Child with Tourette syndrome is bullied | What Would You Do? | WWYD


A child with Tourette syndrome is being bullied at an ice cream shop. Will anyone stand up for the child? What would you do?
Original Air Date: 9/15/2017
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What would you do when you think no one is watching? What Would You Do? (WWYD?) explores the varying answers with the help of hidden cameras capturing individuals who have been placed within seemingly everyday situation that quickly go ary. The individuals on this hidden camera show are forced to make tough calls when directly faced with situations of racism, violence, hate crimes, and other hot button cultural issues. Catch John Quinones reporting on these individuals as they make split-second decisions to intervene or mind their own business. WWYD? airs Friday nights at 9|8c on ABC.
What Would You Do? (WWYD) is a hidden camera show, hosted by ABC News correspondent John Quinones, in which unknowing bystanders are placed in uncomfortable, and often compromising real world scenarios in public. WWYD’s hidden cameras focus on the average person’s responses and reactions to these issues of social responsibility. Topics such as gay couples being affectionate in public, date rape, racism and racial profiling, interracial couples, abusive parents, drunk driving, and harassment of the homeless are touched upon in this series. What will you do? Would you choose to intervene in these situations? Watch and join the discussion.


  • kelsey the whale

    kelsey the whale

    Hour ago

    “we’re you born ignorant?” YES SIS TELL THEM but the boy actor was cute

  • Zahra Haughton-bown

    Zahra Haughton-bown

    Hour ago

    WHAT I would do " b**ch get ur priorities in order or I will beat us a** b**ch "

  • Kawaii Fruit

    Kawaii Fruit

    2 hours ago

    1:24 I swear I know the staff member in between all of them 😂 it’s either their like twins, or idk lol

  • JJ Silver

    JJ Silver

    2 hours ago

    I would put ice cream on their heads

  • Evelyn Armenta

    Evelyn Armenta

    2 hours ago

    Lol the kid 5:03 he got pushed

  • - reem

    - reem

    3 hours ago

    they stay reposting old videos

  • Izzy M.

    Izzy M.

    3 hours ago

    The person at the counter was in another video I saw from wwyd.....

  • lolly cruz

    lolly cruz

    3 hours ago

    It just makes me want to cry am I the only one?

  • dumb bitch juice

    dumb bitch juice

    4 hours ago

    Me: h- Gillian: HAH Y'all im going to hell

  • Angie SFM

    Angie SFM

    4 hours ago

    Fucking asshole

  • Aurora Oerleke

    Aurora Oerleke

    5 hours ago

    the first guy is a real one. 🤞🏻💎

  • Joe Young

    Joe Young

    5 hours ago

    I have tourettes but nobody bulls me because I go to a private school

  • Joe Young

    Joe Young

    5 hours ago

    I have tourette syndrome

  • Grace Medhin

    Grace Medhin

    5 hours ago

    This was one of the best ones I’ve watched

  • cool angles

    cool angles

    7 hours ago

    if í were there í would grab ice cream and throw it at there faces

  • Mark Sneddon

    Mark Sneddon

    7 hours ago

    My freedom wouldn't survive an episode of this show 😐

  • Monky With money

    Monky With money

    7 hours ago

    5:05 big oof the the boy hahahahaha

  • shitser real

    shitser real

    8 hours ago

    Omg that is so wrong I know cause my cousin has a disability and I know their there actors but there is people like them for the first man has a good soul 💯👌❤ 4:21 omg you are a queen 💯💯

  • Later bot Bot

    Later bot Bot

    8 hours ago

    I have Tourette’s

  • Nayah Empire

    Nayah Empire

    8 hours ago

    I love this show

  • Karlie Johnson

    Karlie Johnson

    8 hours ago

    The first guy “oh snap” and what’s your message “uh don’t bully?”

  • Isaiah Solis

    Isaiah Solis

    8 hours ago

    I keep thinking link XD

  • Footy Fam

    Footy Fam

    8 hours ago

    Don’t worry, the boy got what he deserved (5:05)

  • Abdurraheem Khan

    Abdurraheem Khan

    8 hours ago

    Please make a video on stuttering too

  • Glitch Nerd

    Glitch Nerd

    8 hours ago

    I want ice cream now,,

  • Mecca De Guzman

    Mecca De Guzman

    9 hours ago

    Ok. I like the girl who said "were u born ignorant" gal u kill em

  • Starweed


    9 hours ago

    *guys this is a different comment* At5:05 awkward handshake twice?!!

  • Ghost Fedz

    Ghost Fedz

    9 hours ago

    Hey I just met you And this is crazy I have tourettes Cunt bitch gravy

  • Tae_WithSomeSuga_AddSomeHope Weise

    Tae_WithSomeSuga_AddSomeHope Weise

    10 hours ago

    You know what i would do if i saw this happening in real life.. I would go up to those assholes making fun of her and slap them right across the face! I know these guys wre acting but I am talking about if i saw this in REAL life.

