Bronny James 1st 360 DUNK!! Bronny Gets HEATED vs Trae Young's Team! Blue Chips Put To The TEST!


Bronny James and the North Coast Blue Chips faced off against Trae Young Elite in their second game of the Made Hoops "The Warmup Event". Bronny showed us his new dunk package during warm ups too!
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  • Zaria bell

    Zaria bell

    5 hours ago

    umm that number 7 need to shake right cos i wanted to beat him up through my sceen like if u agree

  • Itsnemosavage LF GOD

    Itsnemosavage LF GOD

    6 hours ago

    The white boy for blue chips dry nasty won’t hold ya

  • Bob Jonathon

    Bob Jonathon

    6 hours ago

    My friend is number 32 and blue chips lost btw

  • Justin Dulnuan

    Justin Dulnuan

    6 hours ago

    Jahzare trash he all height. His footwork is garbage and he doesn’t jump for rebounds and plays lazy.

  • Rayhan Panatagama

    Rayhan Panatagama

    6 hours ago

    jahzarre trash af

  • Jose Rafael de Oliveira Silva

    Jose Rafael de Oliveira Silva

    7 hours ago

    Why Bronny James does not play all the game!?

  • TJ Hays

    TJ Hays

    8 hours ago

    That white boy cold

  • Tripzy TV

    Tripzy TV

    9 hours ago

    Some of bronnys team is low key ass

  • ToxicSoul YT

    ToxicSoul YT

    11 hours ago

    Overrraaatedddd player he just uses his father's name to play basketball Lebron's princess is much better than this overrated kiddo.

  • Amina Amoah

    Amina Amoah

    11 hours ago

    The niggas on trae’s team really tryna get into it with a 7 foot tall nigga that been trained with the greatest. They’re stupid 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Bltz Rob

    Bltz Rob

    12 hours ago

    Bronny and his team was off with the three’s this game

  • Mykell Strickland

    Mykell Strickland

    12 hours ago


  • It's Me Lucas From Athens

    It's Me Lucas From Athens

    13 hours ago

    its not a 360 but for his size is excellent- he is like 6.0?

  • Jimmie Ross

    Jimmie Ross

    13 hours ago

    Ong let bronny nem play them again



    14 hours ago

    #23 on Bronny team is niceee! He slept on for sure 💯

  • Kenisha Rose

    Kenisha Rose

    16 hours ago

    Refs r @$$

  • Shifty Chief

    Shifty Chief

    16 hours ago

    Blue chips point guard suck nfs😭😭

  • Savage Tristan

    Savage Tristan

    18 hours ago

    they got nba refs to play here too

  • TheGatsbyNupe


    19 hours ago

    Big Boy was a lot better last year I don't see growth in his game at all

  • Izaiah Wilkins

    Izaiah Wilkins

    21 hour ago

    Trash call by ref he never had Possession of the ball don’t call that shit

  • THE deathstroyer !!!

    THE deathstroyer !!!

    21 hour ago

    Choose.Melo or Bronny

  • Justin Blackman

    Justin Blackman

    22 hours ago

    That was a terrible call at the end tho

  • Esh Kere

    Esh Kere

    23 hours ago

    Bigass boy lookin funny af

  • Jah'de Alexander

    Jah'de Alexander

    23 hours ago

    Who was home?

  • Too good To Be True

    Too good To Be True

    23 hours ago


  • Sideline Stories Entertainment

    Sideline Stories Entertainment

    Day ago

    Bronny is improving every time I see him. I can tell he has been working.

  • Young Drippy

    Young Drippy

    Day ago

    4:52 briny traveled 4 steps

  • GoatGunner


    Day ago

    @ 0:10 bronny did nothing wrong

  • DrFormula


    Day ago

    The big white boy for Blue Chips always be standing up for his brothers, love this kid

  • Joshua Ward

    Joshua Ward

    Day ago

    this is some shitty basketball lol the refs don't even ref and they are all bias af, these kids don't even hoop hoop all they do act big and get in each others face like just play

  • Gaming with lil_Yin

    Gaming with lil_Yin

    Day ago

    Number 34 trash 🗑 he is just big and fat

  • Spicy Dank

    Spicy Dank

    Day ago

    Blue chips are overrated don’t @ me

  • Mythical Legendz

    Mythical Legendz

    Day ago

    Is bronny the away team

  • Mikaela cindy

    Mikaela cindy

    Day ago

    I wish Mikey was in there.

  • Alexis Vergas

    Alexis Vergas

    Day ago

    nr. 7 on the black team is such a pussy...

  • Kaks


    Day ago

    They got carried by that number 23

  • Lakai Robinson

    Lakai Robinson

    Day ago

    not a 360 but ok😂🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Reus Meh

    Reus Meh

    Day ago

    This ref sucked for both teams

  • JM Fun Games

    JM Fun Games

    Day ago

    Its not even 360 its even 180

  • Nagrathna S G

    Nagrathna S G

    Day ago

    Jshzare is trash

  • sam perry

    sam perry

    Day ago

    Number 23 looks like a smaller professor 😂

  • Terrell Stovall

    Terrell Stovall

    Day ago

    They center big asf

  • Zimu An

    Zimu An

    Day ago

    u call that a 360

  • Lil Shark Attack

    Lil Shark Attack

    Day ago

    Not even a 360'

  • X Breezy X

    X Breezy X

    Day ago

    Can we all agree the refs were kinda bad in this game?!

