Calvin Ridley Surprises Fans In Atlanta | Pepsi


Check out what happened when we partnered with Kroger and Atlanta's Calvin Ridley to deliver Pepsi to unsuspected fans.
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  • YankeesFan99


    25 days ago

    I like both Pepsi and Coke but mostly Pepsi

  • R Rowe

    R Rowe

    3 months ago

    You really paid a criminal millions after she publicly admitted to drugging and robbing black men ? #SurvivingCardiB

  • four Office

    four Office

    4 months ago

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  • Bøøger Mcfarland

    Bøøger Mcfarland

    4 months ago

    Dis manz look like Donald Glover

  • Hugo m

    Hugo m

    5 months ago

    Team Pepsi !

  • R HJLoveJones 24/7

    R HJLoveJones 24/7

    5 months ago

    Always nice to see a Pepsi commercial during the Super Bowl!

  • ActressTiJuanMosley


    6 months ago

    @Pepsi great commercial! I wish they could have used my footage as well as my name. Next time 😊

  • John Powell

    John Powell

    Month ago

    They suck

  • JoAnna Aldridge-Wilson

    JoAnna Aldridge-Wilson

    5 months ago

    @ActressTiJuanMosley Thank you TiJuan!

  • ActressTiJuanMosley


    5 months ago

    @JoAnna Aldridge-Wilson yeah. I was super excited then 😞 you were great by the way.

  • JoAnna Aldridge-Wilson

    JoAnna Aldridge-Wilson

    5 months ago

    I noticed it was your name and MY footage.

  • Christopher Yang

    Christopher Yang

    6 months ago

    Would've been worthy if they made the SuperBowl smh 🙄

  • SportsLiveInTheAtl


    6 months ago

    Pepsi is coming to Atlanta for The SB OH Joy..WHO cares If the Falcons are not in it

  • A sad falcons Fan

    A sad falcons Fan

    6 months ago

    SportsLiveInTheAtl but what if the saints are in it

  • Кактус


    6 months ago

    Pepsi куласс

  • Jason Lima

    Jason Lima

    6 months ago


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