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Becky Lynch slaps Triple H: SmackDown LIVE, Feb. 5, 2019


When The Game questions whether Becky Lynch is afraid of Ronda Rousey, The Man slaps him in the face.
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  • Osama Afana

    Osama Afana

    Day ago

    Wrestle mania more like man i love the man ...😘😘

  • Djarthoun Ahmed

    Djarthoun Ahmed

    2 days ago

    Okay everyone i'm saving your time : Click on 4:19

  • Greysen Gagne

    Greysen Gagne

    3 days ago

    Haha, i can see adults in the crowed.

  • Jedi Vlogs

    Jedi Vlogs

    5 days ago

    Becky Lynch is bringing back the attitude era, she's the one building this company, she means business and she''s amazing

  • Millie Kelly

    Millie Kelly

    5 days ago

    Becky do it



    6 days ago

    The man

  • Rahmq Dridi

    Rahmq Dridi

    6 days ago


  • franco gwapa

    franco gwapa

    7 days ago

    Go becky

  • AJ Is On The Highway

    AJ Is On The Highway

    7 days ago

    Is Triple H the new Vince McMahon?

  • Pooja singh

    Pooja singh

    7 days ago

    come in comment box and see how she slape her 4:19

  • حسين حسين

    حسين حسين

    9 days ago

    كلشي ما فهمت بس والله كف 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Alan Jacob

    Alan Jacob

    9 days ago

    What if it was Randy instead triple h ohh boy 😂

  • Five H

    Five H

    10 days ago

    Triple H must be somehow proud of the fact that NXT produced all these wonderful Female Superstars (and Male ones too!). Triple H was one of the few people in the business who had faith in the women, and thus the 4 HW were born, and rn two of them have already main evented WM.

  • Samuel Greter

    Samuel Greter

    11 days ago


  • It's Kilo Bitch

    It's Kilo Bitch

    14 days ago

    Becky wanted to kiss triple h

  • temur hakim

    temur hakim

    14 days ago


  • Anthony Campos

    Anthony Campos

    16 days ago

    Stone Cold Steve Austin would not be intimidated by Triple H. He'd just give him a Stunner.

  • Kiran Mattu

    Kiran Mattu

    16 days ago

    Good slap Becky on triple h

  • Aseem Sharan

    Aseem Sharan

    18 days ago

    4:38 "One more time, One more time" 😂😂😂

  • Leyla Sınırtaş

    Leyla Sınırtaş

    19 days ago

    Becky slap Orton then we will see what happen next 😏

  • Rake Steele

    Rake Steele

    19 days ago

    Becky Lynch would get wrecked by anyone in real life.



    19 days ago

    I like the walking style of bakki , , , , , ,

  • Jewel Clark

    Jewel Clark

    19 days ago

    I like Paul’s beard that’s biker looking awesome!

  • Maoli Fighter

    Maoli Fighter

    21 day ago

    Man attitude era she would have gotten pedigreed

  • Enderbrine8879


    21 day ago


  • Lalnghakmawii Ralte

    Lalnghakmawii Ralte

    23 days ago

    Stop acting like a man becky

  • Space Cowboy 45

    Space Cowboy 45

    23 days ago

    HHH was like where’s my Sledge hammer for this ungrateful little woman!

  • Hype The Kid

    Hype The Kid

    26 days ago

    1:38 😍

  • Simrit Malick

    Simrit Malick

    29 days ago

    I 💕 Becky

  • Nadege Laurent

    Nadege Laurent

    Month ago

    Triple H was right

  • Haithem Monstre

    Haithem Monstre

    Month ago

    I thought triple H would deliver a pedigree to becky lynch but I guess he is not the same triple h anymore

  • Matthew M

    Matthew M

    Month ago

    I can’t believe they still do that “WHAT?!” Chant lol 🤣

  • Dragon CEO

    Dragon CEO

    Month ago

    I want that slap and also a spit from her.

