Brandon Ingram TAKES SHOTS At LeBron James On Instagram Live!


Well that didn't take long…Brandon Ingram threw shade at Lebron James in an IG live after he was sent to the Pelicans…Plus, despite landing an MVP player…Lakers upper management are realizing the deal for Davis wasn’t that well thought out. In the meantime, AD is going to be working on his acting chops…he’s been slated to join the cast of Lebrun’s Space Jam 2…are we surprised? Let’s get to the news.
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  • The Fumble

    The Fumble

    Month ago

    Ironically, the NBA Draft doesn’t ALWAYS know how to pick em… Sometimes the top picks end up being the biggest losers. We dove into the history of the draft to find the players who had the most potential but for one reason or another didn’t live up to the hype. Tell us who you think the biggest disappointment came from:

  • Big Dee

    Big Dee

    17 days ago

    men should file for sexual harassment when they see boobs and legs.

  • Ish Malik

    Ish Malik

    24 days ago

    The Fumble not Ish Malik 😂 that’s all I know ❤️💚💜

  • James Watts

    James Watts

    25 days ago

    True fact's

  • Mo Toure

    Mo Toure

    26 days ago

    Y’all are not credible, fake news



    26 days ago

    @Emanuel Riser 😭😭😭😭😭

  • McKinley Stephens

    McKinley Stephens

    2 days ago

    The fumble is the sports equivalent to CNN

  • Natalya Ufimskaya

    Natalya Ufimskaya

    4 days ago

    I am laker fan a brandon ingram fan pelinka did a horrible job why couldnt you trade kyle kuzma so then you trade a power forward for power foward

  • moe


    4 days ago

    he was saying bogus to the comment about failing his medical on purpose to not get traded BI aint tryna burn no bridges specially someone like lebron even if he felt that way about him.

  • Andros Townsend

    Andros Townsend

    6 days ago

    Please stop



    7 days ago

    I'll put whatever on the Lakers that they dont make playoffs ... Way to many EGOS.. James and Davis will be feuding by Christmas and then Davis sabotages them

  • Oscar Ramirez

    Oscar Ramirez

    7 days ago

    I hope who ever uploaded this video and the girl in it dies . Fake news is cancer like these white sellouts

  • Mark


    8 days ago

    Why’d he laugh like that tho

  • Eric Lee

    Eric Lee

    10 days ago

    BI has a chance to be great but he really needs to step up soon

  • Neek Q

    Neek Q

    13 days ago

    Love Ingram

  • John C

    John C

    14 days ago

    Fake News

  • smith lovy

    smith lovy

    16 days ago

    Just keep reporting this channel as misleading until USdownload takes it off.

  • Big Dee

    Big Dee

    17 days ago

    Men need to file for sexual harassment when they see boobs or legs



    19 days ago

    the fumble is straight bs. dont listen to anything this platform says!!

  • Rase -iwnl-

    Rase -iwnl-

    20 days ago

    Brandon Ingram just made he’ll never be as close to great as lebron he’s just a sore loser because he has to go to New Orleans hahahaha the laughing stock of the NBA🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • ninjasupersport


    20 days ago

    Dawg Ingram is trash period, that’s why they kept kuzma he a wayyyyyyyy better player.

  • Local Hero

    Local Hero

    22 days ago

    Bro I really hope that BI gets big like the Greek Freak and takes over the league, Lebron did u dirty the young Lakers dirty

  • Michael Paquette

    Michael Paquette

    22 days ago


  • dennis mels

    dennis mels

    23 days ago

    Well, the fumble sucks.....but i will take Devyn for it!

  • michael Kazz

    michael Kazz

    23 days ago

    I don't care if he was throwing shade or not. I already think LeBron is LeBogus;;)) The West is a tough conference and LeBogus and AD won't have enough to beat the top4 on the West. And, what will make this trade truly hilarious....Is if Leonard joins the Clippers. They'll jump way ahead of the Lakers. Leonard proved he can win and He doesn't need another perennial All-Star/Future hall of famer to do it with;;)) Suck on that LeBogus;;))

  • Clyde Thomas

    Clyde Thomas

    23 days ago

    Bron should put drake in the movie with klay and have a scene where they make up 😂👌

  • East Side

    East Side

    23 days ago

    Wtf they always fumble on dis channel

  • Tee J

    Tee J

    23 days ago

    More fake news...

  • Jay C

    Jay C

    23 days ago

    This is a reach for clicks!

  • Ignacio Sanchez

    Ignacio Sanchez

    23 days ago

    My baby's back ❤

  • jimi oyefeso

    jimi oyefeso

    24 days ago

    😳🤔 Soooo... Give out some fake news without doing your research.... Then tell us you didn’t do your research, and that you think the information you just gave us is false...🤨 Some of these social media platforms need to be taken away from these click-baiting wierdos bro💯

  • Daveed Highlife M

    Daveed Highlife M

    24 days ago

    This fumble is getting lame

  • Bio Enzyme Plus

    Bio Enzyme Plus

    24 days ago

    i like her Boobs... Go LAkers

  • dwayne carter

    dwayne carter

    24 days ago

    I'm sorry BUT who is Brandon Ingram? Is he a center or power forward? What team does he play on ?

