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Bon Appétit’s Brad Leone is back for episode 47 of “It’s Alive,” and this time he’s making focaccia bread with Samin Nosrat, author and host of “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat.” Join Brad and Samin as they bake bread, explore alternate show titles, and agree that you can never have too much olive oil.

Edited by Matt Hunziker

Join Bon Appétit test kitchen manager, Brad Leone, on a wild, roundabout and marginally scientific adventure exploring fermented foods and more. From cultured butter and kombucha, to kimchi and miso, to beer and tepache, learn how to make fermented and live foods yourself.

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Brad Makes Focaccia Bread with Samin Nosrat | It's Alive | Bon Appétit


  • SoilentGr33n


    33 minutes ago

    You should get Josh the chef from Good Mythical Morning on the show. He's another fermentation geek from a great USdownload show, and super funny too.

  • Anastasia Rigney

    Anastasia Rigney

    Hour ago

    Brilliant. Best laugh I’ve had in a good while I can’t stop smiling, I love this show, please keep it coming !

  • Nocure92


    Hour ago

    Her voice is painful

  • Sreekanth Narayanaswamy

    Sreekanth Narayanaswamy

    2 hours ago

    Here is a challenge.. Can you find someone who doesn't like Brad?

  • A Rose

    A Rose

    2 hours ago

    Did Samin say Bradical?

  • Ummm ok

    Ummm ok

    3 hours ago


  • HipsterTRAsh


    3 hours ago

    This episode was amazing!!! Samin is such a gem

  • Bradlee297


    3 hours ago

    Too much waiting

  • Mishma Lubabi

    Mishma Lubabi

    3 hours ago

    Did they brine the second one??

  • Taylor Flanders

    Taylor Flanders

    4 hours ago

    I love whoever writes people's titles "concerned friend" "chief snacker"

  • TheTimeTraveler2025


    4 hours ago

    She is so cute

  • Hillary Wamble

    Hillary Wamble

    4 hours ago

    this is a delightful meeting of minds 💛

  • Rannie L

    Rannie L

    4 hours ago

    Omg I’m so happy it’s back to normal fun!!! Not so serious! Just happy with emoji, fun sounds, and laugher!

  • sweet outcaster

    sweet outcaster

    4 hours ago


  • T Killa

    T Killa

    5 hours ago

    Godly Edits!

  • BR G

    BR G

    5 hours ago

    I want a WHOLE SHOW of them together, this is one of the best yall have ever done

  • Connor McCardle

    Connor McCardle

    5 hours ago

    this has to be one of the greatest episodes ever! Brad and a female version of Brad, absolutely amazing! Need her back for another episode!

  • Kyle Nguyen

    Kyle Nguyen

    5 hours ago

    "Listen either those go or I do" Vinne how dare you

  • Kyle Nguyen

    Kyle Nguyen

    5 hours ago

    What an amazing duo

  • sean l

    sean l

    5 hours ago

    Please let Brad know the fastest diving bird is the Peregrine falcon

  • Ellen Everitt

    Ellen Everitt

    5 hours ago

    The EAGLE😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jessica Rodriguez

    Jessica Rodriguez

    5 hours ago

    My fav episode so far she was so humble and understood your humor. AWESOME VID GUYS

  • Sergio Cueva

    Sergio Cueva

    5 hours ago

    Damn marge simpson exists in real life

  • Iniya Vendan

    Iniya Vendan

    6 hours ago


  • •L Powers

    •L Powers

    6 hours ago

    This is a great ep, forgot how much I loved the editing in these, plus Samin and Brad just hilarious!

  • C Fitzell

    C Fitzell

    6 hours ago

    she is the female Brad

  • Hannah Murphy

    Hannah Murphy

    6 hours ago

    I just made focaccia with this recipe (it was my first time making it) and it came out amazing!! love this episode and the series!!

  • neeqs


    6 hours ago

    this was literally the best episode. I am so happy right now.

  • Rachel Frumkin

    Rachel Frumkin

    6 hours ago

    I love Samin! She is so adorable. I love how chill she is.

  • LisPls


    7 hours ago

    Sulfat acid YEET

  • ana cat

    ana cat

    7 hours ago

    why is brad the garret watts of cooking

  • Chloé Wallace

    Chloé Wallace

    10 hours ago

    I'd love a Samin and Claire video. Samin is my absolute favorite!

  • littleviolagirl


    11 hours ago

    Love Samin! Can we have her every week!! On a side note, can BA use eco-friendly alternatives to cling wrap? Like tea towels with a rubber band or wax paper? We all need to start using less plastic wherever we can.

  • Levi Villars

    Levi Villars

    13 hours ago

    scrolled down about a thousand comments and didn't see this brought up: she was clearly joking when she said brad/BA paid her $20k to do a focacia video, right? I mean, damn. If she did, good on her, because she's obviously worked hard to get where she is today. Not any old scrub can get a netflix series. If not (which is what I'm betting), still good for her for having a great time with one of my favorite youtube channels. Talk about a crossover episode!

