ASMR | Slow & Calm Triggers for Sleep

Listen I know I'm an ASMR channel but even this was calm and gentle for me!! I hope you enjoy :)
0:00 - Intro
1:10 - Wooden Bowls
9:27 - Scissors
13:18 - Coarse Brush
21:54 - Liquid Bead Mask
27:50 - Small Stick & Visual Triggers
34:20 - Hand Based Visual Triggers
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  • Milky Tea

    Milky Tea

    40 minutes ago

    She protecc She attacc But most importantly... I refuse to ryhm because this is a dead meme. C:

  • Daniella Torres

    Daniella Torres

    2 hours ago

    You made me fall a sleep and miss school

  • Crazy Guy

    Crazy Guy

    5 hours ago

    I missed my calling in life

  • sierra


    7 hours ago

    you look quite a bit like Spencer from pretty little liars (:

  • Kate King

    Kate King

    8 hours ago

    Honestly would love a whole video of finger fluttering 😁

  • Haleigh chock

    Haleigh chock

    9 hours ago

    She attac She eats snaccs But most importantly... She send tingles down my bacc (with 2 bowls 😂)

  • Francie TayTay

    Francie TayTay

    9 hours ago

    Man I love gibi, but she must have dry hands, because of her finger fluttering.

  • TacomaJD


    9 hours ago

    These are my favorite style asmr vids. Keep up the good work, Gibi.

  • Daniel Bernard

    Daniel Bernard

    9 hours ago

    I really like the lighting in this one

  • Rajdip Chatterjee

    Rajdip Chatterjee

    9 hours ago

    It's time to sleep

  • Angie Licorne

    Angie Licorne

    10 hours ago

    13:50 what was she thinking?I wanna know!!

  • Vanessa Avery

    Vanessa Avery

    11 hours ago

    this helps me through studying for finals thank you

  • SomethingRandom.Studios :3

    SomethingRandom.Studios :3

    11 hours ago

    *Gibi* okay, okay, okay, okay. *me* dang does she like the word *-okay-* or what?

  • Kai’s Korner

    Kai’s Korner

    12 hours ago

    Who was y’alls first asmrtist y’all came across?? Mine was first Gibi, then ASMR darling , then Whispersred✨ and so on and so on

  • Noel G.

    Noel G.

    13 hours ago

    Honestly, I have been genuinely annoyed by every ASMR video that I have ever watched. I'm not sure exactly why. Has anyone else had this experience?

  • Alex N

    Alex N

    15 hours ago

    AN ASMR BEER AD. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  • Lyka Lee

    Lyka Lee

    17 hours ago

    i guess one could say these are bowel movements :D

  • Lyka Lee

    Lyka Lee

    17 hours ago

    L A V E N D E R

  • Pinty


    17 hours ago

    T mere lcm Pyd

  • Omer Rozales

    Omer Rozales

    17 hours ago

    2:18 "This little balls are very cute" Gibi 2019



    18 hours ago

    I don't know why...when I start gibi's video I automatically sleep😐



    18 hours ago

    Maybe gibi my mom😂

  • Nandini Mazumdar

    Nandini Mazumdar

    18 hours ago

    Blue light is super distracting. Not good for sleep. Use red

  • Nicole Tsopo

    Nicole Tsopo

    19 hours ago

    "These little balls are very cute" my best friend and I burst in laughter like the sick idiots we are

  • The Welsh idiots

    The Welsh idiots

    19 hours ago

    7:27 okeh

  • Kimberly Edwards-Hall

    Kimberly Edwards-Hall

    19 hours ago

    im sorry you're so beautiful that I couldn't go to sleep watching this video

  • Johnathan King

    Johnathan King

    20 hours ago

    God you are so pleasant.

  • 華田中


    20 hours ago


  • KK


    Day ago

    Blue Light is not good for sleep Gibi :( Can you please try a yellow/orange hue next time?

  • Stephani Lee

    Stephani Lee

    Day ago

    turning my headphones up till they can’t no more like “i wanna feel this shit in the center of my skull PLS” 💀

  • MattM405


    Day ago

    Thanks this sends my baby to sleep so quick

  • Meme Man Wizard Master

    Meme Man Wizard Master

    Day ago

    Idk who James Charles is nor do i care

  • Ran Kitahara

    Ran Kitahara

    Day ago

    Gibi is so pretty it's unrealistic 😍 I don't mean it in a negative way because she looks like an anime girl or doll that came to life 💓

  • AJ_PR 123

    AJ_PR 123

    Day ago

    Nobody: Gibi: 👐

  • Alexander Beltran

    Alexander Beltran

    Day ago

    1:35 - 1:42 If you use good headphones you can hear like a little breeze or whatever. I think you should use some background music, like a breeze or something

