Bacon Snack Taste Test


Who doesn’t love bacon?! We’re stuffing our faces with bacon-flavored snacks to find the next best thing! GMM #1477
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  • Ror 120

    Ror 120

    2 hours ago

    The bacon looks so different in America than in Australia were I live

  • Andrew Fowler

    Andrew Fowler

    11 hours ago

    s u c c d a d d y

  • Lyla Cin

    Lyla Cin

    2 days ago

    I love mung bean. Very popular in Philippines.

  • tater tot

    tater tot

    3 days ago

    Will it bacon?

  • mnsportsman 700

    mnsportsman 700

    12 days ago

    Link eats like a rabbit or hamster lol. It’s pretty odd. SLOW DOWN

  • vBDKv


    15 days ago

    It should be illegal to call things "bacon snack" when there's zero bacon in it.

  • M Elizabeth

    M Elizabeth

    20 days ago

    You need to come to the UK and get yourselves some Frazzles

  • Rachel Maxwell

    Rachel Maxwell

    23 days ago

    “Dogs have it ruff.”-Rhett

  • carnivore clan

    carnivore clan

    25 days ago

    didn’t vat19 make bacon gumballs to?

  • Butterfly Bitch

    Butterfly Bitch

    27 days ago

    Lmao good joke

  • Kayla Pearl CP Ninja

    Kayla Pearl CP Ninja

    Month ago

    Honestly I don't eat much bacon because I'm not supposed to eat pork products. I much rather eat turkey bacon than regular bacon. This episode also reminds me of that blind bacon taste test Rhett and Link have done in the past.

  • Piell Strubel

    Piell Strubel

    Month ago

    ca me donne faim

  • Jason Grace

    Jason Grace

    Month ago

    It's not Mung, it's Moong.

  • Iron Tusk

    Iron Tusk

    Month ago

    Everyone look up what mung means, Rhett will be surprised. Urban dictionary is just the best.

  • Scumbag Woody

    Scumbag Woody

    Month ago

    you need to try bacon flavour shapes from Australia and New Zealand they are quality

  • msduodj


    Month ago

    You should have tried bacon jerky.

  • Fade King

    Fade King

    Month ago

    Turkey bacon is the best bacon. Change my mind

  • Ttv. sshurikenss

    Ttv. sshurikenss

    Month ago

    To be honest i hate bacon

  • Allison Holly

    Allison Holly

    Month ago

    I was trying to drink my water when Rhett was goin on about the “lick daddy found something” and I almost drowned.

  • Aguest


    Month ago

    I like that Beggin Strips are included in this, considering they smell so good it’s hard not to wonder how they taste.

  • xzacter nahuliak

    xzacter nahuliak

    Month ago

    Theres bacon tooth paste

  • Thatcher Demko

    Thatcher Demko

    Month ago

    The almonds destroyed everything else

  • Cinder Bug

    Cinder Bug

    Month ago

    “ *HEY PiN fReAkS* ”

  • Rusty Rose

    Rusty Rose

    Month ago

    Bacon flavor peanuts

  • Innes Boesch

    Innes Boesch

    Month ago

    gmm is like if ron swanson and tom haverford had a youtube show

  • Pulsar


    Month ago

    the bacon has left the testicle? yikes lol

  • p_ _

    p_ _

    Month ago

    should have tried UK Frazzles

  • Chrispy Bacon

    Chrispy Bacon

    Month ago

    Me = Crispy bacon

  • orlan venenciano

    orlan venenciano

    Month ago

    oh yeah! the lick Daddies

  • Slurpuff=)


    Month ago

    Just watching them eat those gumballs makes me nauseous... Edit: And those dog snacks...

  • Lawson Gardner

    Lawson Gardner

    Month ago

    Lick daddy found somethin

  • Glenn S

    Glenn S

    Month ago

    I like the smell of fresh crackling bacon in thr morning so sue me Usually I wake up early and set pieces of bacon on my George Forman grill so I wake up to the smell of fresh bacon And this morning when I woke up and stepped on the grill and clamped my foot 🦶🔥

  • delightfullyawkward


    Month ago

    Did anyone else immediately think of the office when they mentioned mung beans? I mean, I have some questions. Are they very nutritious? Do they smell like death? I gotta know

  • Kayla I.

    Kayla I.

