Casually Explained: Being Healthy


the weakest of wills require the strongest of hearts. Thank you Sam for big leg joke that I stole without asking.
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  • George EX

    George EX

    51 minute ago

    *No one* knows how to be healthy. For most people, healthy = the body you want. Everyone tries to get it. Everyone fails _eventually._ The people who cheat with stimulants and steroids live just long enough to regret it.

  • Mout M.

    Mout M.

    2 hours ago

    I don't understand the blueberry under the to tongue part. Can you further explain that? Blueberry flush out alcohol toxins?

  • Elena Gruber

    Elena Gruber

    3 hours ago

    I feel a reference to Jordan B Peterson.

  • Tolga Elbay

    Tolga Elbay

    4 hours ago

    Small scientific side note on cardiovascular exercise, if you are only training to *live longer* light jogging 4 hours a week extends your lifespan more than 8 hours a week does. And according to another few studies, moderate drinking (7-14 drinks a week) also reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • Fred Lime

    Fred Lime

    4 hours ago

    Not all calories are equal

  • ɖơƖƖ


    4 hours ago

    Don’t know if he’s serious or joking 💀

  • BigChap J

    BigChap J

    5 hours ago

    If you wanna get thicc coz its 2019 you gots to be a glutton.

  • Velocigility


    5 hours ago

    Running for cardio and trying to build muscle mass is just contradicting how the body is designed. Conditioning with weights and bodyweight preserve the muscle gains... Example of Athlean X, 4 minutes of HELL! -EVIL (but good) Fat Burning Workout.



    6 hours ago

    You can eat junk food, but you're gonna be fat. (Have to state the obvious.)

  • Ronald McPaul

    Ronald McPaul

    8 hours ago

    I was involved with crypto currency long before my animal based diet 🤪

  • Walter Pavlik II

    Walter Pavlik II

    9 hours ago

    I had always learned that Fat and Carbohydrates are both 9 calories per gram.

  • Patatas Fritas

    Patatas Fritas

    11 hours ago

    Welp. Time to put vodka in my coffee.

  • omi patwa

    omi patwa

    12 hours ago


  • Husseini_14


    12 hours ago

    Do casually explained: pyramid schemes

  • Lucid Dreams

    Lucid Dreams

    12 hours ago

    I like this 1 video a month thing.

  • reczy


    13 hours ago

    This was actually super informative bro... I think we need to tone it down a bit......

  • RDE240


    15 hours ago

    Bruv wayyyyyy too honest, too much realness

  • Garrfield Todd

    Garrfield Todd

    15 hours ago

    Dude a dipshit. Go read a book.

  • Opposite Lock

    Opposite Lock

    15 hours ago

    This video was intellectual and funny at the same time.

  • Nathan Leung

    Nathan Leung

    16 hours ago

    bitcoin 🚀

  • Donald Dump

    Donald Dump

    17 hours ago

    Snake diet fasting plate: always empty

  • Charming nowhere to hide

    Charming nowhere to hide

    16 hours ago

    There's no video on Jesus Christ. I actually thought that was the whole point of this channel. To make one on Jesus Christ, then move on to other topics.

  • Chinmay Sathe

    Chinmay Sathe

    17 hours ago

    Lol wtf is this channel love it

  • xMoTionzxx


    18 hours ago

    Its as if your read my life!

  • soul of Sapien

    soul of Sapien

    18 hours ago

    so pure carnivours are pure rebel edge lords.

  • blusparx


    18 hours ago

    Cartman at that KFC giving you the stink eye. Cmeeen bruh

  • KnightMD


    19 hours ago

    Anyone getting actual nutritional advice from this video deserves their own miserable fat life. Keto is not 'good for weight loss. Dr. Atkins, the champion of keto, died with a clogged heart. Where is Whole Food Plant Based in your spectrum? The one with only whole foods and no oil? Yeah that's the one with the evidence behind it and it's the only one missed from your spectrum.

  • Shannon Nevon

    Shannon Nevon

    13 hours ago

    Weight loss and health aren't the same thing. Keto does work for weight loss but that doesn't mean it's good for your heart. You jumped a few too many conclusions there.

  • Harry Blum

    Harry Blum

    19 hours ago

    tl;dr become a pure carnivore to join the upper echelon.

  • SnowTV


    20 hours ago

    "Say you wanna get thick because it's 2019" So true

  • Lewis Kelly

    Lewis Kelly

    22 hours ago

    I didn't take anything seriously in this video

  • Pablo Lotta

    Pablo Lotta

    22 hours ago

    I see you drink your gomad *tips fedora*

  • RustyRyan


    23 hours ago

    Oil in a Tesla. I caught that. Am 200 IQ.

  • Frisk Dreemur

    Frisk Dreemur

    23 hours ago

    “Fat regulates horomones” :D

  • Thuan Lam

    Thuan Lam

    Day ago

    Too good...

  • Kaela Wyche

    Kaela Wyche

    Day ago

    Quality Content



    Day ago

    I lost like 15 pounds by eating 3 hot dogs a day for a month one time. Hot dog diet people

  • Deep hug

    Deep hug

    Day ago

    is correct. It's the context and perspective he is coming from, that'll fuck yours.

