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  • A


    2 hours ago

    Imagine their faces when the baby is born and it’s a boy, would be the best prank ever

  • Jordan Kosowski

    Jordan Kosowski

    3 hours ago

    Name the baby stanford

  • Lexie Darcy Vlogs

    Lexie Darcy Vlogs

    10 hours ago


  • Keith Wortelhock

    Keith Wortelhock

    12 hours ago

    Congrats! Awesome idea!

  • Aleksi Kuula

    Aleksi Kuula

    18 hours ago

    I think shes name will be Amanda

  • Natalie Robinson

    Natalie Robinson

    Day ago

    Gender reveal (10:49)

  • TrickShotBeast s

    TrickShotBeast s

    Day ago

    call him stanfi

  • lil smeat

    lil smeat

    Day ago

    Its a girl

  • Ava Hopper

    Ava Hopper

    Day ago

    Its gonna be amber

  • liv in the wild

    liv in the wild

    Day ago

    Coby , colby lucy , matilda

  • Shondell Caraway

    Shondell Caraway

    Day ago


  • NorthenHemisphere


    2 days ago


  • Extreme Hyper

    Extreme Hyper

    2 days ago

    Toby if it’s a boy and if it’s a girl Taylor

  • Claudio Buffardi

    Claudio Buffardi

    2 days ago


  • Sean Hennessy

    Sean Hennessy

    2 days ago

    Every child should have a dramatic thunderstorm at their reveal.

  • Zakk Ashby

    Zakk Ashby

    3 days ago


  • CycloneGaming Z

    CycloneGaming Z

    3 days ago


  • Stani SARES

    Stani SARES

    3 days ago

    Babys name is Olivia

  • Alva Jonsson

    Alva Jonsson

    3 days ago

    Really smart to stand under a tower while it’s lightning ahahha

  • jaxon pugh

    jaxon pugh

    3 days ago

    Drop a camera from the tower and see who can catch it

  • Kieran Conlon

    Kieran Conlon

    3 days ago

    Imagine how many shrimp met their end on that grill

  • Arran F

    Arran F

    3 days ago


  • Benjamin Springer

    Benjamin Springer

    3 days ago

    If it’s a boy: Trevor if it’s a girl: Isabella

  • Illuminati


    3 days ago

    11:16 On the outside he’s happy On the inside he’s so mad he could crush the atlas stone

  • 5Hero Productions Co

    5Hero Productions Co

    3 days ago

    So happy for you

  • Bek Fuller

    Bek Fuller

    4 days ago

    The baby was sooooooo cute

  • Seth 2011

    Seth 2011

    4 days ago


  • The snake Person

    The snake Person

    4 days ago


  • Random Tube

    Random Tube

    4 days ago

    Was that real thunder I live in iowa (America) and we have a lot of storms and I never heard thunder like that

  • James Pyper

    James Pyper

    4 days ago

    8:46 Guess you could say it's cooked ;D

  • Luke Schueller

    Luke Schueller

    4 days ago

    I love how the first like 3 minutes of the video is just them getting scared by a storm

  • michael Smith

    michael Smith

    4 days ago

    5:10 That laugh tho 😂😂😂

  • Eternal Bronco

    Eternal Bronco

    4 days ago

    Kowalski for boy Savannah for a girl

  • samuel abadee

    samuel abadee

    4 days ago


  • Hotel 1984

    Hotel 1984

    4 days ago

    Congratulations stanford

  • RTV CarNag3

    RTV CarNag3

    4 days ago

    If boy Gerald girl Jeri instead



    4 days ago

    Congrats Stanford!



    4 days ago

    Girl names - 1) Bella. OR 2) Lola. OR 3) Rose.

  • Micha Grill

    Micha Grill

    5 days ago

    You guys rock Kappa

  • Micha Grill

    Micha Grill

    5 days ago

    Thunderbolt and lightning? *_VeRy VeRy FrIgHtNiNg_*

  • Blake Borgen

    Blake Borgen

    5 days ago

    Why do they have the tower? That some sorta research facility?

  • Sniprskillz the funny one

    Sniprskillz the funny one

    5 days ago


  • kitito fariy

    kitito fariy

    5 days ago


  • Tony Blunck

    Tony Blunck

    5 days ago

    #CONGRATSSTANFORD for the baby girl

  • Deakyn Trappitt

    Deakyn Trappitt

    5 days ago


  • Max Fergie

    Max Fergie

    5 days ago

    does Herrin have a third nipple?? 12:45

  • T. Van der kooij

    T. Van der kooij

    5 days ago

    I love the way you three boy are just getting scared

  • Wulfenheim Blaidd

    Wulfenheim Blaidd

    6 days ago

    would love to see these in super slow motion guys.

  • Shai Albow

    Shai Albow

    6 days ago

    Oof 12:26

  • Cat Playz72

    Cat Playz72

    6 days ago

    Baby name: Atlas

  • Hendrik Takamiya

    Hendrik Takamiya

    6 days ago


  • abby & edith

    abby & edith

    6 days ago

    i just saw a congrats on a baby girl before i watched the fukcing video

  • Courtney Clontz

    Courtney Clontz

    6 days ago


  • Gaby Segovia

    Gaby Segovia

    6 days ago

    # congrats Stanford

  • Chee Hong

    Chee Hong

    6 days ago

    Stephanie that my ans

  • QueenFan 101

    QueenFan 101

    6 days ago

    I’m Australian too.