    Month ago

    i want bacon ☹️

  • cary ulmer

    cary ulmer

    Month ago

    My dog does live Beggin Strips. Never understood why, they smell horrible.

  • Blepy Box

    Blepy Box

    Month ago

    i used to eat the same exact bacon dog treats, but i threw up

  • Cinnamon


    Month ago

    Bacon is the only reason I haven't become vegetarian 🥓

  • Pikachu Jordan

    Pikachu Jordan

    Month ago

    {\_/} (• - •) />🥓 Anybody want free bacon

  • lovable Megan

    lovable Megan

    Month ago

    You guys should rank dog foods to see which one tastes better.

  • banana boi

    banana boi

    Month ago

    Bacon jerky is literally just bacon. I put it in the microwave and it's just sizzled like bacon. I could've just bought more bacon instead of buy a small 4 dollar bag of bacon.

  • Muglorgrimlockable


    Month ago

    One thing y'all drink all the time on the show, But never did a will it for, do will it coffee.

  • Jordan Madeline

    Jordan Madeline

    Month ago

    Why do I feel like Rhett has looked the same for years (still handsome) but Link is aging & age looks so so good on him😍

  • aadale


    Month ago

    You forgot bacon lube!

  • Anthony Westmoreland

    Anthony Westmoreland

    Month ago

    My dog refuses to eat beggin strips, but will beg for bacon until i give him some. (before people criticize me for giving my dog bacon, he is 15 years old and ive always given him a piece every time i cook it. He is expected to live a bit longer as well)

  • Dickie Oi

    Dickie Oi

    Month ago

    I remembered I had bacon in my freezer. Turns out it was expired. Yeah, I'm disappointed in me too.

  • Tamo12482


    Month ago

    I tried some bacon flavoured nuts in Noumea, New Caledonia and they were ok, but they tasted very baconish.

  • The Redheaded Vlogger

    The Redheaded Vlogger

    Month ago

    I’m not a fan of bacon I wonder how much hate I’ll get for this

  • p_ _

    p_ _

    Month ago

    are you disappointed?

  • K Tots

    K Tots

    Month ago

    They are hilarious

  • Alice


    2 months ago

    Someone tell me where link bought his sweater please!

  • Willess13


    2 months ago

    What's funny is, the dog treats are the only one I've actually eaten.

  • Danikajoy O Flannagan

    Danikajoy O Flannagan

    2 months ago

    i will now give real bacon..... same price....

  • Dottie Babi

    Dottie Babi

    2 months ago

    At 4:39just the ways they put the food in 5hier mouth is how you can tell how different of people they are and I love it

  • Kayu De boi

    Kayu De boi

    2 months ago

    8:25 “We might need to break out the lick daddies Rhett 2019-

  • Dang Vived

    Dang Vived

    2 months ago


  • Luc


    2 months ago

    I want link's pullover!!!

  • Daylorboi2.0


    2 months ago

    Omg... Links Hensley is Everything!!!

  • califragmentlemon


    2 months ago

    0:41 Links reaction on what Rhett said...he probably wasn’t expecting that lol

  • ចុចជាវអូន ផង

    ចុចជាវអូន ផង

    2 months ago


  • Emily Strickland

    Emily Strickland

    2 months ago

    Clearly never tried Frazzles. Now that is a bacon snack

  • Michael B

    Michael B

    2 months ago

    Love the pullover Link! SF!

  • It's Moshi

    It's Moshi

    2 months ago

    But bacon is a carcinogen...

  • p_ _

    p_ _

    Month ago

    only crap modern bacon, traditionally made bacon is fine

  • Ninja Wolf003

    Ninja Wolf003

    2 months ago

    Dogs got it ruff. 2014 now 2019

  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    2 months ago

    I like that idea of bacon wrapped almond😂

  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    2 months ago

    Rhett says: Link there should be bacon flavored Coq au vin, and bacon flavored Beef bourguignon.

  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    2 months ago

    It may sound like a severe testicle hernia 😂😂

  • chris stath

    chris stath

    2 months ago

    i remember when i used to watch back in the day when there were no plugs but hey gotta make mo money mo money

  • guage


    2 months ago

    tbh my brother got a bacon themed birthday party when he was 7 and we had bacon jelly beans

  • Henry


    2 months ago

    I used to watch you guys all the time, and now I’m back. Time to watch all your videos.

