CHILD'S PLAY Official Trailer #2 - (2019)


Time to play. The full trailer for Child’s Play is finally here. From the producers of IT comes a modern reimagining of the horror classic. Child’s Play hits theaters June 21. 🔪 #ChildsPlayMovie


  • Blue Sunshine

    Blue Sunshine

    46 seconds ago

    dude. if im being honest i HATE no no no, dispise the new chucky look

  • Paris Grace

    Paris Grace

    40 minutes ago

    Damn can you all stop with the janes Charles jokes? I’m just scrolling through the comments trying to see if it was good before I go watch it 😂

  • Lumy3r


    42 minutes ago

    90s chucky was way better this one is just ruined

  • Hi No

    Hi No

    Hour ago

    ANDY IS IN IT!? Man the new toy story seems awesome!

  • Fernando Monje

    Fernando Monje

    Hour ago

    Just saw it, was not impressed. It was ok.

  • Abdullah Tariq

    Abdullah Tariq

    Hour ago

    They ruined one of the greatest horror film characters ever made, I'm sorry but this is terrible

  • Michael Sebourn

    Michael Sebourn

    Hour ago

    it will be a short lived movie at the box office. it doesnt seem scary, just gory, better be funny or it will flop the origanal chucky was funny and talked shit

  • CheckVeiws Despacito

    CheckVeiws Despacito

    2 hours ago

    "This is for Tupac!"

  • Wolfjak 14

    Wolfjak 14

    2 hours ago

    black mirror season 6 looking good

  • Orhan Yildiz

    Orhan Yildiz

    2 hours ago

    The following comments include: 99.99% 1988 chucky vs 2019 chucky 0.01% Actual talk about the movie 1988 Chucky: Serial Killer. 2019 Chucky: Transgender. Why does Chucky look like he took a James Charles make up tutorial

  • LIZBETH Pleitez Martinez

    LIZBETH Pleitez Martinez

    3 hours ago

    This trailer is simple because it's just a kid with a knife and killing people for the whole movie.

  • Kysier


    3 hours ago

    Enough. Fucking. REMAKES. For gods sake have a new idea you fucking corporate shills. And this1 isn't even a fucking remake. WHY CALL IT CHILDS PLAY/CHUCKY?! Oh, I know. Idiots will watch anything with a nostalgia factor right? Fuck you.

  • Ricardo


    3 hours ago

    Wow this film is rubbish, it's amazing with the technology advances we have now but the originals are always superior, this 2019 film was pathetic.

  • Nazia Amiri

    Nazia Amiri

    4 hours ago

    i watched this in the theatres last night and it was great! it has all the horror and gore you will need! 18+ but if your under 18 you could go with a guardian. i totally recommend seeing it! 4/5 for me!

  • Ramiro Gutiérrez

    Ramiro Gutiérrez

    4 hours ago

    IT: hello... Chucky 2019: good nite ... same producers

  • Omar Sakr

    Omar Sakr

    5 hours ago

    Welcome to Tesla Cars while showing a Kia!

  • 1000000man1


    5 hours ago

    WHY the Fuck have they used CGI for Chucky!! If there's ANY character that doesn't need any CGI, it's him because he's SUPPOSED to look like a plastic toy! Haven't they realised it looks shit and fake!

  • lee pearson.

    lee pearson.

    5 hours ago

    The 1988 is better, this looks too tame

  • Freak154l


    8 hours ago

    Looks like a younger George bush at 1:17 mark... lol these movies are great programming:)

  • Brendon Dobbs

    Brendon Dobbs

    8 hours ago

    I think i went to the wrong toy story.

  • Emil Cooper

    Emil Cooper

    8 hours ago

    He doesn't even look like a killer. He looks like a Republican

  • B Leupolu

    B Leupolu

    9 hours ago

    You want creepy? Watch anabelle. A foul mouthed serial killers soul in a doll with a few funny one liners was what made chucky different

  • Aiyana Eagle

    Aiyana Eagle

    9 hours ago

    2019: Killing Classic movies in a heart beat. Hollywood i hate you! This is a piece of shit

  • S Locosquad

    S Locosquad

    10 hours ago

    He look like he gonna tell me my horoscope on Univision

  • S Locosquad

    S Locosquad

    10 hours ago

    Hollywood done got to Chucky. This mf done got Botox, a eyebrow lift, facelift, and fillers. Smh.

