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2 Chainz - Rule The World ft. Ariana Grande


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Director: Sebastian Sdaigui
Executive Producers: Mildred Delamota & Ryan Huffman
Producer: Brian Bell
Director of Photography: Carlos Veron
Editor & 2D Compositing: Gianluigi Carella
Production Company: Huffman Creative
Music video by 2 Chainz performing Rule The World. © 2019 Gamebread, LLC, under exclusive license to Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  • Aaliyah Mayorga

    Aaliyah Mayorga

    8 hours ago


  • Webroute Entrepreneurs

    Webroute Entrepreneurs

    11 hours ago

    Surprise 17 k don't like this 😡

  • RandomKgirl


    11 hours ago

    « Somewhere in Los Angeles » 😂

  • Jaida Burley

    Jaida Burley

    13 hours ago

    This mf hit 😂🔥

  • Christian Napiza

    Christian Napiza

    15 hours ago

    Amazing!!brava Ariana grande'😘

  • Gsand Sanders

    Gsand Sanders

    20 hours ago

    Not a fan of Ariana Grande but she did her thing in this song

  • Aishanna Brooks

    Aishanna Brooks

    21 hour ago

    On repeat 48 hours

  • Aishanna Brooks

    Aishanna Brooks

    21 hour ago

    On repeat 48 hours

  • Trina Jones

    Trina Jones

    23 hours ago

    Love this song. Great callboration



    Day ago

    I luv this song

  • Its Manii’s Wvrld

    Its Manii’s Wvrld

    Day ago

    Am I the only one who saw Elizabeth Gillies?

  • Fra Light

    Fra Light

    21 hour ago


  • Arianagrande Love

    Arianagrande Love

    Day ago

    I love Ari

  • mz ruby

    mz ruby

    Day ago

    I LOVE this SONG...

  • Arianna Lenaè

    Arianna Lenaè

    Day ago

    Why does Ariana grande have on so much highlighter 😂

  • Cooking with Buds

    Cooking with Buds

    Day ago


  • Russ Gee

    Russ Gee

    2 days ago

    I just came here for Amerie tbh....then I see it's Arianna...

  • It’s Kautious Smith

    It’s Kautious Smith

    2 days ago

    this is my fav sng

  • Yash Ratnaparkhi

    Yash Ratnaparkhi

    2 days ago

    Classic R&B vibes😍

  • Kevin Connolly

    Kevin Connolly

    2 days ago

    This needed to be with Big Sean

  • Aramat Jackson

    Aramat Jackson

    2 days ago

    Why Don't We Fall In Love............Amerie.... Classic

  • gerarda lucero frías

    gerarda lucero frías

    2 days ago

    Here 4 Amerie, one of the best talents of R&B Fuck da illuminati.

  • Harrison Wells93rd

    Harrison Wells93rd

    2 days ago

    Amerie beat brought back memories and grande did a good job too

  • Lil Headass boi

    Lil Headass boi

    2 days ago

    Succ ducc fucc

  • taejeon


    2 days ago

    *im having this on loop*

  • Yuliana Hiraldo

    Yuliana Hiraldo

    2 days ago

    Make this blue if u want to rule the world

  • Jania Alves

    Jania Alves

    3 days ago

    I LOVE YOU Ariana❤❤❤❤

  • kosha bassgirl

    kosha bassgirl

    3 days ago


  • Shani Jefferson

    Shani Jefferson

    3 days ago

    Amerie beat..period.

  • Stacey British

    Stacey British

    3 days ago

    Omg I thought all this time is was Amerie singing this song. Maybe cause thats from her sample. Damn

  • Amal Bedda

    Amal Bedda

    3 days ago

    very cool ariana i like it

  • labron watson

    labron watson

    3 days ago

    I like that song

  • The Unexpected

    The Unexpected

    3 days ago

    What taniesha bac wanna do

  • The Unexpected

    The Unexpected

    3 days ago

    I just want the dick

  • Robin Dansberry

    Robin Dansberry

    3 days ago

    I rule the low key

  • Tamika Peavy

    Tamika Peavy

    3 days ago

    Her voice is beautiful!!

