Action Bronson Blows His High Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

You asked for him, and now he's here: Mr. Wonderful in the Hot Ones studio. The host of Viceland's "F**k That's Delicious" smokes and drinks his way through the Scoville onslaught, tackling questions about everything from on-stage body slams to legendary TV chefs along the way. And don't worry: There's a Big Body Bes cameo, just as you knew there would be.
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  • not hen

    not hen

    21 hour ago

    Action Bronson is garbage.

  • John Cockram

    John Cockram

    23 hours ago

    Imagine getting stoned off a damn dab pen

  • Alex Figueroa

    Alex Figueroa

    2 days ago

    No reservations bourdain. 🙌🏻 I love bronson . I can taste the food by the way he describes it ,in a dumbed down way

  • Eric M

    Eric M

    3 days ago

    Mad Dog 357 *slide whistle*

  • A Killins

    A Killins

    3 days ago

    Action Bronson fucking sucks. Dude is a fucking rum ass retard.

  • Claudia Barocio

    Claudia Barocio

    4 days ago

    Sean is the baby between Justin Timberlake and Neil Patrick Harris

  • GTI VR6

    GTI VR6

    4 days ago

    Fuck the haters, this is one of the best ones yet. Would love to see him on the show again now that the show has really taken off

  • cotypt145 john 3:3

    cotypt145 john 3:3

    4 days ago

    This Dude Looks Like Reds Riviera doing a life sentence free Reds

  • R GEN

    R GEN

    5 days ago

    This proves "which we didnt need" Sean Evans strength in interviewing.

  • Drake Drakeson

    Drake Drakeson

    6 days ago

    How the fuck is this man ripping the pen like every 5 minutes lmao. I take two rips of one of those things and im smacked for hours

  • Greatest Ever

    Greatest Ever

    8 days ago

    Sean is like a Chameleon, doesn't matter how the guest is acting, he will get on their level. And the fact that he basically called DJ Khalid a pussy in front of him, is the best lol

  • YagerNation


    8 days ago

    The first time ive seen sean flustered. Lol but he handled it well!

  • Daniel Castillo

    Daniel Castillo

    10 days ago

    Fuck he did better than anybody i seen on here props to him.. but i wanted to see him eat that da bomb hot sauce cause that one fucks everyone over but they didnt give it to him..

  • Luis Guarana

    Luis Guarana

    10 days ago

    damn present action bronson looks like ate the old action bronson

  • Ricky Martinez

    Ricky Martinez

    10 days ago

    No wounder why u been mad this whole episode and nice little bar might have take 3 days to rehearse that lol

  • Chris Joey

    Chris Joey

    11 days ago

    Action Bronson is a real legit man! it makes the hot ones host look like such a little snowflake beta male. We need more people in this world that are confident and real like action

  • Najwa Khanafer

    Najwa Khanafer

    11 days ago

    It throws me the fuck off that Sriracha is less spicy than Tapatio, I prefer Tapatio because I always felt like Sriracha was spicier lmao

  • DDD 1313

    DDD 1313

    11 days ago

    Action Bronson is a fucking fat bitch. RIP 2025.

  • Ryan Guardalabene

    Ryan Guardalabene

    12 days ago

    Julia child

  • Ryan Guardalabene

    Ryan Guardalabene

    12 days ago

    Do you stretch the chicken when you do your???

  • Ryan Guardalabene

    Ryan Guardalabene

    12 days ago


  • Regan Mahoney

    Regan Mahoney

    13 days ago

    I am loving these Action Bronson videos on this channel... He’s a great interview..



    14 days ago

    Never heard of this dude b4...kinda obnoxious.

  • Blake Bellamy

    Blake Bellamy

    14 days ago

    Evident that action is the goat. The hotter the wings became the more aggressive he was with his responses due to his lack of speech. He was in control of the whole interview and when he was really in pain he knew he couldn’t show it so he shut down the interviewer with short passive aggressive comments. What a GOAT

  • Blue Steel

    Blue Steel

    15 days ago

    I would've loved to see an XXXTentacion interview

  • Mercurian Republic

    Mercurian Republic

    15 days ago

    i love how at 16:36 Sean is struggling a little bit and Action just goes:’You got it’.That’s hilarious,he’s taking over :)))

  • Aj King

    Aj King

    15 days ago

    I am IAM IAM IAM

  • alan brown

    alan brown

    15 days ago

    I like Action, but he’s a first class asshole

  • Skele Mania

    Skele Mania

    16 days ago

    This host is a fucking poser. Jesus.

