BTS Explains The True Meaning Behind “Boy With Luv”, Friendship With Shawn Mendes And More


The day before BTS hit the Saturday Night Live stage, the boys visited The Elvis Duran Show in New York City to celebrate their new EP, 'MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA.'
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  • Cadence Van Beek

    Cadence Van Beek

    5 days ago

    5:12 Okay, just take a moment to look at all of the members, and then look at Tae. He totally has that "I Don't Want To Be Here" vibe lol!

  • Unknown Gurl

    Unknown Gurl

    5 days ago

    "I got banana milk" Jungkook: *Nani WHERE*

  • Rachel Xie

    Rachel Xie

    8 days ago

    RM sounds like he's totally in love with a girl right now. hahaha "Wondering what they're eating, wonder what theyre doing, all the small petty . things..." Damn that lucky girl XD

  • Viola


    9 days ago

    Elvis: "stay the same as you’re now and you’ll continue to flying into outer space" Now NASA is actually going to play BTS's song in the outer space

  • BionicEnchantress


    15 days ago

    Am I the only one who noticed that Jungkook was nowhere to be found in that room??? I counted 6

  • TS 남준 RM 랩몬스터 B

    TS 남준 RM 랩몬스터 B

    18 days ago

    RM LOVE😭😘😍💋

  • The Falcon Nation

    The Falcon Nation

    20 days ago

    He is truly an ARMY UNCLE Elvis is hands down one of the greatest interviews they've had

  • Lexi Lin

    Lexi Lin

    21 day ago

    Thank you so much for letting them on! I was stoked to find this!!! ❤❤❤

  • Iris cambell

    Iris cambell

    23 days ago

    Great interview, thank you so much!

  • Isha phukan

    Isha phukan

    24 days ago

    💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜Wrds r nt enough to describe these legends💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • Hugo Vargas

    Hugo Vargas

    24 days ago

    Thank you sir for the interview I love them so so much

  • Kayla N.

    Kayla N.

    25 days ago

    Jhope that bilingual baby boy

  • just yoonie

    just yoonie

    29 days ago

    Suga's "Where's Namjoon, come on" at 6:33 is so cute

  • Uh Yen

    Uh Yen

    29 days ago

    guys look at jin @ 4:34 HAHAHHAHA

  • Xx Mini Grande xX

    Xx Mini Grande xX

    Month ago

    I hate how they put the flowers on the table and you couldn't even see Jungkook, I wish we could all see more of him, but Elvis was amazing with them and had great questions!

  • Ioni Marie

    Ioni Marie

    Month ago

    This guy is cool! And the rest of the group were nice people. I was smiling from ear to ear this whole interview! Thank you guys for being so sincere in your appreciation of our boys. More power to your show! Borahae!

  • Ines Bj

    Ines Bj

    Month ago


  • Shin Tae Oh

    Shin Tae Oh

    Month ago

    "Stay the same as you are now". I think my heart just melts, I'm gonna die

  • Shin Tae Oh

    Shin Tae Oh

    Month ago


  • Shin Tae Oh

    Shin Tae Oh

    Month ago

    They take everyone as their friends... Oh please these men. 😭😭

  • Shin Tae Oh

    Shin Tae Oh

    Month ago

    I love how interviewers are saying things about armys to bts. thank you so so much sir Elvis and the others. Thank you so much. We purple you. 💜💜💜

  • Mirabela0909


    Month ago

    I need this man to interview them again. Best message ever

  • Nancy Lee

    Nancy Lee

    Month ago

    Thank you for the nice interview. I began to like this gentleman!! Sense of humor, kindness, respect, great interviewer

  • nayeon be my mom

    nayeon be my mom

    Month ago

    "Hi i'm Elvis and I dress like a homeless guy" *me*

  • Jeon Chudy fangirl

    Jeon Chudy fangirl

    Month ago

    Elvis: heres a bouquet of flowers that army sent for you. Dont eat. Those are flowers. JK: DoNt eAt... in tiny voice So cuuuuute Jungkook

  • Lee YiJie

    Lee YiJie

    Month ago

    I truly appreciate hobi while he didn’t say a thing throughout the entire interview but when they talk about ARMY, he tried to use all the limited words he learnt to show his appreciation towards ARMY, he’s precious. They all improved so much when i saw that they can say the whole english passage in the concert they really worked to show their appreciation

  • Madysyne Long

    Madysyne Long

    Month ago

    JK when the banana milk came : 👁👄👁

  • chim chim mochi

    chim chim mochi

    Month ago

    This is such a good interview , I really loved how Elvis connected with all of them. He's really a very good interviewer.

  • Marwah Mor

    Marwah Mor

    Month ago

    Who else loves jimin's pink hair ?!?!

