BLACKPINK Talks "Kill This Love", Coachella & How They Formed


#BLACKPINK stopped by the studio to talk #KillThisLove , #Coachella , and how they formed!
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    Hour ago

    블랙팡크 멤버들 영어 잘하네요. 영어 소통에 지장이 없네요. 항상 좋은 길만있기를 기도 할게요. 항상 좋은 노래 부탁해요. All members of Blackpink are speaking English well to communicate with them. There is no barrier between Black Pink and the boys. I hope that Black Pink will come true for the goal. Igreat songs by Black Pink should be produced for Bling( the supporters of Black Pink).

  • cci parreño

    cci parreño

    8 hours ago

    Is if weird to fall in love with rosé's accent???? Because i am sooooooooo addicted to it

  • Mavy Wavy

    Mavy Wavy

    16 hours ago

    *Yall I'm turning Gay for Jisoo's english voice.*

  • yes no

    yes no

    Day ago

    i love them. i literally love them so much

  • Vincent Vega

    Vincent Vega

    Day ago

    This is one of the best interviews ever!!!



    Day ago

    Jiso is so cute



    Day ago

    Stop at 4:55 and read the subtitles OMG😂😂😂😂

  • Mikie E

    Mikie E

    Day ago

    Wow 5SOS got dissed here. They act like they didn't know they existed. Poor dudes.

  • Morgan Brown

    Morgan Brown

    Day ago

    Lisa is like soooo shy 😂❤️

  • Irin Rahman

    Irin Rahman

    2 days ago

    Rose voice is the best.

  • callum 6098

    callum 6098

    2 days ago

    I love that rosé is the translator for Jisoo and Lisa. Gotta love the imperfect bilingual queens.

  • Frisca Ellyza

    Frisca Ellyza

    2 days ago

    Rose😍😘 you so smart and beautyfull...i like it

  • Dhea Agustina

    Dhea Agustina

    2 days ago

    Rose is awesome

  • Angelica Villanueva

    Angelica Villanueva

    3 days ago

    Very good interviewers... you can see all them enjoyed it

  • Adorable Trap

    Adorable Trap

    3 days ago

    I hope Jisoo gets more confident about her English 😕😕💞

  • Muhammad Firdaus

    Muhammad Firdaus

    3 days ago

    I'm just here to watch jisoo, it's a pity that jisoo only spoke a little because there were no more questions ... however I still loved her even though she had difficulty speaking English.💖 Jisoonly Indonesia🇮🇩🇰🇷

  • Ruat puii

    Ruat puii

    3 days ago


  • Celine Jipos

    Celine Jipos

    3 days ago

    Lisa's voice at 12:30

  • beautiful life

    beautiful life

    3 days ago

    Ung isaparang c sue ramirez

  • Bright Heart

    Bright Heart

    4 days ago

    I love how Rosé talked the most she is looking so cute💜

  • Emma Kean

    Emma Kean

    4 days ago

    Jisoo. Talks at 15:01

  • Toni Toni

    Toni Toni

    4 days ago

    Poor girls aren't even able to write or have any sort of input when it comes to their music. It was really awkward when Zach asked them questions about the whole artistic process and all they could mention was their producer (Teddy) giving them songs. I hope this eventually changes as I would like to see them having more creative freedom.

  • ian


    4 days ago

    Coming from a 'wealthy' family with a mom planning your future, Jennie must be really lucky to have very supportive parents. She could have been forced to study law or be a doctor or whatnot but she was supported... and I think it's so amazing.

  • JB Aguilar

    JB Aguilar

    4 days ago

    Jisoo looking like she has no clue what they're saying/ what's happening HAHAHA so cute the entire time!!

  • Kim Pasia

    Kim Pasia

    4 days ago

    others english : oh video? roseanne : ohR viDe0R??

  • Antonella Collins

    Antonella Collins

    4 days ago

    It was so cute how Lisa asked Rose for help when she was speaking CHAELISA

  • blinkx moomoo

    blinkx moomoo

    5 days ago

    He's the best interviewer

  • 애린ARMY


    5 days ago

    That other guy is a fanboy I can tell lmaaoooo

  • 애린ARMY


    5 days ago

    *ROSE is such a barbie*

  • 애린ARMY


    5 days ago

    *JISOO my darlinggg keep on speaking even in Koreaann it's okayyyyyyyyyy lots of lovee*

  • Daniël


    5 days ago

    Rose her legs look so skinny



    6 days ago


  • Asma Moolla

    Asma Moolla

    7 days ago

    They are NOT humble at all.