  • LunkovichTromofski


    10 hours ago

    This is absolutely terrible, the doll's design is a train wreck and the "character" concept of this fake Chucky is completely devoid of any actual character, reducing an iconic villain to a malfunctioning toaster.

  • Golden Playz

    Golden Playz

    10 hours ago

    Use the 90s chucky

  • Tony Wojtowych

    Tony Wojtowych

    11 hours ago

    This child's play is for generation snowflakes... Don't watch you're be really disappointed

  • Tercera Llamada

    Tercera Llamada

    12 hours ago

    I need a buddi un my life

  • Sleepy Hollow k

    Sleepy Hollow k

    12 hours ago

    Why does new chucky look gay just saying like I just got the vibe

  • OMJ. Films

    OMJ. Films

    12 hours ago

    This was a really shit movie compared to the *_original_* and *_god_* *_tier_* *chucky*

  • Fatrian Ansah

    Fatrian Ansah

    12 hours ago

    Kejam banget sih

  • Tappa Tappa

    Tappa Tappa

    12 hours ago

    These guys just cant get it right

  • Camp Blood

    Camp Blood

    13 hours ago

    U are my buddy Untill the end i believe u guys planned do second part of this remake it was amazing

  • Gabe Lee

    Gabe Lee

    13 hours ago

    well the first movie was shit so lets make more

  • I’m Do

    I’m Do

    13 hours ago

    90’s chucky:am I a joke to you?

  • Xavier Guerra

    Xavier Guerra

    15 hours ago

    Chucky low key got a makeover by James Charles 😂😂

  • George Antony

    George Antony

    15 hours ago

    These comments are hilarious. The movie is good though!

  • Shinras Demise

    Shinras Demise

    15 hours ago

    this looks stupid as fuck. hes a siri with arms and legs

  • Richard Miles

    Richard Miles

    15 hours ago

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  • Golden Box

    Golden Box

    15 hours ago


  • skabcat242


    15 hours ago

    Mark Hamill was creepy in this.

  • Bernardo Sena

    Bernardo Sena

    16 hours ago


  • Kayy Eee

    Kayy Eee

    16 hours ago

    anyone watched this already? i want to know if it was good or not

  • Phobophobia


    17 hours ago

    this trailer pretty much ruins many of the tense (good) moments in the movie... avoid trailers for horror movies, people. AT ALL COSTS

  • Toxic Unicorn

    Toxic Unicorn

    17 hours ago

    Toy story 5, in cinemas now

  • BK Nwoha

    BK Nwoha

    17 hours ago

    It's 2019. You all need to be making evil Fortnite horror movie. No one plays with dolls again

  • Binary Panda

    Binary Panda

    19 hours ago

    I wouldn't want to watch on Netflix. Pass

  • Uncle Benis

    Uncle Benis

    19 hours ago

    This is a way too different plot

  • SAMurai RaVeN

    SAMurai RaVeN

    20 hours ago

    The movie was actually better than I expected. It made me laugh and I had a great time watching it.

  • obito hatake

    obito hatake

    20 hours ago

    Honestly such a crap movie it's not as scary as they make it out to be

  • obito hatake

    obito hatake

    17 hours ago

    @Danny2D same shit different smell, the only slashing chucky does in the movie is to a cat, two men and an old lady nothing interesting but how there's going to be a part 2, whoops did I just spoil the movie soz😂did I mention that chucky is only a doll who has no safety protocols enabled in the movie?

