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A Snippet into Billie's Mind - xanny


A Snippet into Billie’s Mind is an audio visual journey into the thoughts of Billie Eilish, exploring the inspiration behind songs from WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? Produced in collaboration with USdownload Music, this series peers into Billie and Finn's deeply personal process.
Episode Three reveals the story behind "xanny."


  • Marie-Reine Kabis

    Marie-Reine Kabis

    3 hours ago

    How old is her brother?

  • McKenna Johnson

    McKenna Johnson

    12 hours ago

    It’s funny how a lot of the songs she has written were in the middle of the night

  • Madison Down

    Madison Down

    13 hours ago

    Anyone else went to listen to the song during the video?❤

  • White Raven

    White Raven

    Day ago

    I get auditory hallucinations (sometimes it's the most beautiful music, other times it's people screaming) at night, and when I used to have my own room, I'd get up during the night and play guitar to replay the songs, or get the noise out of my head.

  • UnWankulSauvage


    Day ago

    Do you love Billie Eilish *YES* likes *no* comment

  • miakaliner butterfly random

    miakaliner butterfly random

    Day ago

    you're the best singer I've ever met since I do not like the new music now

  • Eusebio Antony

    Eusebio Antony

    Day ago

    Billie is a genius!



    2 days ago


  • izabella barnes

    izabella barnes

    3 days ago

    when she said the word "uncomfortable" i no joke started having a major anxiety attack...lmfao

  • yeet


    3 days ago

    i thought the exhale at the end of the song was supposed to be a smoker blowing out the smoke

  • Ryan Cantrell

    Ryan Cantrell

    3 days ago

    So no hate at all but I was thinking when I heard bad guy and than saw your face that Billie is a female lol xan. After hearing her speak on her work, that's what makes an artist for me. Hell yeah. I love her perspective.

  • Дарья Мозолева

    Дарья Мозолева

    3 days ago

    Я одна из росии

  • Jaela V

    Jaela V

    5 days ago

    i relate to this so much being the only sober one in my entire school

  • Dylan Gough

    Dylan Gough

    5 days ago

    she really put her heart and soul into this album

  • Lola Taylor

    Lola Taylor

    6 days ago

    Still confused at why this has 1.5k dislikes

  • Lola Taylor

    Lola Taylor

    5 days ago

    Typical tea skandjskaksh :(((

  • Typical tea

    Typical tea

    5 days ago

    Lola Taylor ‘cause some folks think that she is being fake deep.

  • Gotcha fairyliv

    Gotcha fairyliv

    6 days ago

    Hi Billie Eilish I am a big fan and you really help me with your songs and you’re just incredible of all your music and I feel bad for your past but you’re really inspiring for me and that’s all

  • Kirra Potts

    Kirra Potts

    7 days ago

    Your not the only crazy in this world 🌎

  • Sssniper wolf

    Sssniper wolf

    8 days ago

    My dad has been smoking since he was 19 and i think he will die soon.😢 1 like 1 hope he stays with us❤ I'm not trying to get likes it is just to feel like there is hope

  • Krizelle Mercado

    Krizelle Mercado

    9 days ago

    why am I even crying it’s just an interview about xanny

  • Medina Alibasic

    Medina Alibasic

    9 days ago

    DAMN. Shes already depressed ... GOD SHE DONT NEED TO BE NO MORE.🤧🤧😢

  • Inhale Everything

    Inhale Everything

    9 days ago

    She never said juul

  • AAE


    10 days ago

    Thankfully both my kids do not smoke or drink, even though some of their friends in college do.

  • Jessica F

    Jessica F

    10 days ago

    Art !

  • Zasha Yh

    Zasha Yh

    11 days ago

    “To intoxicated to be scared” WOW

  • Cat Made Of Black Fire

    Cat Made Of Black Fire

    11 days ago

    Wait. So either her friends are underaged drinking or she has old friends

  • iShootskaters


    12 days ago

    I’m tripping acid watching this and it is quite amazing lmfao. She’s flawless

  • дамирн варзитоа

    дамирн варзитоа

    12 days ago

    Есть кто Русский?