  • Keana Lazarito

    Keana Lazarito

    21 hour ago

    yep I think she should! It make it more heavenly and calminggg

  • Mr peekaboo

    Mr peekaboo

    Day ago

    Your hooooooot

  • Clarissa Arreguin

    Clarissa Arreguin

    Day ago

    She said lavender I got kind of triggered like ahem...LAVENDER MAY AVERY

  • James Ayers

    James Ayers

    Day ago

    *flutters fingers for asmr* "I'm sorry if you don't like finger fluttering" That was the most Canadian intro I've ever seen

  • Aaron Mills

    Aaron Mills

    Day ago

    I just noticed the ring on her finger

  • Akira Rosa

    Akira Rosa

    Day ago

    Calm triggera and start the vídeo tapping the fingers like a bitch

  • Weird Pineapple

    Weird Pineapple

    Day ago

    I think you have a great USdownload channel because you not do the same thing for like 20 mins I get bored and uncomfortable so thank you for being a great asmrst because you are amazing

  • GEK Klocz

    GEK Klocz

    Day ago

    Does anyone notice the fact that she looks like pokimane or is that just me

  • Cheekygirl Games

    Cheekygirl Games

    Day ago

    ... OMG Gibi you should make a “there is no role play” video like a parody of there is no game

  • Lol Rekt

    Lol Rekt

    Day ago

    For the people who dont like wearing headphones in bed: Lie down on your back with your device put next to your ear And have 1 or no pillows (i recommend a skinny pillow) and Also your choice to put another pillow on top of your head Above your nose

  • Billy Bob Joe

    Billy Bob Joe

    Day ago

    Dad: What do you want to be when you grow up Me: Make Asmara and play with a bowl and play with scissors

  • rowena faye

    rowena faye

    Day ago


  • Westley Jones

    Westley Jones

    Day ago

    I subbed and liked and turned on notifications every body should do that here am I right

  • Westley Jones

    Westley Jones

    Day ago

    I like both h sounds

  • Caitlin Thrasher

    Caitlin Thrasher

    Day ago

    Sleeping 😴

  • Daniel Cannon

    Daniel Cannon

    Day ago

    Why am I hard?!

  • lemoncream


    Day ago

    how did i get here i went grocery shopping

  • PugLover101 BTS ARMY

    PugLover101 BTS ARMY

    Day ago

    Can you use the makeup brushes you have and gently rub on the mics like Safiya Nygaard done? Because I loved the sound it made on her video she made with you.

  • trophy wife

    trophy wife

    Day ago

    Do you reckon she has stinky breath?

  • Romelo Woods

    Romelo Woods

    Day ago

    Tingles at 14:37

  • Elias


    Day ago

    "ASMR | Slow & Calm Triggers for Sleep " First second of the video be like : VAWEVPOIWVEHUVAHVUIEUPANIVPVAEWPMAEUWCUIOIUOPEVUAUH

  • antares


    Day ago

    Those bowls were really good

  • Undead Mario

    Undead Mario

    Day ago

    omg she fart, and said it was her shoulder yea right :P

  • اغاني حزينه

    اغاني حزينه

    Day ago

    العربي لايك

  • T. da Cuña

    T. da Cuña

    Day ago

    15:40 como cuando tu gato 🐱 viene a recostarse ronroneando....

  • Retro Arcade Creeper

    Retro Arcade Creeper

    Day ago

    The bead mask my weakness 😨

  • Sean Tan

    Sean Tan

    Day ago

    I watched this video for the 5th time already but I can't seem to finish it!

  • Roberta Figini

    Roberta Figini

    Day ago

    Il relax con te è garantito mi fai stare bene grazie Gibi

  • tohon tamako

    tohon tamako

    Day ago

    It makes me feel very soft and comfortable.💕

  • Frode96


    2 days ago

    cutting off my ears with a scissor 😂😂😂

  • Austin Heath

    Austin Heath

    2 days ago

    In love 😍

  • Kitty


    2 days ago

    I had my heart broken recently by my ex then formed a new crush and he doesn’t seem to like me either so.. Frr why do I keep doing this to myself

  • Crazy_Kittens_That_Multiply *

    Crazy_Kittens_That_Multiply *

    2 days ago

    15:40 sounds like my cat purring while trying to sit on my face while I sleep

  • T. da Cuña

    T. da Cuña

    Day ago

    Pensé exactamente lo mismo! 😄



    2 days ago

    Ai love

  • Candace Young

    Candace Young

    2 days ago

    USdownload is wild.