  • IMP Animates

    IMP Animates

    10 hours ago

    Everyone's talking about 5:05. But did anyone see how it looks like John pushed the actor into the camera?

  • Mia Cat

    Mia Cat

    11 hours ago

    Love the second girl and the woman who hugged her. ❤️

  • Fiery Skull

    Fiery Skull

    11 hours ago

    3:52 john quiñones = captain obvious

  • Jocelyn Lagazon

    Jocelyn Lagazon

    12 hours ago

    I hate those rude 😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡😡 kids

  • SilverGoldenKitty


    Hour ago

    They're actors dumbass

  • The Gamers Of The Apocalypse Fire

    The Gamers Of The Apocalypse Fire

    13 hours ago


  • Efram Salamat

    Efram Salamat

    13 hours ago

    5:03 is da best look at the kid beside the guy and the camera men Read more

  • Deafaulty Boi

    Deafaulty Boi

    15 hours ago

    If I was there I would walk up the the kids who are bullying the girl And just *REEEEEEEE* Edit:pause at 3:42 LOOK AT THAT CHAMP SPORTING OVERALLS

  • Houria Jawad

    Houria Jawad

    16 hours ago

    Does she really have the Tourette syndrome who thinks that she has it in real life and feels so sorry for her hit that like button

  • Jiya Ranjan

    Jiya Ranjan

    17 hours ago

    Please do the shooting in india it's so bad to trust

  • Melanie Lainez

    Melanie Lainez

    17 hours ago

    5:06 OMG lol he hit his head xD

  • GACHA Pleb

    GACHA Pleb

    18 hours ago

    What would I do *i’d snatch the pink shirt girl’s weave out*

  • Jay Some61

    Jay Some61

    19 hours ago

    I’d just throw the bullies in the trash cause they garbage

  • • eliza •

    • eliza •

    19 hours ago

    Is it *weird* that I take being *weird* as a compliment?

  • Moya Zhao

    Moya Zhao

    20 hours ago

    It always makes my day when these people say such nice words.😩❤️😊

  • John Cena

    John Cena

    21 hour ago

    I have Tourette's and this is what it is like at school sometimes it just absolutely stinks but it's beginning to go away thankfully

  • Moo G Soe

    Moo G Soe

    21 hour ago

    I have Tourette syndrome

  • Helaisa RBLX

    Helaisa RBLX

    21 hour ago

    2:15 “Oh snap!” 😂😂 That Man Is amazing♥️

  • TJ Cheesman

    TJ Cheesman

    22 hours ago

    5:47 skinny higher pitched voice vin disel to the rescue

  • Marianne Johnson

    Marianne Johnson

    23 hours ago

    it would have been better(if this was in real life)for the bullies to nicely ask her about it cuz kids are curious and sometimes find things weird that they are not educated about

  • Felisha


    23 hours ago

    I would love to have a tourette friend and just walk into a courtroom with her or some other location. Oh my god, the laughter from it all... memorable. Let's be clear... in life, you need to develop a sense of humor. When a child with tourette shouts to a cop "Cop sucker!"... you need to laugh. You need to laugh to just let it all melt away into oblivion. What else can you do? Take it court? Get the child arrested? No! Just let it go with laughter. Humor. It's a cure for many things. I've worked with children, some being tourette... you learn to just chortle and let it go. That's all you can do. Let it go.

  • Joey Vallejo

    Joey Vallejo

    Day ago

    tell them not to be mean to her and it is okay to be different

  • Bobby Atkinson

    Bobby Atkinson

    Day ago

    I love this show... But it’s so realistic and I hate those kids now. 😂

  • tim k

    tim k

    Day ago

    Me i go behind the bullys and scream at them

  • {MinxieFox}


    Day ago

    I would smackem upside the head XD no I would stand up for her

  • Deborah Tejeda

    Deborah Tejeda

    Day ago

    I will beat them two but i know ....I will beat someone if they bully

  • Weirosotive Girl

    Weirosotive Girl

    Day ago

    1:44 That is so true. We are all weird with our own flaws. Even I'm weird.

