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Chris Broussard was 'very surprised' with the Lakers' 129-128 win vs the Celtics | NBA | UNDISPUTED


Chris Broussard joins Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe to react to the Los Angeles Lakers defeating the Boston Celtics. Hear why Broussard was impressed with the young Lakers' performances after dealing with trade rumors.
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Chris Broussard was 'very surprised' with the Lakers' 129-128 win vs the Celtics | NBA | UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED


  • Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    15 days ago

    Did Rajon Rondo's buzzer-beater save the Lakers season?

  • terry waller

    terry waller

    12 days ago

    It will take more than one or even a few wins. Good teams often get careless when playing bad teams.

  • Waheed Adel

    Waheed Adel

    9 days ago

    baited by the thumbnail.... i came here to see Shannon with the LeGM jersey and goat mask :(

  • Xavier Stamp

    Xavier Stamp

    10 days ago

    What Chris doesn’t understand is when Lebron has the match up then passes last second to a player that doesn’t have the right match up is the issue. Even Lebron fans has addressed this there’s no one on the planet that can stop you. Why you passing the ball Deron Williams when Darren Collision is guarding you.

  • dee lifted

    dee lifted

    12 days ago

    Lebron knows this the young boys time to shine

  • Buckets


    12 days ago

    Hard to get a read on these lakers, but they're not scrubs. There's not much lebron can't do, one ability he has is what skip bayless, a man that has made his bones dissing lebron said, he's a floor general, if he's got scrappers like rondo on the floor with him they can get it done

  • Alex Rosado

    Alex Rosado

    13 days ago

    Lol why .. Rondo was the hero....

  • Gabriel Arnett

    Gabriel Arnett

    13 days ago

    The Lakers got beat by the 76ers just now BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!...What these idiots on FS1 and ESPN who always protecting the Lakers backside could say tomorrow since they always like too flip they talks, boy they will be doing some double flipping tomorrow, I can't wait lolol.. #ShannonGOATJamesLololololTakeThatIknowSkipLaughingLol..

  • Franciis Luque

    Franciis Luque

    13 days ago


  • Meme God

    Meme God

    13 days ago

    All these games are orchestrated like WWE fake. That's why it's fustrating at the time they were told to notbe themselves. Somebody had to win the spread. That other brother is on that show like a JJ from Good Times he fitsthat stereotype. All the NBA basketball has magnets. So every game is fixed which if more people actually did ther research you boys would not have jobs.

  • Meme God

    Meme God

    13 days ago

    Is it me or does he look just like Harry Connick Jr.

  • Bizness Man

    Bizness Man

    13 days ago

    I'm new to USdownload I will sub to everyone who subs to me

  • Bigheadtf


    13 days ago


  • Sigmund Sanders

    Sigmund Sanders

    13 days ago

    Skip Bayless will never give Bron any credit. The man could have a triple double of 50 points in the finals and skip would say he quit. Oh wait, he did do that lol

  • Eli Hintz

    Eli Hintz

    13 days ago

    Dan gibbert

  • john kir

    john kir

    13 days ago

    Jordan never lost in the finals . Case closed

  • Terrell Miller

    Terrell Miller

    13 days ago

    Chris Broussard Trending 😳 what’s the world coming too 😳

  • Simon Dunkan

    Simon Dunkan

    13 days ago

    LA Clippers also won Boston (After trading it's best player for picks). I'm guessing Mr. Shannon Dull won't be wearing a clippers Jersey and a Doc Rivers head... F the Lakers and LeBaby

  • go vols

    go vols

    13 days ago

    #23 on trending coincidence I think not

  • James Matthews

    James Matthews

    13 days ago

    Omg lol it sounded like skip was finna cry 😭😂😂😂😂 I’m dead skip was finna lose his mind

  • Shady


    13 days ago

    clickbait thumbnail, i wanted to see a jacked 50 year old shannon sharpe in a goat mask

  • Shady


    13 days ago

    is chris broussard white or black

  • J J

    J J

    13 days ago

    sometimes I just want to punch Skip in the face



    13 days ago

    Wheres Joy?

  • Ralphunreal


    13 days ago


  • malibu 26

    malibu 26

    13 days ago


  • Ausie Thompson

    Ausie Thompson

    13 days ago

    Regular season game win just maybe Boston's not as good as we thought. 🤔🤔🤔

  • different energy

    different energy

    13 days ago

    they won one game ..

