2Hype *NEW RULES* NBA Shooting Stars Basketball Challenge!

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  • thejwick


    6 days ago

    Cash’s free throw form 😂

  • QR GAMER reynoldd

    QR GAMER reynoldd

    8 days ago

    Mushy mushy peeps always gets me

  • Randy The Lazer

    Randy The Lazer

    16 days ago

    Bro zack choked in round 1

  • Pdot TV

    Pdot TV

    17 days ago

    Zack is the definition of inconsistency

  • God 899

    God 899

    19 days ago


  • content cop

    content cop

    20 days ago

    Td is tall than cash 1inch taller td cash 1inch small

  • Thomas Bequette

    Thomas Bequette

    23 days ago

    I love how he makes you thinks it’s going in, and it doesn’t.

  • Reesecup -YT

    Reesecup -YT

    24 days ago

    I thought cash hated westbrook😂😂

  • Nean Carroll

    Nean Carroll

    24 days ago

    the first round td and Zack didn't get 47 seconds it was less

  • Wrist Wrist

    Wrist Wrist

    24 days ago

    Cash Nasty only 5’6

  • Khalid Abdela

    Khalid Abdela

    24 days ago

    Lsk hair turtorial?

  • Ranon FTR

    Ranon FTR

    25 days ago

    I have been wanting the okc city edition, but I forget I am broke

  • Dwane Carter

    Dwane Carter

    25 days ago

    Why does cash flick his wrist way after he releases the shot lol

  • Broken


    26 days ago

    I have a girlfriend but i dont know what to say to her

  • TSM bandt1425

    TSM bandt1425

    26 days ago

    Cash was cheating in the 3 point challenge every shot. He started on the three point line every time he shot.

  • Dasani


    26 days ago

    You remind me of wilt from fosters home for imaginary friends 😂

  • hanana Kaka

    hanana Kaka

    26 days ago

    My name is wakanda forever

  • A J

    A J

    27 days ago

    Wait TD is in 2Hype??

  • Lakesha Glass

    Lakesha Glass

    27 days ago

    LSK need to do d 100 shot free throw every day for a month cause 1/5 ain't gone get it chief. SIMPLE

  • Edwin Soto

    Edwin Soto

    27 days ago

    Cam we please see a shooting challenge where cash is on a team with someone that is not as much a shooter as lsk jesser and lsk vs cash and TD

  • Ryland Riendeau

    Ryland Riendeau

    27 days ago

    new intro is fye 🔥🔥

  • Isaiah Manning

    Isaiah Manning

    27 days ago

    I think kris cheated the zack and td shot by accident cuz he prob didn’t think it was going in

  • Emils Legzdins

    Emils Legzdins

    28 days ago

    2019 best moments?

  • Drizzy


    28 days ago


  • Prosny Loiis

    Prosny Loiis

    28 days ago

    You should do U are you smarter than a fifth grader with Zack and Mitchell

  • Nyls Eliezer

    Nyls Eliezer

    28 days ago

    The intro 🤩🤩🤩🤯🔥🔥🔥💯💯

  • Carlos LopeZ

    Carlos LopeZ

    28 days ago

    Cash jumper has improved a lot

  • Jacob Khattar

    Jacob Khattar

    28 days ago

    Cash’s jump shot tho

  • Arvin Estrella

    Arvin Estrella

    28 days ago


  • Elijah Komora

    Elijah Komora

    28 days ago

    You should’ve gave to and zack the dub for the first round

  • Tyler Ames

    Tyler Ames

    28 days ago

    Cash stay keeping his foot on the line😂

  • K. Fernandez

    K. Fernandez

    28 days ago

    Bluface is that you 😂

  • Teri Williford

    Teri Williford

    28 days ago

    Happy Easter



    29 days ago

    Yeah his hand is back

  • JustGevo


    29 days ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else notice every time cash shoots his foot is on the line

  • gaslim99


    29 days ago

    Go Zack

  • CashNastyPlays


    29 days ago


  • Alex da squash

    Alex da squash

    29 days ago

    nobody talks about how flat LSK's jumper is

  • Kristopher London

    Kristopher London

    29 days ago

    I’m working on it!

  • William Hobbs

    William Hobbs

    29 days ago

    Yo wheres the 5th shot???

  • Daniusrag *

    Daniusrag *

    29 days ago

    TD is back

  • EnderYT Max

    EnderYT Max

    29 days ago

    zack and td almost made 2 comebacks but it failed lol and i think jesser is the best shooter in 2hype

  • Caleb Lavertu

    Caleb Lavertu

    29 days ago

    Cash beat TTG in three point race...??



    29 days ago

    Td has been flaring his elbow out to much on his release

  • Trey James

    Trey James

    29 days ago

    2 ball

  • Hoshhy


    29 days ago

    anybody else notice how cash flicks his wrist AFTER he shoots lmao, still a goat tho

  • Hot Pockets

    Hot Pockets

    29 days ago

    What if LSK was in the NBA 🤔

  • Jackson The Sauce God

    Jackson The Sauce God

    29 days ago

    Cash is lowkey a sharp

  • NightOwl phone gameplay

    NightOwl phone gameplay

    29 days ago

    First kris gets carried by mopi and now he damn near gettin carried by cash, smh

  • Randium


    Month ago

    We gonna ignore the facts cash is a shooter now

  • SPH


    Month ago

    TDs shot is a carbine copy of Hayward’s jumper

  • Beau James Rowley

    Beau James Rowley

    Month ago

    Anybody else Notice Cash be stepping over the line everytime he shot in the 3pt race!? :'D

  • PJR _

    PJR _

    Month ago


  • Zachary Bressard

    Zachary Bressard

    Month ago

    Nobody: Cash:100 shots a day!!!