  • Anwar Salem

    Anwar Salem

    13 hours ago

    one of the best episodes I have ever watched in Bon Appétit videos 💖😭👌🏻 I love Samin Spirit ❤️😍and Brad, of course, he is the best 🥰🧡+ I learned a lot and laughed a lot 😂😂thank you guys Keep up the hard work

  • Arham Abedin

    Arham Abedin

    13 hours ago

    horrible recipe lol, poor outcome should be ashamed of putting out recipe for biscuit

  • Kendrick Kelly

    Kendrick Kelly

    17 hours ago

    "I will name her Squeaky, and I will hug her, and pet her, and squeeze her" ...

  • Rudi Candaza

    Rudi Candaza

    18 hours ago

    "I feel like I'm breaking some of the air bubbles." "But we're gonna let it rise again, so anything that comes out will come back." "Like Jesus..." "Yeah, like Jesus." Hahaha!

  • Cheeseburger Says

    Cheeseburger Says

    20 hours ago

    Brad, please marry her so she can be in every episode with you!!

  • Kathleen McCauley

    Kathleen McCauley

    20 hours ago

    chris' aggressive obsession with the mustard is so pure.

  • Kathleen McCauley

    Kathleen McCauley

    20 hours ago


  • nnnooppee


    20 hours ago

    The most wholesome episode of an already very wholesome show

  • Oliver Dobson

    Oliver Dobson

    Day ago

    The steering wheel hehe

  • joltuk


    Day ago

    This was incredible.

  • Dan Hoke

    Dan Hoke

    Day ago

    That was so delightful.

  • Nathan Ryan

    Nathan Ryan

    Day ago

    Somebody may have already done this, but I wanted to try this recipe so I went through and tried my best to get it down. I’ll paste it below for anyone else who wants it. Ligurian Focaccia By Samin Nosrat from Salt Fat Acid Heat and Brad Leone from It’s Alive * 600g (2 1/2 c) lukewarm water * 1/2 tsp active dry yeast * 15g (2 1/5 tsp) honey * 800g (5 1/3 c) all purpose flour * 2 tbsp (18g) kosher salt * 1/4 c (50g) extra-virgin olive oil, plus more for the pan and for coating * 80g (1/3 c) water * 1 1/2 tsp (5g) kosher salt * Flaky salt 1. Sprinkle yeast onto the water in a small bowl and add honey, then set aside. 2. Place flour in a large bowl and mix in the salt. Add the water and yeast mixture and mix until a shaggy dough forms. Add the olive oil and continue kneading until the dough is soft and cohesive. Place in an oiled bowl twice the size of the dough, cover with plastic wrap and let rise at room temperature for 12 to 14 hours. 3. Coat the bottom of a half sheet pan with more olive oil, and carefully, without agitating the dough too much, transfer the dough from the bowl to the pan. Gently coax the dough so that it fills the pan. Drizzle a little bit more oil over the top of the dough and let sit for about 30 minutes. 4. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, mix the water and kosher salt until salt is dissolved. With slightly oiled hands, dimple the dough with fingers at a gentle angle until the entire surface is covered in dimples. Then, pour the brine onto the dough evenly. Finish with a drizzle of olive oil. Let sit for an indeterminate amount of time, likely 15 to 30 minutes to allow brine to absorb. Sprinkle with flaky salt. 5. Preheat oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden and crispy. Remove from pan and let cool on rack. Bon appétit!

  • Melanie Hodge

    Melanie Hodge

    Day ago

    I think I peed my pants watching these two...I loved it. Best show ever!

  • Martin Underwood

    Martin Underwood

    Day ago

    perfection. I love Samin and the banter and chaos between the two of them is perfect.

  • NickSolly


    Day ago

    Samin seeing Carla, running over, and embracing her with a hug is a top 10 Bon Appetit moment.

  • Marijn L.

    Marijn L.

    Day ago

    This is the best BEST episode in some time. The humor between them and especially the editing: TOP NOTCH! great work.

  • Bryan Kim

    Bryan Kim

    Day ago

    The editing is like 50% of the video lmaoo give the editor a raise!!

  • Froggy Pope

    Froggy Pope

    Day ago

    I can relate to Samin's voice

  • Nathan Simon

    Nathan Simon

    Day ago

    wheres the 25,000 at?

  • Bryan


    Day ago

    Half a bottle of oil later, bread still sticks in pan. lol.

  • Rissan Slaghek

    Rissan Slaghek

    Day ago

    This is the best one yet. The bar has been set.

  • Gillian Pinniger

    Gillian Pinniger

    Day ago

    omg Miss Sue!!!! what a legend

  • That’sOneCrispSoda


    Day ago

    11:45 I’m dead

  • Ariel Sonsteng

    Ariel Sonsteng

    Day ago

    Best episode ever!!!!

  • Mindy Andres

    Mindy Andres

    Day ago

    FAAAAVORITE. EPISODE. YET! She is me if I ever met Brad or Carla!