  • Hungry by Nature

    Hungry by Nature

    13 days ago

    Dave Chapelle always doing his skit

  • Dale Austin

    Dale Austin

    13 days ago

    I love Chris hoop knowledge but he was wrong about the Bulls play in the Finals vs the Suns. The Bulls were out of sync in the 4th quarter & the Suns were gaining momentum but MJ scored 9 straight points to keep them afloat with postups & mid range jumpers. MJ had Kevin Johnson on him an elite all-star PG, the Suns tried that matchup b/c KJ can match MJ's quickness on the perimeter. BJ imbounded the ball to MJ, KJ cut off his angle so he passed to Scottie & Barkley gambled for the steal Pip penetrated the lane was cut off, Pip passed to Horace & then he got it to Paxson & the rest is history. People forget how important those two plays were that Horace did the pass for the tre ball & then the key block on KJ to seal the 3 peat.

  • strawberrycola _

    strawberrycola _

    13 days ago


  • Kenny Baby the Prince

    Kenny Baby the Prince

    14 days ago

    They got Eric Andre to act normal????

  • Swarandeep Chaudhary

    Swarandeep Chaudhary

    14 days ago

    When does unc shae gets into goat mode ?

  • Ramon Tavarez

    Ramon Tavarez

    14 days ago

    Skip is a cry baby! When it comes to lebron always has to nitpick on any little thing but god forbid someone mentions MJ and is all over after that! I like skip I think he’s great at what he does but every time he looks for any little negative thing he could say about lebron and has a million excuses about MJ it makes him sound very ignorant about basketball.

  • KillaBEASTIeE


    14 days ago

    I think everytime Skip calls KD the best In the world imma dislike the video

  • Kenneth Erickson

    Kenneth Erickson

    14 days ago

    Trashman Trashman

  • LickDaddy 69

    LickDaddy 69

    14 days ago

    Skip literally only looks into negative things towards lbj 🤦🏽‍♂️ it’s become amusing now lol

  • michael perez

    michael perez

    14 days ago

    Clickbait af

  • Toxic reaction

    Toxic reaction

    14 days ago

    Revelation 21:8 - But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

  • Dinis Barbosa

    Dinis Barbosa

    14 days ago


  • LevelYup


    14 days ago

    Alright skip. Al horford didn't tip the ball out. He tried to grab the board but the ball bounced off the protective rubber under the backboard. At least watch the damn replay ONCE

  • Liberty


    14 days ago

    Kyrie was got to the basket in the last 2 min. But LeBron did not want to bring the ball up. Normally players would CLAP there hands together and say give me the ball but LeBron just kinda walked up court and watched. * Most of the time, if the score is tide he wants the ball but if there down he shy's away from the ball.....Most of the time.

  • Destinee Stewart

    Destinee Stewart

    14 days ago

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  • notyouraverage person

    notyouraverage person

    14 days ago

    Its warriors vs bucks in the finals...

  • Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman

    14 days ago

    #5 on trending



    14 days ago

    Shannon is becoming an embarrassment to himself. I've never even seen LeBron shout him out. That's just doing to much as a grown man to be acting like that.

  • Richard Haenisch

    Richard Haenisch

    14 days ago

    Skip, since we are into conjecture, how about this possibility: Lebron was SOOO smart to understand that it was better for the team, if he DIDN'T take the last shot (to show he trusts his teammates) and thereby raising their overall morale ? That's more likely the reason WHY Lebron deferred and didn't fight Marcus Morris for the ball.

  • El Fuego

    El Fuego

    14 days ago


  • Holz Kopf

    Holz Kopf

    14 days ago


  • Sarah Leigh

    Sarah Leigh

    14 days ago

  • majesty s

    majesty s

    14 days ago

    Undisputed goat face Lucy.

  • Mia khalifa

    Mia khalifa

    14 days ago


  • Brandon Jackson

    Brandon Jackson

    6 days ago

    All day baby

  • Jory P

    Jory P

    14 days ago

    Skip, Shannon, Broussard Perfectly balanced, as all things should be

  • Ellé Gaona

    Ellé Gaona

    14 days ago

    He’s so surprised

  • 38


    14 days ago


  • collin Blough

    collin Blough

    14 days ago

    Why does skip hate Lebron soo much Lebron could cure cancer and skip will still find away to criticize him

  • Jeremiah is a goat

    Jeremiah is a goat

    14 days ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue... I got click-baited And you did too...

  • I promise to subscribe to him.

    I promise to subscribe to him.