  • Danny2D


    17 hours ago

    Its a slasher dumbass. Same as Friday the 13th and Halloween. Unless you're a kid, they aren't meant to scare you like a normal scary movie. Even the genre for it says slasher

  • Dalia Flores

    Dalia Flores

    21 hour ago

    A off brand chucky😔

  • Zany Zara

    Zany Zara

    21 hour ago

    Guess who's back lol

  • CocoSpaniel


    21 hour ago

    If you haven’t seen this movie, I recommend watching it, it’s great! I finished watching it today and I love it. There are some graphic scenes and jump scares but other than that, I love it!

  • Fabiola Aguirre

    Fabiola Aguirre

    22 hours ago

    Shut up chunky

  • jason c

    jason c

    22 hours ago

    This movie was good. I didn't see nothing wrong with it. I had a few laughs. It wasn't scary though.

  • A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House

    A Retarded Orange Ape In The White House

    22 hours ago

    Looking forward to the sequel: Chucky vs Annabelle

  • Da_Prezent Gamer

    Da_Prezent Gamer

    22 hours ago

    This is for 2pac

  • khalil usman

    khalil usman

    22 hours ago

    Next movie should be Chucky vs Godzilla.

  • Gatcha wonder

    Gatcha wonder

    22 hours ago

    I just saw the movie It may have hate but it was actually pretty good I loVeD iT

  • Zasz


    22 hours ago

    Beating a dead horse... by reinventing the horse... What could go wrong?



    23 hours ago

    He Grabs the knife to stave his friends but he cuts Andy instead 😁

  • Shape Loomis

    Shape Loomis

    23 hours ago

    What made the original so great...was that it had never been done before. It was new at that time! The way it was filmed with Chucky running in the background, almost building with a less is more approach, until you finally see him come alive. Also...the My Buddy dolls were introduced in you had these dolls everywhere that help the movie to sky rocket. The original was great, but the sequels were atrocious! It turned into what became of most slashers. Great first one...then the dreaded sequels that got more ridiculous with each one.

  • Skidocraft


    23 hours ago

    Arroba Toy Story 4

  • Shape Loomis

    Shape Loomis

    23 hours ago

    I lost it when Mark Hamill started singing. I'm not sure if it was supposed to be funny, but it was hilarious. It was a good remake! It was a fun time. I don't know why it's getting so much's about a killer doll. It's not supposed to be serious. And to the haters like Mancini...all of the sequels sucked! They were all cash cows, so people saying...this is just for the money...then justify the sequels for anything, but money. I mean...part 3...Chucky goes to military school. Bride of Chucky...with Jennifer Tily? Come on...they were all cash cows!

  • Brenda Manuel

    Brenda Manuel

    23 hours ago

    I had my doubts but i actually enjoyed this movie.

  • Lacresha Mcmillan

    Lacresha Mcmillan

    23 hours ago

    Who seen the actual Chucky movie and still watching the trailer like if you did 👇

  • Ciline Brizel

    Ciline Brizel

    Day ago

    Is this film really scary or just scary because I want to watch it but if it is crazy scary I might not be able to

  • Manuel Kazan

    Manuel Kazan

    Day ago

    Nothing will ever replace The OG or as said Brad Dourif

  • Chloe Love

    Chloe Love

    Day ago

    Horror fans = MAKE ANOTHER CHILDS PLAY ALREADY! Chucky = Hold my knife

  • Joseph Hudson

    Joseph Hudson

    Day ago

    Lets see how much hate I can gather on one comment. "This movie is better than the original."

  • Bon Bon

    Bon Bon

    Day ago

    i agree with you

  • Fag says What

    Fag says What

    Day ago

    Chucky looks like jame Charles but shirt with orange hair LMAO

  • Salah Bo

    Salah Bo

    Day ago

    Ho have Sien THE movie EYE

  • DenizTubeシ


    Day ago

    I knew IT Producers was behind this because

  • Nigel Nix

    Nigel Nix

    Day ago

    No, just No! Watched it and it sucks...a muddled puddle of mess. NOT Chucky, not part of the Franchise. FAIL !!!!!!

