10 ways Android is just better

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  • Naom Mad

    Naom Mad

    57 minutes ago

    Next: 10 Ways the Souljia Phone is better

  • Delta Delta

    Delta Delta

    2 hours ago

    So since the iPhone 6, it got to big to use the go back function? How about swiping from left to right, to use the „one site back“ or however you call it? On any exitsting App? Am using this feature since i got my first iPhone4. Not everything you mention is really reasonable. Sure, Android and iOS have benefits. It just depends what u like more.. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Every Android User i know is always raging while using their phone, never had that issue with iPhone users

  • Guy BD

    Guy BD

    3 hours ago

    I am an iPhone user and I liked this video - still gonna use Apple though

  • Nika Chiqovani

    Nika Chiqovani

    8 hours ago

    just watch 4:19

  • Zang Nightcore

    Zang Nightcore

    11 hours ago

    Keep note that Steve Jobs started the touchscreen devices

  • It's Modding Time!

    It's Modding Time!

    13 hours ago

    Just Buy Iphone clone.

  • Chinese Electric Batman

    Chinese Electric Batman

    16 hours ago

    What about thunderbolt?

  • noi3y


    18 hours ago

    liar lastpass ate my passwords and didnt throw em up :((

  • Damon May

    Damon May

    Day ago

    wtf do people say u cant download third party apps on ios i use tutu USdownload++ movie box and get most of my paid apps free i'm an android fanboy but you can download third party apps on ios

  • Nathaniel Anaya

    Nathaniel Anaya

    Day ago

    Damn, Android is pretty great. But so are iPhones. There aren’t much day to day negatives when using both, they’re just phones at the end of the day. It’s all personally preference from either a more optimized experienced to a more customized experience, both are great and you can’t go wrong with either :)

  • Thingey


    Day ago

    You can install apps without jailbreak iphone, one example is "iemulators" website. The only limitations is that you will have a hard time finding a spesific app you want pirated on your phone wihtout jailbreaking, as jailbreaks allow you to install them if u find them uploaded somewhere. But yea you can sideload and boot up custom or pirated apps without jailbreak, if you know how to work profiles etc etc you can kinda put in whatever app you want, but that is over kill and much easier done by just jailbreaking. so unable to install custom or load up pirated apps without jailbreaking is technically a myth, just harder to installa spesific pirated app you want for free. Hence, this is the reason why app developers often publish apps first to appstore because Iphone's app store sell way much apps then adroinds play store due to a lot of people just get a pirated version of apps. Lets just put that myth to rest. I enjoy Linus videos but this was a fact that was incorrect.

  • Heervristi 666

    Heervristi 666

    Day ago

    The Microsoft Launcher is by far my favorite launcher ever!!

  • RandomGamesNow


    4 hours ago

    your right, nice no-clutter, solid launcher great for light phones...

  • the gang

    the gang

    Day ago

    I am apple

  • Eddie Loius

    Eddie Loius

    Day ago

    I'm waiting for Linus to say "I just place ONE AD..." (Don Lapre) Insert laughing emoji here!

  • RiskyUnicorn TTV

    RiskyUnicorn TTV

    Day ago

    Is ever video sponsored

  • l1lN1ckl1l


    2 days ago

    Love the Microsoft Launcher!

  • Stefano Caña

    Stefano Caña

    2 days ago


  • elNILLU


    2 days ago

    And you can unlock it with your palm

  • DeeJay LJ

    DeeJay LJ

    2 days ago

    This is why Samsung is the best example of an android

  • Skafy Wolfe

    Skafy Wolfe

    2 days ago

    2:37 , Microsoft launcher is actually pretty good and has a simple interface. Although it has slowed down my Razer Phone...!

  • Mirage Mashud

    Mirage Mashud

    3 days ago

    Not only that some Android Phones have one handed mode

  • MIKA


    3 days ago

    4:21 he spits

  • Jack Nimmo

    Jack Nimmo

    3 days ago

    To the 5K people that disliked this video. If you disliked purely because this is stating that android has 10 reasons why it is good over Apple, then I hope you all get hit by trains.

