Blake Shelton - God's Country (Official Music Video)


Blake Shelton - God's Country (Official Music Video)
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Warner Music Nashville’s Blake Shelton is a country music heavyweight with over 25 #1 hit songs like “God Gave Me You”, “Boys 'Round Here”, “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking”, “Honey Bee” and “I’ll Name The Dogs”. His iconic catalog also includes 6 #1 albums such as Red River Blue, Bringing Back The Sunshine, If I’m Honest and Texoma Shore. A celebrated singer, songwriter, musician and coach of Team Blake on hit TV show “The Voice”, Blake has redefined what it means to be an entertainment superstar. And if that weren’t enough, Blake also dabbles in the finer things by way of his Ole Red bar and restaurants, inspired by hit song "Ol' Red", and his award-winning Smithworks vodka. With every turn, Blake continues to expand his own and country music's horizons.

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  • The GodKing

    The GodKing

    6 minutes ago

    Listened to this song about 40th time in a row and absolutley love the backup singers killing it such a powerful song gives me chills everytime I hear it

  • Matthew Zivanov

    Matthew Zivanov

    9 minutes ago

    Hears this on the radio months ago. Most country shit i ever heard lol

  • G. Patton

    G. Patton

    Hour ago

    God's country! America!

  • Edward Crawford

    Edward Crawford

    Hour ago

    This is same cat who was on American Idol or something? Didn't see that coming. Well played Ole Boy f'in nailed it.

  • Napo317


    Hour ago

    Thanks for everybody who served. These colors don't run.

  • Craig McDonald

    Craig McDonald

    Hour ago


  • Troy Anderson

    Troy Anderson

    Hour ago

    Apparently that was the Devil's tractor?

  • Troy Anderson

    Troy Anderson

    2 hours ago

    Nice Chevrolet product placement.

  • Three Legends

    Three Legends

    2 hours ago

    so good

  • isskamm 41

    isskamm 41

    2 hours ago

    awe man not the tractor

  • Matthew F.

    Matthew F.

    3 hours ago

    This isn't Gus Johnson 😤

  • Timothy Hackley

    Timothy Hackley

    3 hours ago

    Im a metal fan and this song is badass

  • Destiny Lash’a

    Destiny Lash’a

    3 hours ago

    Wow okay Blake

  • Adam Kowalski

    Adam Kowalski

    3 hours ago

    WTF? Why did he burn down a tractor?

  • King Michael4ngel0

    King Michael4ngel0

    3 hours ago

    Hardy’s song

  • Alex Munoz

    Alex Munoz

    3 hours ago

    God's country I think not

  • Chris Paul

    Chris Paul

    3 hours ago

    This man is a legend to country music

  • Pokey Styles

    Pokey Styles

    4 hours ago

    Sitting back in the 40 on the muddy riverside, getting baptized in holy-water and shine, with the dogs running! Been there an done that. Blake doing the DAWG!

  • Kristal Price

    Kristal Price

    4 hours ago

    Finally Blake made a good song

  • Pamela Perrigo

    Pamela Perrigo

    4 hours ago


  • Ott Gavras

    Ott Gavras

    4 hours ago

    Really like this song Blake 👍🏻

  • powersports62


    4 hours ago

    "Ol Red" Blake is back??? Never thought I'd hear that sound from him again but damn is it refreshing to hear!

  • Kristy Bohaczek

    Kristy Bohaczek

    4 hours ago

    Dear Blake Shelton I love your music my two favorite songs are gods country’s and ol red I love you and your music I am 12 years old and I want to perform on the voice and sing gods country.

  • X1 Gen KaneshiroX

    X1 Gen KaneshiroX

    5 hours ago

    This would go great with TWD video game without the lyrics with the great rhythm or with the lyrics if you like.

  • Keelin Humble

    Keelin Humble

    5 hours ago

    This is the new "country boy can survive"

  • Lars Naslund

    Lars Naslund

    5 hours ago

    Bout time a country singer give grace from where he makes his money

  • Patrick Saxon

    Patrick Saxon

    5 hours ago

    Atheists needs to listen to this song and accept that America is a Christian nation and was founded on Christianity!

