Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under


Billie Eilish also rates being a teenager, Avril Lavigne, and more in this episode of Over/Under.
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Billie Eilish Rates Being Homeschooled, Goths, and Invisalign | Over/Under


  • Hello my Dudes

    Hello my Dudes

    44 seconds ago

    if someoone says they went to school with billie they are telling porkies

  • jusxanovaxgurl


    2 minutes ago

    This is the most entertaining interview ever!

  • Savannah Carranza

    Savannah Carranza

    3 minutes ago

    This girl is straight up weird I already figured when she first came out that she was a fucking weirdo like who like the taste of iron that’s disgusting and pooping like wtf o feel uncomfortable 😳

  • isn't anybody there?

    isn't anybody there?

    8 minutes ago

    I love Billie but this interview gives me such bad vibes :/

  • Camille Smith

    Camille Smith

    10 minutes ago


  • Andreea Gallegos

    Andreea Gallegos

    12 minutes ago

    My Invisalign was $6,000 and that’s about as much as normal braces

  • astroblox 1

    astroblox 1

    15 minutes ago


  • Brayden Nowlin

    Brayden Nowlin

    18 minutes ago

    I like the taste of metal as well. I thought that was normal for so long too until somebody called me out and said “ew, you gross mofo stop licking that goddamn pole, you idiot.”

  • Video TUBE

    Video TUBE

    24 minutes ago

    Is she a lesbian?

  • Caolan


    27 minutes ago

    I like some of her music and this is the first interview I've seen of her but she seems like the kinda of person that just tires everyone out, you know everyone leaves in a bad mood. She talks about things she knows nothing about, like calling parents lazy thats just annoying, like sorry some of had parents that both had to work to provide for us.

  • Cardnyl music

    Cardnyl music

    28 minutes ago

    Billie: "prom is over-rated" Also Billie: *I've been homeschooled my whole life*

  • Sophie Ponder

    Sophie Ponder

    30 minutes ago

    DiRtY iRoN tAsTeS sOoOo GoOd

  • DefNotShift


    33 minutes ago

    billíe eilish thicccccccccc

  • shamma


    40 minutes ago

    so no one is going to talk about how clear her skin is???

  • Nienke Vos

    Nienke Vos

    41 minute ago

    A pro about regular schooling is how all the teachers have knowledge about their specific subject, which is quite hard to get from just parents, although there is also a lót you can learn at home of course!



    44 minutes ago

    Me too i like it too

  • svphia0


    46 minutes ago


  • ag47 au79

    ag47 au79

    46 minutes ago

    I used to not like Billie but after heaing " Give an ugly guy a chance, then he thinks he rules the world"... NOW I LOVE YOU BILLIE

  • Awnity


    55 minutes ago

    Bro, her childhood sounds fun as hell

  • Copper


    57 minutes ago

    fun story (maybe?) when my best friend was like 7 she had a sleepover with one of our other friends and slept walked into her mom’s room repeatedly asking for a knife

  • Awnity


    Hour ago

    Why tf did this video have to start like that lmao

  • Official_Mo Iñiguez

    Official_Mo Iñiguez

    Hour ago

    Billie is so freaking smart

  • Sadie Seagull

    Sadie Seagull

    Hour ago

    Billie: "I have the urge to put on heels, I don't know what the fuck's happening" Me: I put on heels one time and almost broke my neck

  • Semana Naseer

    Semana Naseer

    Hour ago

    I like brocaly

  • Savage Beast

    Savage Beast

    Hour ago

    She loves the word underrated

  • Gabbrielle Faith

    Gabbrielle Faith

    Hour ago

    I thought I was the only one who liked the taste of blood and iron (especially the plug in part of a iPhone charger)

  • Jasmine Viveros

    Jasmine Viveros

    Hour ago

    No one: Billie: I LOVE POOPING

  • Hero Brinegrimm

    Hero Brinegrimm

    Hour ago

    1:17 the reason your not constipated is because you actually have iron deficiency if you weren't iron deficient then you get constipated from them

