A Fireside Chat with JonTron (Updates, Funny Stories, and YouTube)


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Intro Voiceover By: Lewis "Fakanza" Bown


  • JonTronShow


    7 days ago

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  • Redditt God

    Redditt God

    4 days ago

    JonTronShow fuck

  • Landyn Chenoweth

    Landyn Chenoweth

    4 days ago

    Banjo kazooie for smash dlc

  • Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    Lieutenant BaconWaffles

    4 days ago

    Stay flexible, Jon. Like Phelous & Brutalmoose, you can make a video on literally anything & it will be funny.

  • Kyle White

    Kyle White

    4 days ago

    I’m spending my $5 on cocaine 😁

  • Southern Slushie Chan

    Southern Slushie Chan

    12 hours ago

    Google is the devil it's nefarious should have watched sooner

  • Euphoric Doritos

    Euphoric Doritos

    14 hours ago

    >Gets to part of video talking about demonetization >Gets a ad. I see what you did there Jon.

  • Mituna Captor

    Mituna Captor

    14 hours ago

    Damn Jon, you're pumping these videos out pretty fast. now we'll have to wait a few years before a new video

  • Manny colon

    Manny colon

    14 hours ago

    Does anyone know the song or ballad that is playing in the background?

  • Robin C

    Robin C

    14 hours ago

    i signed up, wheres my $5 in swagbucks :(

  • Gswordmaster1


    14 hours ago

    So, basically, I watch because you make me laugh while rolling. Like @ 3:50... so, there's that.

  • The Wogan Transformers bloke

    The Wogan Transformers bloke

    15 hours ago

    Hey mate love your videos and was just watching when you went to go visit the AVGN James Rolfe at the video store and two other things. 1st JONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN TRONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN 2nd YEAHHH!!!

  • ljuc


    16 hours ago

    P.J. Watson said about what this "free company shit can go eat arse.

  • Ian Petty

    Ian Petty

    16 hours ago

    "Did you joke about JonTron's upload schedule in all of his comments?" "Yes" "what did it cost?" "Everything"

  • Izuku Midoria Deku

    Izuku Midoria Deku

    16 hours ago

    This also can tie in with article 13 a bit (if you have ever heard of that.) I do not think I am the only one to hate this new law installed (or getting installed, IDK!) by the European country. I think that article 13 is stupid, and the demonetizing rules or whatever are not at all reasonable. "USdownload, if you want to destroy your platform, this is the first step." - Jontron 2019. Oh wait, I can't say that, I get demonetized for it. *Rolls eyes at USdownload*

  • Yuno Gasai

    Yuno Gasai

    17 hours ago

    Lol ,love the explanation about the recent uploads this guys just keep on freaking out on why you upload so much now and just doesn't enjoy the video .I think your vids are high quality in terms of production it could be on tv to be honest the production value is definitely very high and I enjoy every single one of your videos.

  • Yuno Gasai

    Yuno Gasai

    17 hours ago

    Lol ,love the explanation about the recent uploads this guys just keep on freaking out on why you upload so much now and just doesn't enjoy the video .I think your vids are high quality in terms of production it could be on tv to be honest the production value is definitely very high and I enjoy every single of your videos.

  • Jacob Meeler

    Jacob Meeler

    17 hours ago

    Honey if you need to hibernate during the winter to make a masterpiece you do it. I don’t really care about your schedule, I just enjoy your videos.

  • lovelife02


    17 hours ago


  • Alittle Amatuer

    Alittle Amatuer

    19 hours ago

    Where's Jacques, Jon?

  • Alex Vue

    Alex Vue

    19 hours ago

    I don’t really care about your upload frequency as long as your uploading

  • Vincent- Pendragon

    Vincent- Pendragon

    19 hours ago

    Got a bitchute account?

  • mr shy guy

    mr shy guy

    19 hours ago

    What is snuff

  • Charlie Romero

    Charlie Romero

    20 hours ago

    Not sponsored by VISO TV. At all.

  • sáu trương văn

    sáu trương văn

    20 hours ago

    There's no Roblox gift card .-.

  • FunRageDIE


    21 hour ago

    Anyone else think jon should review thinking big from 1987 theres one where a teddy comes to life and well its weird and creepy

  • cade chillin

    cade chillin

    21 hour ago

    You are the Funniest you tuber I have ever watched plz make more videos

  • Hallie Kramer

    Hallie Kramer

    21 hour ago

    My fear is that jon will stop uploading again for a while :,(

  • Hyrum Whittier

    Hyrum Whittier

    21 hour ago

    Halfway through the video I realized there wasnt a real fireplace..

  • Stevie Bunn

    Stevie Bunn

    22 hours ago

    Keep up the great work fantastic!

  • Elpidio Arreola

    Elpidio Arreola

    22 hours ago

    Banjo kazooie is in smash ultimate.

  • Caio Porto Ramos

    Caio Porto Ramos

    22 hours ago

    john don't you even BLINK?

  • KingofSting19


    22 hours ago

    JonTron seems really mad about what kinds of topics advertisers won't give him money to talk about. This video sponsored by Swagbucks, Vizio, and Digiorno's Pizza. By the way, just because I'm not getting money from companies for saying this doesn't mean I'm being censored.

  • Professor pigeon

    Professor pigeon

    22 hours ago

    But dude what happened to jock thought

  • soapman 20

    soapman 20

    23 hours ago

    He finally uploaded a video!

  • Will Bill

    Will Bill

    23 hours ago

    Getting a “Rain on Brick” vibe at the end, like if you get my reference

  • TradingAces


    23 hours ago

    R. Kelly is getting the big golden shower.

  • Antonio Blaster

    Antonio Blaster

    23 hours ago

    My mans was wearing a robe

  • Ryan Paradise

    Ryan Paradise

    Day ago

    The SpiriT animal

  • Ryan Johnson

    Ryan Johnson

    Day ago

    All of your content you've ever made I've love to pieces! Keep up the amazing content!