  • Thaddeus


    3 days ago

    android is free-market capitalism and Apple is socialism

  • Killgore _Trout

    Killgore _Trout

    3 days ago

    So done with Apple.

  • Grape Gameplayz

    Grape Gameplayz

    3 days ago

    “Ahem” he’s wrong

  • Ronel Vincent Ching

    Ronel Vincent Ching

    3 days ago

    watching this video in split screen mode... and the other window is ES File Explorer.

  • G. Confalonieri

    G. Confalonieri

    3 days ago

    Apple environment is a "safe space"

  • PiquedFlow


    3 days ago

    Preach brother, PREACH!

  • P.M.


    4 days ago

    "the next level" puuuuuaaaaaaaaaahhhhhjjjjjjjjjgggggjjjjjj saliva

  • jay lowkey

    jay lowkey

    4 days ago

    dongle recipes. i'm dying.

  • Joseph Sang

    Joseph Sang

    4 days ago

    Microsoft Launcher is the best 3rd party launcher, hands down.

  • J-Stars Goku main

    J-Stars Goku main

    4 days ago

    Literally every tech-savvy person knows apple is shit and Android is better

  • Brady Pro

    Brady Pro

    4 days ago

    It’s sad when apple has so many companies like Samsung google and one plus and a lot more trying to compete Edit also all of the stuff in this are useful why would you need 2 app stores you don’t need a custom home screen apple is just better

  • Scheff


    4 days ago

    Thank you for making this vid

  • Lucas Klaassen

    Lucas Klaassen

    4 days ago

    Well, iPhones are more expansive than the most Android phones, but you could also say that Android phones are extremely expansive when you mean the Huawei Mate X.

  • Lord Hezion

    Lord Hezion

    5 days ago

    Hey LTT. Please help support my upcoming channel. Any help you can provide will be appreciated. I love tech and I wanna move with it

  • Zaineh Hatamleh

    Zaineh Hatamleh

    5 days ago

    Ok here is a summary Ios: only get bragging rights with new laptop priced phones, and you are a slave to Apple as there are no other ios devices. Android: *FREE REIGN*

  • RandomGamesNow


    4 hours ago

    +Daniel P what crApple fanboy gtfoutta here and get a fact check fuck samsung fuck apple, go nokia 3310

  • Daniel P

    Daniel P

    13 hours ago

    Zaineh Hatamleh free reign comes with free hackers and malware. Enjoy that

  • Jovenus


    5 days ago

    Can you do a symbian advantages over iOS and Android? that would be hilarious.

  • Sujan Sarker

    Sujan Sarker

    5 days ago

    Title should be 10 ways iPhone is bad. 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • unlokia


    5 days ago

    If you value saving money over saving TIME, then buy an arbitrary Android phone, and try to achieve the same tasks as an iOS user using more convoluted steps and unintuitive apps, AND have the hardware basically CRASH to worthless in used value, almost immediately. Would you rather: ~ Spend £500 ,and save 50 hours of work or ~ Spend 50 hours, and save £500 of cash? If you chose the former, you are foolhardy. One's life CANNOT be bought back. Life is precious, you cannot "earn more hours" and accumulate them onto a balance; once your time is up, that's IT. I'd rather pay for a tool do get stuff DONE and let me focus on REAL LIFE, and enjoy it, than spend AGES messing around, only to find a hacked-up half working almost "solution".

  • christophisover9000


    5 days ago

    the microsoft launcher is quite nice. It looks very good and has customisable swipe and tap shortcuts

  • panda dude 1026

    panda dude 1026

    6 days ago

    Lol he said "there's many ways to buy an Android" super true love that but then he said the same after saying all the true crap about iPhone honestly I just hate iPhone

  • Panayiotis Toumazou

    Panayiotis Toumazou

    6 days ago

    You can have all apps for free



    6 days ago

    I tweet from MY GUCCI SMART TOILET

  • saddlebag


    6 days ago

    Inconsistency bugs the hell out of me with these stupid things. Sometimes you get a keyboard with @ and .com readily available, sometimes not. Everyone that hosts articles has a different way of turning the page. And worst, there's no way to close anything so you get a million pages in the background doing who knows what to your memory and download limits. DOS shell in 1987 was a better resource manager than any smartphone I've ever used.

