Binging with Babish: Teddy Brûlée from Bob\'s Burgers

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It would seem as though most modern comedies have a Teddy: a hapless, lovable loser whose behavior straddles the line between funny and halting. Perhaps Teddy Brûlée captures the character better than any other food could: sweet, unhealthy, and holding a blowtorch.
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  • Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish

    6 days ago

    So uh, marshmallow batter? Marshmallow dough? Raw marshmallow? Marshmallow potential?

  • Honne


    4 minutes ago

    You marshmallow burner

  • StrongRuler


    14 hours ago


  • Francesco 2001

    Francesco 2001

    15 hours ago

    The fluff

  • Leah Alsar

    Leah Alsar

    16 hours ago

    Can you please make a chocolate chip cookie from give a mouse a cookie? 🍪🐭

  • crazygrrl53


    17 hours ago


  • Ally W

    Ally W

    21 minute ago

    You forgot the pretzels in your remakes bud...

  • edz gaming

    edz gaming

    Hour ago

    Legendary sandwich from teen titans pls

  • Dwaing


    Hour ago

    Wait, when did he get a tiny whisk tattoo?

  • Walter Amapakabo

    Walter Amapakabo

    4 hours ago

    Uuuummmm ok wait wat???that was sooo random lmfao 2:07

  • ThatLastGuyHD


    4 hours ago

    Try making *"Chum fricassee"* from Spongebob cooked by squidward

  • ThatLastGuyHD


    4 hours ago

    Is it possible to make Chum Fricassee from Spongebob please do it if it's possible

  • slipperygypsy 101

    slipperygypsy 101

    4 hours ago

    You should try making the "barbeque baby back horseradish mustard and peanut butter encrusted ribs with a "slight" jaegermeister infusion sprinkled with camomile leaves with a horseradish and dandelion salad on a bed of rice " from the movie norbit

  • MetanteiTriforce


    6 hours ago

    Would we be able to one day get a Ghibli-inspired episode? Fish pie from Kiki, the huge soup dumping from the start of Spirited Away, Castella from Up on Poppy Hill, your take on Howl's Breakfast, the salmon from Porcco Rosso or the stew from Castle in the many possibilities!

  • VIKI


    7 hours ago

    Going on and on and on about the diet is kinda old.

  • Tyler A

    Tyler A

    9 hours ago

    *buys graham crackers*

  • Funker Fun

    Funker Fun

    10 hours ago

    What if for 10 million he made something out of scratch like he grew his own food or something like that

  • hen ko

    hen ko

    10 hours ago

    Have you done tinas gombo yet by the way I love your stuff love 😄

  • Morrivar


    11 hours ago

    No pretzels. Disqualified. How dare you disrespect Teddy's culinary mastery like this.

  • Rocket 721

    Rocket 721

    11 hours ago

    Can you make Marco's nacho plate thing from Star vs the forces of evil since it ended.

  • Average E

    Average E

    11 hours ago

    You should do floor spaghetti from American dad

  • Victoria Vasquez

    Victoria Vasquez

    12 hours ago


  • Glassey


    13 hours ago

    7:00 hehe ok you can stop there. No seriously stop. STOP. *PLEASE STOP*

  • Keally Rohrbacher

    Keally Rohrbacher

    13 hours ago

    Do a Krabby Patty with Jellyfish Jelly

  • Robert Davis

    Robert Davis

    13 hours ago

    I'm still waiting on a bread-based "Begin by letting a medium vat of salt water sit in the sun until you can scoop the salt out, and in the mean time, we're starting with a big bag of freshly culled organic wheat stalks..." type of Babish episode.

  • Raging Riot27

    Raging Riot27

    13 hours ago

    Burnt marshmallows are the best they get a burnt outside and a delicious gooey inside

  • Brooke Hollister

    Brooke Hollister

    13 hours ago

    ooooh omg can you please make the infamous spaghetti tacos from icarly

  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith

    13 hours ago

    You should make some of the food items from the old school scooby doo Shaggy and scooby doo had a crazy bunch of random dishes

  • FunnyBunnyLogic


    14 hours ago

    Burnt 'mallows are the best 'mallows!!! At me, bro!

  • Braintech 606

    Braintech 606

    14 hours ago

    Personally I would like to hear more bedtime with babish. I mean like I know being a USdownload is busy and all , but I would like to hear more bedtime with babish. I mean you don’t have to. I love your videos btw

  • Adrian Ramos

    Adrian Ramos

    14 hours ago

    You should make Marge’s desert dogs from the Simpsons

  • Darin Hill

    Darin Hill

    14 hours ago

    White sticky boi

  • Aywa


    14 hours ago

    Do the best burger in New York City from How I Met Your Mother

  • Trainer Blue the Champion

    Trainer Blue the Champion

    15 hours ago

    Not true; Graham neither invented nor profited from graham crackers. He was just a preacher that founded one of the first vegetarian movements in the U.S. and was strongly influenced by the idea of limiting all forms of pleasure. Basically, the world's biggest stick-in-the-mud got one of the best snack foods named after him.