  • ShadowtheCartoonist


    Day ago

    Jon, to see that you've come so far from a basic video game reviewer to possibly one of the greatest comedians of our time...I'm so proud...

  • The PotFather

    The PotFather

    Day ago

    i have that exact tv

  • The PotFather

    The PotFather

    23 hours ago

    @Ask to seduce Miss aight

  • Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss

    Day ago

    someone dies or offs themselves.someone dies or offs themselves.someone dies or offs themselves.someone dies or offs themselves.someone dies or offs themselves.someone dies or offs themselves.someone dies or offs themselves.

  • Awesten Miller

    Awesten Miller

    Day ago

    Holy cow jon made another video in 2019. The planets have aligned

  • MrRyanAndre


    Day ago

    The 5k dislikes is a mix of USdownload employees, their bots, and R. Kelly

  • Pablo Toes

    Pablo Toes

    Day ago

    is this 1984 all overagain ? i hope no....t....

  • Grumblebuggy Spergamatron

    Grumblebuggy Spergamatron

    Day ago

    I really like the way Syeten put it. It sure is nice that Coke can make thirdworlders sick from dehydration by monopolizing public water supplies (which would be illegal here, but it's okay when we do it to brown people), and then act like they're morally above having their ad placed above Crowder giving a handy to his ar15.

  • Joshington75257


    Day ago

    I think the ending to this video is a rewind loop

  • Paladin Areyah

    Paladin Areyah

    Day ago

    I recently saw some tweets about battlefront 2 from you and if you were willing, I’d love to see some gameplay from you. That being said, I love these kinds of videos from you.

  • Disneydreamgirl33


    Day ago

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAYING ALL THIS!! your the best Jon!

  • Guensty


    Day ago

    Excuse me but WHYYYY

  • MikeyDaPineapple :D

    MikeyDaPineapple :D

    Day ago

    Happy hour episode 2?

  • Scott Tape

    Scott Tape

    Day ago

    Great video Jon but what about the REAL QUESTION... how are the bords

  • Avengers Not so endgame

    Avengers Not so endgame

    Day ago

    Show your cock faggot.. the most depressing upload schedule ever.

  • Twisted_ Metal_96

    Twisted_ Metal_96

    Day ago

    Thanks Jon 👍😉

  • Wol[f] Pack Productions

    Wol[f] Pack Productions

    Day ago

    Are you going to stream live storming Area 51?!

  • Nate Turkov

    Nate Turkov

    Day ago

    5:19 ONLY 90,000 followers?

  • Анатолий Мошкалов

    Анатолий Мошкалов

    Day ago

    Hey Jon, if you considered to move from USdownload to another platform, what would it be?

  • Bilbob Baggins

    Bilbob Baggins

    Day ago

    John...Frank...is...dead. He's not coming back

  • José Carlos Baranda

    José Carlos Baranda

    Day ago

    John is talking about the adpocalyps from vox

  • Laurel A.

    Laurel A.

    Day ago

    "human or animal waste" I literally just watched a nature video where a bird in the background took a tiny dump. A whole video can get demonitized just for that? USdownload is a damn dumpster fire. I mean it has been ever since they screwed animators back in 2014, but wow they keep making their ToS more and more ridiculous. To make it worse their awful algorithm allows those weird fetish-y channels (that are apparently meant for kids) to thrive, as well as assholes like JayStation who crank out videos as soon as someone dies or offs themselves.

  • eggo


    Day ago

    *Advertisement friendly* Translation: Content appropriate for children between the age of 3 and 12.

  • Leo Merigliano

    Leo Merigliano

    Day ago

    But you missed the most importat topic: Will you play WoW Classic?!

  • Brillemeister


    Day ago

    For once, I'm relieved that USdownload isn't providing me any income. God bless

  • skudzer1985


    Day ago

    No talking about war or current events, so news channels like CNN should be demonetized by default, right?

  • christian harvey

    christian harvey

    Day ago

    used the swagbucks link. Didn't get the $5 :(

  • ArcherOfTime


    12 hours ago

    christian harvey Same :/

  • Yakob Soulstorm

    Yakob Soulstorm

    Day ago

    I can't wait until a half-decent platform comes along and everyone fucks off from USdownload because of the way they treat their creators.

  • Konsert


    Day ago

    I want some genius Creates another video sharing website So that every youtuber on this platform would leave youtube and Force youtube to fix itself Or die out

  • kik Mitarbeiter

    kik Mitarbeiter

    Day ago

    Funfact: You are on swedens official hate list

  • Billy The Turtle - A new generation ,

    Billy The Turtle - A new generation ,

    Day ago

    Source? Link?

  • Ash Legend

    Ash Legend

    Day ago

    Very unfunny

  • Nichlas Simmons

    Nichlas Simmons

    Day ago

    R Kelly walking into court with the 8 foot gnome.

  • YLW NaivePenguin3

    YLW NaivePenguin3

    Day ago

    FLEX TAPE 3!! (Flex Shot, Flex Seal COLORS)

  • Luminous


    Day ago

    Is there a way to know if your channel has been shadowbanned? If you're shadowbanned, is there any way to get unshadowbanned?

  • 犬

    Day ago

    Make videos like the bubsy video again Jon!

  • DJScuff edJays

    DJScuff edJays

    Day ago

    What if creators set a rule on what age group you make content for, then get USdownload to unironically admit that this is the new public square where everyone can come, and has to follow 1A laws. Then they cant make these redundant rules (:

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