Bert Kreischer Sweats Profusely Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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Comedian Bert Kreischer has lived many lives, all of which involve partying and being awesome. His legendary college antics inspired the movie Van Wilder, and his standup is anchored by some of the most outrageous anecdotes you've ever heard. Watch him achieve #PeakBert as he appears on Hot Ones, a show he's been riding for since day one. Shout out to Bert, the O.G. celeb Hot Ones fan!
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  • rand0msoldier997


    10 hours ago

    why watch on both hands ????

  • Jessica Hutchinson

    Jessica Hutchinson

    22 hours ago

    The funniest of all!!! Him gagging at the end hahahaha

  • TheConspiracy Realist

    TheConspiracy Realist

    Day ago

    This was my next best favorite HOT ONES episode next to Halle Berry.... Can't top Halle when she said "OMG, I'm gonna take off all my ckothes!"... disappointed (like Sean was I'm sure ) she didn't, but to hear her say it was WAY fucking cool! Bert's was a 9.5 to Halle's 10 for badass story content and funny just going for it happily with great critique!

  • HeyMonaLisaCanI 95

    HeyMonaLisaCanI 95

    Day ago

    Did he just say Jazzy Jeff equals two dicks? And the flying dicks story? This will always be one of the best ones ever.

  • DJ DFC

    DJ DFC

    Day ago

    At the end he sounds like "Michael Scott" when he's trying not to cry. 😂😂😂 ['The Office' Reference]

  • Leopardkuno47


    Day ago

    Love this channel but Sean is so robotic and awkward I cringe ah

  • Travis K.

    Travis K.

    2 days ago


  • GUNTHER 66687

    GUNTHER 66687

    2 days ago

    Bert is definitely gay

  • Kevin


    2 days ago

    Why's your shirt off? These aren't questions a partier ask other partiers!! Super awesome moment bout 9:20

  • Kevin


    2 days ago

    10:00 Better time to look

  • Casey Todd

    Casey Todd

    2 days ago

    "You can't follow an albino cock." Not the hero we need. But the hero we deserve.

  • zyanovich von bojna

    zyanovich von bojna

    3 days ago

    The machine

  • Sebastian Martinez

    Sebastian Martinez

    3 days ago

    Is it me or does Sean look like Dr. evil?

  • Dave Masse

    Dave Masse

    3 days ago

    The machine!

  • Mr Zeller

    Mr Zeller

    4 days ago

    “In what way are you disappointed?” Bert crying : “I thought there would be beer”

  • Bob Vagene

    Bob Vagene

    4 days ago

    King of the Muricans!

  • Faridzuan Adres

    Faridzuan Adres

    5 days ago

    Who's the Machine now, huh?

  • O6 Wesleyz

    O6 Wesleyz

    5 days ago

    That flying dildos story is the greatest I've heard yet

  • Justin Powell

    Justin Powell

    5 days ago

    Everyone has his clothes on, except you, Bert!

  • kurvie bee

    kurvie bee

    5 days ago

    "uvula" he meant vulva. Lol.

  • SpicyStilettos


    5 days ago

    kurvie bee He may have meant “uvula” lol. That’s how far up he could see hahaha

  • Juan Pablo

    Juan Pablo

    5 days ago

    Almost all The Joe Rogan podcast gang has been on except Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo

  • Vurritochan


    5 days ago


  • Mike Robidoux

    Mike Robidoux

    5 days ago

    23:01 for the next minute and half is golden, the steam coming out his mouth and the "you have horrible bed side manner" fucking made me lose my shit.

  • Random Guy

    Random Guy

    6 days ago

    What were you most let down by? As berts crying "I thought there would be beer..." I died lmao

  • Carson Wentz

    Carson Wentz

    6 days ago

    Ur freaking me out man 😂 Realist line hahaha.. Sean face is priceless

  • Carson Wentz

    Carson Wentz

    6 days ago

    No sean u haven't like had every hot sauce ha.. Nice try tho.. Yeaaa hottest hot sauce ever tasted n use to prank niggas with .. Shit crazy. Called Insanity: hottest hot sauce in the 🌎.. Get that shit n try it.. Bet u bitch up 😏😃

  • Carson Wentz

    Carson Wentz

    6 days ago

    What he said about Will Smith Sheesh ha.. His dad tho knew wtf he was talkin about hmmm Gay hollyweird 😏😒

  • Jhop273


    6 days ago

    I'll offer you weed bert 😂

  • Chris McDaniel

    Chris McDaniel

    6 days ago

    The Machine is one of the greatest stories ever told

  • The Sneezing Picture

    The Sneezing Picture

    7 days ago


  • Yahnsolo


    7 days ago

    23:24 Hahahaha!!!