  • Lorenzo Battilocchi

    Lorenzo Battilocchi

    6 days ago

    What is your phone?

  • Ernst Wilhelm

    Ernst Wilhelm

    6 days ago

    Thanks, but I prefer my Gucci Smart Toilet™ for all my texting and calling needs.

  • ArcaneShadowEssence


    6 days ago

    Spit at 4:20 i saw that even though my vid setting was 144p. why? *focused on b00bies*

  • vikkar23


    6 days ago

    HA 4:21

  • xXpistonXx !

    xXpistonXx !

    6 days ago

    10 ways windows phone is just better is coming out when?

  • Landen Grunwald

    Landen Grunwald

    6 days ago

    1) you can delete the stock apps if you don't want them 2) you can download apps from online as well, you don't have to get apps only available on the appstore. *freaks out about $1,500, while still justiying $1,400 -$2,000 andorids*

  • Zach Hughen

    Zach Hughen

    6 days ago

    well u know i would root my phone but samsung wont let me sooooo

  • Big Noob

    Big Noob

    6 days ago

    I'm watching this on my android with Microsoft launcher

  • jon smith

    jon smith

    6 days ago

    that skit was gold

  • WildCat


    7 days ago

    2:40 I use it and it is actually good

  • Darin Simmons

    Darin Simmons

    7 days ago

    Also try: Side loading Google Play Services onto your Amazon tablet. Works great and you have access to all your Android apps and not just Amazon.

  • unlokia


    5 days ago

    I have a heap of those retarded Amazon tablets - they're SHITE - they are all brand new, latest gen, and yet sit in a heap, LITERALLY gathering dust, useless gimmicky crap.

  • James S.

    James S.

    7 days ago

    bruh my iphone could come alive in my sleep and try to murder me i still wouldnt buy an android

  • Sponsi


    7 days ago

    Android sucks totally, it has always sucked. Illogical UI, a lot of options, scattered around the system. Total shit.

  • John SongHawk

    John SongHawk

    7 days ago

    at 4:20 he spits while saying next level.

  • Evilimpressario


    7 days ago

    Something isheep will never get in their heads that android is simply better.Theres a few cases in which iphone is better like i like how it looks or you want one because everyone has one, but its a social status to have an iphone because iphone is more popular. All the reasons android is better than iphone are on this video.

  • Abir Mahmud Dipto

    Abir Mahmud Dipto

    7 days ago

    My SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 from 2012 has a fuken Amoled/OLED Display

  • Taaha Tahir

    Taaha Tahir

    7 days ago

    4:21 anyone see him spit??

  • sean coffey

    sean coffey

    7 days ago

    Like for the Samsung master race.

  • Nathan Gilbert

    Nathan Gilbert

    7 days ago

    *Apple fanboy inbound*

  • Scythe


    8 days ago

    I’m mad I have iOS now.



    8 days ago

    I just brainwash me to buy an android phone

  • Anirudhh Raghavan

    Anirudhh Raghavan

    8 days ago

    Android is great and all but iOS has something EVERYONE needs and no one can live without - RELIABILITY!!! There are just some things that work better on iOS than android. I have tried many android devices (Pixel 1, 2, 3, Samsung S7 Edge, Nokia 6, etc) and almost every single one of them has crashed at some point. My current phone - iPhone XS Max has never crashed, neither has any of the iPhones i had before this (iPhone 8 plus, iPhone 6s plus). I will say this, though. The ONLY best android device manufacturer is OnePlus. It's smooth, never crashes and reliable (atleast more so than Samsung).

  • Brad


    8 days ago

    I feel sorry cos iPhone users will not be able to watch this video on their crappy phones. And if some how they can load it up.. then they will be stubbern and not watch it 👍🏿👍🏼

  • Richard Opoku

    Richard Opoku

    8 days ago

    The intro though. Hahaha

  • Jack Hui

    Jack Hui

    8 days ago

    um, doesn't Google already remember your passwords?

  • Daniel Hetrick

    Daniel Hetrick

    8 days ago

    Why do we brand phones by the os they use?

  • Leonardas Neimontas

    Leonardas Neimontas

    9 days ago

    Your ant uses an iPhone?

