Car VS Semi Crash!!! Code 3 Response

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Responding Code in the Rotator to a car VS Semi crash, then recovering & towing the Semi. Thanks for watching and God bless. Follow the link for special pricing on the Guardian Angel Elite seen in this video. You can also use Coupon Code: 122CLIP)


  • waltman333


    21 hour ago

    Wow, you are so organized and really know your stuff! You have almost as many instruments in your truck like a cockpit on an aircraft. This is one heck of a video, thanks, Walt in Miami

  • Tice Yawn

    Tice Yawn

    Day ago

    I like that “I got body pa... TRUCK body parts in the ditch” 😂

  • Patricia Griswold

    Patricia Griswold

    7 days ago

    Do you mind if I ask, who pays for the tow? Is the truck driver, the. State Police or the driver at fault?

  • Jeanette Frantz

    Jeanette Frantz

    10 days ago

    Ron, the Arkansas River flooded through Oklahoma and Arkansas. I have a sister in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and another sister in Claremore, OK, close to Tulsa. There's really been some bad floods all over. Hope it stops the flooding soon. The way the truck driver talks, he feels pretty much like I do, but I'm not a professional driver. It doesn't matter one whit whose fault an accident might be -- it would still hurt me dreadfully if someone was injured because of an accident in which I was involved. God Bless!

  • Gray Beard RC

    Gray Beard RC

    10 days ago

    How much horsepower does the tator have? It pulled that loaded trailer out of the median & didn’t even break a sweat.

  • Jeanette Frantz

    Jeanette Frantz

    10 days ago

    Thank God the driver is not hurt. He really had the hand of God on that truck and trailer.

  • Jeanette Frantz

    Jeanette Frantz

    10 days ago

    P.S. It appears that no one was seriously injured, so I'm also thankful for that!

  • kingkobra


    12 days ago

    Never heard a tow truck with a police siren very handy it's those damn four-wheelers out of the way also that woman should be charged for negligence because that's what would happen to the truck driver

  • 05crrt


    13 days ago

    A wrecker, with a Siren? Uh hell I've seen it all now

  • Romeo Impraseuth

    Romeo Impraseuth

    13 days ago

    Blessed to see another day. That’s what it’s all about

  • RAWCurves101


    14 days ago

    After watching this, I wanna be a heavy-duty tow truck driver

  • RAWCurves101


    14 days ago

    A tow truck with sirens is a new one for me

  • HowToMine


    15 days ago

    Since when does a tow truck get to use lights and sirens to pass traffic

  • Colin R6

    Colin R6

    18 days ago

    What state is this? I’m a AAA tow truck driver, work for the state police too.. Our truck can’t run red and blue, nor have sirens. Can only use amber light, and obviously the air horn. Which sucks because when you’re trying to get out to an accident in standstill traffic it kinda sucks. Haha

  • Sean Davis -245/106

    Sean Davis -245/106

    18 days ago

    Lights and siren on a tow truck 😂😂

  • hobosloveham ethan

    hobosloveham ethan

    18 days ago

    I'm from this area never knew there was a youtube channel like this in my area

  • RhiaBlack


    19 days ago

    Man that's a hell of a nice Rotator! And that poor driver, even though it wasn't his fault, company he's driving for may still fire him. A lot of companies have a zero tolerance, your fault or not ;-;.

  • Techno Nerd

    Techno Nerd

    20 days ago

    lmao i thought this was a compilation

  • AB Rigs

    AB Rigs

    21 day ago

    The horn almost sounds like Pac-Man once you listen for a while haha

  • epicgamer


    21 day ago

    in the uk recovery trucks and roadside response vehicles are not allowed to use sirens we just have to sit in traffic till we get thru i wish we could use sirens lol

  • ttgk


    21 day ago

    Hope that driver keeps his job and doesn't get any blame placed on him. He seemed like a pretty nice guy

  • Mike Breedlove

    Mike Breedlove

    22 days ago

    Praying for everyone who was there

  • Alex Photos

    Alex Photos

    22 days ago

    In the USA are drivers idiots? Doesn't it create a free space for the passage of emergency services? They don't respond to the siren, they stand in the middle of the road. I'd take a driver's license. Incredibly.

  • Gavin M

    Gavin M

    22 days ago

    3:47 Of course the one day you move.

  • music for life

    music for life

    22 days ago

    I feel bad for that nice semi

  • DURM


    23 days ago


  • MrAnomic


    23 days ago

    Feel like I'm watching a Job Simulator episode.

  • Karan Yoder

    Karan Yoder

    23 days ago

    Thank you for all you do please stay safe and our prayers are forever with each step you all take may God keep you and bless all of you

  • Joe Picone

    Joe Picone

    24 days ago

    140k pounds..holy shit!

  • Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith

    24 days ago

    Great video!

  • SwapPart TV Repair

    SwapPart TV Repair

    24 days ago

    I saw an hour and 7 minutes and was like, "I'm not going to watch the whole thing, but I want to see what happened." 1 hour and 7 minutes later, "I'm like, it's over already?"

  • crocusflower


    24 days ago

    dang, nobody bothers to move for an emergancy vehicle? ok, i just checked out what this is about. he's a big, big tow truck driver for emergancy jobs. that's why people didn't jump out of his way. they don't know they are supposed to? it seems it would be common knowledge among drivers-like in their permit & driving tests from day one? anyway, interesting new perspective of another one of all the players involved in emergancy situations. that's a nifty, hi-tech, & purdy truck you got young man. that's a lot of climbing up & down, wow.

