Antonio Brown's beef with Ben Roethlisberger was heated, sudden, and so avoidable


For more Pennsylvania-based quarterback-wide receiver beef, check out the episode starring Donovan McNabb and Terrell Owens
Things between Antonio Brown and Ben Roethlisberger seemed fine.
They had a connection envied by the rest of the league as Brown had the best four-year stretch by a wide receiver in the history of the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers were rolling as a result and always felt like a threat in the AFC, especially when considering Roethlisberger already having a pair of Super Bowl victories to his name.
But early in 2017, the cracks began to show. After the quarterback failed to notice a wide-open Brown during a game against the Ravens, the receiver took his frustrations out on a water cooler. Instead of keeping things behind closed doors, Roethlisberger expressed his thoughts about the sideline outburst on the radio for all to hear. This would become a theme in their beef, as Pittsburgh’s signal-caller had used the tactic with other wide receivers, and would continue to voice his Brown-related opinions on 93.7 The Fan.
It would become apparent that there weren’t many of his teammates that approved of this tactic, but the Steelers coaches and front office didn’t seem to mind. That only exacerbated the issues, and while Big Ben took to the radio, Brown took to Twitter to make himself known. With so much being aired out in the open, the speculation from the media grew and the players were peppered with questions about their relationship.
They did their best to play nice, but by the end of 2018, it had snowballed into something that couldn’t be hidden. Brown was benched for their final game of the season after a spat at practice. It went off the rails from there in a way that all but guarantees we haven’t heard the end of it.
Written and produced by Alex Rubenstein
Shot by Jiazhen Zhang
Edited by Jiazhen Zhang and Mike Das
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  • Rohith Nibhanupudi

    Rohith Nibhanupudi

    8 hours ago

    That 2018 season was insanely painful past week 10.

  • Dan N

    Dan N

    15 hours ago

    ?? “it’s on the internet.... where nothing lasts forever” there’s no putting that toothpaste back in the tube. ?? Edit room fail?? Or did he mean that in some that in some that went right over my head but still does not make any sense either way

  • warren ward

    warren ward

    15 hours ago

    As a ravens fan, I can easily say that days of our Steelers has been my favorite day time soap opera over the last few years

  • Never Sober

    Never Sober

    Day ago

    Do Floyd Mayweather and Larry Merchant

  • Rowdy Rob Gaming

    Rowdy Rob Gaming

    Day ago

    AB is gonna go off for 400 yards and 5 TDs against Pitt and it will be glorious.

  • Random Person

    Random Person

    Day ago

    Madden curse?

  • EdmacZ


    2 days ago

    This article makes Brown out to be a victim, until you learn that he started beefing with Juju Smith-Schuster, who has been nothing but respectful to him. Antonio Brown is just a toxic person, beefing with another toxic person in Captain Fatfuck.

  • Sehraad Ahmed

    Sehraad Ahmed

    3 days ago

    These vids are so well produced. Shout out sb nation they make some of the best sports vids.

  • MoLiEG89


    3 days ago

    Captain FatFuck, the Glorious leader of men :v

  • JCZ7


    Day ago

    MoLiEG89 urinatingtree reference I see😂

  • Anthony Warren

    Anthony Warren

    5 days ago

    The consistency of Ben throwing his teammates under the bus is astonishing. Juju, dont be surprised when your name comes up in a negative manner.

  • hyuggie


    5 days ago

    This video is pretty unfairly one sided, although criticism of Ben is certainly valid. It doesn't mention that AB was also catered to by the Steelers organization not as much as Ben, that's his biggest issue. Also left out the numerous tantrums Brown threw in front of the cameras and behind the scenes as the proverbial diva receiver crying about getting the ball. Also mistates Emmanuel Sanders and Leveon Bell's overall assessments, they criticized AB's behavior more than Ben's. Also left out former Steelers who had real issues with AB

  • dustin flowers

    dustin flowers

    6 days ago

    Deuces AB...carr throwing to you!? Your legacy over! JuJu time!!!