  • Kyra Ho-Shing

    Kyra Ho-Shing

    12 days ago

    I get it tho. I’ve lost people to drug overdose. And even if they are still alive it feels like they aren’t there because of the abuse. And you can’t and won’t leave because of the situation they are trapped in. And when they smoke you feel all the pain they are trying to smoke off and you wonder. Why aren’t they coming to you a person who loves them, why do they smoke. You know you can help them but they don’t want your help. And that is what drugs trap the smoker and the secondhand smoker in. And it is messed up.

  • Юля Чулюк

    Юля Чулюк

    12 days ago

    То чувство когда ничего не понимаешь

  • Gamer's Guide3.0

    Gamer's Guide3.0

    14 days ago

    What if hell isn't really as bad as others presume it to be and the bible is just a book of rumors and expectations on how people believe the world should be. I mean the the devil is just a fallen angel who used to be gods favorite. Maybe he pissed god off and he/she just started spreading rumors for revenge. People were already fucked up in the brain so they just twisted everything they were told into there beliefs. For example people were told women need to have children so the world can grow and keep the house organized while the man works to provide for the family. Perverts liked women showing skin so if you mix a helpful women with short clothes you get the world of today. So now if i wear a loose shirt with sleeves and the jersey number 23 on it because i feel uncomfortable wearing tight clothes and showing skin and i like sports and i decide that i want to create monster mask for syfy movies when i grow, i'm told i act like a boy. What the hell does make america great again even mean? The world has always been fucked up.

  • Wouter Denys

    Wouter Denys

    15 days ago

    She's such an inspiration to songwriters. I love the way she thinks. It's not typical. It's unique. I love that.

  • Vidyaswinta Wikansepni

    Vidyaswinta Wikansepni

    15 days ago

    3:14 and 3:26 until the end of the video it makes me LOVE YOUUUU SOO FUCKIN MUCH, BILLIE 😍😍😘😘

  • regina city

    regina city

    15 days ago

    You an inspiration to me ur awesome ur avocadoful potatoful bootiful beautiful pretty awesome personality I'm kinda like u :)

  • Kuekka Heikinpoika

    Kuekka Heikinpoika

    15 days ago

    Is the music 432hz though.

  • Rainne Ferreira

    Rainne Ferreira

    15 days ago

    Tomorrow I've known you for two years I love you Billie❤❤🎊 You have come to Brazil I soon this year 2019 Or in 2020

  • II Chloe II

    II Chloe II

    16 days ago

    Xanny is my fav song by her

  • Honey Comb

    Honey Comb

    16 days ago

    oh my gosh. she makes me cry every single day... my mum doesn’t think I’ll be able to get to the front in one of her concerts but I really hope i can...



    17 days ago

    Wow this video means a lot to me. The whole song. Super important. I have never resonated with someone I don't know so much. Thanks Billie, love you.

  • Ronja Knutsen

    Ronja Knutsen

    17 days ago


  • Manuella Tiara

    Manuella Tiara

    17 days ago

    Mds chocada... agora não acho nenhum brasileiro?

  • Xalany Toscano

    Xalany Toscano

    17 days ago


  • Xalany Toscano

    Xalany Toscano

    17 days ago

    Así es mi nombre pero se escribe xalany igual que tu canción pero es tu canción dice xanny

  • Raven’s Tips

    Raven’s Tips

    17 days ago

    Watch from 2:57 to 3:00 Youll notice a fart sound xd

  • Gacha Liss

    Gacha Liss

    17 days ago

    wow you have such great videos as you shoot them so cool😱😱👌🏻👍🏻

  • Nathan Tankersley

    Nathan Tankersley

    17 days ago

    I really don’t get why this girls popular she is just a emo bug eyed lesbian they are a dime a dozen and her music is just melodic hipster shit it’s not special

  • Kenny Smith

    Kenny Smith

    18 days ago

    This is the stuff that makes me have crippling depression

  • Diamond


    13 days ago

    doubt it

  • Shaquille Oatmeal

    Shaquille Oatmeal

    18 days ago

    Good to know we aren’t going to lose her to drugs or alcohol.

  • pink crocs

    pink crocs

    18 days ago

    2:05 this part is so cool to me. smoking is gross but that was cool

  • Kenidy Taylor

    Kenidy Taylor

    18 days ago

  • Jessica


    18 days ago

    Billie’s hair matches her eyes and its fucking beautiful

  • russianfuckin girl

    russianfuckin girl

    18 days ago

    It's very hard to live in Russia and no smoking.