  • Jose The Rover

    Jose The Rover

    9 days ago

    Wrong use of the term "free market"

  • Jose The Rover

    Jose The Rover

    9 days ago

    Um you delete the apps that you don't use.

  • coke and soda

    coke and soda

    9 days ago

    Doesn't last pass have a passcode

  • Dawson Perkins

    Dawson Perkins

    9 days ago

    That intro was just plain awesome.

  • Mason's Graphics

    Mason's Graphics

    9 days ago

    not gunna lie, i have had iphones for quite a while now and im starting to prefer android again. but i dont know what to do, my iphone has just broke due to water damage from a storm. so for my next phone i want an android. specifically an huawei p20. but i own an apple watch so i dont know what to do.

  • Peace Pro

    Peace Pro

    9 days ago

    THERE IS NO ONE PERFECT DEVICE.... oh wait the galaxy s10 is here

  • Tyler Jacobsmeyer

    Tyler Jacobsmeyer

    9 days ago

    MY DUDE... brush ur hair. Every vid u look like a toilet brush 😂

  • Aadi


    10 days ago

    Apple has left the chat

  • Roei’s Sports

    Roei’s Sports

    10 days ago

    ios - regular user android - advanced user root - admin user jailbreak - admin user + best looking

  • אופק קוזניק

    אופק קוזניק

    9 days ago

    its more like ios-limited user ios jailbroken-user android-user android root-admin

  • Murumuru


    10 days ago


  • TheSaltyAsian


    10 days ago

    MiUi iS ThE BeSt

  • IcyTv


    10 days ago

    Anyone else notice that spit fly out at 4:21

  • TheGamerX


    10 days ago

    Does anyone know a good pixel launcher?

  • Razor's Edge

    Razor's Edge

    10 days ago

    We iOS users don’t need these features, that’s why we don’t bitch about “uuuuuugh, restrictions. Why can you not put a skin on it? Why can’t you put your apps anywhere? Uuuuuuuuh”

  • n1xio


    10 days ago

    I need to root my phone to get software that can root my phone... OK...

  • Naomi Kitsune

    Naomi Kitsune

    10 days ago

    iOS - For people that want to pay more for less Android - For people that want to pay less for more

  • The Collector

    The Collector

    10 days ago

    there is a much easier reason why android is better. why pay 1500$ apple when a 200$ android can match it and maybe surpass it

  • The Collector

    The Collector

    9 days ago

    +Daniel Zhan it easily does everywhere for example in price alone. apple is just a pay for the brand offering nothing new for the last 5 generations. android keeps improving apple stands no chance of survival at its current way of non improvement and way of development. the way apple is going i cant see them last the next 5 years without becoming just another android host

  • Daniel Zhan

    Daniel Zhan

    9 days ago

    The Collector There is no place where a $200 android beats a new iPhone.

  • ilovepieAP


    10 days ago

    Microsoft launcher is the best launcher. I'm being dead serious.

  • Schilduin


    9 days ago

    Maybe not the best, the nova launcher is more customizable, but the integration with Windows (especially office) works great

  • Farquaad Castle

    Farquaad Castle

    10 days ago

    4900 butthurt Apple f*kbois

  • FaZe_Catfish_


    10 days ago

    iPhone - North Korea Android - Hong Kong

  • DigitalIP


    10 days ago

    Cringe worthy bit... Long live Android! If you want Variety - Android If you want the same ol crap in a slightly different shell - Apple That's how I see it anyway And lol @ Automagically

  • Durararide!!


    10 days ago

    That MIC change from 4:58 to starting 4:59 oof

  • Durararide!!


    10 days ago

    curious if i'm right or just insane, let me know chat.

  • TCOrigamist


    10 days ago

    I'm not watching your apple video cuz fuck apple

  • AK Flash

    AK Flash

    10 days ago

    if there's 10 reasons to buy an iphone, then there's a 100 more reasons to buy an android phone

  • Matthew


    10 days ago

    4:21 say it don't spray it 🌊

  • Gabi


    10 days ago

    ngl i just use iphone for the camera

  • AircraftMechanic


    10 days ago

    Let out a toot 1:08

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