  • Osiris 64

    Osiris 64

    6 days ago

    Kevin Colbert sucks. Need a better GM

  • Phil Swift

    Phil Swift

    7 days ago

    Welcome to Days Of Our Steelers

  • Rachel Broadwater

    Rachel Broadwater

    9 days ago

    Ab you and Ben are friends☹️ you and your friendship 💔💔💔💔💔 plz come back we need you

  • Kenny Barnett

    Kenny Barnett

    9 days ago

    Big Ben has an excellent track record with receivers.Which one didn't get big money contracts on the first string and back ups?

  • Carver Bradley

    Carver Bradley

    11 days ago


  • Ivan


    11 days ago

    yo these videos are really good, keep them coming

  • ChannelyChannel


    11 days ago

    So basically both these guys suck

  • Julius Morgan

    Julius Morgan

    12 days ago

    win a superbowl or be selfish?

  • 18ac81


    12 days ago

    Big Ben is such a massive POS

  • Jay Lew

    Jay Lew

    13 days ago

    Man I hope they both suck huuuge ass this upcoming year. The only thing that would be disappointing about it is that poor JuJu would get blamed for Capt McFatFucks errors. They both are children

  • Sean Blaze

    Sean Blaze

    13 days ago

    Reggie Miller vs New York Knicks/Spike Lee Rajon Rondo vs Ray Allen Kobe vs Shaq Tbh I can’t believe you went 3 seasons of this and not mentioned any of these💯

  • Hobo


    13 days ago

    Big Ben seems like a big douche to me

  • Quentin Minor

    Quentin Minor

    14 days ago

    What has Ben lately since the superbowl since Green Bay? Even tebow outperformed his ass

  • Quentin Minor

    Quentin Minor

    14 days ago

    Big Ben is trash

  • Michael Bodam

    Michael Bodam

    15 days ago

    3:51 It's crazy that Antonio Brown thought he had any business getting thrown to there. That safety was sitting right in the middle of his route and would've picked that off 9 out of 10 times.

  • Philip Miles

    Philip Miles

    15 days ago

    He really did all that just bc Ben didn’t throw him he ball. Wow

  • Tyler Hallblade

    Tyler Hallblade

    15 days ago

    AB is a beast and hope he shows Old Ben what he has lost.

  • danstarr9895


    15 days ago

    Ben tries force himself on everyone.

  • austin runge

    austin runge

    16 days ago

    Hopefully Ben doesn't meet AB at a nightclub or Ben is gonna get his rape on.

  • Linkonpark100


    17 days ago

    This is practically Days of Our Steelers lore.

  • Andrew Fung

    Andrew Fung

    17 days ago

    TBH it takes two too argue and well in my opinion it’s both of their faults

  • Big Daddy Kane

    Big Daddy Kane

    15 days ago

    Totally right it takes two to tango

  • Nurse08


    17 days ago

    I don't know if it would work for beef history but what about U of Michigan vs Ohio state? That includes the Toledo war which I always thought was pretty interesting.

  • 10ExTwin 10

    10ExTwin 10

    17 days ago

    Y’all forgot Big Ben raped a girl

  • Rev


    18 days ago

    Couldn't win a big playoff game together. That's all that matters. And add Bell to that.

  • Anthony moffatt

    Anthony moffatt

    19 days ago

    that's why they won't win 6 games this year ben thanks he better then everyone

  • Sinister Mephisto

    Sinister Mephisto

    20 days ago

    Fuck Ben

  • Mav


    20 days ago

    *everything is forever

  • fuc zuc

    fuc zuc

    21 day ago

    cant wait to see AB DESTROY shitsburg

  • Matthew Chewning

    Matthew Chewning

    21 day ago

    Can't wait to see Brown eat shit for Oakland and realize how good he had it in Pittsburgh.

  • Mariano Abundiz

    Mariano Abundiz

    22 days ago

    Meek Mill be like, "Yo I just came for that fade."