  • Julie's Life

    Julie's Life

    Hour ago

    iT IsYuMmy

  • Magen Evers

    Magen Evers

    Hour ago

    when she was talking about prom lol truth every beautiful girl is with an ugl guy tbh my sister said if he could do a redo on prom she would just go to prom breakfast ahsha

  • Hanna Angelina

    Hanna Angelina

    Hour ago

    2:47-3:42 true af

  • Adam Brown

    Adam Brown

    Hour ago

    Very talented artist. She's young, and it showed in this interview. Didn't say anything that another 17 year wouldn't say, but most 17 year olds don't have millions of people listening to what they say. Hopefully those around her who support her (i.e. parents and manager) will lift her up and mentor her rather than go along because they don't want to lose money. Music is loaded with young artists who crashed and burned because they didn't have the right people around them.

  • Sofia U-S

    Sofia U-S

    Hour ago

    When she said that she like sucking of metal and stuff that literally made me throw up 🤢🤮

  • User 277

    User 277

    Hour ago

    did that girl just say she likes the taste of blood? why do I believe her she's crazy.

  • Kremzupa


    Hour ago

    Truth - I don't like her music, but damn, this girl is entertaining and has personality.

  • Nicole Putnam

    Nicole Putnam

    Hour ago

    She's so weird lol

  • Aby Fleurilien

    Aby Fleurilien

    Hour ago

    Some of the things she said truly hurt my feelings like my parents ain't lazy they just don't have time to homeschool me cuz they be working hard to feed me and stuff Like I really love you Billie but I don't know what was going on with you in that interview Anyways no hate just I think she was acting really differently in that interview

  • Тень ОтСюда

    Тень ОтСюда

    Hour ago

    Я лучше буду слушать её классную музыку, чем ответы не повзрослевшей девчонки)) это чисто хайп.

  • Jenna Shaw

    Jenna Shaw

    Hour ago


  • espresso depresso

    espresso depresso

    Hour ago

    billie is OVERRATED

  • Gordon Ramsey

    Gordon Ramsey

    Hour ago

    Bro once I went to sleep and ended up in my crushes bed and I was WoAh how did I get here and then I wOkE uP

  • Msp Ilovepurplehair

    Msp Ilovepurplehair

    Hour ago

    I love broccoli 😂😂😂😂

  • Akira


    2 hours ago

    Poop Dealer. ..

  • Jazmyne Simone

    Jazmyne Simone

    2 hours ago

    This interview was not good.... she came off as ignorant. I like Billie but this video made her look bad.

  • Chocolate Reindeer

    Chocolate Reindeer

    2 hours ago

    I like the taste of blood

  • 5


    2 hours ago


  • Abigail Trinh

    Abigail Trinh

    2 hours ago

    " i pOoPeD 8 tImES iN oNe DaY aNd ThAt wAs ThE bEsT dAy Of mY LiFe" lmao

  • sarahh


    2 hours ago

    she gives me the feels of riri

  • laurel


    2 hours ago

    her music is good not trying to deny that but goddamn is she cocky and it honestly seems like she doesnt have a lot of life expeirience but is constantly trying to give advice on things she doesnt really know anything about. idk the part about parents being lazy for sending their kids to school seemed really small minded imo. i'm not trying to hate dont come for me

  • Tue Bui

    Tue Bui

    2 hours ago

    Billie really out here talked about poop/pooping for like a minute and a half

  • Shanelle Mignott

    Shanelle Mignott

    2 hours ago

    U say ur a vegan but u like the taste of blood crazy crazy girl, that makes me love u even more!!!!!! Are secretly a vampire????😂😂😂

  • 9 yr old

    9 yr old

    2 hours ago

    why isn't anyone talking about the blood. *she like the taste of blood.*

  • 9 yr old

    9 yr old

    Hour ago

    @Gaby Miranda maybe they're just not popping up for me. all I can see scrolling down is about the jewelery and the poles.