  • vinenot?


    18 days ago

    i liked action branson until now... he is rude to sean, and a little unsympathetic to me now.



    18 days ago

    i havnt lived life

  • Andrew Nowotarski

    Andrew Nowotarski

    19 days ago

    Yo action by far is the most amazing majestic person on the internet lol

  • Tyler Bowers

    Tyler Bowers

    19 days ago

    Body looks like a scuffed one punch man

  • Now Unknown

    Now Unknown

    20 days ago

    anyone else wonder why the wings are right to left and not left to right

  • Kat Miner

    Kat Miner

    20 days ago

    Action seem like he’s in a perma trip

  • nzKTPA


    21 day ago

    10:56 i like this one hahahahaha

  • Kyle Lopez

    Kyle Lopez

    21 day ago

    The most Corniest guys ever

  • Cycle.


    20 days ago


  • Erod


    22 days ago

    14:56 who knows what Jenkem is? Look it up, mad disgusting.

  • Danny Pabon

    Danny Pabon

    23 days ago

    This is my favorite episode! That shit ain't phasin him lmao

  • Fii Fii

    Fii Fii

    24 days ago

    Nah I hit very expensive glass pipes in my house in my underwear

  • Prankster2u


    26 days ago

    This guy just straight up sucks worse than his b******* career

  • DJ Steed

    DJ Steed

    27 days ago

    First episode I didn't really care for

  • Greg Menniges

    Greg Menniges

    27 days ago

    a douche

  • Peace Of Art

    Peace Of Art

    27 days ago

    So corny

  • Howie Feltersnatch

    Howie Feltersnatch

    28 days ago

    I really hope action bronson opens a restaurant and only cooks things out of his cookbook because id be there everyday

  • Taylor Fausett

    Taylor Fausett

    28 days ago

    I watched this episode when it came out because I am a fan of the show. I love Action and so many others I have learned about since watching this show. Fun to reminiscent

  • Leo Faiola

    Leo Faiola

    28 days ago

    what is that shirt he is always wearing

  • Marcus Gallegos

    Marcus Gallegos

    28 days ago

    dab pen gang

  • StaxxxCmd


    29 days ago

    Who is he?

  • thegreat Potatomaster

    thegreat Potatomaster

    29 days ago

    😂I love him

  • Michael Jacobs

    Michael Jacobs

    29 days ago

    Action Bronson is wack af

  • DC Beast

    DC Beast

    29 days ago

    Matty Matheson is way better!!

  • Mountain Valley Racing

    Mountain Valley Racing

    Month ago

    This guy is a damn joke.....

  • Blasphemian


    Month ago

    I really thought action would have been a more interesting person. I was dead wrong lmao

  • Lindani Msweli

    Lindani Msweli

    Month ago

    "one hand my.. the other hand is on my dick"

  • Joshua Lee

    Joshua Lee

    Month ago

    If you aren't familiar with Action Bronson but like cooking shows with Anthony Bourdain, Eddie Huang, etc - you gotta watch Fuck That's Delicious on Vice. Dude is passionate and his a big character you grow to love.

  • Liam Sharp

    Liam Sharp

    Month ago


  • Sibonguthando Khumalo

    Sibonguthando Khumalo

    Month ago

    Action is my least favourite guest ever



    29 days ago

    Sibonguthando Khumalo good for you

  • Fetty Mad3

    Fetty Mad3

    Month ago

    He look like a bald Eric from that 70s show

  • skimsk808


    Month ago

    I was having a horrible day and this gave me life! Thanks guys

  • Matt Orr

    Matt Orr

    Month ago

    Bronson is a fucking asshole, cam across perfectly in this video. Never played sports you fatass. Gonna die of a heart attack. He's standing up because they didn't have a chair big enough to support him.

  • Johnny Law

    Johnny Law

    Month ago

    5:08 this guy is fucking disgusting. Sorry Sean. Look how he's eating that chicken wing he's biting straight into the bone like the meats on the other side you moron

  • Crotch Waffles

    Crotch Waffles

    Month ago

    Dude looks like a giant baby

  • Ben Scott

    Ben Scott

    Month ago

    Big body bald prick

  • Garrett Pittman

    Garrett Pittman

    Month ago

    Action is the type of dude you meet that kinda sketches you out at first...then after hanging out awhile you become ride or die status

  • Fred Peterson

    Fred Peterson

    Month ago

    Pistrami. With a hot mustard/ no cheese... Dawg!

