Bill Burr Loves The College Admissions Scandal - CONAN on TBS


Bill Burr is tickled by the lengths that wealthy parents went to to get their "dumb" kids into college.
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  • jared seels

    jared seels

    Day ago

    Thats Like Buying A Superbowl Ring And Saying You Played And Won A Ring. No. You just Bought It. AND THATS WHAT THOSE RICH PRICKS DID. Hahaha They Didnt Go To Class.

  • jared seels

    jared seels

    Day ago

    Um No Bill... hahhaa they didnt pass... they didnt even go to class.... they just got automatic A's because they paid for them. Hahahhaha duh

  • pinkjammiesss666


    Day ago

    "I still watch OJ Simpson highlights". I still listen to Michael Jackson songs.

  • Whatsitallabaaat


    2 days ago

    No. Don't kid yourself that Harvard or Yale are the same as any other college. They are on a different planet to any other college. They interview to look for that extra something, for people who have a certain spark that others don't have. The other thing they look for is humility. You'll rarely find students from Harvard or Yale who don't downplay their intelligence, they are full of humility. It sets them apart. Anyone who's had a boss who attended either of those universities will know what I mean, they have belief in everyone and are extremely motivational. Don't go thinking Harvard is easy. It's anything but.

  • DominantCub 72

    DominantCub 72

    2 days ago

    Americans think this guy is God. He's like an above average British comedian let's be honest. Funny! Don't get me wrong but British comedians are the funniest

  • Ian-Devon Lewis

    Ian-Devon Lewis

    2 days ago

    Yeah that was not the betterment of Bill Burr interviews. Actually boring. He also kinda weird on connecting OJ situation to the school scandal. Usually hes alot sharper.

  • M.C. RiDdLa1

    M.C. RiDdLa1

    3 days ago

    I sooo see myself in Bill and Norm. Norm is a guy who has a silly and dark humor, yet his morals and belief in God makes me love him that much more. Bill has his angry, sarcastic, and silly humor; yet tries to reserve judgement by giving people Benefit of the Doubt due to knowing he isn't perfect either. It Allows me to love and relate to him that much more.

  • topdog


    3 days ago

    Conan is a genius but doesn’t want to admit it

  • Richard Rauhecker

    Richard Rauhecker

    5 days ago

    someone please reply to this: what's with Conan hair, he's 6'5" tall, with the hair he's over 7'

  • kilroy987


    6 days ago

    After OJ was taken in for murder (despite not being convicted), I can't see him in Naked Gun the same way - before the crimes he was a cute funny character in those movies. Nope. Bill Cosby, same way, can't watch his concert anymore, and seeing him as the father on a family show? Creepy.

  • Sandy Beach

    Sandy Beach

    7 days ago

    I wonder how Conan can make his hair do what it does.

  • Mohammed Albehadli

    Mohammed Albehadli

    7 days ago

    What gets ppl about Burr is how comfortable he is. He sits there like he is sitting at a dinner table at home, telling jokes to his wife and kids.

  • Dean Hawkins

    Dean Hawkins

    9 days ago

    I am unironically in love with this man.

  • brian buttacavoli

    brian buttacavoli

    10 days ago

    bill, all your hair has migrated south of the border.

  • Trade Craft

    Trade Craft

    10 days ago

    why the hell is that "so you went to Harvard" so funny

  • petertrickaz


    11 days ago

    That was the laugh of someone who was delighted that someone pointed out that they went to Harvard

  • Megan A.

    Megan A.

    11 days ago

    Bill Burr's insane. Love him!

  • Rubén A. Ritto Contreras

    Rubén A. Ritto Contreras

    12 days ago

    Conan's face when Bill said "I still watch OJ Simpson's HL 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ConservativeAtheist


    13 days ago

    I hope them going from an hour to a half hour show isn’t the writing on the wall signaling the end of the show.

  • Steve Ramsey

    Steve Ramsey

    15 days ago

    Conan's show just needs to be him and Bill Burr for 30 minutes every night.

  • Steve Ramsey

    Steve Ramsey

    15 days ago

    Harvard: Difficult to get in to, even more difficult to flunk out of. And that is the veritas.

  • B Pal

    B Pal

    15 days ago

    The ADD is strong with this one.

  • Ricky


    16 days ago

    "I worked really hard to get in.." I'm sure his father being Professor of Medicine at Harvard and his mother a partner at Ropes & Gray had nothing to do with him getting admission....