  • The Kabloom boi

    The Kabloom boi

    Day ago

    *what about james charles?*

  • 林森艾莉絲


    Day ago

    Is not my chucky

  • Feggo TM

    Feggo TM

    Day ago

    Are these movies ever gonna stop lmao

  • Pinky Jackson

    Pinky Jackson

    Day ago

    This looks like such a disappointment

  • Make Weep

    Make Weep

    Day ago

    This movie sucks. Let's go back to 1988, please

  • lemon soda ice cream waffles muffins n sh!t

    lemon soda ice cream waffles muffins n sh!t

    Day ago

    Why does chucky look like j lo,or even arod these days,lol



    Day ago

    Foi louvável o retorno de um clássico pelo mesmo diretor que fez "IT". Só que misturar roteiros dá merda! A ANABELLE nada tem a ver com Buddy! Anabelle é uma porta para uma dimensão ao inferno usada por uma legião de demônios! Buddy é um corpo acessório dada a uma má transição de um serial killer feiticeiro que se deu mal para fugir das garras da policia! A Anabelle veio da construção de vários contos do Casal WARREN. Buddy é a criação/imaginação inventiva de um roteirista!

  • Tshepiso Promise

    Tshepiso Promise

    Day ago

    Chucky out here lookiing like a lesbian man

  • Ultra Gamezz

    Ultra Gamezz

    Day ago

    This is the worst movie remake ever the biggest disgrace to the child's play franchise. I knew is was going to be garbage glad I didn't have to pay to see it.

  • Charles D' Gomes

    Charles D' Gomes

    Day ago

    James Charles is such an embarrassment to all the peeps like me having the name Charles and those having James

  • The Naz

    The Naz

    Day ago

    Come on guys.Chucky has become older.He has to put some make ups and put on some botox.He wanted to look good too.Hehe

  • JMWP_Sal


    Day ago

    you could download it, send it to the cloud, put it in public and offline mode, and share linck on you tube, yes, it's far from copyright. (can it be with movie image even okay?)

  • Elephants Are Cool

    Elephants Are Cool

    Day ago

    I think the most interesting thing is that they have now essentially given Chucky powers. Previously the only reason that Chucky was hard to kill is because he is just a hunk of plastic and thus has no vital organs. I also have the theory that Chucky still has the physical strength that he had in life. A small doll with the strength of an adult man. I get this impression when I watch the fight scenes. But now he is a walking universal remote. However I am not a fan of Chucky's new face. Simply because it doesn't look like him. I suppose this comes with it being a remake. After all how many of the other remake horror antagonists look like their original counterparts? Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers would be the only ones that come to mind.

  • J -Thrash

    J -Thrash

    Day ago


  • Jeremy Cornwell

    Jeremy Cornwell

    Day ago

    Chucky is leed acter? And the doll has to have a amazing voice.

  • Phuk Yu

    Phuk Yu

    Day ago

    Somebody actually got paid to write this shit? I could write better shit by wiping my ass...

  • J&J vape and publicly disabled

    J&J vape and publicly disabled

    Day ago

    They made aubrey plaza slutty in this film

  • Bon Bon

    Bon Bon

    Day ago


  • Bruno Fraione

    Bruno Fraione

    Day ago

    They made Karen Barclay slutty 🤣

  • WaffleToaster


    Day ago

    Why would a kid that old get a Buddi, the old movie was more believable cause the kid was the proper age.

  • Willy Q

    Willy Q

    Day ago

    Why did they fuck up Chickie's face

  • todorki is My senpai Taehyung is my Life

    todorki is My senpai Taehyung is my Life

    Day ago

    Chucky looked like one of that surgery fails oh god

  • Donyell Silva

    Donyell Silva

    Day ago

    Chucky looked terrible in the movie making the movie less scary 🖓

  • Lami Girl

    Lami Girl

    Day ago

    What??this not chucky?

  • Mihailo Kuveljic

    Mihailo Kuveljic

    Day ago

    It's a sh*t.

  • Heyol


    Day ago

    Oh great..chucky have Wifi now !

  • rose a

    rose a

    Day ago

    I feel like the old child’s play movies were better? Anyone agree?...😐

  • Scoob Kid

    Scoob Kid

    Day ago

    Soooo many of these clips weren’t in the theatrical version...

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