10 TV And Movie Mistakes You Won\'t Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws

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10 TV And Movie Mistakes You Won't Believe You Missed | Find The Flaws




    7 days ago

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  • rutituti678


    12 hours ago

    Behind Tori green jar is missing

  • rutituti678


    12 hours ago

    @1:37 it's the elders react computer

  • _basically_basic_people _

    _basically_basic_people _

    20 hours ago

    REACT will do

  • Sierra Popescu

    Sierra Popescu

    Day ago

    the clear jar in the background, the elders react on tori's computer, and the starbucks cup

  • Mjikan !

    Mjikan !

    2 days ago

    0:15 Starbucks cup 1:29 elders react on the laptop 2:50 elders react on the laptop

  • Abdulrahman Bahanshal

    Abdulrahman Bahanshal

    22 minutes ago

    Elders react sign Starbucks cup and camera angle keeps changing

  • Mikey 559

    Mikey 559

    27 minutes ago


  • Jasonlamcar -

    Jasonlamcar -

    45 minutes ago

    2:50, elders react :)

  • ashly ann

    ashly ann

    46 minutes ago

    On one of the computers, it said elders react instead of just react.

  • Cheung Marcus

    Cheung Marcus

    48 minutes ago

    why you guys use the elders react laptop?

  • Ryuki Flemming

    Ryuki Flemming

    Hour ago

    Weird how the person talking in the background sounds like a tv commercial person

  • AJ_Animations Tagpuno

    AJ_Animations Tagpuno

    Hour ago

    "shes my favorite avengers" *boii your in for a treat in endgame*

  • fifa ayad

    fifa ayad

    Hour ago

    Ha ha

  • Miande Schnetler

    Miande Schnetler

    Hour ago

    1.There is one white table and the rest is black 2. One of the laptops have Elders react on it. 3. And there is a starbucks coffee cup in the beginning on the shelf

  • Miguel Ladion

    Miguel Ladion

    2 hours ago

    10:14 good luck at endgame....

  • XxPink_ LoverxX

    XxPink_ LoverxX

    3 hours ago

    Tori' laptop has ELDERS REACT and 1 table has a white nor black got other it is coffee cup in the start, and FBI is misspelt

  • Riley Riordan

    Riley Riordan

    2 hours ago

    FBE isn't the same thing as FBI so that one wasnt a mistake

  • Paul Saliva

    Paul Saliva

    4 hours ago

    1. Tori's laptop in a back its said elders react 2. On the back of Ryan there was a Starbucks coffee cup that coffee cup disappear when that reach in 2:29. That's it that only I just spot in your video promise I don't look at some comments promise!! And I only edit this because some my words it's wrong spelling

  • SwitchOver Gaming

    SwitchOver Gaming

    3 hours ago

    The desk was white then black

  • Megan Barnard

    Megan Barnard

    5 hours ago

    It said elders react three times??? I know this was a long tima ago but idc

  • Clover Lotus

    Clover Lotus

    7 hours ago

    I love Harry Potter but I didn’t get it

  • Moskito3500 Gaming

    Moskito3500 Gaming

    7 hours ago

    That’s a oof

  • JGW 54

    JGW 54

    7 hours ago

    I was at a theater for a big build up for the latest Star Wars trilogy and they had "storm troopers". You wouldn't BELIEVE how clumsy that armor made everybody. They ran into each other and couldn't manage stairs at all. That always was a problem with the Star Wars universe; the technology was often self-defeating like those humongous walkers that were just made to trip over things.

  • mir awais mehmood

    mir awais mehmood

    8 hours ago

    Coffee cup,white table,misspelled FBI and the elder react sign on Tory laptop

  • Cruz Voltera

    Cruz Voltera

    8 hours ago

    There is a elders react on Tori’s laptop



    8 hours ago


  • Kawaiiqueen


    9 hours ago

    I got only one

  • Roo Becker

    Roo Becker

    9 hours ago

    I found the coffee cup at 0:17, the elder’s react sign on Tory’s laptop, the white table, and the misspelled FBI



    10 hours ago

    Elders react in torts laptop

  • Esther Cohen

    Esther Cohen

    10 hours ago

    Did u see that one of the computers sag elders react

  • Stella Knox

    Stella Knox

    10 hours ago

    FBI is missed spell, the white table, elders react, coffee cup, and video shape changed sizes half way through the video

  • Michael Medina

    Michael Medina

    10 hours ago

    i found all of the Ester eggs

  • Lillianna Nelson

    Lillianna Nelson

    10 hours ago

    Coffee cup, white table, elders react

  • Carolina Dias

    Carolina Dias

    10 hours ago

    I got 4: There's a cup of coffee at 00:17 , white table, elders react, FBI misspelled