  • rainbow amigos pitonya t

    rainbow amigos pitonya t

    Day ago

    I would have said I don’t care about your stupid ears but if I had that disorder I would not have the confidence

  • Jaquelin Arredondo

    Jaquelin Arredondo

    Day ago

    I have the same shirt as the girl that’s acts like a bully

  • Nurradin And Ali The Pros

    Nurradin And Ali The Pros

    Day ago

    “R U ignorant”

  • Rere Isme

    Rere Isme

    Day ago

    this was good because the ladie got on ek

  • Nicole Smith

    Nicole Smith

    Day ago

    People can be ignorent and stupid

  • Lucas Blast494

    Lucas Blast494

    Day ago

    Feel Sorry For That Jillian If They Bullied Me I Would Push Them

  • ashish singh

    ashish singh

    Day ago

    The only show i know which doesn't ask people to subscribe.. ❤️

  • Sammy marshmallow

    Sammy marshmallow

    Day ago

    My friend has Trent's and we make fun of it but in this vid it wasn't funny

  • umjicutepuppy


    Day ago

    they are really good actors omg

  • Mollie Sheehan

    Mollie Sheehan

    Day ago

    Girl You need help



    Day ago

    Good joke a scoop of abuse

  • $Jewel Sparkle$

    $Jewel Sparkle$

    Day ago

    There’s hope in the world...



    Day ago

    I obviously know those little kids are actors, but idk I also want to punch them right in the face

  • JohnJoel Huh

    JohnJoel Huh

    Day ago

    It’s my dream to have friends

  • wolfie !!!

    wolfie !!!

    Day ago

    I have Tourette syndrome and it sucks but I can get over it. Never bully a kid for this

  • JJ Roeum

    JJ Roeum

    Day ago

    5:04 TO 5:09 the bully gets hit on the head by a camera LOL



    Day ago

    Thats such a fake looking cringey scenario. Like dead ass something out of the movies.

  • Eren Jeager

    Eren Jeager

    Day ago

    The black guy looks like alot Idk y it is a link lol

  • Aely


    Day ago

    _Were you born ignorant_

  • 느ᅢᅵ ᅨᅢᄉᄆ새Smol Potato

    느ᅢᅵ ᅨᅢᄉᄆ새Smol Potato

    Day ago

    5:05-5:06 *OOOOOOOF*

  • Aaron Mendoza

    Aaron Mendoza

    Day ago

    it always happen in my country. people will join the bully not to protect the victim

  • Kamigure


    Day ago

    New religion, live every moment like you're on this show

  • 0525naty


    Day ago

    lol at 5:06 the boy hit his head at the camera....i couldnt stop laughing...LOL

  • 0525naty


    Day ago


  • mimi atanasova

    mimi atanasova

    Day ago


  • minecraft lover

    minecraft lover

    Day ago

    Boy + camera =oof,lol

  • minecraft lover

    minecraft lover

    Day ago

    That bro got oofed by the camera (+_+)



    Day ago

    5:05 = *r.i.p kid who got hit by the cam.*

  • Chloe Thompson

    Chloe Thompson

    Day ago


  • Deric Wong

    Deric Wong

    Day ago

    At 3:40 did she just voice crack?

  • Ashley Menor

    Ashley Menor

    Day ago


  • Logan Triplett Films

    Logan Triplett Films

    Day ago

    One of my class mates has Tourettes and he makes me mad and annoyed and I know he can’t control it

  • Victoria Williams

    Victoria Williams

    Day ago

    Nicolette: girl you need help! Me: you need help, I need help, WE ALL NEED HELP!

  • khair al barami

    khair al barami

    Day ago

    Where should I go to so I can find some drama

  • Ronnie hopper

    Ronnie hopper

    Day ago

    Tourettes doesn't make you laugh uncontrollably.. it's much worse and age isn't a factor..this video used a politically correct form of tourettes to protect the easily offended cry baby generation.

  • Avery Ley

    Avery Ley

    Day ago

    It doesn’t really seem like Tourette’s. Can it really just be vocal tics?

  • S.I DIYS

    S.I DIYS

    Day ago

    I wanted to see more of the girl that asked if they were born ignorant

  • Andrea Saldaña

    Andrea Saldaña

    Day ago

    Anyone else noticed the camera man hit the boy at 5:05 😂😂

  • azrah abdullah

    azrah abdullah

    Day ago

    5:04. He just pushed him?

  • game Survivor

    game Survivor

    Day ago

    They don't feel so bad I got it to Tourette syndrome is in the easiest thing to deal with but we're good people inside :)

  • XRose Gold

    XRose Gold

    Day ago

    "You must have like...0 friends." *boi* *if* *you* *don't*

  • Cho Pun

    Cho Pun

    Day ago

    5:05 is so cool I promise your going to if seen it

  • Curry is the king

    Curry is the king

    Day ago

    This video made me cry because I have the same problem yes ....... I have tourett sindrom

  • Faythe O

    Faythe O

    Day ago

    they all made my heart melt . (-‘:

  • Depression Keeps Me Awake

    Depression Keeps Me Awake

    Day ago

    When the people walk in with cameras with me I'd be like " OH SHIT! "

  • Nightshade


    Day ago

    If only my classmates at my school learned how to stop bullying me for being different

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