  • Fishing with BJ

    Fishing with BJ

    18 days ago

    WTF Billie, why do you need to make so much sense? From someone that likes to drink and take drugs, much respect.

  • Grace May

    Grace May

    19 days ago

    Honestly the rawness at the end made it more connecting

  • Madeline Cameron

    Madeline Cameron

    19 days ago

    her synesthesia has a BIG impact on her songwriting i loove it

  • Regina Ojile

    Regina Ojile

    20 days ago

    this girl has WORDS

  • Rebecca Phillips

    Rebecca Phillips

    20 days ago

    Honestly I was so scared for Billie because of how young she is and how successful she got so quickly I really was hoping she wouldn’t fall into the whole drugs and alcohol scene, and seeing this makes me so happy like Billies gonna be around for a long time making sick music and i love that

  • Bailey's iconic world

    Bailey's iconic world

    20 days ago

    This song tells such a truth in her life

  • Natalia Simms

    Natalia Simms

    20 days ago

    This song means so much to me

  • MyNameIsGhost


    20 days ago

    Cant front tbch song got me off xans lol

  • Lilliana marie Pulido

    Lilliana marie Pulido

    21 day ago

    did you text yokid antony

  • MoonLight


    21 day ago

    Que linda voz tienes :3

  • uma pessoa

    uma pessoa

    21 day ago

    Ela é perfeita mano amo ela mt

  • Husky Boy

    Husky Boy

    21 day ago

    Are you in iluminati?

  • Alive&BoldTV


    21 day ago


  • Trxsh oi

    Trxsh oi

    21 day ago

    nice... well when she said friends i was like i have none

  • I can’t think of a name

    I can’t think of a name

    22 days ago

    3:47 wait wait wait does she mean she had a friend who passed away? How did I never realize that I’ve watched this so many times

  • Emy P.

    Emy P.

    22 days ago

    "when you listen to xanny you feel uncomfortable" no not for me. actually feel very good listening to it is there something wrong with me? i like smoke. XD

  • Kyla Rose

    Kyla Rose

    22 days ago

    it’s not cuul to juul

  • Kyla Rose

    Kyla Rose

    22 days ago

    that’s really funny because in a couple of her songs in this album i’ve heard some frank sinatra

  • ThisisSarah 81585

    ThisisSarah 81585

    22 days ago

    Billie, you are so much older and wiser than than 17. I love this girl

  • shy shy

    shy shy

    23 days ago

    3:39 "I don't wanna love someone who I'm gonna lose"

  • Im a fans of billie Leva

    Im a fans of billie Leva

    23 days ago

    I thank to God to know u Billie. Coz from u i learn how to love myself and how to respect each other. Love you Billie xoxo. I hope i can meet u like other, i can hug u too. Amen

  • Layla Turner

    Layla Turner

    23 days ago

    When I listen to xanny I actually feel like I can't breathe well done billie

  • libertygirl


    24 days ago

    She still young enough to believe the people she loves can control death.

  • Apple Unboxed

    Apple Unboxed

    24 days ago

    Your music keeps me alive and it gets me through the hard times! I love your music and listen to it every night! And then when you talked about drugs and smoking it just shocked me about how conscious you are about that stuff and how you are smart enough to not get involved! Please keep on being you and don’t let anything hold you back.

  • Anita Gerrity

    Anita Gerrity

    24 days ago

    I seriously hope they make way more of these



    24 days ago

    Es una genia se ve reflejado en su música, y con esto que cojones, es de las chicas inteligentes y responsables que no se deja llevar por tomar y fumar. Que lastima que no hay muchas como ella ;(

  • Lorie Tucker

    Lorie Tucker

    24 days ago

    Billie you should check out Chloe moriondo's channel she's sung some of your song's she has an angelic voice

  • Eunice_ Herron;-;

    Eunice_ Herron;-;

    25 days ago

    I love how Billie literally explain how the songs feel.I MEAN I CENT EVEN DO THAT DOOD!