  • JuustLikeThat


    2 days ago

    13 seconds in: *finger flutters* me: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Happily Ham

    Happily Ham

    2 days ago

    I watch you on a bigscreen TV and a powerful surround sound system. Why would I want headphones? Like, I can FEEL the sounds you make. They fill the entire room. I don't just hear the sound. I feel it. And on this screen your beauty is so crisp and clear and absolute.

  • max halverson

    max halverson

    2 days ago

    To be honest if it was for your visit on the official podcast I probably never would have had any respect for ASMR

  • Paulo Henrique

    Paulo Henrique

    2 days ago

    O my God, Very good VERY VERY VERY GOOD, I LOVE YOU GIBE S2, abraços do Brasil em, tu parece um anjo.

  • chenyu hu

    chenyu hu

    2 days ago

    what is the best volume?

  • peachy yeemo

    peachy yeemo

    2 days ago

    10:14 is me cutting all the toxic people out of my life

  • I drink Coffee

    I drink Coffee

    2 days ago

    Don’t trust an edited comment on an ASMR video.

  • billy goat

    billy goat

    2 days ago

    From you id listen to finger fluttering all day

  • ASMR Rocko

    ASMR Rocko

    2 days ago

    Why dose she kinda look like my 1st grade teacher😂 what is her last name?

  • Butter God

    Butter God

    2 days ago

    Volume: %100 Eyes: sees ad loading in Brain: ah sh*t here we go again

  • Micro Data

    Micro Data

    2 days ago


  • Dat_potato 676

    Dat_potato 676

    2 days ago

    Nobody: Not even a soul: Head space: sO SiTtInG CoMFoRtABly I’m dead😂😂😂

  • Shatter


    2 days ago

    Rising of the shield hero raphtalia role play?

  • Nazrana


    2 days ago

    Redo this with 8D audio 😩😍

  • Petal Passion Crafts

    Petal Passion Crafts

    2 days ago

    THANK YOU. I NEeeddd this so bad right now. The dog above me has been being mistreated for 6 weeks, I've called the POLICE 5 times, including tonight! Ugh! I hate them, apartment manager won't do anything. That poor dog needs to be taken away. I'm done messing around. Contacting ANIMAL Welfare on Monday with all my audio recordings, videos outside their door & all of detailed notes. Ugh!! People Suck! 😥💔

  • Kalani Atkins

    Kalani Atkins

    2 days ago

    💜💜💜Lavender May Avery💜💜💜

  • Joanna K

    Joanna K

    2 days ago

    *falls asleep* Ad; wOuLd yOu LiKe SoMe NeW sOcKs

  • Kitty Dough

    Kitty Dough

    2 days ago

    That 2.6k disliked. Do they like pulling all nighters or something? They be like “No sleep for you!” lol (Honestly they are able to have their own opinions but I respectfully disagree because obviously Gibi is a queen!!) Alright I’m done worrying about hate. Goodnight all! You probably already asleep from listening to one of the best asmrist

  • LaurenZSide YT.toast

    LaurenZSide YT.toast

    2 days ago

    For some reason chibi reminds me of shubble

  • Sheeepyy


    2 days ago

    Goddamn, i couldnt stop looking at your eyes, and no im not here for asmr, i clicked cuz she is fucking cute.

  • Lindsay's ASMR

    Lindsay's ASMR

    2 days ago

    Digging this lighting - you’re the best

  • Mathias Broberg Kolbeck

    Mathias Broberg Kolbeck

    2 days ago

    Haha i fell asleep about 2 min and woke up and i was just likke tf and i dind't know what happend then i finally realised that i saw this vidio😅😂

  • Odessia Rogers

    Odessia Rogers

    2 days ago

    Tapping with finger pads on bowls, beads falling from one side of the mask to the other, the soft side of the brush, and hair brushing was really good!

  • Joakhym Pépin

    Joakhym Pépin

    2 days ago

    Starts Gibi video Headspace SOMETIMES ITS HARD TO RELAX

  • Man of Mu

    Man of Mu

    2 days ago

    Holy dumcrap Batman she that easily entertained.

  • Vape Ghoul

    Vape Ghoul

    2 days ago

    How does gibi not fall asleep doing this like everyday. I fall asleep in the first 2 minutes

  • **********


    2 days ago

    No Sleep-martin garrix

  • **********


    2 days ago


  • Dud Y

    Dud Y

    2 days ago

    how old is she

  • Leila Pattison

    Leila Pattison

    2 days ago

    Don't play with scissors

  • Cody Dudley

    Cody Dudley

    2 days ago

    I freaking love your finger fluttering💗

  • pink girll

    pink girll

    2 days ago

    my earbuds in the stick heroin with the beauty and u kurac

  • Kenny


    3 days ago

    the most beautiful brown eyes

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