  • StevoKanevo69


    Day ago

    Ur such a cool guy and ur smart af to keep it up bro.

  • Drew Wanzek

    Drew Wanzek

    Day ago

    Great channel ever made

  • mechwarrior13


    Day ago

    Great video, works well while pooping

  • Leah Wilton

    Leah Wilton

    Day ago

    Sorry but overnight oats are delicious and i will not stop eating them

  • Doomer Yag

    Doomer Yag

    Day ago

    There's no video on Jesus Christ. I actually thought that was the whole point of this channel. To make one on Jesus Christ, then move on to other topics.

  • Wolftamer Wolfcorp

    Wolftamer Wolfcorp

    Day ago

    What about the eat everything in sight and fail to gain any weight

  • midoo


    Day ago

    damn your voice is starting to get thick and sexy

  • Paul TheSkeptic

    Paul TheSkeptic

    Day ago

    Breakfast food is your favorite. Yeah, you get to pass off sweets as meal food. Pancakes are a simple platform for pure sugar. Breakfast foods are all fatty or sweet. Lol. And strength training, from what I understand, is actually very good for weight loss despite common wisdom.

  • MoistCake


    Day ago

    Ew wild bananas

  • FatalPurpose


    Day ago

    1:44 holy shit 🤣🤣

  • saintvictorie


    Day ago

    Haha Cartman would definitely be pissed lol

  • iThink: Black Diplomat

    iThink: Black Diplomat

    Day ago

    Lmao at this “normal v oxidized” pic so if you’re black your rusty and if you’re pale you’re normal? I call shenanigans

  • marianna


    Day ago

    the fact that this video wouldnt leave my recommend ... even the youtube algorithm is calling me tf out

  • Maddie Goss

    Maddie Goss

    Day ago

    Oh you’re so funny

  • Johanna Bager Björzen

    Johanna Bager Björzen

    Day ago

    This was actually more informative than 99% of the health/fitness content online.

  • NotSèeD MortDeRire

    NotSèeD MortDeRire

    Day ago

    Хорошее видео на русском канале.

  • John Doe

    John Doe

    Day ago

    Nutritional Illuminati confirmed!

  • Ahmetcan Gökçeer

    Ahmetcan Gökçeer

    Day ago

    I *love* the background music.

  • Etelävirta


    Day ago

    So you basically did a week of research after which you came out with definitive answers? The video is full of half-assed half-truths and absolutely ridicilous absolute statements that we don't have have a consensus as a species, but it's alright. This guy knows after a week of research. You shouldn't take anything in this video seriously, even if one point is correct. It's the context and perspective he is coming from, that'll fuck yours.

  • Jakub Gancarz

    Jakub Gancarz

    Day ago

    A wild Goggins appears

  • Nick MaGrick

    Nick MaGrick

    Day ago

    totally agree with most of this. eating habits is one of the things I always thought was weird even as a kid. People cooooonnnnstantly talked about me being anorexic because I didn't eat and graze on a constant basis like they did, and many more things. Yet im, aside from my auto immune, physically healthier than all of them still. P.S. I wish I could afford to try out a carnivore diet for like a couple months. way the fk too poor for that noise though.



    Day ago

    Or I could just eat 6000 calories a day like a normal person

  • GamerChickenJMF


    Day ago

    I wonder how it is to be fat

  • mike lollol

    mike lollol

    Day ago

    this food is like a pressure wash for your insides

  • Kaleb Pikachu

    Kaleb Pikachu

    Day ago

    Im carnivorous, but i also eat bread, i just don’t eat fruits or vegetables

  • ritchine chrispin

    ritchine chrispin

    Day ago

    I love this asshole!!

  • Gwendolyn Burns

    Gwendolyn Burns

    Day ago

    I love this.

  • Gavin Penny

    Gavin Penny

    Day ago

    Roses are red violets are blue I like my own comment and so did you

  • Slade Shadows

    Slade Shadows

    Day ago

  • um ok

    um ok

    Day ago

    this is the type of energy i need for teachers in uni. subbed ma dude, ya chill.

  • Anaid Ceniceros Cruz

    Anaid Ceniceros Cruz

    Day ago

    I adopted an "eating only natural products lifestyle"... And one day I bought a cinammond roll... I felt like dying, totally sick, I was only able to eat 1/3 of the bread before throwing up, feeling dizzy and with a strong headache. I had never liked sugar, but it was surprising for me to feel that horrible for just eating bread.

  • Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce Miss

    Day ago

    This is the first time I've subscribed just off of one video. Fantastic.



    Day ago


  • HyperMangi


    Day ago

    3:46 Extremely helpful information.

  • HyperMangi


    2 days ago

    3:11 So, what I learnt from this, is to lose fat/weight, you must eat below what you burn. E.G. You burn 2500 cals, you must eat under 2500 cals to lose it. So, wonder why you're dieting but still gaining weight/feel fat? Is because you're eating above your daily intake allowance.

  • Lahzy


    2 days ago

    The body can produce glucose when on keto

  • Pounc3r


    2 days ago

    Breakfast fuckin helps.

  • Pounc3r


    2 days ago

    Also keto>veganism

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