Cardi B Look-A-Like, Mayor Allison Madison, Speaks Out About The Viral Meme | I Went Viral


After she became the first African-American and first female mayor of Mound City, IL, Allison Madison took the internet by storm thanks to her resemblance to Cardi B.
#IWentViral #AllisonMadison #CardiB #CardiBLookalike
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  • Abi Jake

    Abi Jake

    2 days ago

    She does look like Cardi twin check out new track called Hanky Panky by virtue scripts

  • Debbie Manning

    Debbie Manning

    6 days ago

    I guess cardi WILL get another surgery. Facial.

  • Miller Miz

    Miller Miz

    7 days ago

    I like her, seems good- natured. The beginning "I'm Cardi B's Mom!" then she cracks up🤣

  • Killerbrick


    12 days ago

    Cardi B should be honored... This woman is a boss!

  • SuperJ1109


    18 days ago

    yeeesssss all this! And i STAN for a supportive husband! blacklove is magic

  • Our Beauty Matters

    Our Beauty Matters

    18 days ago


  • CatMoca


    19 days ago

    Dang she is a mayor!

  • dre day

    dre day

    19 days ago

    She really a mayor? cardi B look like she have Low Down syndrome(get it)

  • lieaorganasolo


    19 days ago

    This is one of my favorite story. It's amazing that shes a mayor. Inspirational! Wish they would meet up and she can drop some knowledge with Cardi

  • kandillishis


    19 days ago

    OMG! I love her and her family! Everyone is well put together, she is a true leader! I'm in the Chicago area & haven't been to Mounds City in awhile. I think I need to take a road trip just to visit.

  • Yeih Sumwabe

    Yeih Sumwabe

    20 days ago

    What cardi should have said was I'm glad you guys are comparing me to her she is a black woman and a mayor at that the similarities are there and hey I like it its all love

  • snoopmoney Chaser

    snoopmoney Chaser

    20 days ago

    Omg y’all she going to jail

  • chellarise mendoza

    chellarise mendoza

    20 days ago

    Her mom cardi b at 40 y'all

  • Orekal Anthony

    Orekal Anthony

    29 days ago

    It she and cardi does look kinda alike. We all have a twin somewhere out there who isn’t related to us.

  • The Vishman Family

    The Vishman Family

    Month ago

    she gives me jackie christie vibes

  • Janet Gem

    Janet Gem

    Month ago

    Omg Almost Identical!

  • Angelic TroubleMaker

    Angelic TroubleMaker

    Month ago


  • Nasty Yazzy yasmyne Lucas

    Nasty Yazzy yasmyne Lucas

    Month ago




    Month ago

    wait.....isnt tht cardi b's mother

  • no more fangirls

    no more fangirls

    Month ago

    Cardi b is beautiful if your hater Nicki Minaj is ugly

  • slayer 1

    slayer 1

    Month ago

    More like Alice the Goon meets cardi B

  • David S.

    David S.

    Month ago

    Glad we got to see her. She's a wife, mother, grandmother. She ran for public office at not a young age and won! She's a great example to black young women. She's sweet and got a great laugh too.

  • Nicole Jones

    Nicole Jones

    Month ago

    Looks like Cardi. Sounds like Jackie from Bsaketball Wives.

  • Ariah Cisneros

    Ariah Cisneros

    2 months ago

    "A Cinderella story Went to RAGS TO RICH" TRU DAT CARDI B!!!!💖💖💖💖💖

  • Its Me

    Its Me

    2 months ago

    Thats not a compliment at all

  • SuperMissnene


    2 months ago

    But if yall listen to carly b at the end she say she could look like her soon

  • TyDreads


    2 months ago

    It's amazing that retarded can be famous

  • KingSkyLord


    2 months ago

    Unlike Cardi B, she doesn't drug her "clients".