  • Elijah Parsons

    Elijah Parsons

    Month ago

    Can we get a TD air ball count

  • KenFromYT


    Month ago


  • Yousef Benbouzid

    Yousef Benbouzid

    Month ago

    Why are both of them Lebron?

  • Edison Cusi

    Edison Cusi

    Month ago

    Kris is your left shoulder fully healed yet?

  • Mnnkyy


    Month ago

    At 9:20 cash's free throw has some major lag on his hand when he releases the ball just watch his hand

  • Djc_ PlayZ

    Djc_ PlayZ

    Month ago

    Its either Lsk Or the light skin guy I forgot his name but It's either him or him that is the best shooter in 2hype

  • Don Dada

    Don Dada

    Month ago

    Cash carried LSKwho woulda thought it

  • Logan Wiener

    Logan Wiener

    Month ago

    Yo LSK

  • Evan811


    Month ago

    Zach sold

  • Emils Legzdins

    Emils Legzdins

    Month ago

    Td are you training to shot half court buzzer beater?

  • GodSpeedSnail


    Month ago

    Why do you never wear shorts

  • Emanuel Nebyou

    Emanuel Nebyou

    Month ago

    Kris is the only one that Was not sponsored by seekeek

  • Esai Best

    Esai Best

    Month ago


  • Eric W

    Eric W

    Month ago

    Where’s jesser lol

  • Chill Bro

    Chill Bro

    Month ago

    Y'all should do a 2v2 King of the Court That will be fun

  • Kyle Calderon

    Kyle Calderon

    Month ago

    Android store? Kris what

  • mouad 616

    mouad 616

    Month ago

    First time jesser i didnt see him in 2hype crazy challenges

  • Nicholas Kroskey

    Nicholas Kroskey

    Month ago

    Who else heard the construction noises in the background?

  • Zephan Deal

    Zephan Deal

    Month ago

    when Trae Young said Cash's shot was on the same level as Zack's he was right

  • Leon


    Month ago

    Td goated

  • OGTriple_Z


    Month ago

    Cash mad he ain't wearing Lebron James jersey

  • Aubs_ Destiny

    Aubs_ Destiny

    Month ago

    I swear cash wearing a dress

  • Solonas Koutsomitros

    Solonas Koutsomitros

    Month ago


  • PewDiePie J

    PewDiePie J

    Month ago

    Cash wearing a westbrook jersey cause they both always brick

  • Wubzy Shredded

    Wubzy Shredded

    Month ago

    That Zach dude said in his old vids that he can actually hoop 😂😂😂 these dudes a JOKE

  • Amari Victory

    Amari Victory

    Month ago

    Cash shot improved hella😂

  • Jonathan Kessler

    Jonathan Kessler

    Month ago

    I timed Zach and td in the first round and they got 43 seconds

  • isaac


    Month ago

    Ayy cash be carrying kris 💪

  • isaac


    Month ago

    Ayy cash really be showing outt 💪

  • Haris Khan

    Haris Khan

    Month ago

    Yo that was actually sick af td and zack deserve that first round. Bro shot it right when zack shot it he had faith that was dope.

  • Cammerus Williams

    Cammerus Williams

    Month ago

    Yo..... my guy zack ima need you on that cash regimen, you was a sniper now..... questionable🤣🤣🤣. S/o to cash for that hard work💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾. Always dope content🔥👌🏾✊🏾.

  • Jhon Barns

    Jhon Barns

    Month ago

    Welp now we know Christopher London can't shoot free throws 😂.

  • Gage Hunter

    Gage Hunter

    Month ago

    Cash has a worse jump shot than mopi

  • manji man

    manji man

    Month ago

    When did cash do 100 shots a day

  • Kris Lipa

    Kris Lipa

    Month ago

    Where is mal

  • Phantom Thanatos

    Phantom Thanatos

    Month ago

    when did cash become the best shooter in 2hype

  • Bot Ian

    Bot Ian

    Month ago

    Why in the slow motion of cash’s free throw he wrist flick after the ball is in midair 9:33

  • King V-dow

    King V-dow

    Month ago

    No Trying To Be Funny But did anyone of y’all pass math because the last game was a tie

  • Kenwood Jeannis

    Kenwood Jeannis

    Month ago

    4:23 TD is nice🔥

  • Basketball God

    Basketball God

    Month ago

    Its sad how bad cash's jumpshot has gotten.......

  • Fiyrr


    Month ago

    Shouldve cheesed Cash and made him wear a Durant Thunders Jersey😭

  • Bryson 1318

    Bryson 1318

    Month ago

    4:25 no way that's crazy

  • Nik Wilson

    Nik Wilson

    Month ago

    Cash ain't wearing a LeBron Jersey 👀

  • LeBron James 236

    LeBron James 236

    Month ago

    6:15 Zack got it in then he kept shooting form there

  • Yung Xoticツ

    Yung Xoticツ

    Month ago

    Ayana Perkins Did you not listen he said you were supposed to shoot two at each corner

  • Brandon Beast

    Brandon Beast

    Month ago

    okc vs lal

  • Sammy Caro

    Sammy Caro

    Month ago

    My boy TD pulling from curry range

  • A. M.

    A. M.

    Month ago

    No wonder Trae Young gave Zack a 5. He can’t shoot

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