4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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We challenged chefs of three different levels - an amateur, a home cook and a professional chef - to make their versions of French toast. And then we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Which French toast was the best?

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4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  • Amber McEntire

    Amber McEntire

    16 minutes ago

    EMILY!!!!! NOooooooooooooo

  • iRaven vu

    iRaven vu

    18 minutes ago

    I get excited when I see Lorenzo! I've used his advice a few times!

  • hang ben

    hang ben

    Hour ago

    level 5 chef: tubby custard

  • FlyinOrange


    2 hours ago

    The people who put lemon and orange zest on their food are the people who eat oranges without peeling them......

  • Shaina O'Neil

    Shaina O'Neil

    2 hours ago

    Penny's back!! Loved her in the chocolate chip cookie video, and she was great again here :) Editing to add that the food scientist's blazer is awesome. Really flattering colour

  • Bethany Brengan

    Bethany Brengan

    2 hours ago

    I love Emily. I'm terrified of her French toast, but I love Emily.

  • Alejandro Gonzaez

    Alejandro Gonzaez

    2 hours ago

    Emily puts ketchup on the French toast. Emily: I'll probably eat this alone in the dark. Me: Please do... I would never wanna see such a thing

  • Ty Kissinger

    Ty Kissinger

    2 hours ago


  • Alejandro Gonzaez

    Alejandro Gonzaez

    2 hours ago

    Level 1 chef: hi I'm a level one chef. Level 2 chef: hi I'm a level 2 chef. Level 3 chef:HI IM A PROFESSIONAL CHEF

  • Nathaniel Espinoza

    Nathaniel Espinoza

    2 hours ago

    This pro chef sucks



    3 hours ago

    I hate the food scientist, waste of life

  • Frederick Koons

    Frederick Koons

    Hour ago

    Why do you hate her? Do you know her?

  • abod alrshidy

    abod alrshidy

    3 hours ago

    Mcdonald's Shake Shack la montier de lu bloa

  • A U G U S T

    A U G U S T

    3 hours ago

    Does anyone use Texas toast? Like me? I was a little surprised when I didn’t see it

  • Thomas Morris

    Thomas Morris

    3 hours ago

    Oh my word Emily.. No!!! Just no!! Stop!!! I think her taste buds are broken.🤮

  • sue canada

    sue canada

    4 hours ago

    I love THE FOOD SCIENTIST LADY because EDUCATION is the key to having a better life in all ways ! MORE FOOD SCIENTIST LADY VIDEOS PLEASE !

  • Marie


    4 hours ago

    ....i thought french toast was supposed to be sweet breakfast....what is the amateur doing??

  • Evie Basting

    Evie Basting

    5 hours ago


  • Pugz 54

    Pugz 54

    6 hours ago

    I wanna see a grilled cheese can you do grilled cheese next

  • Nadiv Kaspi

    Nadiv Kaspi

    6 hours ago

    Big Lorenzo fan! Also, I'll say it again; keep making these 4 levels videos!!! They are great!!!

  • fatemadee


    6 hours ago

    Please more of these vids!!! these are my fav on youtube

  • Kayla S

    Kayla S

    7 hours ago

    I'm a little disappointed that a food scientist would just say you don't want things like corn syrup and preservatives in your bread without saying why they're in there. They serve an important purpose and leaving it as "you don't want that" scares people off unnecessarily. Also, ketchup?? Really??

  • milartiste


    7 hours ago

    I'm french and i absolutly don't know what you are calling french toast maybe "pain perdu" 🇫🇷: si des français peuvent m'aider à savoir ce que c'est 😂

  • Bazza DownUnder

    Bazza DownUnder

    8 hours ago

    I will go with Emily on this any day! She is a bit of a blonde and to rough (maybe on purpose). I prefer syrup and bacon with my French Toast. The more soaked the better.

  • Ginny Playz

    Ginny Playz

    8 hours ago


  • NovaColonel


    8 hours ago

    Emily is glorious and if I'm ever close to wherever this is shot I want to meet her!

  • Channel Chenes

    Channel Chenes

    9 hours ago

    That Fil-Am guy should definitely get his own show.

  • dany boulii

    dany boulii

    9 hours ago

    Layla London. ;)

  • Faricia Danoe

    Faricia Danoe

    9 hours ago

    All the level 3 chefs in these episodes miss what Lorenzo has: enthusiasm and personality

  • Kamivi


    9 hours ago

    this go from just being unhealthy to possible death by sweet overdose in 3 levels hahahaha

  • Isaac Magaña

    Isaac Magaña

    9 hours ago

    Level 3 looks so yummy!!!