  • Simon Tide

    Simon Tide

    15 days ago

    Yeah. Cuz affirmative action apparently is just for blacks & hispanics but not for whites & asians.

  • Rob Trew

    Rob Trew

    17 days ago

    Everybody gets an " A " in the Ivy leagues, unless your major is math or science (STEM. ) ......Mostly guys. Harvard's president , Larry Summers, in 2005, was crucified for saying publicly that that was probably not sexism.

  • Ryan O'Calleigh

    Ryan O'Calleigh

    17 days ago

    “Doctors say Nordberg has a 50/50 chance of living, though there’s only a 10% chance of that.” -Ed Hocken

  • Ryan Soleim

    Ryan Soleim

    18 days ago

    I feel like an idiot, but I don't get the "you went to Harvard" joke.


    15 days ago

    He explained how people cheat to get into Ivy League and once they cheated they get through school by themself - and then he pointed to Conan and said, you went to Harvard right? Implying that Conan maybe has experience with the mentioned before content. Cheating to get in, getting through easily and so on.

  • luima5


    18 days ago

    Bill is Conan’s anger translator.

  • Carl Hicks Jr

    Carl Hicks Jr

    18 days ago

    I'm shocked, *shocked*, to find out that the rich manipulate the system to get their kids an advantage over other folks.

  • I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

    I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

    18 days ago

    That says a lot, about having to pay to get into these high prestigious schools then these type of students receive a degree. Like the intellect needed for these schools is probably just above avg., not being top of your class smart.

  • gaguy1967


    19 days ago

    Or they bribed the school to keep their kids in and bribed again to get a degree.

  • BGz GamersVoid

    BGz GamersVoid

    19 days ago

    Bill Burr > GOT

  • TherealGeorgeSt-Pierre


    20 days ago

    blue collar ginger vs white collar ginger

  • I۞_۞I


    22 days ago


  • Lenore Ellis

    Lenore Ellis

    23 days ago

    Bill burs next special is when?

  • Thomas


    23 days ago

    I dont mind the scandal that's going on really. If anything, those parents should just pay a heavy fine. It's the same as star athletes who can't speak proper English, and they have people doing their homework for them. Not all athletes though, they're are a ton of them that are smart and educated that do very well in school.

  • John Dinsky

    John Dinsky

    25 days ago

    He thinks anything he says is funny because of his accent...he's overrated.

  • Nicholas Byram

    Nicholas Byram

    25 days ago

    The Fem-bots at Harvard are protesting some staff member who worked Harvey Weinstein's legal defense. I heard it on the radio. I'm not defending the guy, but the interviewer asks the student (who sounds like an idiotic Valley girl) what is a medical faculty member did a surgery on Harvey Weinstein, would you protest him? Needless to say, the girl was dumbfounded. Outrage culture still hasn't come up with the antidote to logic. You have to tell them it's an antidote, because if you call it a vaccine, they won't take it, lmao.

  • Michael Evans

    Michael Evans

    26 days ago

    I like Burr but sometimes I just can’t listen to endless f bombs

  • Sarmen PM

    Sarmen PM

    26 days ago

    When I go to the bar I approach girls with confidence and tell them that I have a PHD and was able to get it in 4 months course after the high school,They get all over me cause they think I'm a genius until I tell them PHD actually stands for Pizza Hut Delivery 😎😂



    27 days ago

    Conan is a good man, he's modest eventhough he went to Harvard. COmpare him with that arrogant Stephen Colbert...

  • Nill Gddy

    Nill Gddy

    27 days ago

    My friend got into Stanford. He said it was easier than high school.

  • Generalsaurkraut


    27 days ago

    That one girl had to pay 500k to get into USC. Geeeezus. She must be a an absolute space cadet. She should thank her mom everyday from keeping her from being in porn.

  • Lala Lala

    Lala Lala

    29 days ago

    Wtf just happen

  • Real homosexual hours

    Real homosexual hours

    29 days ago

    Conan and Bill complement each other so well even their hair and beard are in sync

  • SpyMonkey3D


    29 days ago

    I don't watch the new show (Beside Bill's apperances) Is it me or is it quieter ? It is due to the change of set ?

  • King31395


    29 days ago

    I think Bill's been on Conan's show more than anyone.

  • Cinnamon Babka

    Cinnamon Babka

    Month ago

    Sure, people are diverse and complex, but certain aspects carry more weight than others. Killing your spouse and getting away with it is just a liiiiiiiitttttle more salient and pronounced than playing a minor role on Naked Gun. Also, many NFL players won Heismans and became icons of the sport *without* committing murder.

