6 Beyonce Fans vs 1 Secret Hater


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  • Sandra Faustin

    Sandra Faustin

    3 hours ago

    Spoiler Ik it was him he only talk about Destiny's Child it that he was the first person I thought wouldn't be so I was like wait a minute it alway the one u less expected

  • Sam Ler

    Sam Ler

    3 hours ago

    11:33 she did and they told her to mind her own buisness

  • Cindy may mcguire

    Cindy may mcguire

    3 hours ago

    I’m a britney fan

  • DN!A


    3 hours ago

    Is it bad, that at the end I was hoping it would turn red? 😅😂

  • bianca. o

    bianca. o

    3 hours ago

    This episode was really fun! Keep it up! 💛💛🙈

  • moon lee

    moon lee

    3 hours ago

    And I ooop

  • ray.


    3 hours ago

    try doing this with kpop stans lmao

  • galax›y S. K. R moon. L

    galax›y S. K. R moon. L

    3 hours ago

    They should try kpop fans vs kpop haters Please please please please please please please please

  • MOMO


    3 hours ago

    6 Nicki Minaj Fans vs. 1 Hater

  • unhappy _emii

    unhappy _emii

    3 hours ago

    in the beginning i already knew it was himmmmmmmm

  • Jayden Holifield

    Jayden Holifield

    3 hours ago

    beyoncé > britney

  • John Ryan Parman

    John Ryan Parman

    3 hours ago

    time to get exiled to no man's land, beyonce hater.

  • Jasi :D

    Jasi :D

    3 hours ago

    i would slayyy a Billie Eilish version

  • Jeon Jungkook

    Jeon Jungkook

    3 hours ago

    do bts and billie eilish!!

  • Leah


    3 hours ago


  • Vanessa Contes

    Vanessa Contes

    3 hours ago

    brandon is not a beyoncé fan lol

  • DetniatSluos


    3 hours ago

    6 Eminem fans Vs One Secret Hater

  • DestineMCPE


    3 hours ago

    When I heard the fans r so aggressive and stuff I immediately thought Jake Paulers..

  • Sharese Newbill

    Sharese Newbill

    4 hours ago

    Billie Eilish edition please 🥴

  • Michellia GPARK

    Michellia GPARK

    4 hours ago

    I knew it was him like after the 2nd round !!!

  • lRott3nl


    4 hours ago


  • Isabella Garcia

    Isabella Garcia

    4 hours ago


  • Alondra Mata

    Alondra Mata

    4 hours ago

    I love Sebastian lmaooo !!! I’m on the same boat

  • Ezekiel lara

    Ezekiel lara

    4 hours ago

    They took the 2 Straightest guys out first 😂😂

  • Philly Jr

    Philly Jr

    4 hours ago

    I knew it lmao And I stan Britney and I STAN QUEENYONCÉ



    4 hours ago

    I knew it all along!!

  • fiorella herrera

    fiorella herrera

    4 hours ago

    Honestly they all just follow that girl 😂 whatever she said they agreed

  • Aliyah


    4 hours ago

    i knew it was him from the beginning

  • Meat Wagon

    Meat Wagon

    4 hours ago

    Bruh this is sooo interesting 😂 what if everyone gets voted out except for one person? That's would've given a higher chance for the Fans to win hahhaha

  • i-want-fries


    4 hours ago

    haha, this was fun! i was sooo not expectating that dude - goes to show how strong groupthink mentality is

  • Javioni & Amani Vlogs Luangasa

    Javioni & Amani Vlogs Luangasa

    4 hours ago

    i love the movie obsessed

  • Emili Faye

    Emili Faye

    4 hours ago

    is it just me or does Tamara remind you of Dearra from Dearra and Ken

  • Juliet Booth

    Juliet Booth

    4 hours ago

    Spencer annoys me in a personal way

  • Porky Pig Terkukur

    Porky Pig Terkukur

    4 hours ago

    I don’t like Beyoncé but I don’t HATE her

  • SubTo Pewdiepie

    SubTo Pewdiepie

    4 hours ago

    Tamara and Brandon grouped up from the start so I don’t see why she feels betrayed 😂

  • *.Claudia.*


    4 hours ago

    10:35 🤣

  • GrahamMillerr


    4 hours ago

    Tamara was mad annoying 😐

  • kevin gomez

    kevin gomez

    4 hours ago

    Do who is an Ariana Grande hater video.

  • Brazyliax Wynter

    Brazyliax Wynter

    4 hours ago

    Did I just see brandonnnnnnnn

  • Eliothebeast


    4 hours ago

    Looks aesthetic tbh

  • dillpikell


    4 hours ago

    I knew the Beyonce "hater" would be a Britney stan. If I was there I'd say something offensive about Britney just to see who'd react

  • Bleached White

    Bleached White

    4 hours ago

    he's a gay guy that knows a lot about beyonce...come on you guys...

  • babbytrire _

    babbytrire _

    5 hours ago

    He stated facts thou

  • Lyn Goldz

    Lyn Goldz

    5 hours ago

    Lmaooooo why I knew it was him!

  • Kidd Hex

    Kidd Hex

    5 hours ago

    "Illuminati...oh no it's not A pyramid"-the hater hehe

  • Yamz Plus3

    Yamz Plus3

    5 hours ago

    Do more of these episodes plsss

  • Kidd Hex

    Kidd Hex

    5 hours ago

    I mean I like Beyonce but, I'm not much of Fan no hate though.