  • Deandrea Harris

    Deandrea Harris

    24 days ago


  • De'Angelo Hickman

    De'Angelo Hickman

    24 days ago

    Y'all are so dumb

  • Youngn Chevy

    Youngn Chevy

    24 days ago


  • John Chujor

    John Chujor

    24 days ago

    I am pretty sure I saw Devan on pron

  • John Chujor

    John Chujor

    24 days ago

    Devan are you single?

  • Afro King

    Afro King

    25 days ago

    Read the description lmfao "LeBrun"

  • EpisodeGaming


    25 days ago


  • Modified Release

    Modified Release

    25 days ago

    Wasn’t well thought out? Well well well! The Lost Angeles Lakers are what this franchise’s name should be, I mean literally, they are lost in finding the ” chemistry” to win a championship, look at the raptors, Kawhi Leonard was the spark and they were all geared up to win, where were they before, nowhere.

  • ThatBoiChris


    25 days ago

    Bruh just looking at the title I know this shit is fake news..🤦‍♂️



    25 days ago

    Im only here for Devyn Howard Cleavage. who's with me?

  • Jorge Espitia

    Jorge Espitia

    25 days ago

    She lucky look good



    25 days ago

    Awesome video

  • Chevron Shawty

    Chevron Shawty

    25 days ago

    Boy sit your lil sorry assdown lebron the goat

  • yLonnie 24

    yLonnie 24

    25 days ago

    My lakers gonna regret those trades starting on svi and zubac.

  • J&f&f Vlogzz

    J&f&f Vlogzz

    25 days ago

    Bro did fake he ain't said lebron bogus like omg

  • Drew Climer

    Drew Climer

    25 days ago

    What I would have done if Lakers trade lance Stephenson and rondo and the picks not your best point guard and Brandon fkng Ingram that kids gonna grow to be a star tall watch

  • DLOtv


    25 days ago

    Do they post anything that is true

  • Bond James Bond

    Bond James Bond

    25 days ago

    So the story is fake and you guys knew it was fake but still acted and titled the video as if it was real smh unsubbed 🤦‍♂️

  • Drowsy Donald

    Drowsy Donald

    25 days ago

    Ingram is soft and he proves it more and more

  • Timmoo


    25 days ago

    fucc this channel.

  • Atown


    25 days ago

    Ingram is salty

  • Jabez-2 goatified

    Jabez-2 goatified

    25 days ago

    Ahhh this channel is so cheeks 🤮

  • Nicholas Verando

    Nicholas Verando

    25 days ago

    with that attitude he is not going to make it let your game do the talking

  • Epic Reign Gaming

    Epic Reign Gaming

    25 days ago

    This is dumb as hell...

  • Juan Navarro

    Juan Navarro

    25 days ago

    garbage the Lakers and the movie to

  • daniel khan

    daniel khan

    25 days ago

    The fumble fell off

  • Benny Sumardy Tan

    Benny Sumardy Tan

    25 days ago

    Should I block this fumbling mumbling? Don’t really like stuff mixed with PMSes



    25 days ago

    All I see when she talks is PornHub

  • j millie

    j millie

    25 days ago

    I need ya see them titties

  • Riqo G

    Riqo G

    25 days ago

    Am i the only 1 still salty about how they did BG n replaced em with lebron.

  • YvngGoat


    25 days ago

    That wasn’t even a shot.

  • LMnTRiXiaNEvL1


    25 days ago

    Lebron and Ingram are bestfriends lol ! How can you be sure that BI14 is disrespecting LB23 ? Duhhh ! So lol haha

  • David Garcia

    David Garcia

    25 days ago

    I flag videos like these

  • Rikers El

    Rikers El

    25 days ago

    Lol, Ingram needs to get on the court. WTF he doing on social networks media.

  • Tanner Cox

    Tanner Cox

    25 days ago

    The fumble is probably the worst sports news media source on USdownload. Sounding like cnn taking a small clip and twisting it to make it news.

  • Dmnd


    25 days ago

    the food is bogus

  • tweek 3531

    tweek 3531

    25 days ago

    This is the wrong kind of internet video I'd wanna see her in

  • ramen_for_dessert


    25 days ago

    that lady has 2 dude names😂

  • JVAallday


    25 days ago

    Im unsubscribing

  • Ziggy Ziegler

    Ziggy Ziegler

    25 days ago

    fake news Bron = GOAT

  • Donald and Stephanie Blind couple

    Donald and Stephanie Blind couple

    25 days ago

    I definitely think that being in space jam two with LeBron will help Anthony’s relationship with LeBron not only off the court but on the court as well with their chemistry

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