  • DesertScorpionKSA


    Month ago

    Bill Burr went to Special School because his teachers thought he was slow but he stayed for the ladies.

  • Rick Sanchez

    Rick Sanchez

    Month ago

    College is socialism by definition of word. Basically it means association and not education. That's where you get "It's not what you know, it's who you know"..

  • A - Kuma

    A - Kuma

    Month ago




    Month ago

    "people are...complex." god I love bill burr.

  • Carly Frost

    Carly Frost

    Month ago

    And another I won’t watch because ads that have absolutely zero relevance to me are not able to be skipped.

  • Mike G

    Mike G

    Month ago

    “So, you went to Harvard right?” Bill Burrs you legend.

  • Erik Sparks

    Erik Sparks

    Month ago

    Every Bill Burr clip with Conan is gold

  • Barbi


    Month ago

    How can you not love 💗 this guy!!! Seriously finally a funny ass of a comedian that never skips a beat...

  • Hedgpig


    Month ago

    "OJ Simpson is MORE than just a murderer!" - Bill Burr

  • Jay L

    Jay L

    24 days ago


  • the mr

    the mr

    Month ago

    reminds me of those people who aren't gonna listen to Michael Jackson songs anymore just because of a documentary. Btw these allegations existed for years and you had no problem listening to his stuff then while knowing he probably had done stuff with kids

  • jbcreate


    Month ago

    private schools like keeping students, simple as that

  • MastaSmack


    Month ago

    Conan is a great sport with those jokes...really you have to just respect it and laugh when someone gets you can't be mad if it's just playful...

  • floatpool


    Month ago

    How did Obama and Pocahontas aka Elizabeth Warren get into an Ivy League school? Money is just rich white people's affirmative action..plain and simple

  • The Hardwood Butcher

    The Hardwood Butcher

    Month ago

    I love this guy

  • The Jackal

    The Jackal

    Month ago

    Conan brings Bill Burr to tell things Conan's producers wont allow.

  • Cr00xY


    Month ago

    Exactly what George Carlin was saying about education - it's all about getting in.

  • Taylor Murphy

    Taylor Murphy

    Month ago

    Great angle

  • Warren Wonderlin

    Warren Wonderlin

    Month ago

    Gotta love burr

  • Dom V

    Dom V

    Month ago

    Burr is hilarious



    Month ago

    "I thought I was going to be the stupidest person there" ... forgets about equal opportunity quotas..

  • Eli Andrews

    Eli Andrews

    Month ago

    That’s the stupidest comment I’ve seen in a while.

  • Boundless World

    Boundless World

    Month ago

    I like how they are exact opposites of themselves when it comes to hair

  • Sean Brennan

    Sean Brennan

    Month ago

    Yeah bill its easy to pass and get great grades riding on the deans boat in a bikini you ass!

  • Scipio Africanus

    Scipio Africanus

    Month ago

    "Naked Gun! Naked Gun!"...(talk show outro's rolling)... "One AND Two!" LMAO!

  • David Edwards

    David Edwards

    Month ago

    I had an easy office job in a hospital. I got the work done and was sitting around getting bored, so I decided to do the online hand hygiene courses. There were 5 different courses. 1 each for volunteers, orderlies, physio, nurses and doctors. The hardest one was the nurses course, which I still passed, but the EASIEST test was for the DOCTORS. It had a 1 hour time limit, but I completed, and passed 100%, in 8 minutes. It seems the more important the job, the less education is needed.

  • Barbarella MaClure

    Barbarella MaClure

    Month ago

    I love him, he's so beautifully non PC it's hilarious! From New Zealand



    Month ago

    Bill burr isn't funny

  • DSQueenie


    Month ago

    Pretty profound point tbh.

  • Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee

    Month ago

    I would give anything to watch a game and have a few beers with these two

  • juanlambda27


    Month ago

    Bill Burr's logic is always airtight.

  • Andrew Ekleberry

    Andrew Ekleberry

    Month ago

    I love this. Because I've been saying for years, that these elite ivy league schools have dumbed down themselves to the point, that a total idiot can still make it at one of these schools, and now the only thing elite about Harvard is simply the name Harvard. This whole thing proves it. Stupid kids, with grades not nearly high enough to be 'elite', end up buying their way into the school... and they pass. Because these elite institutions are no better than state schools now. They are so over run with social promotion, and left-wing stupidity, any idiot can get a passing grade in these 'elite' schools. Save your money. Go to a regular college, and learn a trade or STEM.