  • Quantel Green

    Quantel Green

    22 days ago

    AB is cancerous

  • Dark Demonik

    Dark Demonik

    23 days ago

    Relationship is all Rapistbergers fault. Im not AB's biggest fan and i think he is a clown but Ben went public airing the dirty laundry and i can understand why AB was growing pissed off at him

  • TalibanHatesme13


    23 days ago

    Oh ill admit im biased. RAIDERS fan and i fuckin hate ben, but bro come on..... The mother fucker goes on the radio weekly and bashes everyone but himself, youve got all kinds of guys from different era's saying literally the same shit about ben, and all AB did as ask for mutual respect. Thanks ben we appreciate it Sincerely - The Raider Nation

  • Reddog5546


    24 days ago

    The steelers are america's team. Prove me wrong cowboys

  • Ashton Lepley

    Ashton Lepley

    24 days ago

    I bought tickets to that game and he is my fav player and I didn’t get to see him play

  • OD Wilson

    OD Wilson

    24 days ago

    Big Ben raped a Woman and AB still the bad Black guy sheesh 🤷🏿‍♂️

  • Bryson W.

    Bryson W.

    24 days ago

    I think AB was in the right here all the way before he said that shit to juju

  • Melanated God

    Melanated God

    17 days ago

    Juju started that shit.

  • Mitchell Heath

    Mitchell Heath

    24 days ago

    AB vs furniture and toddlers



    25 days ago

    Is This TMZ???😳

  • McMasterExploder


    25 days ago

    "Threw his wideout under the bus" by simply stating the fact that AB's tantrum was a distraction? That constitutes "dirty laundry"? This is insane. I can't imagine how frustrating it is to be a professional athlete with bullshit media like this constantly attacking you. What a joke.

  • Parker Avenue

    Parker Avenue

    26 days ago

    Ben just said the truth and defended himself. Hardly throwing diva boy under the bus.

  • CrociatoAzzurro


    26 days ago

    I blame this beef on Ben Roethlisberger.

  • George McLaughlin

    George McLaughlin

    26 days ago

    Big Ben didn't win SB XL... JEROME BETTIS WON THAT GAME!

  • Kori Geez

    Kori Geez

    26 days ago

    The steelers havent been right since Palmalou and Ward left......

  • CRaig west

    CRaig west

    26 days ago

    "thats not winning"

  • Parker Price

    Parker Price

    27 days ago

    So basically social media killed this relationship

  • Dysart Demon Dad

    Dysart Demon Dad

    27 days ago


  • Ryan Yeager

    Ryan Yeager

    28 days ago

    Here's the biggest problem with Antonio Brown his biggest weakness he is not a team player more in French self than his team was more interested in is numbers sketches then just focusing on the winning the game. All this started in 2017 when Antonio Brown was leaving the ball holes and stats in looking like he could become the first wide receiver to win the NFL MVP award which filled his head up and then not 2018 season 1 Schuster was making a few plays Antonio Brown wasn't getting open as much it really frustrated him he was chewing out Ben Roethlisberger out to throw him the ball more even if he wasn't open which I think led to more interceptions than necessary this season. Even though the Steelers lost Le'Veon Bell and Antonio Brown I can see them winning more games and winning their division and they did last year with these two players. And I think players like Antonio Brown and Le'veon Bell have forgotten how lucky they are. They forgot what's it like to be poor. Do you have nothing to your name expected to do nothing with your life. Who don't push it the College of Education they receive even if they didn't finish their degrees I don't appreciate how how many people across America would kill the beaver well working dead-end jobs that the kind of money I fail make in their NFL careers. Do also have a chance to become Hall of Famers and be immortal names remembered for the rest of time. I really hate when I hear about NFL players going broke after their football days if you stop to think about it they have millions of dollars to their name and 3 years of college education at least why don't they use those millions of dollars go back to college finish up your degrees maybe even an extended to Masters level and work a job you might actually enjoy for the rest of your life and try to leave your millions in your bank account there's no reason anybody to end up broke after playing NFL football. And if there are NFL players out there that do go broke it's our own damn fault.

  • Out royal

    Out royal

    28 days ago

    Lol that was quick

  • Abhiram Dingari

    Abhiram Dingari

    28 days ago

    Ben thinks he's LeBron, buts he's kind off like the d rose of now

  • Nun Ya

    Nun Ya

    28 days ago

    The coach is just as responsible for this. Guarantee you that Ben wouldn't be bus rolling people on the radio if Bill Cowher was their coach.

