

    9 days ago

    Who on Earth is buying these $2000...products? A $100 pizza is ridiculous but it’s like the cost of 20 hundred dollar pizzas. I couldn’t imagine, we went to Cuba and ate at places where the food was sometimes ten bucks but in Cuba ten bucks is a ton of money so maybe it looks like we $2000 pizza. Joes looks awesome, the Margarita pizza and beer gives me an idea of what to make for dinner, lol watching this and eating my seven dollar pizza. Sorry my favorite part is when the girl didn’t like the expensive pizza.

  • hana yuki

    hana yuki

    9 days ago

    why adam must be soo quiet,did he also like that behind the camera?😅

  • Broaksa


    9 days ago


  • jai fenner

    jai fenner

    9 days ago

    The last pizza looks 🤢 and most likely taste 🤮

  • Additeya K

    Additeya K

    10 days ago

    That pizza is burnt.

  • battlefield fan

    battlefield fan

    10 days ago

    That’s not how Italy pizza is made... But that’s how Americans make pizza

  • The Rhino

    The Rhino

    7 days ago

    because its the best way to make it

  • Christopher Davi

    Christopher Davi

    10 days ago

    That lady spent $6,022.50 on pizza in the last 3 years

  • electric light

    electric light

    10 days ago


  • Lazee Games

    Lazee Games

    10 days ago

    Is it just me or does Adam sound like Eugene

  • Lennon Lees

    Lennon Lees

    10 days ago

    That pizza looks burnt

  • Sasha Warren C.

    Sasha Warren C.

    10 days ago

    The best way to eat pizza with no cheese. Fight me.

  • boop 373

    boop 373

    10 days ago

    You guys feel bad for thinking the pizza was burnt

  • darkmarlin1


    11 days ago

    Where is this Joe's pizza resturant? Asking for a friend with 2000$

  • Zack Lightman

    Zack Lightman

    11 days ago

    I am actually eating at Joe's while watching this

  • Just some guy on the internet

    Just some guy on the internet

    11 days ago

    I would never say that!

  • Just Patrik

    Just Patrik

    11 days ago

    1 slice for 2,75 dollars? In our state we have two perfect slices with pepperoni for 1,50€

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