  • e e

    e e

    7 days ago

    I love how much relaxed they are. Also thankfully the interviewer the atmosphere was amazing and they were not afraid of speaking openly. Beautiful interview🖤💜

  • Gorjessy


    8 days ago

    i keep coming to this interview mostly like everyday because of their accents

  • Blake M

    Blake M

    8 days ago

    the way Jisoos facial expressions changed like 50 different times in 2 seconds when Zach mentioned seeing her acting in stuff 😂 SOMEBODY GIVE THAT GIRL AN OSCAR !!!

  • Blake M

    Blake M

    8 days ago

    the way Rosé and Jennie were looking at Lisas hair to determine the real color like they were seeing it for the first time 😂😂😂

  • Blake M

    Blake M

    8 days ago

    As different as they are personality wise, once they start talking its like they all merge into one person. They're so in sync and aware of each other, something that is quite rare for groups cos there's always that one person that sticks out the most but these four feed off each others energy like they grew up in the same house since birth.

  • Supovit P

    Supovit P

    8 days ago

    Y’all wanna see pure happiness in a human being?. Right here 03:22

  • Sophie Noelle Gaming

    Sophie Noelle Gaming

    8 days ago


  • Sophie Noelle Gaming

    Sophie Noelle Gaming

    8 days ago

    Talk Rate: Lisa: GabGab Jennie: GabGabGab Rosé: GaBGaBGaBGoOD’dAYMaTe Jisoo: G......

  • Bruno Oliveira

    Bruno Oliveira

    8 days ago

    Jisoo is só Cute 💕

  • Yuyu D.

    Yuyu D.

    8 days ago

    Lisa is my gf but she doesn't know yet

  • SUP Angel

    SUP Angel

    3 days ago


  • Jasmin Kate Ranalan

    Jasmin Kate Ranalan

    8 days ago

    21M followers for Lisa 🎉🎉

  • ali ab

    ali ab

    9 days ago

    Rose speakes english better then all of the blackpink squad

  • Assia Aiicy

    Assia Aiicy

    10 days ago

    Why does jennie look soooo uncomfortable

  • Shouq H

    Shouq H

    10 days ago

    About what they talking about ?😂

  • Aisling Draconicus

    Aisling Draconicus

    10 days ago

    "you guys are my favorite kpop group" all of them: (melt) :') aww

  • Yoongi’s Hoe

    Yoongi’s Hoe

    10 days ago

    Woah Rosès voice is deeper than I thought ,how did I not realise this before

  • AquaSanitē제정신


    10 days ago

    What Jennie said was so meaningful.... “We were pressured but once I got on the stage, screw it I just enjoyed my self and showed myself” *it’s not what she exactly said but it’s mostly what she means* Not hating about Korea but you have to be perfect on stage and try your best. America you can express your true self and enjoy.

  • sabri b

    sabri b

    10 days ago

    The other guy was literally a blink I would have loved to hear more questions from him cus he clearly knows what he's asking lol

  • sabri b

    sabri b

    10 days ago

    Like I'm sure he didn't read something like Zach did on just a weekend, he was having like..a lovely talk with his faves

  • R3ap3r


    11 days ago

    Rose.... are you healthy? Your legs are skinny af

  • Lii juu

    Lii juu

    11 days ago


  • kenzie parker

    kenzie parker

    11 days ago

    god jisoo is so cute i can’t!!!😍

  • cant think of a name

    cant think of a name

    11 days ago

    20:10 Chaeyoung being a child of god

  • agust diccc

    agust diccc

    12 days ago

    see when u don't right ur own song

  • Gio Villaver

    Gio Villaver

    12 days ago

    i actually watched the whole thing🥵🥴

  • Chingbe Blanco

    Chingbe Blanco

    12 days ago

    Hi. Jennie. How r you

  • mariz herana

    mariz herana

    12 days ago

    I love the interviewer, he is well informed and do his research properly. Im not sure if he is a fan but i like that he listen to all bp songs

  • HitStep08


    13 days ago

    Bruh.. they’re SO SO SO fking lucky to have Rose especially with these English interviews.. bruh they’d be so screwed without her 😂😂

  • K-POP videos

    K-POP videos

    13 days ago

    5:20,5:38 omg cuteee 😂😂😻😻😻

  • Jennie is BAE

    Jennie is BAE

    13 days ago

    was Rose speak her Australian accent ?