  • Gaby Miranda

    Gaby Miranda

    Hour ago

    Most of the comments are about that

  • Maria Kuzniar

    Maria Kuzniar

    2 hours ago

    Can't learn all the math in the kitchen lol, can go to school and cook too

  • Nia D.

    Nia D.

    2 hours ago

    This video is just her jewelry asmr 😂

  • Kayleigh Lavendel

    Kayleigh Lavendel

    2 hours ago

    But...I like broccoli

  • Music7500`s World :]

    Music7500`s World :]

    2 hours ago

    Finneas with his gf who is a billie lookalike: So where will we go for lE fOoD Billie: *points at the billboard* Billie's bro with his gf who is a billie lookalike: Um how are we supposed to eat fUcKiNg tOoThPaStE Billie: nU yOu dUmBaSs iTs tHe fUcKiNg pOlE Finneas' gf: Wtf does your sister eat Finneas: Man she is weird Billie: bItCh wHaTcHu sAy Everyone except le billlie: ;-;

  • Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic

    Jakester! - The Darude Comment Critic

    2 hours ago

    Billie: One day I pooped 8 times. Fans: ;OSeuFGBseogUseghN ;OZSEIFHalZMHXBNFKsog

  • Kayla ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Kayla ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    2 hours ago

    *I don't want to teach you bitch*

  • Flenchentia Dimension

    Flenchentia Dimension

    2 hours ago

    👍 if you like the sound her jewelry makes

  • Bee•Bot


    2 hours ago

    I weridly want to hear a song by Billie about brocoli and society shoving shit and ideas down young peoples throat😕😂

  • lynn


    2 hours ago

    10:10 she said Tyler. Tyler as in Tyler Joseph? If that's what she ment than I'm dying

  • Ashley Coulson

    Ashley Coulson

    2 hours ago

    And talked about him alot in interviews

  • Ashley Coulson

    Ashley Coulson

    2 hours ago

    No, Tyler the Creator. She been a fan of him for years

  • Tony&ChimChim


    2 hours ago

    I love this girl so much

  • sarah huntsman

    sarah huntsman

    2 hours ago

    k after seeing this video i really don’t like billie 😂

  • Ashley Coulson

    Ashley Coulson

    2 hours ago


  • Des Dominguez

    Des Dominguez

    2 hours ago

    Duuuuuuuuude she’s so real

  • Dark Paradise

    Dark Paradise

    2 hours ago

    Pooping 8 time... wtf? What did you eat?) But it was fun lol Billie the BEST!

  • Amelia G

    Amelia G

    2 hours ago

    I like blood too! lol im so weird

  • Avery Braun

    Avery Braun

    2 hours ago

    Her laugh.....

  • espurr is possessed

    espurr is possessed

    2 hours ago

    You're awesome but goth and emo aren't the same thing

  • Avery Braun

    Avery Braun

    2 hours ago

    Now I get what she means by burning poops.....

  • Laura Jenkins

    Laura Jenkins

    3 hours ago

    oh look. list of people she criticized in this video 1) Ugly guys 2) Pretty girl 3) Parents who feed their kids a vegetable that is healthy 4) Parents who send their kids to school. Parents send their kids to school because they care about them and hope that they get the best education possible, whih they cannot provide. Goths influence fashion? Pffft, the street rat fashion you wear, maybe. Everything she said abt the goths were wrong Are people still going to admire her after she said all of these things, shaming people who aren't even in her business. I normally wouldnt say anything about how she looks like a nasty male gangster, but she legit asked for it. It is obvious that she feel superior to "commoners", and that doesn't deserve appreciation, especially from someone who got fame solely from autotun eand acting depressed. What do you have to say abt that, fangirls?

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