  • Chris Ludwig

    Chris Ludwig

    Month ago

    remember when u were just the same way hhh remember the DX rebel ways

  • Dina Ralte

    Dina Ralte

    Month ago

    Becky lynch was not suspended and she'll never be

  • Dmmfmfjfjj Nfnfjfjfjfj

    Dmmfmfjfjj Nfnfjfjfjfj

    Month ago

    4.19 gugvb l love you becky l am turkey

  • Lonely Wolf

    Lonely Wolf

    Month ago

    Has her mole disappeared? i just realized😂😂

  • Sheik Q

    Sheik Q

    Month ago

    Best slap

  • Imran Sultan

    Imran Sultan

    Month ago


  • Hi Crown

    Hi Crown

    Month ago

    i love WWE you can bate up your boss anytime anywhere and still have a job

  • Luc Charron

    Luc Charron

    Month ago

    im so tire see daugther flair try to get title

  • hopefully unknown

    hopefully unknown

    Month ago

    Ufc on the way of wwe drama cringe

  • Rohidul Haque

    Rohidul Haque

    Month ago


  • The unicorn kurlene

    The unicorn kurlene

    Month ago

    Charlotte :I know someone who's 100% healthy Me/triple h:charlotte this doesn't concern you get outa here

  • Mehdi Badaoui

    Mehdi Badaoui

    Month ago


  • Nadia Anjela

    Nadia Anjela

    Month ago

    Hahaha 😁😁😁 Amazing 👋👋👏👏

  • Anand G

    Anand G

    Month ago

    Becky sucks

  • Dil 1

    Dil 1

    Month ago


  • Vikram Vikku

    Vikram Vikku

    Month ago

    Becky's eyes...OMG.... SHE IS A GODDESS 😍❤️❤️ 😍

  • Jasmine Geerman

    Jasmine Geerman

    Month ago

    Beky lenh es gana fok ronda bom



    Month ago

    I hate Becky

  • TellMe ImANoobK

    TellMe ImANoobK

    Month ago

    It was just me or i did hear *what?* Chants

  • Masfiq Safin

    Masfiq Safin

    Month ago

    Becky love you so much

  • Shizzy Mack

    Shizzy Mack

    Month ago

    What is becky doing with her mouth? Stop licking your lips every two seconds.And then she licks them all weird it's not even sexy

  • azure rainbow

    azure rainbow

    Month ago

    If Triple H‘s wife was with him in the ring when Becky Lynch slapped him in the face,Stephanie would‘ve attacked Ronda and there would‘ve been a catfight between them at Triple H‘s feet.

  • TheListOfJericho lol

    TheListOfJericho lol

    Month ago

    Wwe needs to stop letting always women beating up men the opposite is not right either but cm on men attitude era was way better who else remembers the lesbian action xd and also just pedigreed her

  • romero329


    Month ago

    All Triple H did was repeat himself for over two minutes. "You're afraid, Becky. Becky, you're afraid. You self destruct, Becky. Becky, you self destruct." His promos are like his WrestleMania matches. Twice as long as they need to be.

  • all rounder of entertainment

    all rounder of entertainment

    Month ago

    Thats wrong that a female can hit men but male can hit female They r promoting feminism Who all here is a menismist!!!

  • ilove the boss

    ilove the boss

    Month ago

    Vins McDonald backy suspended Stephenie McDonald becky suspended And honor hostage becky suspended Disgusting family's 😎

  • Zoey Mariano

    Zoey Mariano

    Month ago

    BECKY LYNCH you're the man Pls have a match BECKY VS STEPHANIE

  • J R

    J R

    Month ago

    So since Becky is called the man I guess we know who has the balls

  • Awanier 98

    Awanier 98

    Month ago

    "becky see the doctor n face ronda rousey until go home" hahahaha 😂

  • Brian K

    Brian K

    Month ago

    1:06 she needed to hear that

  • Michael Robinson

    Michael Robinson

    2 months ago

    Whack, wwe is so whack these days

  • Mr Mayhem1215

    Mr Mayhem1215

    2 months ago

    Becky is a badass!



    2 months ago


  • Alexandra Hubert

    Alexandra Hubert

    2 months ago

    Becky Lynch sold out and she just made the biggest mistake of her life she was lucky she didn't get arrested

  • ãÿã preety

    ãÿã preety

    2 months ago

    اللهم صلي على سيدنا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه اجمعين إلى يوم الدين⁦❤️⁩ سبحان الله وبحمده عدد خلقه ورضا نفسه وزنه عرشه ومداد كلماته⁦❤️⁩ سبحان الله العظيم لا اله الا الله محمد رسول الله⁦❤️⁩ اللهم صلي على سيدنا محمد وعلى اله وصحبه اجمعين إلى يوم الدين⁦❤️⁩

  • kevin jovian

    kevin jovian

    2 months ago

    I hate becky WHY PEOPLE LIKE BECKY???????