  • Marta Espinoza Rios

    Marta Espinoza Rios

    5 hours ago

    Waiting the episode of Ariana Grande fans

  • kj k

    kj k

    4 hours ago

    Marta Espinoza Rios yeah

  • Peyton Jaymes

    Peyton Jaymes

    5 hours ago


  • A’Shayla James

    A’Shayla James

    5 hours ago

    We need more of these videos ‼️‼️ This many people agree ⬇️

  • Nathan Harrison

    Nathan Harrison

    5 hours ago


  • Taylor


    5 hours ago

    I don’t like Beyoncé either lmfao

  • Dalia Diaz

    Dalia Diaz

    5 hours ago

    Tamara was so aggressive, it really annoyed me that she attacked and pinned down everyone except who she liked

  • Natalie


    5 hours ago

    mafia who?

  • Lilacprophecy


    5 hours ago

    I already knew you can’t trust bitches with that terrible make up 🗿

  • shea Fuller

    shea Fuller

    5 hours ago

    Anyone noticed how it finished with only gay people

  • Mila Nikouline

    Mila Nikouline

    5 hours ago

    I thought it was spencer

  • Litzy Mata

    Litzy Mata

    5 hours ago

    Beyoncé is overrated ( sorry not sorry) 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Ade


    5 hours ago

    omfg do this with BTS ARMY lol

  • ItzYoGyalCuTiE


    5 hours ago

    😂😂😂 I like this new show

  • Amreeta Mann

    Amreeta Mann

    5 hours ago

    And I ooop...............

  • arianadbc


    5 hours ago

    bruh they really outed out the manly guy’s first because of looks i-

  • takeachonce


    5 hours ago

    Request: 6 one direction fans vs 1 hater - and I wouldn't mind being in it lmao

  • Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez

    5 hours ago

    Do one with Mariah Carey. I want to be a fan! Haha 🤣

  • Matt Animates

    Matt Animates

    5 hours ago

    He's amazing at lying... Wtf it's creepy

  • Misury Banuelos

    Misury Banuelos

    5 hours ago

    I wanna watch more things like this

  • Misury Banuelos

    Misury Banuelos

    5 hours ago

    Lol yesssss Sabastian

  • Nick Adler

    Nick Adler

    5 hours ago

    What does Erika Badu have to do with Beyonce? That Cody guy didn't even know how to sell himself.

  • parisa salehi

    parisa salehi

    5 hours ago

    do it with bts army and see how they end the hater so fast😂

  • Daizee Delacruz

    Daizee Delacruz

    5 hours ago

    i went back and how did i not see it was him he didn’t say anything the whole time

  • K . C

    K . C

    6 hours ago

    Wait fr was I the only won who knew it was him from the beginning

  • ItsBanks1


    6 hours ago

    I didn’t know Odell Beckham Jr. was gay lol.

  • L Roberts

    L Roberts

    6 hours ago

    Bring Sebastin back with 7 britney fans 1 hater n see if he survives lol

  • It's Carleee

    It's Carleee

    6 hours ago

    Idek how they found this many Beyoncé fans. She’s overrated and irritating. Don’t @ me

  • Savana Whipple

    Savana Whipple

    6 hours ago

    I’m warning you about spoilers now! These people spoil it! Don’t go down any further!

  • Blakely Faulkner

    Blakely Faulkner

    6 hours ago

    “It’s Britney b*tch”

  • Angel Wolf

    Angel Wolf

    6 hours ago

    I haven't read the comments in fear someone would say something...

  • Jade Gaudreault

    Jade Gaudreault

    6 hours ago

    How can someone hate on queen Bey



    6 hours ago

    I had a lie vibe abt him all along 😂

  • [RGT] TheDarkForce

    [RGT] TheDarkForce

    6 hours ago

    I liked the hater more than the fans, but he dressed gayish

  • Himanshu


    6 hours ago

    It's true tho. Bey stans are the worst breed on planet.

  • Cat On Fire

    Cat On Fire

    6 hours ago

    "Who is the Beyonce hater?" *Me.*

  • Hailey Nyaga

    Hailey Nyaga

    6 hours ago

    I kinda thought it was him because he wasn’t asked that many questions and he never said anything about Beyoncé’s songs/movies

  • Gloriana Jimmerson

    Gloriana Jimmerson

    6 hours ago

    I thought it was Tamara🥴

  • Wargirl11


    6 hours ago

    Next Episode: 6 Billie Fans vs 1 Hater?

  • Zoelle


    6 hours ago

    Listing a bunch of facts that someone might not know doesn't mean they hate the person loool this made me mad

  • Ishi Hewa

    Ishi Hewa

    6 hours ago

    I don't like Beyoncé 🙋🏻🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Patatoe art

    Patatoe art

    6 hours ago

    Damn sebastian's got sass Man where can I hang out with this dude

  • gamerking27


    6 hours ago

    Bajeet loves Beyonce

  • Rocio Dominguez

    Rocio Dominguez

    6 hours ago

    If they do one of Billie eilish I'm all in😂

  • iCarryForFun


    6 hours ago

    Brandon is a youtuber i watch his reaction videos

  • Nina Michelle

    Nina Michelle

    6 hours ago

    i knew from the beginning lol cus all he supported was destiny's child

  • sarah


    6 hours ago


  • humble


    6 hours ago

    They should’ve just asked each person why they love Beyoncé

  • Marvin_ Rekt plays

    Marvin_ Rekt plays

    6 hours ago

    I thought it was spencer

  • d. nadin

    d. nadin

    7 hours ago

    Wtf is this

  • it’s me .

    it’s me .

    7 hours ago

    You should do this again but with Billie Eilish Fans and one hater

  • D Elsa

    D Elsa

    7 hours ago

    i do not know how long it have been to see such an annoying girl :(

  • FreshmansDub16


    7 hours ago

    Gay men are shady af so I immediately went to Sebastian

  • Zach Arizmendi

    Zach Arizmendi

    7 hours ago

    Sebastian is right about the Beyhive

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