  • j. angel

    j. angel

    2 months ago

    Ghetto mayor

  • Jay El

    Jay El

    2 months ago

    Cardi b got blk women looking like straight clowns. Facts

  • Jay El

    Jay El

    2 months ago

    Cardi b got blk women looking like straight clowns. Facts

  • Khadija Mayow

    Khadija Mayow

    Month ago

    She is not black

  • Lone Wolf

    Lone Wolf

    2 months ago

    Yes you do both look alike- UGLY

  • Black White

    Black White

    2 months ago

    I bet she dosnt like the comparison now......

  • Trill Nugz

    Trill Nugz

    2 months ago

    That offset and cardi b joke was mad clever

  • Tlahuicole XIII

    Tlahuicole XIII

    2 months ago

    Yeah they both look like muppets.

  • Michael Vargas

    Michael Vargas

    2 months ago

    Black don't crack

  • WorstCriticEver


    2 months ago

    I rather have her being famous than cardi b anytime 👍

  • mr butcher

    mr butcher

    2 months ago

    What did you put in my drink?!

  • Ayla S.

    Ayla S.

    2 months ago

    Carli will never be like that wonderful woman!!

  • Lil Meme

    Lil Meme

    2 months ago

    Next time you take a shit look in the toilet and you’ll see a Bill Cardi look alike.

  • Gilbert Roman

    Gilbert Roman

    2 months ago

    She'd do anything for money

  • BRoderick Arthurian

    BRoderick Arthurian

    2 months ago

    She like to drug men and rob them. Great role model

  • proud introvert

    proud introvert

    2 months ago

    Cardi b's attitude stinks the mayor lady has a nice personality I wish she would teach her manners

  • Eve Palazzolo

    Eve Palazzolo

    2 months ago

    I thoght it was her mom

  • amanda Derp

    amanda Derp

    2 months ago

    Then cardi just admitted she drugged men and robbed them so

  • m o

    m o

    2 months ago

    Yeah....they don't look alike at all

  • maire 14

    maire 14

    2 months ago

    She do look like cardi with out makeup

  • Ellen Dallas

    Ellen Dallas

    2 months ago

    Wow Cardi looks alot like her Omggggg 🖤 And I love her personality and vibe she's so sweet and positive 🖤



    2 months ago

    at least she doesnt wear makeup

  • HekX Fav

    HekX Fav

    2 months ago

    Cardi B is a Doppelgänger #Us

  • Tahj Sambaki

    Tahj Sambaki

    2 months ago


  • Genealogical Disaster

    Genealogical Disaster

    2 months ago

    The mayor is adorable omggggg I just wanna hug her

  • It might be Kaxsky

    It might be Kaxsky

    2 months ago


  • Sharon G

    Sharon G

    2 months ago

    Wow this is a compliment Cardi 😁😍😎

  • Corey Moyer

    Corey Moyer

    2 months ago

    She looks more like Orlando Brown than Cardi B.

  • TukkyHD


    2 months ago

    BET is so damn disrespectful. Cant even get the title right. No wonder their awards shows are straight doo doo butter

  • Victor Ortega

    Victor Ortega

    2 months ago

    Thats gunna happen to her nose??????

  • R M

    R M

    3 months ago

    3:59 the dad looks like snoop dogg

  • Carter W

    Carter W

    3 months ago

    Is this cardi b after the drugs and fame?

  • Alayna Leighh

    Alayna Leighh

    3 months ago

    yo wtf I thought it was photoshopped lmfao

  • Tianna Monroe

    Tianna Monroe

    3 months ago

    50 years god bless 💗

  • Unicorn Fairy1265

    Unicorn Fairy1265

    3 months ago

    "That's offset after Cardi took him back for the tenth time" 😂😂

  • Nutellaboytv


    3 months ago

    She is cardi b tween

  • jay supa

    jay supa

    3 months ago

    i see no similarities at all..

  • J 23

    J 23

    3 months ago

    Video lost my interests when they made it about race/women lol 😂

  • Vegan Quesadilla

    Vegan Quesadilla

    3 months ago

    For all those that say Cardi b ain’t black and doesn’t “look” black. 🤦‍♂️

  • Lori Mollette

    Lori Mollette

    3 months ago

    Could you please show us some of your pictures when you was Cardi B age?