  • Esraa Mohamed

    Esraa Mohamed

    15 hours ago

    Can you please do the cheese cake from Friends ... please!!!!

  • LunaSea


    15 hours ago


  • Doctor blueberry

    Doctor blueberry

    15 hours ago

    Have you done tinas gombo yet by the way I love your stuff love 😄

  • HyperL0c K

    HyperL0c K

    16 hours ago

    You should do the raman taco from we bear bears

  • Harizon


    16 hours ago

    Please make Scrumdiddly Pizza Sauce, Bubbles' Slow Fried Bologna Sandwiches, Ricky's Chicken Fingers, and Dirty Burgers from Trailer Park Boys.

  • Lombard Gamer

    Lombard Gamer

    17 hours ago

    That looks unhealthy

  • Lauren


    18 hours ago

    Graham crackers without a cinnamon-sugar mix on top? I'm disappointed, Babish.

  • Dani Henegan

    Dani Henegan

    18 hours ago

    Can you make the sandwiches from bobs burgers season 9 episode 16 with Tiffany Haddish when she owned the sandwich shop with the 77 sandwiches

  • Hector Trejo

    Hector Trejo

    18 hours ago

    He should do Hannibal lecter meals for Halloween

  • Rogue Pawn

    Rogue Pawn

    19 hours ago

    Burning marshmallows is the only true way to eat them! Change my mind.

  • rafiealt 224

    rafiealt 224

    19 hours ago

    Do the together brekfest from Steven universe

  • Kathleen


    20 hours ago

    Andy, what's your favorite chocolate?

  • Kathleen


    20 hours ago

    I LOVE THE TINY WHISK TAT!!! The trick, too. 😂

  • Jordan Yruegas

    Jordan Yruegas

    21 hour ago

    Melon Parfait from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

  • hayley way

    hayley way

    21 hour ago

    For next April fools day you should do overly unnecessary things like make your own flour, get water from a spring and purify it but then also use ingredients like “hot Cheetos

  • Daygan Gray

    Daygan Gray

    22 hours ago

    How about whatever they call concrete before it sets. Marshmallows seem to have to ability to seal some mouths shut.

  • the creator

    the creator

    22 hours ago

    What about the super burger of gumball that you could get after eating everting in every restaurant

  • Gaming Chef

    Gaming Chef

    22 hours ago

    Please make Gravity falls food. Such as chip-ackerz

  • 雪ディアナ


    22 hours ago

    Can you pls make Kino's fried chicken from Kino's journey? I really wanna hear from you how it could possibly taste

  • tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker

    23 hours ago

    Why don't you have a restaurant?

  • Cayla Weinberg

    Cayla Weinberg

    Day ago

    Can you do anything from The Umbrella Academy? Thank you! :)

  • Michael Pryor

    Michael Pryor

    Day ago

    Hey Babish could you please make Squidwards Soufflé from Spongebob!!

  • Tallb


    Day ago

    Yo Babs! can I call you Babs? Your my new fav. Salute.

  • matthew hudson

    matthew hudson

    Day ago

    you should do the 12 layer salad from how I met your mother

  • Just Ali

    Just Ali

    Day ago

    Ay man can u make big smokes order from gta sa

  • It's a me

    It's a me

    Day ago

    Hey Babish why don't you try the recipes from the fallout cook book

  • ashley hall

    ashley hall

    Day ago

    As a New Englander, I appreciate that I can now make my very own Marshmallow Fluff, to put on my Fluffer Nutters. That's marshmallow fluff & peanut butter, not something weird.

  • L’s


    Day ago

    Can you please meth from blind Al in deadpool

  • Fesh


    Day ago

    Do ant man's taco from end game Also let them fall to the ground

  • Mr Foxydoodles

    Mr Foxydoodles

    Day ago

    I’m trying to watch Aden films but this asshats videos always make their way in. I’m trying my best to find a way to block this channel so I don’t see the videos anymore so I just vote thumbs down until the algorithm knows I don’t wanna watch this bullshit

  • Maria Diasanta-Magat

    Maria Diasanta-Magat

    Day ago


  • Mr Foxydoodles

    Mr Foxydoodles

    Day ago

    One of the reasons why I hate this channel is that I pay for USdownload premium and I still have to watch advertisements which is one of the reasons why I always vote thumbs down on this channel

  • xXHydroDragonXx


    Day ago

    4:28 "But why don't we go with something a little more luxurious; I've got some lint here." Legit what I thought at first

  • panggop jio

    panggop jio

    Day ago

    Can you do Rocheles high blood pressure dinner from s2e2 of everybody hates chris as a nice “healthy” option

  • Maylie Jackson

    Maylie Jackson

    Day ago

    Hey! I just remembered that the Persona games have a few dishes in it that would be neat to see you do your interpretation on, though two are pretty unhealthy compared to the other two I'm going to suggest. Persona 4s rainy day special beef bowl and Persona 5s Big Bang Burger challenge burgers seem like the type of absurd recipes that would be pretty funny to see. For something less massive and over the top, Leblancs Curry and Coffee from Persona 5 would be really cool to see!