  • Sienna Manners

    Sienna Manners

    7 days ago

    Indi is a cute name 🤗 or Daisy 😊

  • True


    7 days ago

    i see Thor was not happy with the results

  • Natalie Harrison-Lim

    Natalie Harrison-Lim

    7 days ago

    Jesus Christ I’ve never in my life seen or heard thunder and lighting like that ever before.

  • Robert Roy

    Robert Roy

    7 days ago

    Baby name SJ=Stanford Junior

  • Dan Dank

    Dan Dank

    7 days ago

    Brianna Stanford

  • Ashton Doublet

    Ashton Doublet

    7 days ago

    Gaunson's Face 1:52 2:03



    7 days ago

    Not the smartest to hide under the tallest thing where the lighting will straight the most

  • Robert Thurman

    Robert Thurman

    7 days ago

    Australia is nuts with storms!

  • Adam Mullarkey

    Adam Mullarkey

    7 days ago

    "Hey, look, lightning! Let's all stand under this 45m tall, metal tower! There's no way that could possibly go wrong!"

  • Ashton Mayer

    Ashton Mayer

    7 days ago

    every time there’s a flash there’s a loud noise. Ya know me too at this point

  • Gijs Ras

    Gijs Ras

    7 days ago

    name: jimmy

  • Rayne Daytone

    Rayne Daytone

    7 days ago

    Some really nice girl names that I think would be cute: Rose, Thalia, Corrine, Maria, Scarlet, Zarah, Sarina, or Amelia

  • Aaron Hick

    Aaron Hick

    7 days ago

    They called two capacitors batteries

  • Shavonn Mitchell

    Shavonn Mitchell

    7 days ago

    I am so happy for you you are. Having a baby girl

  • Finn Jones

    Finn Jones

    7 days ago

    So are they having a girl??? Because pink isnt just for girls 😂😂

  • Kylie Hetherington

    Kylie Hetherington

    7 days ago

    For the baby I would call it mini Stanford

  • Kylie Hetherington

    Kylie Hetherington

    7 days ago

    Before it dropped for the gender reveal I had a ad

  • Maria Segura

    Maria Segura

    7 days ago

    this channel is so pure and cute wow

  • Maria Segura

    Maria Segura

    7 days ago

    you look nice in green

  • Minouk Gould

    Minouk Gould

    8 days ago

    I'm just waiting for the day that whatever your throwing down there hits the camera 😂😂

  • Romelle Light

    Romelle Light

    8 days ago

    Asmr at 5:36

  • Paras Deshpande

    Paras Deshpande

    8 days ago

    Thunderbolts and Lightning very very frightening.... :P Congrats Stanford!

  • Spencer Houser

    Spencer Houser

    8 days ago

    Gaunson - “Did you know that a microwave has two springs?” Herron - “That’s a toaster.” You guys are hilarious

  • Milvy Show

    Milvy Show

    8 days ago

    Humanity does not deserve this beautiful planet.

  • Symon Sypher

    Symon Sypher

    8 days ago


  • ImThatWeirdoGracie


    8 days ago

    Australia's weather is more disappointing and scarier then my grades

  • Benjamin Goldie

    Benjamin Goldie

    8 days ago

    You’ll name the baby Cleighton

  • jobran al-roumi

    jobran al-roumi

    8 days ago

    Yeah good job hide where there is metal 👌

  • Ella Fitzsimons

    Ella Fitzsimons

    8 days ago

    name it baby Ella, the name means fairy girl



    9 days ago

    The name i think would be skylar or Krystal

  • Jeff Newton

    Jeff Newton

    9 days ago

    Why is their ad placement always so perfect

  • lemøn lime

    lemøn lime

    9 days ago

    i love how happy his friends are about the baby being a girl, “GIRL POWER!!” thats some WHOLESOME shit!

  • Aniya cobb

    Aniya cobb

    9 days ago

    I have not finish but the silly string was pink so a girl

  • Inbred Fred

    Inbred Fred

    9 days ago

    Godzilla shows up at 5:10

  • Magaly Ortega

    Magaly Ortega

    9 days ago


  • Logan Balata The YouTube Mistro

    Logan Balata The YouTube Mistro

    9 days ago

    0:58 the storm begins

  • bryan velazquez

    bryan velazquez

    9 days ago

    God: Fuck this tree in particular

  • sky max

    sky max

    9 days ago

    What about willow 🤔

  • sky max

    sky max

    9 days ago

    Yes let stand under the tallest thing 🤦‍♀️ right in the middle of a thunder storm

  • Mary Laine Duval

    Mary Laine Duval

    9 days ago

    For a boy Elio, Thomas, Theodore or Tyler. For a girl Grace, Rhyme, Anna or Jocelyn. Sad, I am too young to have a child...

  • Little Mac

    Little Mac

    9 days ago

    Have we ever notice how much TIME they have clean the mess lol

  • Tuddzie22.09


    9 days ago


  • Ella Fister

    Ella Fister

    9 days ago


  • Tuddzie22.09


    9 days ago

    Watching their reactions to the thunder and lightning was great 💀💀💀

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