  • Jeff Mitchell

    Jeff Mitchell

    5 hours ago

    this is the first song of his that he sounds angry in. I love it!

  • Paola Landero

    Paola Landero

    5 hours ago

    is this song meant for God ??

  • Angela Crimm

    Angela Crimm

    6 hours ago

    Love this song!!

  • Olivia Marshall

    Olivia Marshall

    6 hours ago

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!💓💓💓💓💓

  • WhiteLilacc


    6 hours ago


  • Jamie Vittore

    Jamie Vittore

    6 hours ago

    I love you 💜

  • Kris Wood

    Kris Wood

    6 hours ago

    Love Blake he seems very nice and I fricked when he proformed this song on the voice.



    6 hours ago

    gods country



    6 hours ago

    dog runing

  • Llama Entertainment

    Llama Entertainment

    6 hours ago

    So who’s gonna play this behind some red dead footage?

  • Dale Reynolds

    Dale Reynolds

    6 hours ago

    No; this is our country. No god has anything to do with it.

  • FullOutStrikes


    6 hours ago

    this song is not gonna get old this is about my 47 time hearing it

  • Shane Morris

    Shane Morris

    6 hours ago

    Love the Tune Like & Subscribed.

  • Alyssa Claire

    Alyssa Claire

    7 hours ago

    I love this song

  • SKULL Clan

    SKULL Clan

    7 hours ago

    Best country song ever country Music should be like this

  • Met AlliCa

    Met AlliCa

    7 hours ago

    The greatest song of his entire career.

  • Somebody lol

    Somebody lol

    7 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Shawn Chadwick

    Shawn Chadwick

    8 hours ago

    Why burn a perfectly good Oliver????? Damn.

  • Tim z

    Tim z

    8 hours ago

    Good song , but why set an Oliver tractor on farmer ?

  • Levithan 1

    Levithan 1

    8 hours ago

    I Saw the Light

  • Jeff Haynes

    Jeff Haynes

    8 hours ago

    Let's just chalk this up and we will just say this is the ANTHEM of 2019

  • Gaingster Kidd

    Gaingster Kidd

    9 hours ago

    When you're an atheist yet you enjoy listening to a song about praying to God...on repeat. That's how good this song is.

  • Milissa Mackenzie

    Milissa Mackenzie

    9 hours ago

    Love this song

  • garry Carroll

    garry Carroll

    9 hours ago

    I love god's coyntry we turn the dirt until the works done baptised wjere the dogs runnin

  • Eric Delvalle

    Eric Delvalle

    9 hours ago

    This is one badass song but everybody's failed to mention how Kick-Ass the video was to

  • Gokay Bayazit

    Gokay Bayazit

    9 hours ago

    Great Job.

  • Lu505bigcheif 2s

    Lu505bigcheif 2s

    9 hours ago

    Dush bag...dis native country....

  • Wanda Schneidtmiller

    Wanda Schneidtmiller

    10 hours ago

    New favorite song

  • Guilherme Gomes

    Guilherme Gomes

    10 hours ago


  • Trevor Seines

    Trevor Seines

    11 hours ago

    GRITTY, BLUESEY, SUFFICIENTLY RAW and only slightly overproduced.....almost perfect country

  • Olivia Wise

    Olivia Wise

    11 hours ago

    I’m not a big Blake Shelton fan I love some of his songs but besides saviors shadow this one is definitely my favorite I’m so in love and obsessed with this song

  • Mary Cannaday

    Mary Cannaday

    11 hours ago

    Not really in to country but this song is really really awesome I love it😍♥️♥️ I Love you Blake

  • Jacquelyn Hicks

    Jacquelyn Hicks

    11 hours ago

    So so so So good!!😄👍

  • William Reed

    William Reed

    11 hours ago

    Blake is dal9 good ..even try make son with kid 🎸

  • Tom Berry

    Tom Berry

    11 hours ago

    I just heard this from big buck 98.1

  • Coltyn Wright

    Coltyn Wright

    12 hours ago

    Just listened to this 8 times today

  • Kali Naasz

    Kali Naasz

    12 hours ago




    12 hours ago

    Blake shelton is my dad.