  • P. N.

    P. N.

    28 days ago

    Very informative and unbiased report. Good job.

  • David Tran

    David Tran

    29 days ago

    Big Ben doesn't look like a leader of men. He looks like a guy who thinks bullying makes him a king and on top of the world. He also looks like the typical guy who usually gets into law trouble, turns to drugs and eventually ends up in jail or in a coffin before age 50.

  • Tommy Davis

    Tommy Davis

    Month ago

    Big Ben has not earned the right to criticize his team mates SAME WITH EVERY FUCKING PLAYER IN THE NFL

  • b howell

    b howell

    Month ago

    Completely one-sided. This makes it out like Brown did nothing wrong. In reality he went out of his way to tank his trade value, poison the locker room, quit on the team, fail to honor his contract, and embarrass the franchise, coaches and ownership who made him a very rich man. Say what you want about Roethlisberger, but Brown showed his true colors as a millionaire cry-baby man-child who got all butt-hurt over public criticism and JuJu winning the popularity war on and off the field.

  • JRISS138


    Month ago

    Bye Bye AB's career.



    Month ago

    Hold up, Ben is a fucking turd, but did homie bleach his mustache?

  • bill schneider

    bill schneider

    Month ago

    Burress, Sanders and Brown were all primadonnas. Fuck em. All 3 thought they were the best. Then bitched and moaned. Fuck all 3.

  • Check_The_ Comment

    Check_The_ Comment

    Month ago

    Ben Roethlisberger was ALWAYS more of a “diva” than Antonio Brown was.

  • Max Grant

    Max Grant

    Month ago

    Do one with puig and bumgardner

  • B D

    B D

    Month ago

    THEN IT REACHED DEFCON ONE! oh shit what happened? AB liked a tweet. Wow...

  • Wesley Hall

    Wesley Hall

    Month ago

    I bet y'all didnt know this was Logan marshall greenes younger brother

  • Wesley Hall

    Wesley Hall

    Month ago

    Get it? When he said "before blowing out 24 candles"....that meant 24 yrs old.

  • Trooper Nahalya

    Trooper Nahalya

    Month ago

    The problem is Ben is so called white and Antonio is so called black and as a so called black man anytime you speak out against your oppressors you get dealt with..the rapist devil.. look at capernick. The so called white man said he disrespects the soldiers and the flag.. when he was just trying to bring light on the police brutality of the so called black man .. all they do is lie, steal, RAPE, rob and murder.. it’s been like that since the beginning of time.. they are the Devil the Bible speaks of wake up you dumb think they like you. Wrong

  • jordon degroote

    jordon degroote

    Month ago

    The difference between the Patriots and the Steelers is a lesson in management. The Steelers had one of the most talented teams ever assembled, but everyone thought they were top dog. So it led to in-fighting and self-destruction. Meanwhile, Belichick rules Foxboro with an iron fist, and turns a 5-10 college quarterback, a lacrosse player, and a skinny sixth round pick into an indomitable dynasty. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

  • SuperGrover17


    Month ago

    They're both wrong. AB is a diva, who cares more about his own personal success than the team's. He's the person that everyone thinks Beckham is off the field. Ben is the one kid in class who thinks he's in charge. He plays the blame game Everyone is at fault

  • VeryViper Gaming and Vlogs

    VeryViper Gaming and Vlogs

    Month ago

    The Pittsburgh Steelers: Coasting on high end talent since their inception

  • Master


    Month ago

    Ben should be first ballad in the HOF of punchable faces. He looks like a fat Will Ferrell. Hines Ward looks like a fat Tiger Woods. Now AB, dude looks like his arms are horrific.

  • Chase Stevens

    Chase Stevens

    Month ago

    Fuckin internet bro see how much problems it causes

  • Black Label Holsters

    Black Label Holsters

    Month ago

    This whole situation should have been nipped in bud very early on. The lack of leadership is not just with Ben, but with ownership and the coaching staff, ESPECIALLY Tomlin. Get a grip on your players before you get fired, dude.