  • Daniel B

    Daniel B

    7 days ago

    I love all the old footage of no chin Bert. 🤣

  • Steven Breedlove

    Steven Breedlove

    8 days ago

    you have to try Daves Ultimate Insanity will burst u into flames

  • Aaron Risley

    Aaron Risley

    4 days ago

    Can confirm



    8 days ago

    Sorry he's gross

  • HagbardCeline42


    8 days ago

    "I think if you maybe just stop provoking it..."

  • Jayblez 42018

    Jayblez 42018

    9 days ago

    Dr. Evillllllllllll

  • izzy gucci

    izzy gucci

    10 days ago

    The last wing was the best part to watch haha followed by the big dick gangsters and flying dildos!!!!

  • Big Ragu

    Big Ragu

    11 days ago

    *sees shirtless fat guy two seconds into video...slowly backs out of video* I’ll see you next time, guys. No, all go ahead and eat your wings. I, uh...have some stuff I forgot I had to do. But, NEXT time..yeah, I’m here! Swear!

  • dopeage


    11 days ago

    This episode makes me want to see Tim the tataman on here!!! Or CourageJD.

  • Alexis Paquet

    Alexis Paquet

    10 days ago

    It would be incredible

  • kyle brown

    kyle brown

    11 days ago

    I can't quit laughing after last dab lol

  • vince m

    vince m

    12 days ago

    By far the funniest episode i have ever seen

  • HanCholo


    12 days ago

    albino cock

  • MT16


    13 days ago

    I could listen to Bert tell stories all day

  • Andrés Barriga

    Andrés Barriga

    13 days ago

    This dude is like a Jackass member out of time.

  • broonly 1

    broonly 1

    13 days ago

    We need bert back now the scoville scale has increased

  • Vassago Records

    Vassago Records

    14 days ago

    Guests that I'd love to see do these dark arts; -Joe "It's not DMT" Rogan - Eddie Bravo -Jimmy Carr -Ari Shaffir -Billie Joe Armstrong -Theo Von #2 -Doug Stanhope #2 .. Ready for it? -Dick Cheney

  • Dr.Slippery


    14 days ago

    Is noone gonna adress the fact that this man had smoke come out of his mouth when he gagged? Or is that just after affects?

  • Eddie Torres

    Eddie Torres

    14 days ago

    It’s wild to think that 3 years ago I saw this episode not knowing who Bernt Chrysler was and ive been a huge fan of his since then. Aye, Hot Ones you’re the shit!



    14 days ago

    table sugar helps when u eat spicy foods. :)

  • Mercedes


    15 days ago

    The host looks terrified D: "stop provoking it" he pleads. lamo poor man!

  • Action Sloth

    Action Sloth

    15 days ago

    I like how youtube took me from the new Halle Berry video to fuckin barnt chrystals, the fattest most racist comedian in america

  • Zachary James

    Zachary James

    16 days ago

    Lmao the story towards the end. What the fuck

  • Morgan Mackay

    Morgan Mackay

    16 days ago

    18:49 is what everyone came for

  • The-Art-of-Guitar


    16 days ago

    "You don't have a good bed-side manner, I'm freakin' out!" Best line!

  • screamintrumpet3


    16 days ago

    Continuity error at 17:00

  • FBI Man

    FBI Man

    17 days ago

    Love this guy (no homo)

  • little Do

    little Do

    17 days ago

    I was hoping he barfed all over Sean lmao

  • NR Sytherz

    NR Sytherz

    17 days ago


  • Snowy Meehan

    Snowy Meehan

    18 days ago

    Need joe Rogan on this show. I absolutely love it

  • cynthiacaton


    18 days ago

    That Flying Dildos story!

  • Slimy Boy

    Slimy Boy

    19 days ago

    He put his mic in his mouth and then proceeded to Gag into it. I love Bert so much.

  • clmbheat.322


    19 days ago

    Bert needs to come back! This was so funny I need to see him in pain again!

  • Wolf Smoothie

    Wolf Smoothie

    19 days ago

    shot for every time bert says partying

  • Bob Wilcox

    Bob Wilcox

    20 days ago


  • themenion


    21 day ago

    Sean: Maybe if you stop provoking it. I've never seen Sean look so uncomfortable! Hilarious!