  • John barfneck

    John barfneck

    24 days ago

    i use to build scales for paper mills to weigh those rolls of paper................ : ) and build truck scales...........small world after all.

  • John barfneck

    John barfneck

    24 days ago

    18:52 give US a rough guess on the cost of his repairs......

  • John barfneck

    John barfneck

    24 days ago

    what electric impact are you using? driveshaft

  • Nicholas Sway

    Nicholas Sway

    24 days ago

    Why start the truck after it's on the hook??

  • Khandaker Faisal

    Khandaker Faisal

    25 days ago

    3:48 is that vehicle carrying a piece of a house?

  • bigboxer91


    23 days ago

    Yes, why you asking?

  • just chilling with chad

    just chilling with chad

    25 days ago

    I thought you only pull to the right side for EMS Fire Dept. and Police Dept. Not tow trucks

  • ricky yanez

    ricky yanez

    25 days ago

    Awesome video!

  • Gaming Madhouse

    Gaming Madhouse

    25 days ago

    now this is a tow truck driver, very professional, always polite, and knows his job inside and out

  • Bloodline Gaming

    Bloodline Gaming

    25 days ago

    couple cool guys doing a needed job without negative energy lol, cant really ask for more so you got my like :-)

  • David Coulter

    David Coulter

    26 days ago

    You got a siren??

  • Damon Abets

    Damon Abets

    26 days ago

    I never see you use your cb before

  • DavyDave1313


    26 days ago

    wow so a tiny little sedan can mess up a big rig just like that? Damn man I thought the bigger you are the safer it is

  • Daymeian Richardson

    Daymeian Richardson

    26 days ago

    When I watch your vids I’m like I would do it this way but then I realize I’m not a pro like you

  • armedinbama


    26 days ago

    Cape Girardeau Mo, hometown of Rush Limbaugh! :O)

  • bombn47


    27 days ago

    Im no expert but I couldn't imagine hitting the car messed up the steering. I think he steered into the ditch and hitting the ground might've messed up the steering.

  • Cool Hand Luke aka Sgt. Billy

    Cool Hand Luke aka Sgt. Billy

    27 days ago

    Ron, What is the purpose of having the boom at 8 degrees, rather than placing them flat?

  • Dan


    27 days ago

    Can not wait until Ron installs a plow on the front of the rotator.

  • cdsmock


    27 days ago

    I appreciate your professionalism, proficiency, and efficiency in your work! Looks like an exciting job...every wreck is different and you calmly and quickly take care of it.

  • Wayne Emerson

    Wayne Emerson

    27 days ago

    LMAO you mean these new truckers don't have C.Bs? Why I never.......

  • Furlock Furli

    Furlock Furli

    27 days ago

    Incredible how much you have to know.

  • KG7YTS


    27 days ago

    Perfect use of a cb

  • JerseyJoe


    27 days ago

    Never heard a siren on a heavy wrecker !

  • Support Guy And His M249

    Support Guy And His M249

    28 days ago

    I’ve never seen a tow truck with a siren, that’s pretty cool

  • Red Baron

    Red Baron

    28 days ago

    thumbsdown for WAY to many ads (6 ads in 44 minutes)

  • Red Baron

    Red Baron

    28 days ago

    I SWEAR - half the people on the road need their licenses yanked! One of the simplest rulles, yet hardly anyone follws it (sirens = pull to RIGHT)!

  • Rachel Octeau

    Rachel Octeau

    28 days ago

    He’s so cute

  • 13thBear


    28 days ago

    Fascinating to watch the recovery. Glad nobody was killed and sorry for the damage to the vehicles. I know it cost somebody a big pile of money to fix that truck steering!

  • mrdfoutz


    28 days ago

    Ron - This is certainly the most useful thing I've watched on USdownload in a good bit. Most of us have no clue as to what it takes to clear an accident scene. We just whine about the traffic delay. Thank you for this service, both on the road and for sharing some reality with us. I thank The Lord for you, and may He continue to keep you safe.

  • brslib01


    29 days ago

    I am impressed at the amount of knowledge you have not only of towing but in the workings of the huge trucks.

  • CoolSebastian YT

    CoolSebastian YT

    29 days ago

    What Are guardian angles?

  • Andrew


    28 days ago

    CoolSebastian YT here for the answer

  • Louie Lambros

    Louie Lambros

    Month ago

    This is the first video I have seen your very professional sir and thank the good lord no one got injured or killed

  • Ron Schwab

    Ron Schwab

    Month ago

    Both that truck and it's operator are amazing.

  • Ron Pratt

    Ron Pratt

    Month ago

    Thank you very much. God bless.

  • Kerry McQuistian

    Kerry McQuistian

    Month ago

    I never comment but I love your knowledge of loads and especially geometry. I am an engineer and use geometry every day. Love your videos

  • Avery Wilkinson

    Avery Wilkinson

    Month ago

    I really in joy your videos. I rather watch your videos then those dramatic towing shows on tv.

  • Alan Bean

    Alan Bean

    Month ago

    Ron I was wondering why you don't use any air tools instead of battery powered tools so you don't have to worry about the battery pack going down?

  • Trent Crockett

    Trent Crockett

    Month ago

    He hoped in his rig holy crap that’s a lot of trash I alwys try to keep mine clean

  • adrian gasiewski

    adrian gasiewski

    Month ago

    i will never understand people who slam on their brakes because they missed their exit...

  • Nicholas Mora

    Nicholas Mora

    Month ago

    You are a good person

  • Janie Claypool

    Janie Claypool

    Month ago

    What does a rig (tow truck) like that cost? Ron you are amazing!! this task was accomplished so quickly and professionally .

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