  • 8


    Day ago

    Lol that jump ball tho

  • ltssjacob Channel

    ltssjacob Channel

    Day ago

    Number 21 really cooking

  • Christopher Griffin

    Christopher Griffin

    Day ago

    0:28 Travel like his dad

  • Will beesley

    Will beesley

    Day ago

    Those refs sold

  • Clayton Washburn

    Clayton Washburn

    Day ago

    Where did he dunk

  • Jiro


    Day ago

    Big boy ain’t all that

  • Daniel Goϻez

    Daniel Goϻez

    Day ago

    That play at 2:30

  • Billy


    Day ago

    At 0:37 I laughed so hard at the side difference smh

  • Android 17

    Android 17

    Day ago

    their center ass 😭

  • Rushabh


    Day ago

    Left mans hanging at 1:13 🤣🤣

  • Manuel Basaloo

    Manuel Basaloo

    Day ago

    Bronny can't score

  • kobe kobe

    kobe kobe

    2 days ago

    What's with these skinny white kids they letting into the team



    2 days ago

    How are you gonna score 25 points in the first half with a 6'10 kid and brons son



    2 days ago

    25 point first half for the best players in the country. I hate how hyped these kids are.

  • Droze


    2 days ago

    Jahzare need to go play some football



    2 days ago

    When the d card only has 144 minutes😳😳😳

  • Jose Urbina

    Jose Urbina

    2 days ago

    Todos andavan las lebron 16 :u

  • Mooods 021

    Mooods 021

    2 days ago

    İs this game do not have shot clock violation?. . 😂 7:07, thats almost 30 sec. 8:42, but this one was the worst. 😂😂

  • Mooods 021

    Mooods 021

    Day ago

    +Alex James for real?. Hahaha What a game

  • Alex James

    Alex James

    Day ago

    there is not shot clock

  • damian gonzalez

    damian gonzalez

    2 days ago

    The Ref smoked a fat doink before the game Only explanation

  • Baran Akgul

    Baran Akgul

    2 days ago

    dude they look very small are these hoops standart height?

  • Been a wolves fan since 6/22/17

    Been a wolves fan since 6/22/17

    2 days ago

    23 has a nice shot but he needs to work on layups, and that center could probably lose a couple pounds

  • Dylan Langley

    Dylan Langley

    2 days ago


  • Dude Perfect Jr GOAT

    Dude Perfect Jr GOAT

    2 days ago

    Why isn’t trae at the game

  • Jontrell Miles

    Jontrell Miles

    2 days ago

    That 360 dunk was a travel though

  • Anthony Ball

    Anthony Ball

    2 days ago

    Dudes 300 pounds cant body some little kids

  • Anthony Ball

    Anthony Ball

    2 days ago

    The big dude needs to play football he ass

  • Christopher Carranza

    Christopher Carranza

    2 days ago

    Idk #34 is booty cakes

  • Rudolp _h

    Rudolp _h

    2 days ago

    The big guy socks

  • Diamond Wolve

    Diamond Wolve

    2 days ago

    love how Bronny just talks to the ref lol he’s just like sorry man my big man just got a little excited 😂

  • El Chapo

    El Chapo

    2 days ago

    Yo #7 on the black team is a flopper🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Fernando Ruiz

    Fernando Ruiz

    2 days ago

    They need Mikey Williams

  • Jerry Harris

    Jerry Harris

    2 days ago

    That big nigga ass

  • Khai Tenn

    Khai Tenn

    2 days ago

    We boutta act like 2:40 wasn’t tough

  • imtweakin


    2 days ago

    These refs are trash ☠️👎🏽

  • Mairead G

    Mairead G

    2 days ago

    Blue chips vs everybody for real

  • Johnny Xan

    Johnny Xan

    2 days ago

    2:40 that was smoove asf

  • Deshawn Joyner

    Deshawn Joyner

    2 days ago

    Those refs suck

  • Unkn0wn_Shxrp


    2 days ago

    Yoo tbh that number 8 for blue chips is under rated that 34 getting all the hype cause of his height?

  • James Андреев

    James Андреев

    2 days ago


  • v Fella

    v Fella

    2 days ago


  • Kingsley Walker

    Kingsley Walker

    2 days ago

    360 my ass bish

  • Thotty DaGod

    Thotty DaGod

    2 days ago

    Man them refs was doing big boy dirty...neither of those calls were charges, and that wasnt a travel either

  • 懷恩


    2 days ago

    Bruh did their team call a pick & roll once?

  • K1NG KDl

    K1NG KDl

    2 days ago

    Who’s the kid at 2:39??? That was nice as hell

  • Margirdas


    2 days ago


  • Paul Ngo

    Paul Ngo

    2 days ago

    I died at 1:10

  • Vadne Graves

    Vadne Graves

    2 days ago

    Bronny Doing 360 Dunks? Really. Wow😅 His Dad cant even Do 360 Dunks

  • Desmond Hackney Jr

    Desmond Hackney Jr

    2 days ago

    Vadne Graves it was a l80 for 1 and 2 LeBron did 360s when he was younger still can

  • Killa Keeys

    Killa Keeys

    2 days ago

    I don't know if anybody else is noticing but that basketball is small as a mf lmfaoo. That's not a regular boys ball

  • ukikomikoto lee

    ukikomikoto lee

    2 days ago

    4:02 stupid ref

  • Jake Wright

    Jake Wright

    2 days ago

    white boy a bucket

  • Ben Williams

    Ben Williams

    2 days ago

    There was no 360. Nice clickbait as usual.

  • WOLFPACK10 Garnes

    WOLFPACK10 Garnes

    2 days ago

    Horrible call

  • Ralph Yahub

    Ralph Yahub

    2 days ago

    Is the no. 16 on their enemy is lamelo ball?

  • Mar Cristian Maala

    Mar Cristian Maala

    2 days ago

    at 6:44 LeBron shout he said "FILIPINO'SSSS"

  • ArchtopNYC


    3 days ago

    Def not a 360 dunk

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