  • Summit Striker

    Summit Striker

    2 months ago

    I love becky

  • Thomas brunkle

    Thomas brunkle

    2 months ago

    Omg I'm hard again

  • Shruti Hassan

    Shruti Hassan

    2 months ago

    This my favourite Becky Lynch lucky and like your Becky Lynch friend

  • Vaijinath Rajole

    Vaijinath Rajole

    2 months ago

    I want to see Goldberg vs undertaker match in wrestle mania 2019 which is best for business and it creates a big history in wwe and every person wants to see this match

  • Andro Sunarko

    Andro Sunarko

    2 months ago

    Kratos is here

  • Carlos Garcia

    Carlos Garcia

    2 months ago

    T a mo 💔💗

  • Tunchie Long

    Tunchie Long

    2 months ago

    3:56 a fan DABS😂

  • Jm Doronila

    Jm Doronila

    2 months ago

    This caught Brazzers attention

  • ๓๏гɭยภ ђยภՇ

    ๓๏гɭยภ ђยภՇ

    2 months ago

    Stone Cold Stevie Lynch

  • Dyrel Pickett

    Dyrel Pickett

    2 months ago

    HHH vs Becky ✊

  • U cant stop me punk ass copbitch

    U cant stop me punk ass copbitch

    2 months ago

    Thank god she ain't a male

  • Ns Dnazz

    Ns Dnazz

    2 months ago

    Love uuuuuuuuuu BL

  • Jalyn the Encourager!

    Jalyn the Encourager!

    2 months ago

    Does Becky Lynch have a lazy eye??? Kinda looks like it in this video.

  • Akshay Kumar

    Akshay Kumar

    2 months ago

    HHH : Becky Lynch fears Ronda Rousey , tell me if I'm wrong. *Becky slaps HHH* and proves he is wrong

  • cornenothome


    2 months ago

    primary school theatre

  • Muhammad Akhtar

    Muhammad Akhtar

    2 months ago

    She's beautiful 😍😂

  • Roman Reigns

    Roman Reigns

    2 months ago

    anyone taking care of my yard?

  • Edmundo Valdez

    Edmundo Valdez

    2 months ago

    Brooo triple h went all teacher mode on the queen lol

  • Normal Life Normal People

    Normal Life Normal People

    2 months ago

    They should have the first teen wrestling match💪🏻 damn i cant wait to line up.

  • Ak 47blazeken

    Ak 47blazeken

    2 months ago

    Woooooo more like booooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Candido Morel

    Candido Morel

    2 months ago

    wwe smackdown lives rating should be down cause of to many f*****g commercials

  • Andrea Ochoa

    Andrea Ochoa

    2 months ago

    No entiendo lo que dicen :'v

  • Aidan Moran

    Aidan Moran

    2 months ago

    Becky’s a badass

  • WWE Bengali রেসলিং বাংলা

    WWE Bengali রেসলিং বাংলা

    2 months ago

    kill her

  • WWE Bengali রেসলিং বাংলা

    WWE Bengali রেসলিং বাংলা

    2 months ago

    becky is booooring

  • daud khan

    daud khan

    2 months ago

    Cm punk Miss you 😥

  • Draxe


    2 months ago

    4:19 wwe always fake

  • TimeGoesByeSoFast


    2 months ago

    How's noah?

  • Andrew P. Stewart

    Andrew P. Stewart

    2 months ago

    I swear to God, Charlotte sucks as a heel. As a heel, she's just cringey. Yeah, it was cool when turned heel on Ronda at Survivor Series by destroying her with a Kendo stick and a steel chair, but now, I think what would be best for Charlotte is for WWE to make her a babyface again, where she could actually support Becky instead of stealing her moments from her time after time.

  • Lemania Fiaalii

    Lemania Fiaalii

    2 months ago


  • Arturo Vargas

    Arturo Vargas

    2 months ago

    Is it me or Triple HHH's legs are scrawny,old age!!!

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