  • EclecticNostalgia


    Day ago

    All I want in my life is to work for Bon Appétit's USdownload channel.



    Day ago

    she's good

  • Jack Frawley

    Jack Frawley

    Day ago

    Samin is so wholesome. And insightful. I love her

  • izabelaoliviablog


    Day ago

    The energy in this video is amazing!!

  • Aadin Heals

    Aadin Heals

    Day ago

    She is one of my favorite chefs of all time I love her so much

  • Elyes Ben Hamouda

    Elyes Ben Hamouda

    Day ago

    wtf is this mess??! i LOVE it!

  • Victor Kinzer

    Victor Kinzer

    Day ago

    I love this so much. Showing a failure from the best in the business is so important because it makes people feel a lot more comfortable trying failing and trying again. I know you probably just included it because honestly the dialog is hilarious, but I really think you are doing great work by producing more honest cooking content.

  • Fiona Green

    Fiona Green

    Day ago

    Best. Episode. Ever.

  • C PMc

    C PMc

    Day ago

    do u think fish taste good because its always being brined?

  • Kyle


    Day ago

    20:30 is the best seen of this video

  • Hira


    Day ago

    Watched the episode, instantly watched the show on Netflix. Samin is SO lovely and huggable - and her show was the bomb!

  • gregbythesea


    Day ago

    They should be married immediately ...

  • Lukas Hubert

    Lukas Hubert

    Day ago

    Samin has a very lovable personality, but it kinda sounds like she constantly has a sore throat..

  • Karen Wang

    Karen Wang

    Day ago

    T R A C K S NO O P Y

  • Wei. Xin.

    Wei. Xin.

    Day ago

    hahahahha it's like a disaster in the kitchen, but in a good way

  • Claire Barzan

    Claire Barzan

    Day ago

    Perfect episode

  • Phillip Marsh

    Phillip Marsh

    Day ago

    I am absolutely in love with you two! Thank you for making my day better! I WILL make this bread just so I remember how awesome this video was!!!

  • Jessica Kiriana

    Jessica Kiriana

    Day ago

    When are they getting married? 😊 match made in heaven

  • Anthony Walton

    Anthony Walton

    Day ago

    SHE IS AN I C O N !

  • Ren


    Day ago

    This is the funniest, cutest episode so far, hahaha. I’ve been non-stop smiling the whole time.

  • blahfeh


    Day ago

    Samin is so amazin! Loved the episode.

  • melaninandcurlspoppin'


    Day ago

    They look so cute together

  • Michelle Park

    Michelle Park

    Day ago

    18:21 is how I would react if I met Carla

  • Joanna Johnson

    Joanna Johnson

    Day ago

    16:33 = giggity

  • Scott.livergood


    Day ago

    the editing we all wanted. finally. Great episode!

  • belgium fan

    belgium fan

    Day ago

    More vids of these two please, I can watch them forever

  • Natalie Vuong

    Natalie Vuong

    Day ago

    This is handsdown the cutest episode. Could not stop giggling and smiling the whole time.

  • Will Newcomb

    Will Newcomb

    Day ago

    This episode was an emotional rollercoaster. Loved it.

  • Lia Smulevici

    Lia Smulevici

    Day ago

    I've never been so stressed out while watching an episode of BA, but I loved every second of it haha

  • Dixie Rose

    Dixie Rose

    Day ago

    My favorite episode by far

  • MobiusBlack


    Day ago

    Might be the funniest episode I've ever seen

  • jadzia911


    2 days ago

    I had never heard of Samin, but now I want her to be my aunt.

  • LoveRandomMusic13


    2 days ago

    Hi! 👋🏼I’ve never made bread and don’t bake that much. But this recipe seemed easy enough to make so I’m currently in the process of making this focaccia with a little garlic and herbs. Will update later on the outcome. Wish me luck! 🤞🏼 Update: Turned out Amazing! Don’t be afraid to drizzle a lot of olive oil on top when it’s finished!

  • Jakob Virgil

    Jakob Virgil

    2 days ago

    Samin and Vinnie? Did I die and go to heaven?

  • Nora M

    Nora M

    2 days ago

    I noticed Gaby's title is Test Kitchen Manager now! Congrats, Gaby!

  • Rascal W.

    Rascal W.

    2 days ago

    I'm still dreaming about that tuna sandwish she made... I was going to fix samwish but nope lol that's what it is..

  • Alyssa Kőrösi

    Alyssa Kőrösi

    2 days ago

    What a sincere episode ! Brava!

  • Rocio Rodriguez

    Rocio Rodriguez

    2 days ago

    We need more Samin

  • forevermarkel


    2 days ago

    That bowl can't come out of their paycheck, but can come out of it!

  • Karan Parikh

    Karan Parikh

    2 days ago

    Why aren't they letting our boy Brad talk to Sue

  • Jared Fuller

    Jared Fuller

    2 days ago

    This was fantastic! SO hilarious! I have a request for Brad for It's Alive, I'd like to see Dandelion wine made ('tis the season).

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