  • Scotta


    9 hours ago

    I use Cinnamon raison bread from the freezer. toast it. put it in a egg, vanilla, milk and some other spices. let it soak (I like my insides runny, iff specified I do differently), then put it in a medium-high pan, flip, serve with fresh fruit and syrop

  • Jeffrey Payton

    Jeffrey Payton

    9 hours ago


  • Jane Doe

    Jane Doe

    9 hours ago

    I usually like Lorenzo's versions better. But I LIKE eggy French toast myself. And it doesn't need sugar. I sometimes use croissants for my bread. Yummers. And you could also dip in crushed corn flakes after dipping in the egg mixture.

  • Michaelis Downer

    Michaelis Downer

    9 hours ago

    I love them all

  • Jeremy Barnes

    Jeremy Barnes

    10 hours ago

    Level two tries so bard

  • E P

    E P

    10 hours ago

    I’m with Emily: you are a monster. But I like your style.

  • Young Cash Register Aka. Lil BroomStick

    Young Cash Register Aka. Lil BroomStick

    10 hours ago

    *A'm i the only one, who lost their whole brain cell's ,when watching a level 1 chef ?*

  • Young Cash Register Aka. Lil BroomStick

    Young Cash Register Aka. Lil BroomStick

    11 hours ago

    Nobody: Me: *"Hey , i'm Lil Broom Stick , and been living in this world about 18 years , but don't know how to cook properly since i was born ,and my mom is my cooker and that's all"*

  • Michael Hall

    Michael Hall

    11 hours ago

    WH47 K1ND OF FUCK1NG 50C10P47H 3475 FR3NCH T045T W17H K37CHUP!?!?

  • Bastien Anselme

    Bastien Anselme

    11 hours ago

    The proper name is "pain perdu", or "lost bread" if you want to translate. Nobody calls that French toast in Europe ; ask for a "French toast" in France, and you'll get weird look. Also, it is not a recipe limited to France, quite common in Europe.

  • Akemi Uchiha

    Akemi Uchiha

    11 hours ago

    I put crumbled feta cheese and honey on top of my french toast. Fight me.

  • Femi Onanuga

    Femi Onanuga

    11 hours ago

    I hate emily KETCHUP???? SLICED BREAD ?????

  • Mothafucka Jones

    Mothafucka Jones

    12 hours ago

    Something's wrong with Emily.

  • Daniel Evans

    Daniel Evans

    12 hours ago

    One does NOT put ketchup on french toast.

  • Richard Nuyda

    Richard Nuyda

    12 hours ago

    i vote level 2 aka lorenzo the BEST like who doesn’t like nutella and french toast

  • John David Sangria

    John David Sangria

    14 hours ago

    Idk why but I think Emily needs a professional help

  • Sunil Prajapati

    Sunil Prajapati

    14 hours ago

    Emily is the accurate representation of me.

  • darius beasley

    darius beasley

    14 hours ago

    🗣Ketchup ‼️❓❓(Soulja Boy Voice)😆

  • Peta Nomeata

    Peta Nomeata

    15 hours ago

    I'm the level 0 chef

  • A kookie and A cup of tae with a pinch Of suga

    A kookie and A cup of tae with a pinch Of suga

    16 hours ago

    Potato level:call delivery for French toast(if it exists)

  • YouTube Realtime

    YouTube Realtime

    16 hours ago

    10:01. Of course. Gotta get that as revenue

  • PaNcAkEs_ArE_NiCe


    16 hours ago

    Hold on let me just watch this video while I eat my microwave ramen that I somehow managed to burn

  • da dude

    da dude

    17 hours ago

    Wow French toast with ketchup that's the first.

  • Elissa


    17 hours ago

    french toast with ketchup? . Hello 911?

  • Camilo Rueda

    Camilo Rueda

    17 hours ago

    gotta love Emily

  • 1digitalwatcher


    18 hours ago

    4:44 I use less milk than all of these except the first one keep the mixture like this color 3:20.



    18 hours ago

    BRO KETCHUP?!?!?!

  • Terezi Pyrope

    Terezi Pyrope

    19 hours ago

    She put ketchup on her french toast......she doesn't even put syrup on it....just ketchup and egg cooked bread....

  • Brooklyn Villa

    Brooklyn Villa

    19 hours ago

    not gonna lie i freakin love ketchup and french toast

  • Snapshot


    19 hours ago

    I hate lorenzo

  • Brittani B

    Brittani B

    20 hours ago

    Emily is trying her best...😣



    20 hours ago

    Emily needs serious help

  • chynaciera


    21 hour ago

    emily is such a mood.😂😂😂😂

  • Potato Salad

    Potato Salad

    21 hour ago

    nobody: emily: i put ketchup on french toast

  • Blobby786


    22 hours ago

    I'm surprised the pro chef didn't bring in a chicken for eggs

  • Jillian Pilon

    Jillian Pilon

    22 hours ago

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who puts ketchup on their French toast !!!! 🙏🏼

  • average metalhead

    average metalhead

    22 hours ago

    Am I the only one that closes the video once the woman with the pointer starts stalking?