  • chase Hefflefinger

    chase Hefflefinger

    13 hours ago

    I love this song!

  • Lucas Stoodley

    Lucas Stoodley

    13 hours ago

    gods country burned?

  • Matteo Simonetti

    Matteo Simonetti

    13 hours ago

  • Ash


    13 hours ago

    I want this played at my funeral..

  • chancejolena purkey

    chancejolena purkey

    13 hours ago

    This country music

  • Bently the Labrador

    Bently the Labrador

    13 hours ago

    This is easily my favorite songs go Blake

  • n o s p a c e s NOCAPS

    n o s p a c e s NOCAPS

    14 hours ago

    I normally dont like country but this is good

  • Teodora Ghita

    Teodora Ghita

    14 hours ago

    this has a feel of a little bit of rock, too. I like the combination.

  • Collin Holycross

    Collin Holycross

    14 hours ago

    This is God’s country

  • Dude Man

    Dude Man

    15 hours ago

    This is the perfect song if you own a farm or work on one

  • Fortnite king Formula

    Fortnite king Formula

    15 hours ago

    You make my day

  • ThatzSimplee


    15 hours ago

    is it weird i like this song? and im black?

  • Brad Romans

    Brad Romans

    15 hours ago

    Bro I'm gonna break this repeat button. Lmao

  • Dustin Tindall

    Dustin Tindall

    16 hours ago

    The amount of emotions he shows is giving me chills

  • Alma Komi

    Alma Komi

    13 hours ago

    Dustin Tindall he kills it

  • 李东东


    16 hours ago

    mark,great song!

  • Madison Ellis

    Madison Ellis

    16 hours ago


  • ShouldaBoughtAChevy


    16 hours ago

    Hes even driving a Chevy

  • Jay TX

    Jay TX

    17 hours ago

    I listen to rock mostly, not into country really but this song popped up as an ad on a video I selected and Wow! I love this. 🙌

  • Mark Benedetto

    Mark Benedetto

    17 hours ago

    This song is gas🔥

  • Zach Sacks

    Zach Sacks

    17 hours ago

    I wold love to see this song sang by someone with a deeper voice

  • B Rochester

    B Rochester

    18 hours ago

    Not into country at all but I really like this song! Way to go Blake

  • Hazel Grey Valentine

    Hazel Grey Valentine

    18 hours ago

    this farmer is tearin' up, dang it Blake :)

  • Tom Witham

    Tom Witham

    18 hours ago

    this is not gods country

  • White Rabbit

    White Rabbit

    19 hours ago

    This is so good.

  • TiềU PhU

    TiềU PhU

    20 hours ago


  • Doug Stump

    Doug Stump

    20 hours ago

    Best song ever. Can't stop listening to it!!

  • Mohammad Vahidi

    Mohammad Vahidi

    21 hour ago

    Johnny cash is proud

  • Halle Burch

    Halle Burch

    21 hour ago

    This is the best song that you have ever sang good job 👏👍

  • Dean Brooks

    Dean Brooks

    21 hour ago

    Blake shelton is a legend

  • Schuriken


    22 hours ago

    Fantastic production. Gospel meets Country.

  • John Anderson

    John Anderson

    Day ago

    This songs really speaks to you. My favorite of Blake's songs

  • Jennifer Faith

    Jennifer Faith

    Day ago

    Okay, does nobody else hear nickelback? This style is very reminiscent of them to me.

  • Janis Marie

    Janis Marie

    Day ago

    Damn what a awesome song. Blake you did it again..🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Robyn Norton

    Robyn Norton

    Day ago

    This should be Donald trumps theme song!👐🙏☝😊

  • Michelle Laidlaw

    Michelle Laidlaw

    Day ago

    I'm so in love with this it brings me back to country music

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