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  • Danny Duncan

    Danny Duncan

    4 days ago

    Tour tickets available at ❤️

  • Тимофей Саченко

    Тимофей Саченко

    Day ago

    @VoltXxShot2 иди нахер

  • Тимофей Саченко

    Тимофей Саченко

    Day ago


  • Jaxon Morrow

    Jaxon Morrow

    Day ago

    I can see my house from the airplane view

  • True Talk

    True Talk

    Day ago

    ListeN Nets iL, come back to the light brother . Jude 1:8 Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities

  • Flimz


    10 hours ago

    2:02 Isnt that the little asian kid who tried to steal Dannys safe or something? Haha good clip

  • shawn coutts

    shawn coutts

    11 hours ago

    Nothing to do with this video but is Danny bisexual and or into the ole long horn of another male or just simply has no time for a gf. It honestly does NOT matter and won't change at all on how I think or feel about him just curiouse to know

  • PianoIndustry


    13 hours ago

    July 20 is moon landing 50ann.

  • william kaden

    william kaden

    13 hours ago

    ur sub count is 2 , 7 3 9 , 4 9 7



    15 hours ago

    hey Danny im coming to california on the 24 i hope to see you

  • Cassie


    13 hours ago

    What the fuck you came to Tulsa bro why did I not know this

  • Joshua Leonard

    Joshua Leonard

    17 hours ago

    Wtf.... you don’t wet the toothpaste after you put it on your toothbrush?

  • Aiden Huskins

    Aiden Huskins

    17 hours ago

    How does mans only have 2.7 million subs?

  • NOTY4E Sauce

    NOTY4E Sauce

    17 hours ago

    Luve u Danny boy

  • less kiss

    less kiss

    17 hours ago

    upload more

  • Ti Nation

    Ti Nation

    17 hours ago

    Hey does anyone know why Cameron isn't in his videos anymore?

  • Vernierwarrior


    18 hours ago

    who else thought the first couple sec of the vid was a ad lol

  • Christian s

    Christian s

    18 hours ago

    Worst Danny duncan video I’ve ever watched

  • Seth Broadwell

    Seth Broadwell

    18 hours ago

    Where is Donald at????

  • Twnty- 5

    Twnty- 5

    18 hours ago

    Do a vid we’re you deliver pizza to the pizza delivery guy. It would be sooo funny!! Think of the views lol love you bro

  • Mario Urban

    Mario Urban

    18 hours ago

    I live in n.m. Albuquerque. I'm patiently waiting for that show

  • Mario Urban

    Mario Urban

    18 hours ago

    You should bring fuck around Fridays back.. I been rocking with u since before u were dropping Penny's....

  • Matthew Hannum

    Matthew Hannum

    19 hours ago

    Danny’s dead heel skin, I’ll pay 50?

  • Harrison Light

    Harrison Light

    19 hours ago

    yo danny I am going to ur Dallas world tour got those VIP TICKETS

  • HoustonMadeSavo


    19 hours ago

    Danny put Houston TX on your tour fucking pussy

  • Luke Mas

    Luke Mas

    20 hours ago

    hes a size 9 wtf¿

  • Burr


    20 hours ago

    Lmao Cameron wtf I played football w him

  • Bryce Z

    Bryce Z

    21 hour ago

    Danny is a very wholesome guy😎

  • Devin Grosso

    Devin Grosso

    21 hour ago

    Do an eating challenge with stevewilldoit

  • Joey Farina

    Joey Farina

    21 hour ago

    What the fuck you came to Tulsa bro why did I not know this

  • Marc G

    Marc G

    21 hour ago

    danny duncan is the proof that any man with an average IQ in USA can make become a millionaire



    22 hours ago

    Danny Duncan vidoes saved my life, Really funny guy that puts a smile on my face I can't wait till the next vidoe. Depression is real

  • bryson holden

    bryson holden

    23 hours ago

    upload more

  • Artyom Kaydalin

    Artyom Kaydalin

    23 hours ago

    Who else thinks that Danny looks like young Arnold with a tad bit longer hair?