  • Elliott Lee

    Elliott Lee

    22 hours ago

    Lorenzo is so extra. Emily is my spirit animal

  • Crunchy Smores

    Crunchy Smores

    22 hours ago

    Level 1: desperately trying to be sad and relatable Level 2: adorable and sounds like a really amazing person! Level 3: serious but might be very nice to anyone

  • classicstorm


    22 hours ago

    That wasn't even level one that was like negative ten...eat it in the dark by yourself yeah because nobody else wants any...ketchup really...

  • Op2misstyk


    22 hours ago

    RIP, Emily’s French toast😥and then KETCHUP😬

  • Charlotte Meuse

    Charlotte Meuse

    22 hours ago

    that chocolate brioche looks so good

  • Gregorus Prime

    Gregorus Prime

    22 hours ago

    Emily, acknowledging the fact that you're a monster does not excuse your crimes.

  • Angel Berry

    Angel Berry

    22 hours ago

    Ketchup with french toast, no thank you. Ketchup with french fries. 👍

  • Kathrin


    22 hours ago

    I have auto subtitles on and it only showed me the word vodka and i only recognized it is called babka when the word appeared in the end on the board. 😂

  • Jason saddler

    Jason saddler

    22 hours ago

    Ketchup? Nutella? Wtf is going on here?

  • David Dawson

    David Dawson

    22 hours ago

    Level 1 and 3 both use egg with a scant amount of milk. (And that's definitely where the similarities ended!!)

  • Victor Laubier

    Victor Laubier

    23 hours ago

    Je suis français et personne ne mange ça ici

  • Jessicat Trollagek

    Jessicat Trollagek

    23 hours ago

    I make better French toast with regular sliced bread than all three of these fools...

  • LaidBack Sage

    LaidBack Sage

    23 hours ago

    me watching the first cook 😄😳😫😱😵😕😑

  • Bobbo The Rosso

    Bobbo The Rosso

    23 hours ago

    *frickin Lorenzo* My blood has never boiled so much over another mortal being

  • Willy Romero

    Willy Romero

    23 hours ago

    My mans said she put ketchup on her French toast lol at least she admit to not being human and really being a monster

  • Whisky Papa

    Whisky Papa

    23 hours ago

    Level 2 is the winner. Lvl 1 is not even french toast. Just egg on/in bread. And KETCHUP? WTF? Emily, go to your room and don't come out til I say so.

  • powerofanime1


    23 hours ago

    Level 1 knows exactly how bad she is at this. XD

  • Sabrina The weirdo

    Sabrina The weirdo

    Day ago


  • Liam McCarthy

    Liam McCarthy

    Day ago

    level 2 is always the best

  • DirtyFrigginHarry


    Day ago

    I respect Emily's candor and self-awareness Also, don't tell me how wet I want my french toast

  • Celeste W

    Celeste W

    Day ago

    That's not French toast. That's fried egg bread

  • Abraham


    Day ago

    WHAT, Ketchup on French Toast Yuck!!!! Level 1 is sucks but level 2&3 is much better than level 1. and I am Sorry For Kind Rude

  • Lucas De Knibber

    Lucas De Knibber

    Day ago

    As a french, i don't know what french toast is lol. Is it pain perdu?

  • Cameron Wilson

    Cameron Wilson

    Day ago

    The scientist was pissed with emily

  • My Feelings

    My Feelings

    Day ago

    Does anyone else skip to the food scientist part for these videos

  • Harry Kyriazis

    Harry Kyriazis

    Day ago

    That level 1 looks the best to me



    Day ago

    ok but lorenzo snapped with the nutella maple syrup combo

  • Azémar Aubin

    Azémar Aubin

    Day ago

    You are heretics... Ketchup seriously??? American lads and cooking, it hurts folks

  • Zarabatana Productions

    Zarabatana Productions

    Day ago

    Lorenzo is the Rie of Epicurious

  • kronosecw


    Day ago

    Okay, you found your "thing." Do more of this.

  • lateworm


    Day ago

    i want to raw dog emily

  • xD The fortnite God

    xD The fortnite God

    Day ago

    Did someone say vodka сукаа дае мне

  • Lindsi A

    Lindsi A

    Day ago

    I love this show

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