  • JT


    Month ago

    AB's blonde mustache looks like he ate out a bottle of bleach.

  • AM Mercurio

    AM Mercurio

    Month ago

    Bro we need a pt 2 now with ab and juju

  • miguel rojas

    miguel rojas

    Month ago

    Dont get me wrong Ben is amazing quarterback but he's getting old and not as good as he was in his prime and personally I think it's time to move on try to find a new younger one but hey....that's just me

  • homeslice1998


    Month ago

    Is AB the diva or is Ben really the diva? The radio show is ridiculous, take responsibility

  • Illuminati


    12 days ago


  • Tyler Smith

    Tyler Smith

    Month ago

    Very well done piece!!

  • Soulsurv


    Month ago

    None of this happened until he was on the Madden curse. Definitely the Madden curse

  • Jeremy Janos

    Jeremy Janos

    Month ago

    When he says lev bell got his long sought after deal.

  • John Montag

    John Montag

    Month ago

    Payton - A better leader than Big toucher Ben?

  • Can't Beat The BAY!

    Can't Beat The BAY!

    Month ago


  • William Jackson

    William Jackson

    Month ago

    Brown maybe a Diva who won't let bad blood go but Ben is a overflated average QB who won on the back of defenses never having huge yards until Brown/Bell. but because football prioritize the QB he actually thinks he's a far better player than what he is.

  • Adam L

    Adam L

    Month ago

    The Steelers used to be my favourite team but honestly, the problems have all been bens fault through and through. Le’Veon Bell expressed his dislike about this guy, he sexually assaulted girls and he is just old and fat now with no athletic ability left. The Steelers have no qb prospects either... josh Dobbs is a joke... they’re gonna be a shitshow next year

  • Brandon diesel

    Brandon diesel

    Month ago

    Who the hell could like A.B?

  • GWS


    Month ago

    Just really sad. AB is a distraction but on this one he seemed to have the better attitude at least publicly. Consensus is that Ben is an asshole and that is more than from AB. The sad part about it is that I think the team as a whole just let power get to Roethlisberger's head. When he was younger you could tell he had great chemistry and humility when he lost the AFC championship as a rookie. He did a lot of things, but now that he's gotten a taste of that superstar treatment where he can get away with anything and where coaches see him as a father that's created a ridiculous situation and probably as much of a distraction as anything. QB needs to be a leader of the team and not going to criticize that, but there's a difference between being a leader and a dictator. Leaders lead by example. Dictators lead by oppression, through power and through bureaucracy. Ben at first had a lot of example because he played great, and while he's still definitely good, as AB said he's not young like that anymore. In short the Steelers need to clean up their coaching. Tomlin should have been fired for what happened in 2018 and another coach come in and tell Ben to either shape up or get replaced by someone else. Unfortunately Steelers brass don't understand that Tomlin is a problem so this will continue next year until they suck.

  • Carlos Medina

    Carlos Medina

    Month ago

    Ah, its AB the Diva vs Captain Fatfuck Leader of Men

  • Solem


    4 days ago

    A fellow ut fan

  • Shine4TheCam


    11 days ago


  • Big Daddy Kane

    Big Daddy Kane

    15 days ago


  • Philly Sports!

    Philly Sports!

    Month ago

    Unless I missed it I give Antonio credit for not trying to play the race card

  • Trooper Nahalya

    Trooper Nahalya

    Month ago

    Did you you not hear the racist comment 52 Kids..they are grown ass men with kids of there own.

  • Trooper Nahalya

    Trooper Nahalya

    Month ago

    Philly Sports! Bitch he wouldn’t be playing no race card America is racist.. you must be from the moon if you didn’t realize that

  • singmyABC'S together

    singmyABC'S together

    Month ago

    Dont bleach your mustache again. Looks soo bad.

  • Marcos Godinez

    Marcos Godinez

    Month ago

    nice vid bro, can tell u do your research

  • KillnDeath43


    Month ago

    They are both at fault

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