    22 days ago

    Need to get Dave Chappelle

  • Zachary Rosenbloom

    Zachary Rosenbloom

    22 days ago

    You should have brad williams on

  • Titan GamingX

    Titan GamingX

    22 days ago

    "Do you feel it??" *gag noise*

  • MrFraknak


    23 days ago

    You can't follow an Albino cock bahahahahaha

  • Charles Salazar

    Charles Salazar

    24 days ago

    “I’m the machine!!” 😂😂

  • Barking Shark

    Barking Shark

    24 days ago

    This dude is such a narcissist and top that off with that unfunny "true" story PLUS his obvious fake gagging makes this one of the most unentertaining Hot Ones guests. We like it when a person is genuine.

  • Malakai O'Hare

    Malakai O'Hare

    26 days ago

    The thing that gets me is he left 2 buds in fridge lmao

  • The Internet

    The Internet

    26 days ago

    That huge albino dick story was the weirdest dream quest ever, Elric and Stormbringer literally became one.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty Shackleford

    27 days ago


  • Bri Ram

    Bri Ram

    28 days ago

    Bert is probably the most original comedian the world has ever seen. What other comedian removes his shirt as his only shtick?

  • harrison hamilton

    harrison hamilton

    29 days ago

    Joe Rogan told me Louis C.K is Mexican

  • Dul' Mephistroph

    Dul' Mephistroph

    Month ago

    14:19 That fucking face, I'm dying XD.

  • Nixidy -

    Nixidy -

    Month ago

    7:24 sounds like a zombie from mc

  • Aleya


    Month ago

    I've been binge watching for a week now.. two things I realized, first - the bomb live up to its name, everyone has the same reaction, like a realization of a bad decision.. second, I want to be famous just to eat those hot chicken wings while being interviewed by sean evans in this show hahahahahahah #bucketlist

  • Josh Burcham

    Josh Burcham

    Month ago

    Bert somehow looks better as he ages

  • Chaos Rein

    Chaos Rein

    Month ago

    If it ain’t hot ones I don’t wanna see the interview

  • Janky Doc

    Janky Doc

    Month ago

    If I ever get famous I want to be on the show

  • Verison Lover

    Verison Lover

    Month ago

    Bert... THE MACHINE

  • Balut Firing Squad

    Balut Firing Squad

    Month ago


  • Brad H

    Brad H

    Month ago

    Funny how Burt was sweating like a dog in a Chinese Restaurant 🤣😂

  • Natalia Alfonso

    Natalia Alfonso

    Month ago

    Your uvula is in the back of your throat. Lol. Men literally have no idea what a woman is. Admittedly this is the guy that thought Anne Frank was Hellen Keller on that same trip to Amsterdam, so what can I expect?? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Natalia Alfonso

    Natalia Alfonso

    Month ago

    gharbi hamza yeah that’s why I referenced his comedy. No, demographic data isn’t a sexist generalization. Men are not taught enough about female bodies. Neither are women frankly but we usually seek out wtf is going on with us more than men care to.

  • gharbi hamza

    gharbi hamza

    Month ago

    You do realize he's a comedian, right? That's a sexist generalisation about men.

  • M 3

    M 3

    Month ago

    I love how Sean looks like Neil Patrick Harris cosplaying Dr Evil

  • k4yser


    17 days ago


  • Mayan1


    Month ago

    Oh that's not flying dildos?? 😂😂😂😂

  • Stubbs 99

    Stubbs 99

    Month ago

    I wouldnt say flying dildos goes under the radar but whatever

  • Crooked TrixTer

    Crooked TrixTer

    Month ago

    First #firstwefeast video I’ve thumbs down.. this guy is a twat.

  • Stallion801


    Month ago

    Albino cock lol

  • Adele


    Month ago

    really cool how easy they can talk about getting fvcked in the ass..

  • Adele


    Month ago

    russian jew man?

  • lucas wolf-pudney

    lucas wolf-pudney

    Month ago

    He’s like Randy of trailer park boys

  • Connor Freeman

    Connor Freeman

    Month ago

    11:30 Flying dildos

  • Øne Eyed Demøn

    Øne Eyed Demøn

    Month ago

    Smoke comes out his damn mouth

  • AtomicMeltDown


    Month ago

    I have a request use the hot sauce The End.

  • TheKingtijger


    Month ago

    2:47 that's what we call in the Netherlands: student!!!

  • BiggieCheese21


    Month ago

    C O O L I O D I E D I T H I N K

  • DanSm1l3r


    Month ago

    You know if you listen to Bertcast ep 217 (Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds) he got called by Sean from this. Makes you wonder if that was him offering this!

  • amity sumner

    amity sumner

    Month ago


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