  • Sunflower Grac3

    Sunflower Grac3

    10 hours ago

    I saw that but I didn’t think it was an Easter egg

  • Cole Keefe

    Cole Keefe

    10 hours ago

    I found all 3. Coffee cup. Elders react on the computer and table changes colors to easy

  • Yoonseok is my otp

    Yoonseok is my otp

    11 hours ago

    Be instead of fbe, elders react on computer , and white table

  • bellissima amour

    bellissima amour

    11 hours ago

    I saw coffee cup in the 1st part

  • John Carvalho

    John Carvalho

    11 hours ago

    About the first one with the stormtrooper: yes, it was a mistake by the extra but they even added audio to enhance the stupidity of the stormtrooper. In Hollywood movies, almost all sound is created and mixed in the editing process, so it was not a mistake that was overlooked by the editors - on the contrary, it was welcomed.

  • pure sucks

    pure sucks

    11 hours ago

    Elders react, not spelled fbe and white table

  • Shane Litterer

    Shane Litterer

    11 hours ago

    It says EB instead of FEB

  • Mn'O bros

    Mn'O bros

    11 hours ago

    It says BE not FBE



    11 hours ago

    How come on one of the computers it said elders react,There’s a coffee cup ,and one of the tables change to white why ?????

  • life loop

    life loop

    11 hours ago

    2:54 why does it say elders react on her laptop?

  • Random noobie

    Random noobie

    11 hours ago

    It the Easter egg



    12 hours ago

    8:30 the girl in the red was looking at them

  • Isa Say

    Isa Say

    12 hours ago

    lol Ryan its my new favorite reactor 😂

  • Mia Moutsios

    Mia Moutsios

    12 hours ago

    Mk i see that elders react laptop

  • Jere616


    12 hours ago

    In the Star Wars movie, Obi Wan's head goes down out of camera shot, then the very next frame, he's almost fully erect. In NbNW Cary Grant crumbles down under the first gunshot in the side shot, then, in the shot from behind him, on the second gunshot, he falls from a higher body position. Eva Marie Saint also changes position between shots.

  • Jere616


    12 hours ago

    @ 5:01 there's an Elder reacts laptop

  • Koa Prather

    Koa Prather

    12 hours ago

    Getting whipped by hair hurts

  • xxbigboygames


    12 hours ago

    Coffe cup elders react on the computer and table turns white bonus it also looks like one of the headphones isn’t even plugged in

  • Tiffani Kneedy

    Tiffani Kneedy

    12 hours ago

    There was 2 elder react signs at thbe begining and a starbucks cup in the back

  • chase adams

    chase adams

    12 hours ago

    Coffee cup elders react tag and table turns white at one point

  • sally roslin

    sally roslin

    13 hours ago

    I saw one white table

  • Casey Laforce Jr

    Casey Laforce Jr

    13 hours ago

    Tori's tag was elders react the table turned white and a green glass container disappeared

  • RJewels


    13 hours ago

    The mug changed, it said elders react, and the prop in the back changed

  • Ryder Parry

    Ryder Parry

    14 hours ago

    One Easter egg was one of the laptops was elders react

  • Cameron Currier

    Cameron Currier

    14 hours ago

    Tories back of the computer said elders react and the animal changed to a dog

  • faraaz akhtar

    faraaz akhtar

    14 hours ago

    was her name RNA? lol ribonucleic fluid ahhahahahhaha

  • Sammy Levendusky

    Sammy Levendusky

    14 hours ago

    The animal in the back turned to a dog

  • Lucas Gamer

    Lucas Gamer

    15 hours ago

    Elders react. The table turned white and the coffee cup

  • Alexanderwerner Marfori

    Alexanderwerner Marfori

    15 hours ago

    One laptop said elders react there was a new cup and there is a new prop

  • gabriel gonzalez

    gabriel gonzalez

    15 hours ago

    Tori’s comp says elders react



    15 hours ago

    In the Harry Potter one it was the hand it switched

  • sam E

    sam E

    15 hours ago

    Wait a minute that lady's name is RNA ? RNA?

  • The crazy bref Man

    The crazy bref Man

    15 hours ago

    And the starbucks coffee cup

  • The crazy bref Man

    The crazy bref Man

    15 hours ago

    On minute 2:51 it changes to elders react and the coffee cup changes

  • Gio Sandy

    Gio Sandy

    16 hours ago

    Coffee cup on shelf the table turns white and elders react on computer

  • Carlos Aguirre

    Carlos Aguirre

    16 hours ago

    Lol...saw it twice, I found the elders react sticker first, then the starbucks cup, an then the white table!😊

  • Teddy Ostrander

    Teddy Ostrander

    16 hours ago

    I noticed it right away black widow hit the guy with her hair

  • Brandon Delgado

    Brandon Delgado

    16 hours ago

    at the begging there was a coffee cup on the shelf, labib’s table was white, and tori’s computer has the elders react sticker

  • Emily !!