  • Fred Peterson

    Fred Peterson

    Month ago

    Idc if it's 100k.. It's getting globs thru it

  • Fred Peterson

    Fred Peterson

    Month ago

    I love Action... He smokes like 2k a month

  • Drunken Idiot

    Drunken Idiot

    Month ago

    Action Bronson's full helping of ego and arrogance is hilarious

  • Kayla Playa

    Kayla Playa

    Month ago

    When he said “I think we should read your dms on camera” it caught me off guard and I just fell tf out😭😭

  • Kayla Playa

    Kayla Playa

    Month ago

    This intro Lmaooo

  • Timothy 1:1

    Timothy 1:1

    Month ago

    Anyone who watches Ancient Aliens and believes it, would listem to Actions music. His music sux and aliens aren't real.

  • Ben Bangs

    Ben Bangs

    Month ago

    action always such a dick

  • Transmitting Daniel

    Transmitting Daniel

    Month ago

    I fuckn LOVE ACTION.

  • SpaceMuffin


    Month ago

    my favorite glass piece is a Frito in ithaca NY

  • Cliff P

    Cliff P

    Month ago

    What a fat Azz!!

  • Ash M

    Ash M

    Month ago

    ohh action is a REE

  • Anthony Fong

    Anthony Fong

    Month ago

    I like structures.. wild art and architecture.. I like.. just.. old shit

  • Billy Petrucci

    Billy Petrucci

    Month ago

    Body ugly as shit b

  • Tony C

    Tony C

    Month ago

    Crazy what the host had to explain. Dry sarcasm is dead I guess?

  • Andrey Starostin

    Andrey Starostin

    Month ago

    Let’s see matty matheson scream his way through these wings. I know we’d laugh

  • john cox

    john cox

    Month ago

    Best line:" I see substance in you." Beautiful

  • Christian Molina

    Christian Molina

    Month ago

    Very athletic ....its a known thing....🙄

  • Privacy Please

    Privacy Please

    Month ago

    Its like people from the north east are competing to see who can be the biggest douche.

  • Adam Uttley

    Adam Uttley

    Month ago

    Its so cool when grown men speak like children! So refreshing!

  • ed bur

    ed bur

    Month ago

    fuck this guy arrogant fat fuck

  • Joe O'Connor

    Joe O'Connor

    Month ago

    Not once have I watched one of these, and turned it off halfway through..... Until this one. I really wanted to like this guy, but what a total douchebag, so full of himself.... Couldn't watch the whole thing, would hate to be around this guy.

  • Legandary Flux

    Legandary Flux

    Month ago

    13:47 “I smoke everything, if it’s a 100k it’s getting smoked out of”😂

  • Nick in a Box

    Nick in a Box

    Month ago

    He seems like the white DJ Khalid

  • Mike Speese

    Mike Speese

    Month ago

    actually liked action bronson until this interview... im now questionable.

  • erie uptowns only

    erie uptowns only

    Month ago


  • erie uptowns only

    erie uptowns only

    Month ago

    Heel toe song qoute im having flash backs of razors in the azz crack😰😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Santiago Perez-Shillington

    Santiago Perez-Shillington

    Month ago

    Good God Sean knows exactly what to ask at each moment in the episode it's incredible

  • Dab Savage

    Dab Savage

    Month ago

    He made Sean earn his respect instead of just kissing up to him. That was cool, they were best buds by the end. That's how it works.

  • Unknown Black male

    Unknown Black male

    Month ago

    Yes finally a guest who eats the wings like me stuff it all in and pull off as much meat as u can

  • KimboEXE


    Month ago

    Tf you still talking about wings?

  • Tessa Erives-Estrada

    Tessa Erives-Estrada

    Month ago

    Lmao fuuuck action is the best one why have I not seen this til now?

  • Tessa Erives-Estrada

    Tessa Erives-Estrada

    Month ago

    Action is like the only person who eats the whole wing or at least gets a substantial amount of food in his mouth.. respect



    Month ago

    Lil snowflakes cant handle a lil action bronson

  • Tammie Mcwilliams

    Tammie Mcwilliams

    Month ago

    Pretentious piece of... Just like Khaled

  • Carol R.S

    Carol R.S

    Month ago

    I love he said he's from Puebla 😍

  • Ricky Castelan

    Ricky Castelan

    Month ago

    Carol R.S hell yeah Puebla all the way that’s where my family is from😍😤😤

  • Noah Harris

    Noah Harris

    Month ago

    these comments are sad man. I'm not from NY but I see a lot of myself in Action. So i personally don't see how he's a dick or full of himself. I think he's hilarious

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