  • Kira 08

    Kira 08

    3 months ago

    40 years later. Cardio becomes a mayor

  • Beauty H.

    Beauty H.

    3 months ago

    She’s cool 🤣💕

  • Kuchi Kopi

    Kuchi Kopi

    3 months ago


  • Macy Ali

    Macy Ali

    3 months ago

    Bruh what was she saying

  • Gee V

    Gee V

    3 months ago

    Wtf this is real how do people get cardi b from this old mayor eeww lets see a younger picture

  • Travis B

    Travis B

    3 months ago

    Cardi B For Mayor

  • matthew guidotti

    matthew guidotti

    3 months ago

    Lol she so doesn't even resemble Cardi b

  • Herik Lopez

    Herik Lopez

    3 months ago

    First time Ever hearing cardi b speaking, wtf is she saying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The supreme Big daddy

    The supreme Big daddy

    3 months ago

    She actually 70? I thought she was like 40 something

  • xNique Plays

    xNique Plays

    3 months ago

    The embodiment of a beautiful black queen right here. Idk wtf cardi B is

  • Lala Gyan

    Lala Gyan

    3 months ago

    She doesnt look anything like her what the hell...?

  • 1xrxaxrxex1


    3 months ago

    good editing

  • Chaketa Nicholson

    Chaketa Nicholson

    3 months ago


  • Librarian Nya

    Librarian Nya

    3 months ago

    she’s so gorgeous

  • Alexis 15

    Alexis 15

    3 months ago

    This woman was so positive about Cardi but Cardi didn’t seem to have the same respect to her

  • jennifer williams

    jennifer williams

    3 months ago

    And cardi b acts retarded.....and yes the resemblence is seen cardi b is tan like satan eh? Cardi b is your lesser clone utilizing plastic surgery to not look like you..guess you gave ypur daughter to satan to promote yourself eh?

  • YA Boy Ty Ty 22

    YA Boy Ty Ty 22

    3 months ago

    Cardi B looks like her because she is younger, that’s just facts PERIOD 🤭🤭

  • itskadence obviously

    itskadence obviously

    3 months ago

    Why they do cardi like this 😐

  • Transformation


    3 months ago


  • Anonymous girl

    Anonymous girl

    3 months ago

    I would be honoured if someone compared me to such an accomplished woman.

  • Skeletons in my closet.

    Skeletons in my closet.

    3 months ago

    Lmfao she’s so funny

  • so cxc

    so cxc

    3 months ago

    Wen ur famous everyone thinks dey look like u

  • nicole peoples

    nicole peoples

    3 months ago

    I would love for them to meet

  • 0nly. Jala

    0nly. Jala

    3 months ago

    Conspiracy..... clone....jk

  • Lisa Blamfort

    Lisa Blamfort

    3 months ago

    Cardi b is her clone people that's not a coincidence and offset is a clone of her husband too

  • ToxicHobo ME!

    ToxicHobo ME!

    3 months ago

    Her husband is moto moto

  • The peanut butter baby

    The peanut butter baby

    3 months ago

    Laugh : *like cardi b * Attitude :* like cardi b * Face : * like cardi b * Anything else

  • elastic_luv


    3 months ago

    Cardi b in 50 years? More like in 15 with no make up on.

  • Joselyn Ortiz

    Joselyn Ortiz

    3 months ago

    She's amazing, cardi is trash

  • animeclub unknow

    animeclub unknow

    3 months ago

    She's so lovely

  • Jay


    3 months ago

    Now can we find a Nicki Minaj look alike ? 😂😂😂

  • treybusiness


    3 months ago

    y'all have one she's on facebook don't remember her name at all..

  • Shirley KuuN

    Shirley KuuN

    3 months ago

    wish cardi b behavior just like this piss off with cardi b react ....she so fakes.. ..

  • spidesol


    3 months ago

    Garbage should be burned

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