    Emily !!

    17 hours ago

    Starbucks cup, computer elders react and white table

  • Gacha Panda here

    Gacha Panda here

    17 hours ago

    Starbucks cup white table elders react cupp

  • Queen Bee

    Queen Bee

    17 hours ago

    00:25 Starbucks cup 01:30 elders react sticker 02:00 white table

  • Carla Pontigo

    Carla Pontigo

    17 hours ago

    00:25 Starbucks cup 01:30 elders react laptop 02:00 white table

  • pumpkin spice lover 315

    pumpkin spice lover 315

    17 hours ago

    5:40 the laptop says elders react

  • Food_Lover


    17 hours ago

    Starbucks on the shelf, Labibs table and the elders react laptop

  • Geek Boy

    Geek Boy

    17 hours ago

    “There was something wrong with the animation”...

  • Bailey Tree

    Bailey Tree

    17 hours ago

    Did anyone notice the girl was using the elders react computer?

  • stien_x


    17 hours ago

    First the starbucks cup on the bookshelf then the sign thingy on the laptop then the white table I think

  • Caroline Johnson

    Caroline Johnson

    18 hours ago

    Omg I wish they would’ve included the scene from Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark when the bug flies into Paul Freeman’s mouth 😂😂😂

  • Ava Salter

    Ava Salter

    18 hours ago

    Did anyone else see the hidden Starbucks cup on the shelf in the beginning?

  • XxGaming_ Life

    XxGaming_ Life

    18 hours ago

    99% is about the elders react 1% are normal

  • Kitty 360X

    Kitty 360X

    18 hours ago

    Starbucks cup white table and elders react sign on back on laptop

  • Alpha-x-Luna


    18 hours ago

    Starbucks cup, Elders react on Tori's computer instead of REACT, white table

  • Camille Norita

    Camille Norita

    18 hours ago

    @ 2:55 the computer said elders react

  • nicky 10x

    nicky 10x

    18 hours ago

    On one of the computers they were reacting on it said elders react

  • Angeline Muralles

    Angeline Muralles

    19 hours ago

    White table Starbucks cup elders react laptop

  • Angeline Muralles

    Angeline Muralles

    19 hours ago

    Tori’s says elders react

  • MATTHEW Oliver

    MATTHEW Oliver

    19 hours ago

    Tories laptop says elders react

  • Mya Aley

    Mya Aley

    19 hours ago

    White table Starbucks cup elders react

  • Naye Grant

    Naye Grant

    19 hours ago

    Elders react, white table, Starbucks cup

  • Matt LeFebre

    Matt LeFebre

    19 hours ago

    Elders react white table starbucks cup

  • •MedinaHaji •

    •MedinaHaji •

    19 hours ago

    - coffe cup at 24 - elder react sign at 36 and

  • That One YouTube Commenter

    That One YouTube Commenter

    19 hours ago

    Elders react, white table, Starbucks cup

  • iamcrazycc


    19 hours ago

    Elders React?

  • GWizzy


    19 hours ago

    coffee cup at start

  • Gustave Frankfurter

    Gustave Frankfurter

    19 hours ago

    Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick.

  • cool cow gaming

    cool cow gaming

    19 hours ago

    2:50 elders react 0:15 Starbucks cup on shelf 5:00 white table not black

  • Meghan Leicht

    Meghan Leicht

    19 hours ago

    Starbucks cup, elders react,White table

  • Heidi Xx

    Heidi Xx

    19 hours ago

    Did any one else the the Starbucks cup on the shelf at 00:15?, toris laptop says elders react labili’s laptop has the only white table. Oh it a competition..😂😂😂

  • Stella O'Brien

    Stella O'Brien

    19 hours ago

    mistake 1 the glass jar in the back went from blue to green back to blue, mistake 2 instead of saying adults or teens react its said elders react at 2:57 and finally at 5:00 someone had a white table,instead of a black one

  • Meghan Leicht

    Meghan Leicht

    19 hours ago

    Stella O'Brien there was 2 jars a blue one and a green one you can see them next to each at the beginning... the first mistake was the Starbucks cup on the shelf ☺️

  • Star


    19 hours ago

    2:54 tori has an elders react thingy

  • Joey Bodek

    Joey Bodek

    20 hours ago

    Elders react on toris computer then back to react then the mario mug and the flowers

  • pokémon_games08


    20 hours ago

    At :16 - :30 Behind Ryan there is a Starbucks coffee cup, Tori’s laptop says elders react, and Labib’s table is the only white one

  • Mariam El-Khatib

    Mariam El-Khatib

    20 hours ago

    I’ll tell you another mistake with the frozen one. Elsa goes from having bangs that are forehead length to bangs that are shoulder length. Anyone else notice that?

  • Bryce West

    Bryce West

    20 hours ago

    Elders react Starbucks cup and white table

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