  • Dean Rockwell

    Dean Rockwell

    Month ago

    Such brave content

  • Alekey


    Month ago

    Typical Bill Burr.

  • John Newman

    John Newman

    Month ago

    Its not news! Ever hear of affirmative action?

  • delor b

    delor b

    Month ago

    For the amount of money they spent on bribes they could have just paid the tuition.

  • nchia


    Month ago

    As a guy not from America but knew OJ from the Naked Gun movies and the car chase and trial, I’d be yelling the first and third things too!

  • bdz


    Month ago

    I'm not in to American Football but I'm definitely going to check out some OJ highlights... right now.

  • M. Brown

    M. Brown

    Month ago

    OJ was an incredible football player. You're in for a treat!!. Top 5 easy!!

  • jpgk1927


    Month ago

    Harvard is overrated for the most part. Princeton is better and has had no grade inflation since 2001.

  • Phils MGB

    Phils MGB

    Month ago

    Conan looks like Woody Woodpecker.

  • Adrian


    Month ago

    I went to Devry. I’m now typing from my Samsung S2 under a bridge.

  • John Benko

    John Benko

    Month ago

    But are you hustling goats for money?

  • M Detlef

    M Detlef

    Month ago

    Adrian Chris Farley’s VAN is available!!!

  • Icy Spice

    Icy Spice

    Month ago

    Hes growing his beard for a movie part

  • Jazzkeyboardist1


    Month ago

    And like a munchkin at a urinal. Conan keeps Bill Burr on his toes

  • Official_Esaveo


    Month ago

    I think you have it backwards, Bill is the one who makes Conan think "oh god what's he gonna say now."

  • Xander Alex

    Xander Alex

    Month ago

    Bill Burr and Conan Name a better duo. I'll wait.

  • MonkyMonk729


    Month ago

    Also, Ace and Gary.

  • TXP9


    Month ago

    Here’s another, peanut butter and chocolate.

  • MonkyMonk729


    Month ago

    Norm MacDonald / Dave Letterman. Norm and Dave have a genuine affection for each other and, like Conan gets Bill Burr, Dave totally got Norm's sense of humor and usually Dave was laughing his ass off the entire time at Norm's insane stories.

  • Ponte Ryuurui

    Ponte Ryuurui

    Month ago

    Ferguson and r williams

  • TXP9


    Month ago

    Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon

  • Joannes Ferrari

    Joannes Ferrari

    Month ago

    Old friends, nice conversation, passersby will certainly identify that and stay for the fun and insights.

  • dashrirprock


    Month ago

    Yes, getting in is the hard part. I'd guess that a majority of the people who transfer from a community college to a university would be able to graduate from Harvard. In fact, they might even be more likely to graduate from Harvard because the degree is worth so much more than a diploma from a typical state school. People wouldn't drop out to pursue other opportunities because it's rare for another opportunity to be as promising.

  • Dave Joyce

    Dave Joyce

    Month ago

    what happened to his desk?

  • Maribor Forest

    Maribor Forest

    Month ago

    Affrimative action is the real joke. You're black? Get in. Now

  • HereIgoAgain


    Month ago

    Parents just want bragging rights! Their kids don't need good jobs: they are already rich.

  • Jazzkeyboardist1


    Month ago

    Most parents will cut their kids off if they don't succeed. It is easy to change your will.

  • 1SaG


    Month ago

    Yeah... and John Wayne Gacy was so good with kids. We really shouldn't judge him *just* based on the fact that he was a homicidal maniac.

  • aepr84


    Month ago

    very underwhelming, needs his mojo back

  • The Night

    The Night

    Month ago

    Immediately Bill's like, "Oh I LOVE it"

  • Chrismofer


    Month ago

    Hahahahha NAKED GUN! 1 AND 2!

  • Andrew Petersen

    Andrew Petersen

    Month ago

    "I still Watch OJ Simpson Highlights" LMAO

  • AWelsh Celt

    AWelsh Celt

    Month ago

    Nobody else can bring Bill Burr out like Conan O'Brian PBS needs to do a Saturday morning 1 hour conversation show with just Bill and Conan discussing the week's events live and unedited. I'd even pledge 100.00 per year. I'd even sit through those annoying Jerry's Kids pledge drives the local affiliates have monthly. I would sign a verifiable document. Wait, no I'd agree to a holding cell to make sure I didn't fudge on my watching. With guns, guards and dogs. They do a Bill and Conan show with nobody else except them? I'm in.

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