  • Chris Alm

    Chris Alm

    3 days ago

    The aesthetic that goes with ariana 😍

  • gina ransom

    gina ransom

    4 days ago

    Sample my favorite singer Amarie- WHY DON’T WE FALL IN LOVE.

  • Dalia Muhammed

    Dalia Muhammed

    4 days ago


  • MR.PITIFUL The realist

    MR.PITIFUL The realist

    4 days ago

    There's a video called I can't breathe, 50 year old rapper killing it!! Str8 fire. BY MR. PITIFUL.

  • Wave God

    Wave God

    4 days ago

    This will forever be her best song lol



    4 days ago


  • B Scott

    B Scott

    4 days ago

    Why don't we fall in love sample- amarie

  • Ryan Hudson

    Ryan Hudson

    5 days ago

    Arianna can't sing worth shit 😂😂😂😂

  • Goku Black

    Goku Black

    4 days ago

    You bugging bro

  • MILD creatives

    MILD creatives

    5 days ago

    I’m sorry but music videos don’t hit the way the used to. This song has a powerful message. I was hoping to see a flashback of a down couple working from the ground up and them now in the present both proud of what their empire has grown into... UGH 🤮 Sorry Y’all #MildCreatives coming soon!

  • pugsley


    5 days ago

    Who else came here bc of spotify's ads

  • Bhabiegurl _Jooe

    Bhabiegurl _Jooe

    5 days ago

    Anybody get early 2000s vibes??? Just me okayyy......

  • Mema May

    Mema May

    5 days ago

    Shawty came in walking like a model ...shape like a bottle 😝

  • Jayla Mcrae

    Jayla Mcrae

    5 days ago


  • Brandi Hunt

    Brandi Hunt

    5 days ago

    Big ups to Amerie the original on this track!!!

  • Kendal White

    Kendal White

    5 days ago

    2chains went hard asf

  • Bear Manic

    Bear Manic

    5 days ago

    Yo I'm mad they gave Amerie no props on this. The industry already took enough from her.

  • Josha Hayes

    Josha Hayes

    5 days ago

    i rule the word ok ariana grande

  • One way or another plays:3

    One way or another plays:3

    5 days ago

    I can't believe I didn't know all this time her skin color is painting on

  • Martell Howard

    Martell Howard

    6 days ago

    very classy video

  • Martell Howard

    Martell Howard

    6 days ago

    this song is heat they should get a Grammy

  • Blazyn


    6 days ago

    2 Chainz is mad fly!

  • Emanuel Curry

    Emanuel Curry

    6 days ago

    She got a beautiful voice

  • It's Eva Duh!!

    It's Eva Duh!!

    6 days ago

    Luv ya

  • Aguadilla News

    Aguadilla News

    6 days ago

    sampled from amerie ft camron - why dont we fall in love

  • Shantae Robynn

    Shantae Robynn

    4 days ago

    Most likely the original and not the remix

  • Ya Boy Trey

    Ya Boy Trey

    6 days ago

    Why he called 2 chainz and he has more than 2 on?

  • Allen Bianchino

    Allen Bianchino

    6 days ago

    Y’all did your thang!

  • The Eff Word

    The Eff Word

    6 days ago

    Love love love the f%ck out of Two Chains and Ariana. This song is HOT asf! 💖💖💖 #Yessss!

  • AwesomeOne32 FORTNITEFAN

    AwesomeOne32 FORTNITEFAN

    6 days ago

    Good song when u go to ATL

  • Special Melanin Star

    Special Melanin Star

    6 days ago

    That mfn ponytail 😣 and them bangs bitch 😁😄

  • Vizen Senju

    Vizen Senju

    6 days ago

    2:26 🔥🔥🔥

  • LsOut DaLane

    LsOut DaLane

    6 days ago

    I can’t stop playing this track🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Greg Johnson

    Greg Johnson

    6 days ago

    Super smooth....very chill and relaxed

  • Wendy Marsh

    Wendy Marsh

    6 days ago

    I love her 😍💕❤️

  • rosaa


    7 days ago

    yooo how had it all took me sooooo long to find this?!