  • Kiki the Freaky

    Kiki the Freaky

    13 days ago

    Zach: And I saw some of your acting Jennie: 👀 Jisoo: *nooo*

  • AvaPlaysRoblox


    13 days ago

    Talk Time Jennie: 30 Percent Lisa: 15 Percent Jisoo: 5 Percent ( I’m Sorry Qween) Rosé:50 Percent

  • bay one

    bay one

    14 days ago

    Make moment sweeet film lis

  • monster nynks

    monster nynks

    14 days ago

    Accent is super ..I love the way Jennie talk english Oh jisoo I want to be with you

  • Qimydanial


    14 days ago

    idk y but i feel zach is in love with lisa. Does anyone feel what i feel too? He always said beautiful when he ask some questions to lisa 😂

  • Honey Lyne Espedilla

    Honey Lyne Espedilla

    14 days ago

    That is their best perfomance. Coachella. 💖

  • Kitchen Power

    Kitchen Power

    14 days ago

    BLACKPINK you are interesting I LOVE YOU

  • Gotcha Biotch

    Gotcha Biotch

    14 days ago

    Is it just me or is lisa's voice so satisfying and amazing

  • Sofie Miera

    Sofie Miera

    14 days ago

    Jisoo's "I'm fine" was so soft YG we need an ASMR channel ASAP

  • Jessica


    14 days ago

    Black pink was my first introduction to k pop, sorry bts

  • Mini Muze

    Mini Muze

    14 days ago

    I'm new to Blackpink and I'm in love with these ladies

  • jorsé parkson

    jorsé parkson

    15 days ago

    18:49 jennie's face is soooooo damn BEAUTIFUL 🙄😂😂😂😂

  • The downward spiral

    The downward spiral

    15 days ago

    its funny/nice how whenever a kpop group gets to america they make sure to feed them :P

  • Phoeuk Sok

    Phoeuk Sok

    15 days ago

    How are you?

  • Phoeuk Sok

    Phoeuk Sok

    15 days ago

    Hello! Jan

  • nahida Abrar

    nahida Abrar

    15 days ago

    Jisoo is like yes yes☺

  • phenomenal 25s

    phenomenal 25s

    15 days ago

    Top personality in particular order. Lisa: She is so humble and co-operative and give chance to the less popular to speak. Jisoo: reserved and classy. Jennie: knows a lot but prefer not to be noisy. Rose: blah blah blah blah why is her face that long .. didn't notice her elongated face in her mvs

  • Michelle Spector

    Michelle Spector

    15 days ago

    Zach asked the questions EVERYONE wants to know! Great interview! Subscribed!



    15 days ago

    4:45 damn rosie got LEGS.

  • xXGacha CookieXx

    xXGacha CookieXx

    16 days ago

    Rose you sing beautiful

  • Jelly Cats

    Jelly Cats

    16 days ago

    I wish Blackpink had more involvement with the writing process. I'd love to see what they're capable of. I'd love them to have more freedom with their music

  • Jisoo,Jennie Lalisa,Rosé

    Jisoo,Jennie Lalisa,Rosé

    16 days ago

    When you forget that BLACKPINK is all over the legal drinking age and I’m like wait what

  • 02superkid


    17 days ago

    i'm surprised lisa can speak english very well..and her voice is different compared to when she is singing or rapping

  • Cher Pasion

    Cher Pasion

    17 days ago

    8:13 they're literally so in sync

  • Aly Bernales

    Aly Bernales

    18 days ago

    I love you so much, girls!!! Ughhh

  • nat c

    nat c

    18 days ago

    27:10 pure joy on Dan's face after they said blackpink in your area

  • Olivia Beaton

    Olivia Beaton

    18 days ago

    Is it just me who is still laughing at Jennie’s face at 18:48 😂

  • Zeanne Erojo

    Zeanne Erojo

    18 days ago

    When Someone Appreciate Jisoo Me: *I Love You*

  • ney Danganan

    ney Danganan

    18 days ago

    Color blind lisa hahaha

  • Joely Matthews

    Joely Matthews

    18 days ago

    5sos Stan lol so to see them obsess over Ashton is hilarious considering how much more famous they are than him 😂



    17 days ago

    Joely Matthews same

  • Alishba Asif

    Alishba Asif

    19 days ago

    I really felt so bad for Jisoo because she didn't get to speak much. I wish she knew english.

  • Anderson Teixeira

    Anderson Teixeira

    19 days ago

    omg they are perfect!

  • yazidau


    19 days ago

    Please tell me, who are they from left to the right

  • Hannah Myers

    Hannah Myers

    18 days ago

    yazidau jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa.

  • Lunaes Msp

    Lunaes Msp

    19 days ago

    Nobody: That guy to Lisa: beautiful

  • nikograe jcolonia

    nikograe jcolonia

    19 days ago

    Confident Rose😊 Jennie is so pretty and talented💓

  • Exotic Gamer YT

    Exotic Gamer YT

    19 days ago

    "Why did u do it?" Rosé: "Causs my dad told me to."

  • flower queen

    flower queen

    19 days ago

    I feel like Wendy aka wengie should join BLACKPINK like she goes perfectly with them! I LOVE BLACKPINK 😘😘😘 Like if you think wengie should be part of BLACKPINK and if BLACKPINK is the best 👇

  • Dwi Auliya

    Dwi Auliya

    20 days ago

    Waw, i love u guys. Keep fighting!

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