  • Brøken rekørds

    Brøken rekørds

    Day ago

    Marshmallow fluff Babish, that's the proper term of melted premade marshmallow(s)

  • TheBigTuke


    Day ago

    This is one of the funnier videos you've put up in a while! Honestly I could feel diabetes slowly creeping up on me with all the chocolate and marshmallows. Great video Babish.

  • Alexandria Pierce

    Alexandria Pierce

    Day ago


  • Alexandria Pierce

    Alexandria Pierce

    Day ago

    Loook soooooo gooodd

  • Lil Berbeener

    Lil Berbeener

    Day ago

    Why don't you have a restaurant?

  • Connor Brown

    Connor Brown

    Day ago

    I call unset marshmallows "mallows" because it's not quite as thick, aka "marshy"

  • Soviet Comrade

    Soviet Comrade

    Day ago

    Do the sandvich from tf2. (From bottom up): bread, slice of ham, slice of turkey, 3 slices of swiss cheese, 2 tomato slices, lettuce, bread, and an olive stuck on a toothpick town the middle.

  • Brittany


    Day ago

    Do a Boiled Cream Treat or a Sweet Roll from Skyrim! There's lots of deserts there!

  • ParzivalTheEggHunter


    Day ago

    Technically you can say it’s Marshmallow Fluff... :p

  • Turtlitis


    Day ago

    2:04 Didn’t stop me

  • AJ Barber

    AJ Barber

    Day ago

    Do benchwarmers sandwiches



    Day ago


  • bke247


    Day ago


  • Evan Von Oehsen

    Evan Von Oehsen

    Day ago

    Do explosive pies from spongebob

  • Sarah Lindsay-Mae

    Sarah Lindsay-Mae

    Day ago

    Hi, can you please make a meat platter like the one from Monster Hunter World! 🙏🏻

  • Saul Ramos

    Saul Ramos

    Day ago

    Why do you dislike almost everything you make

  • Luke 2954

    Luke 2954

    Day ago

    Hey Babish! Is there anyway you could make classic Sonic the Hedgehog Chili dogs from the old Sonic the Hedgehog maybe from scratch would be amazing!! Especially with the new movie coming out I think it would be great!!!

  • lucario just for fun

    lucario just for fun

    Day ago

    3:09 oh my God Jeter glove save BwB binging with babish I want to find out where you got those and purchase some myself

  • Dean Sharon

    Dean Sharon

    Day ago

    Can you do Rocheles high blood pressure dinner from s2e2 of everybody hates chris as a nice “healthy” option

  • MsWildtiger1


    Day ago

    Speaking of marshmallow, please to the desert from telli tubbies (American children's show)

  • Brandon1629ESUHSD


    Day ago

    Teddy wants to know your location and your recipe. HE'S CRAVING FOR IT!

  • kaylee


    Day ago

    Would love to see you try to make the Sims 4 'Experimental Recipes'



    Day ago

    You should call the marshmellows “Babish Bellows”

  • Alana M

    Alana M

    Day ago

    cornflakes were also invented to stop masturbation and were, I assume, equally successful

  • leakykullon5.0


    Day ago

    here's an idea for a cocktail episode. recreate some of the drinks Joaquin phoenix's character makes in The Master. then you can show us safer hooch alternatives

  • Zancan


    Day ago

    I like Marshmallow Flesh.

  • timothy li

    timothy li

    Day ago

    Eds sauce from good burger

  • AwesomeEmerald 2

    AwesomeEmerald 2

    Day ago


  • William McGrath

    William McGrath

    Day ago

    You said moistened. 😂

  • ernie neale

    ernie neale

    Day ago

    Sweet fresh ink, bro

  • Allie greene

    Allie greene

    Day ago

    You should recreate the dinner from Coraline

  • 4viv4


    Day ago


  • Ace Clover

    Ace Clover

    Day ago

    Why the diet? You look good enough as it is. Honestly makes me a bit homosexual looking at you.

  • Gibberto Mcsaucy

    Gibberto Mcsaucy

    Day ago

    Do the benchwarmers sandwiches

  • SonOfFudge


    Day ago

    LiquiMallow idk

  • Mad d

    Mad d

    Day ago

    How can you just take out the pretzel of a recipe that has 3 ingredients, pretzel, chocolate, marshmallow??

  • Giovanna Sutherland

    Giovanna Sutherland

    Day ago

    Corn Flakes, and Bran Flakes well the whole Kellogg cereal brand was invented to prevent masturbation. It didn’t help. All it did was load people with fiber and give them an excuse to go o the bathroom more often. Lol

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