  • YouTube? That's wAck

    YouTube? That's wAck

    Month ago


  • benet '

    benet '

    Month ago

    Love banana milk

  • Joann Ataat

    Joann Ataat

    Month ago

    Nice advice. That is really Great. BTS will always be who they uniquely they are.😍😍😍

  • Jung Hoseok

    Jung Hoseok

    Month ago

    I thought there were gonna play the song?

  • Love Dechzam VLOG

    Love Dechzam VLOG

    Month ago

    I love bts. ❤

  • I still haven't found jimins jams

    I still haven't found jimins jams

    Month ago

    I cried when Namjoon read the letter

  • Georgia Cyp

    Georgia Cyp

    Month ago

    The way I love these 7 men

  • Vermilion Glittereyes

    Vermilion Glittereyes

    Month ago

    The day before I fell hopelessly in love with BTS. - 1st time I saw them.

  • Holy Water

    Holy Water

    Month ago

    I'm cringing for no reason

  • Sayuri Fukumoto

    Sayuri Fukumoto

    Month ago

    The flower cover jungkook face 😩

  • Jelly Fontanilla

    Jelly Fontanilla

    Month ago

    I really love BTS now. 😭💞😍😊

  • Jessica Joselin Pérez López

    Jessica Joselin Pérez López

    Month ago

    I loved this interview. Elvis connected with them so good and I'm enchanted with his message to them at the end

  • DarkestRuby


    Month ago

    *I love the interviewer 💜*

  • DarkestRuby


    Month ago

    "Don't eat those, those are flowers" Meanwhile Jungkook: aish I should have brought snacks! But lemme put my hands on that banana milk pack next to RM hyung .-.

  • SoKaWi


    Month ago

    Namjoon saying "Thank you, that is the best message we ever recieved" at the end, after Elvis told them to stay themselfs and they’ll continue to flying into outer space, is so cute. I love this man

  • Queen _Maria

    Queen _Maria

    Month ago

    I'm soo sa because I don't live in us or korea and I can't meet them..

  • Radhika Somani

    Radhika Somani

    Month ago

    This man and his team sure went and earned those flowers. Best interview I have seen!! 💞

  • Tania Gaspar

    Tania Gaspar

    Month ago

    Ame al locutor! 💖💖💖💖. No se mucho ingles pero lo poco que entendí me encanto, espero y tengan subtitulos pronto. Saludos desde México 😊

  • R Jaya

    R Jaya

    Month ago

    Great message for BTS.

  • Aliza Lee

    Aliza Lee

    Month ago

    I want to sincerely thank Elvis for being such a genuine and warm hearted interviewer. Thank you for letting them speak and not cutting them off and supporting them in their message of staying true to oneself.

  • Libi Schwartz

    Libi Schwartz

    Month ago

    bitch i am so sad hobi's message was so sweet i'm gonna cry i love them so much:(

  • Beatrice Joy

    Beatrice Joy

    Month ago

    I loved it

  • rinchen samdrup

    rinchen samdrup

    Month ago

    shout out to the ARMY who sent flowers. so nice of them. such a good representation of this fandom!

  • Ashley Almonte

    Ashley Almonte

    Month ago

    The flower is blocking jungkook

  • Gabrielle Espinoza

    Gabrielle Espinoza

    Month ago

    This is like the best interview I've seen! Man I really like seeing BTS being appreciated for who they are as a group and as individuals! They're so awesome!! And so is ARMY!! ARMY Fighting!!!

  • Twice TT

    Twice TT

    Month ago

    Thank you Army in USA for that flowers! You all are amazing!



    Month ago

    I feel like the interviewers really into bts And i really like it

  • Raksha Gusain

    Raksha Gusain

    Month ago

    V I love you😍😍😍😍

  • Kassy Cavero

    Kassy Cavero

    Month ago

    Namjoon respecting the history of hip hop and knowing it's birthplace in NYC, love it. Respect.

  • Elizabeth Cadieux

    Elizabeth Cadieux

    Month ago

    Jungkook: BaNaNa mIlK??????

  • Calla Delphinium

    Calla Delphinium

    Month ago

    BTS teaches us love, so we give love.

  • Taehyung Kim

    Taehyung Kim

    Month ago

    another fav interviewr. not just asking stupid questions but the important once..

  • Sireesha


    Month ago

    Why couldn't I see JK the whole time, he was only seen at the first

  • Ann Sal

    Ann Sal

    Month ago

    This guy is truly one of my favorite interviewers that the boys have had

  • Annayzv77


    Month ago

    Unrelated: Jin looks really good in this interview. The other members look good as well, but Jin stands out in this interview. Also: This interview is one of my favorites. It’s one of my top 3 with Zach Sangs at the top.