  • tamires maria

    tamires maria

    25 days ago

    She is very beautiful, I wanted to meet you today. Billie, I love you (I'm from Brazil)

  • peyton dean

    peyton dean

    25 days ago

    why am I crying

  • ili's channel

    ili's channel

    25 days ago

    Finally a song that is about drugs being bad for you

  • khakis


    25 days ago

    Feel weird listening to and supporting this song bec this is exactly how I used to feel.. I mean I don't get drunk but I drink every now and then and get stoned sometimes bec yes it does make me feel better and I wish I didn't need some outside influence to make me feel that way. I'm by myself, I wish I could express myself like Billie and be surrounded by support but I grew up with a sister who always criticised me and killed my self esteem. I don't love myself, I feel like it takes a thousand times of someone saying they love me for it to actually reach me. I started getting stoned and drinking (occasionally) to distract from my suicidal thoughts.. I only do those things every now and then these days but *anyway* this isn't supposed to be excuses for why I use drugs, just an explanation I guess.. I wish I still felt the same way Billie feels. If I had a normal childhood and didn't have so many bad influences I know I would've stayed that way. Hope she stays clean.

  • Tori 455455

    Tori 455455

    25 days ago

    I love you

  • Knadys Kaingamoa

    Knadys Kaingamoa

    25 days ago

    The truth comes out when people are drunk

  • Ανατόλης Αδαμιδης

    Ανατόλης Αδαμιδης

    26 days ago

    plise if you are seeing this i want you to know that im a 11 years old and i LOVEEEEE you and i dont want you to hate your self :( iknow all your songs i like wanna know you i cant like i cry rite know and is cuz you hate your self

  • art.sthetic _18

    art.sthetic _18

    27 days ago

    Smoking and alcohol and all that just makes me so mad and sad that I connected to this song right away. I often think of if my family or friends ever got into drugs and it breaks my heart. I don't know what I would do. I feel so depressed and heartbroken and empty just _thinking_ about it... thanks for putting this feeling into a musical form and I really did feel your pain in the last verse

  • Moonys world

    Moonys world

    27 days ago

    "I dont wanna love someone who im gonna lose" *Damn*

  • live Idsoe

    live Idsoe

    27 days ago

    I got a head ache😶😂

  • Lexie Hillner

    Lexie Hillner

    28 days ago

    Ok.... holy fuck please someone show this to Billie because this one phrase helped my fucked up relationship. “ I don’t want to love someone who I could lose “ ok shit I was in a relationship where the person was constantly putting me down and putting my beliefs down and trying to take me from my family and friends and he would ether be doing this just because or because he was smoking a hit with his friend and I loved him but I was just dieting because I new I was going to lose him..... and me realizing that killed me...... even more the he was killing me..... I make him sound bad but it wasn’t him it was the drugs and the smoking that made him lose his life and me...... and I had a friend who showed me this song and I started to ball my eyes out and realized what. Was doing to my self and I totally understand what it felt to lose someone in the lyrics to this song as you discussed in this video because I was lost and now I have got rid of him and I am slowly putting myself back together and I am glad that I heard this song because if I didn’t I may still be dating him so thank you Billie - lexie the girl that was changed by a song and a songwriter

  • Battle Royale Mode

    Battle Royale Mode

    28 days ago

    Melanie Martinez and Billie should collar!😍

  • Michael Maestas

    Michael Maestas

    Month ago

    Billie someone made a fake account. You should call them out

  • Elizabeth Martinez

    Elizabeth Martinez

    Month ago

    I have always loved Billie and her music and I would do anything to just say hi to her I absolutely love her style I wanna be something like her when I grow up I love to sing and I have been told I am good but I have never really know you have always inspired me and I know you will probably not see this but it is worth a shot I just wanna say I love you I love everything you do and just don’t give up I wish I could meet you !!!!!!

  • smilesfanatic988


    Month ago

    billie is amazing and her music makes me feel like crying a lot of the times in a really good way. the lyrics are phenomenal and meaningful on like.... twenty different levels..... her and finneas are a godsend to today's music.

  • Leyla Ersoy

    Leyla Ersoy

    Month ago

    Finias is veryy perfektt

  • Nandito GMR

    Nandito GMR

    Month ago

    Y si te amo?

  • zoe efstathiou

    zoe efstathiou

    Month ago


  • zoe efstathiou

    zoe efstathiou

    Month ago

    look how beautiful she IS

  • Nadine Mascarenhas

    Nadine Mascarenhas

    Month ago

    Billie's interviews are always amazing Screw the money I wish I was this wise when I was 17 It's so hard to find artists that aren't into drugs

  • Chloe Genella

    Chloe Genella

    Month ago

    This is perfect

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