  • azul


    23 hours ago

    1:01 gayyyy

  • Brennan Frakes

    Brennan Frakes

    Day ago

    Honda fit is in my suggested topics because of you

  • Landen palecek

    Landen palecek

    Day ago

    Danny bro please do some mud bogging on the scooters please

  • Thomas Vanhaaften

    Thomas Vanhaaften

    Day ago

    U were on dutch tv for the progran dummmm skaters with the brige grind were u fel in the wather

  • Matt Crisci

    Matt Crisci

    Day ago

    Can’t wait til 9/26 atl ga

  • Afonso Costa

    Afonso Costa

    Day ago

    We need a European Tour

  • Lil Sped

    Lil Sped

    Day ago

    Everyone like this, my birthday is July 17! So if you could show some love and do something for me it would be a dream come true! PLEASE!

  • boface187


    Day ago

    world tour? lol your going to canada bro.

  • Colby Halterman

    Colby Halterman

    Day ago

    Yes humped 3 of the homeless

  • Levi Bell

    Levi Bell

    Day ago

    only og's will remember ''chokla''

  • Charlie Kauffman

    Charlie Kauffman

    Day ago


  • Youforiaz


    Day ago

    Intro is legendary

  • Jackson Harrison

    Jackson Harrison

    Day ago

    You needa make bucket hats man

  • Tab Bennett

    Tab Bennett

    Day ago

    Look up jake Paul with patty mayo I tazed a drug dealer look at what murch he is wearing

  • Zhangxiaoheng Zhangxiaoheng

    Zhangxiaoheng Zhangxiaoheng

    Day ago

    I can do it!!!!!!

  • Big Andy

    Big Andy

    Day ago

    bro ur just not coming to a city near me wtf

  • Robert Woods

    Robert Woods

    Day ago

    Best channel on USdownload 💯

  • Truckstop Terry

    Truckstop Terry

    Day ago

    Eat my asshole

  • Kori kinda Makes music

    Kori kinda Makes music

    Day ago

    Jake pule arrested someone that was wearing you merch

  • Die ziy

    Die ziy

    Day ago

    does anyone know what this music is at the start?

  • ZacDoesEverything


    Day ago

    Why is it called a world tour if it’s not

  • M R

    M R

    Day ago


  • .period


    Day ago

    I dare you

  • Need you now

    Need you now

    Day ago

    danny your not a asshole

  • Sean Alley

    Sean Alley

    Day ago


  • Michael Slifkin

    Michael Slifkin

    Day ago

    Currently 69k likes

  • Bryan Barraza

    Bryan Barraza

    Day ago

    I’m in Tahlequah Oklahoma I’m so close to Tulsa

  • ꪜડꪮꪑꫀ ツ

    ꪜડꪮꪑꫀ ツ

    Day ago

    I ain’t playing with you

  • Blake Helton

    Blake Helton

    Day ago

    69k likes I like it

  • cracka fantastic

    cracka fantastic

    Day ago

    No Alabama dates...NO FUCK YOU!

  • Logan Ballew

    Logan Ballew

    Day ago

    I’m glad I could be in this vid on god I was cause I jumped into the pool

  • Megan Willman

    Megan Willman

    Day ago

    Can you come to Arkansas

  • Collin Payne

    Collin Payne

    Day ago

    Im sorry

  • Levi Stover

    Levi Stover

    Day ago

    Post a new video damnit

  • 2timestwistedtv


    Day ago

    *world tour but stays in us*

  • Ty Haight

    Ty Haight

    Day ago

    Get a 250 dirt bike pussy

  • Max Ostapchuk

    Max Ostapchuk

    Day ago

    @3:10 Larry Enticer

  • Camel Pipes

    Camel Pipes

    Day ago

    You should tour in Michigan

  • mochapvp


    Day ago

    Hahah just noticed my Minecraft level is 69

  • corey


    Day ago

    danny you should definitely do another q&a

  • Jaxon Morrow

    Jaxon Morrow

    Day ago

    I can see my house from the airport picture in tulsa

  • i skate

    i skate

    Day ago

    danny your not a asshole

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