  • Jorge Moran

    Jorge Moran

    7 days ago

    Two colers is one ugly fuck Ariana dont belong in this video with this 👹

  • punkwitattitude


    7 days ago

    In my opinion they should add amerie

  • Loved Hated

    Loved Hated

    7 days ago

    Tf is she saying ?

  • yafavboii breezy

    yafavboii breezy

    7 days ago

    Went from Sam and cat to this

  • Passionate Queen

    Passionate Queen

    7 days ago

    Amerie vibes remix it

  • Passionate Queen

    Passionate Queen

    7 days ago

    My shittttt

  • Travis Garcia

    Travis Garcia

    7 days ago

    One of the greatest collabs I've ever heard

  • Romane L ツ

    Romane L ツ

    7 days ago

    the part when she sings is so beautiful

  • Romane L ツ

    Romane L ツ

    7 days ago

    i love this song only when ari is singing _now you hate me_

  • Brian Washington

    Brian Washington

    7 days ago

    Song would've been better with Amarie

  • FR456


    7 days ago

    Arianna grande is such a beautiful person and a brilliant singer

  • Ketan Muni

    Ketan Muni

    7 days ago


  • Curtis Williams

    Curtis Williams

    7 days ago

    She has a nice voice for this song

  • Persephone Unboxed

    Persephone Unboxed

    7 days ago

    I really love what future says at the end it's beautiful no matter where or who you are you will run into love this is wonderful 😍😍😍

  • Yonas Yigzahu Eneyehu Limeneh Yigzahu

    Yonas Yigzahu Eneyehu Limeneh Yigzahu

    4 days ago

    ¿¿¿¿¿ Future ?????

  • Worthy2b


    7 days ago

    Wait a flippin minute..this is a smack in the face to Amerie (why dont we fall in love) she would have killed this song..its hers🤷‍♀️

  • Cj Elliott

    Cj Elliott

    3 days ago

    It's called paying homage!

  • Ricardo Leffering

    Ricardo Leffering

    8 days ago

    2 Chainz becomes better with every album he releases. Let's gooo!

  • Kimberly McCright

    Kimberly McCright

    8 days ago

    Arianna Grande is beautiful

  • Emilia Lipstick

    Emilia Lipstick

    8 days ago

    it's ari's best collab & y'all let it flop

  • Travis Burnett

    Travis Burnett

    8 days ago

    This song grew on me. Gr8 comb like meth&Mary j. And Nas and Lauryn hill.

  • Queen Sara

    Queen Sara

    8 days ago

    I still listen to it 24/7 💜😂

  • Emily Collins

    Emily Collins

    8 days ago


  • shaylie Reyes

    shaylie Reyes

    8 days ago

    takes two ♥

  • amour Jay

    amour Jay

    8 days ago

    omggg I thought this was jhene aiko

  • Imaniaw Roblox

    Imaniaw Roblox

    8 days ago

    i hate arianna rap songs make a love song

  • lilskills721


    8 days ago

    2 chainz could’ve done wayyyy better lyrically ...

  • CountsMula


    8 days ago


  • My Tea

    My Tea

    8 days ago

    Ahh why is ari so ugly no offence

  • Battle Wright

    Battle Wright

    8 days ago

    So are we just gonna act like they didn't steal this beat from Amerie's "Why Don't Why Fall In Love"? Smh

  • Aguadilla News

    Aguadilla News

    6 days ago

    ft camron

  • Amani Martin

    Amani Martin

    6 days ago

    Battle Wright they sampled it 🤦🏾‍♀️, everybody sample old songs these days

  • fighting haeyadwae

    fighting haeyadwae

    8 days ago

    wow how i miss this era

  • Daniel Cobarrubio

    Daniel Cobarrubio

    8 days ago

    Great song

  • Tonja Fortson

    Tonja Fortson

    9 days ago

    She is not hard enough for this beat,too urban, she pop.dont fit together,babbling.

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