  • ohshestudies


    Month ago

    I've almost always seen Namjoon disappear into the washroom whenever an artist comes over its really funny lmao

  • girl group central

    girl group central

    Month ago


  • yuli d

    yuli d

    Month ago

    thank u so mich elvis duran... BTS 💜

  • Silver queen

    Silver queen

    Month ago

    that was a beautiful interview, thank you for having them, sending much love,

  • Haruka Hime

    Haruka Hime

    Month ago

  • M Hlib

    M Hlib

    Month ago

    I don't live in NYC but I've visited enough and I agree with namjoon when he says he loves the "mood" I don't know what it is about NYC but there's something about it that makes me want to visit often. Maybe if I lived there permanently people would tell me that I wouldn't but for now... I really love NYC. BTW Hoseok is and ENGLISH SPEAKING KING. Namjoon used the word "petty" DAMN

  • El le

    El le

    Month ago

    I wish you will interview bts always, thank you so much💜

  • ha ad

    ha ad

    Month ago

    lemme translate it 3:20 RM: yes we teach em that, our girls are so polite. That's it, Strong power thank you💃💜

  • Heart Loreno

    Heart Loreno

    Month ago


  • Ilia Harkins

    Ilia Harkins

    Month ago

    These guys are freakin awesome.

  • Chocolate Cheeks

    Chocolate Cheeks

    Month ago

    Wow. This is the most respectful interview I've ever seen. Thank you for treating our boys so well, Elvis.

  • Ziuri Tanaka

    Ziuri Tanaka

    Month ago

    V looks moodier than hot *drool*

  • wine only one

    wine only one

    Month ago

    방탄소년단 보라해

  • romi


    Month ago

    this man gets every aspect and i love him omg

  • Angeline Martinez

    Angeline Martinez

    Month ago

    RM is their translator😂

  • Katie Dorman

    Katie Dorman

    Month ago

    Poor Jungkook getting blocked by the flowers

  • #BTS army fan

    #BTS army fan

    Month ago

    The anchor, co-anchors and staff are obviously star-stracked, our boys probably looks stunning in person

  • #BTS army fan

    #BTS army fan

    Month ago

    "Your fans, the ARMY sents us flowers for having you guys here, this has NEVER happened before with any artists" [Proud ARMY here]

  • SummerDew


    Month ago

    love this interview. but i didnt get to see jungkook throughout the videoooo =[

  • s.e.d.


    Month ago

    0:46 .. just gonna wait for someone to gif tae and use it for a y/n story about a new boy walking into class and making awkward eye contact

  • blooies


    Month ago

    thanks for bringing them in elvis!!!! ❤️

  • diksha rawat

    diksha rawat

    Month ago

    My j hope u hobi 😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  • 세라


    Month ago

    *elvis saying to not eat the flowers and jungkook repeating “don’t... eat...” in tiny*

  • Bts Jimin

    Bts Jimin

    Month ago

    What day is this? Namjoon: *completely dismissing the question* our album-

  • jeonbuns


    Month ago

    I listen to this guy on the radio, and he’s hilarious! Seeing him with bts makes me so happy, and he doesn’t ask stupid questions 🥰

  • Mochi Min Yoongi

    Mochi Min Yoongi

    Month ago

    4:38 “maybe soldier field in Chicago.”... uhm RM I hope so I bought those tickets 😂

  • Prwley Ghost Official

    Prwley Ghost Official

    Month ago

    omg Jhope IM dying the feels!!!

  • Narae Kim

    Narae Kim

    Month ago

    호석오빠 영어 겁나게 늘은거 보세요 여러분 ㅠㅠ

  • gigigigi gagagaga

    gigigigi gagagaga

    Month ago

    This is the best english interview i've watched so far.

  • Leony


    Month ago

    BTS has opened a way for all K-Pop band to promote themselves at US & Asia, some of them were thanked to BTS who has paved that way for them.

  • 미나


    Month ago


  • uri magicshop

    uri magicshop

    Month ago

    Idk whyy but I cried when RM read the letter sent by Armys together with the flowers for the show😢💖 i love this fam so muuch💜

  • Haya Ahmed

    Haya Ahmed

    Month ago

    Interviewer: What day is this? RM: our new album just released like 2 hours ago.

  • finessejoon


    Month ago

    4:22 “we gonn be” namjoon snjsjsnjs ily but idk what to think about this

  • Jacqueline Rogers

    Jacqueline Rogers

    Month ago

    That was the best interviewer with BTS that I have seen. Love his genuine concern for them and offering them with advice.

  • joonies titties

    joonies titties

    Month ago


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