  • Lit Laugh Life

    Lit Laugh Life

    2 months ago

    No wonder my dog looked let down when I busted out the beggin' strips... she was begging' me to put them away...

  • Kaia Neal

    Kaia Neal

    2 months ago

    Is it just me or do Rhett and link remind you of Jim and Michael from the office

  • Brent McIntosh

    Brent McIntosh

    2 months ago

    Wheel of mythicality: toast the day, ie: here's to a good day; then chug cup of coffee

  • Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith

    2 months ago

    I love those crispy thin things

  • jacq jacq Gemini

    jacq jacq Gemini

    2 months ago

    Meat wagon is the ambulance or the dead animal truck lol

  • Chris L

    Chris L

    2 months ago

    I'm convinced Rhett likes every food always.

  • Salvou


    2 months ago

    Rhett looked so delighted by his own joke I love it 10:14

  • madelynia


    2 months ago

    Myth busters changed appearances & tried to trick people Why don’t you both do the same Dress up as each other Get the glasses The beard The hair The clothes Mimic the movements & personality & see if people can differentiate you immediately or are fooled I’d just love to see that anyways LoL

  • madelynia


    2 months ago

    The fact that Rhett’s dog is named Barbara is everything 😂

  • Jon G

    Jon G

    2 months ago

    Perfect Crispy Bacon.............. DRRrrrroooooooop.

  • Sarah Penwell

    Sarah Penwell

    2 months ago

    10:15 rhett's inner father peeked out

  • NiLo


    2 months ago

    Z u c c daddy

  • Duke V

    Duke V

    2 months ago

    inb4 Youresoloud's lick daddies compilation

  • Justin Amazing

    Justin Amazing

    2 months ago

    Rhett looks like he’s hella stoned, love this show, my go to USdownload show while I’m stoned.

  • Stella_ TheAlphaWolf

    Stella_ TheAlphaWolf

    2 months ago

    Dogs do see in color just not all colors register the same for them like they register for us.

  • Rhys Sandon

    Rhys Sandon

    2 months ago

    Don't eat my dog biscuits Again I'm mad Because you ate my dog biscuits

  • Olga Bogdanova

    Olga Bogdanova

    2 months ago

    What about bacon flavored pringles? I think is smells good and tastes good

  • Nate Wood

    Nate Wood

    2 months ago

    I find it oddly disturbing how okay you guys are with eating dog treats. barely a flinch. watching you guys eat it is so surreal.

  • Xanaphia


    2 months ago

    I actually watched this to see if Bacon flavored Cotton Candy was in it. xD; It does taste like bacon to me! I've tried it. My mom agrees that it tastes like bacon and is not as sweet as normal cotton candy is.

  • Hellomylovelies


    2 months ago

    Should have made Colleen come on this 😂

  • 12549ty


    2 months ago

    I well benj watch yor show just for the fun of it you shold try drifrent kinks of M&M's and link thay halve peunut butter ones

  • Zippy 3000

    Zippy 3000

    2 months ago

    Welcome to youtube at 1:00 am, I’ll be your guide

  • افضل واجمل المقاطع المتنوعه_HD

    افضل واجمل المقاطع المتنوعه_HD

    2 months ago

    I feel you wherever you go, you are everywhere ..; Every day I miss your talk of your presence every day. Call my Lord to be fine. I feel the strangeness of Dongh

  • TheBadishRadish


    2 months ago

    Link’s face at 0:45

  • Benjamin Fix

    Benjamin Fix

    2 months ago

    Anybody who has ever had a dog and bought the beggin strips have probably tried it

  • Chubick


    2 months ago

    Creed introduced me to Mung beans 🤣

  • Travel Games

    Travel Games

    2 months ago

    What’s with the white tips link?

  • petitecherie


    2 months ago

    damn u guys'll eat anything

  • TrinSettah


    2 months ago

    Link: “If you really commit to chewing like I have-“ Rhett: “I didnt.”

  • Hareesh Nair

    Hareesh Nair

    2 months ago

    It might be called "mooooong" and not "mung"

  • w47willrise ?

    w47willrise ?

    2 months ago

    Should have named it Kevin Bacon

  • Justin Kirschenman

    Justin Kirschenman

    2 months ago

    3:15 I will not trust a vegan/vegetarian who does not love the taste of bacon.

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