    14 days ago

    I don't care if you don't subscribe to me, just subscribe to me, no harm no foul

  • Cornelius Small

    Cornelius Small

    14 days ago

    Skip, acts as if MJ was the end all be all during every close game. MJ was primary but not the only reason the Bulls won, there were players beyond Scottie we counted on for shots. MJ avg 30 and Pip 20, its only 50 pts we needed grant and armstrong to bring 14-15 a night kukoc 13. Harper 9 defense and stretching the floor, Rodman 15+ rebs 6 pts.

  • Messiah Gray

    Messiah Gray

    14 days ago

    *Illuminati Confirmed*

  • Javiisa Da God

    Javiisa Da God

    14 days ago

    In case yall are fans of slowed and reverb ...

  • Romo


    14 days ago

    This is only trending because of click bait

  • Oj d

    Oj d

    14 days ago

    Clickbaited af

  • Earl Green

    Earl Green

    14 days ago

    STUBBORN IN THE DARK Some would rather curse the darkness than light a candle - the cliché goes. I may wonder how those at the foot of the cross as JESUS was dying; with the earthquakes, the solar eclipse (a mystery in those days), and people rising from the dead - could still mock and not believe! But then we are all like that sometimes eh? We could have a miracle last week and this week have a panic attack! LOL. In the last days when the earth and sky dissolve, people left behind will still be cursing GOD! Don’t be stubborn in the darkness, draw near to the LIGHT - JESUS

  • Daylin Broussard

    Daylin Broussard

    14 days ago

    Uhm same last name uncle?

  • something somwhere

    something somwhere

    14 days ago

    Chris “Hey I’m black” Broussard

  • DuckTalesWooHoo1987


    14 days ago

    Broussard's voice is like nails on a chalkboard to me. Absolutely almost impossible for me to listen to this dude.

  • Pew DiePie

    Pew DiePie

    14 days ago

    Subscribe To PewDiePie

  • cool girls

    cool girls

    14 days ago

    Skip somehow changed the entire narrative lol

  • Shockked


    14 days ago

    Lakers are undisputed lol. Im the new justin y.

  • Justin Fencsak

    Justin Fencsak

    14 days ago

    NBA > NFL

  • Jerky Jones

    Jerky Jones

    14 days ago

    Broussard my fave NBA analyst.

  • Shawn Justesen

    Shawn Justesen

    14 days ago


  • Cory Cantu

    Cory Cantu

    14 days ago

    The fact that Steph Curry is always brought up in the conversation to prove the point you can’t be him should make Steph Curry the greatest player of all time no one can do what he does no one is consisting of him to play basketball at a high-level in this era you must be able to shoot the ball there is one player in the history that can shoot the ball like Steph Curry and that is Steph Curry

  • Steven -Douros

    Steven -Douros

    14 days ago

    Lebron is ruining the lakers



    14 days ago appreciate anyone who listens!

  • Asdrubal Lopez

    Asdrubal Lopez

    14 days ago

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  • Izzy X

    Izzy X

    14 days ago

    Why are they talking about saving the season in February? LOL

  • paula cochran

    paula cochran

    14 days ago

    NBA ship of fools 💀 racist all black fools

  • isaac debeila

    isaac debeila

    14 days ago

    people be blaming Lonzo for his bad FT% but it looks like its Lebrons influence thats making him like that LOL

  • Nicholas Koomey

    Nicholas Koomey

    14 days ago

    Subscribe to PewDiePie. Reply if you did.

  • lukecage33


    14 days ago

    Shannon Sharpe has a diet Hennessy and black and milds and still looks better than most 20 year olds

  • SlimJimTim


    14 days ago

    HMU if you would like to travel the west coast with me ig-Timr4w69💔🖤💨

  • RatedTHC


    14 days ago

    i love it when chris wants to smile so hard cause he knows his fans is waiting for him to cook skip with lebron facts

  • Nam ninh Quảng Tây

    Nam ninh Quảng Tây

    14 days ago

  • Boruto


    14 days ago


  • Popa Smurf

    Popa Smurf

    14 days ago

    Clickbait alive & well.

  • Vincent Williams

    Vincent Williams

    14 days ago

    Why are these commentators constantly talkin about Michael Jordan

  • Wayne Gates

    Wayne Gates

    14 days ago

    Jeny is sexy sexy sexy ❤️💕

  • Tarantula Dreams

    Tarantula Dreams

    14 days ago

    Marcus Morris having nightmares. He allowed lebron to tie the game up to 124 by not catching that desperation pass and he couldn't get the rebound after the Ingram block

  • King Kromah

    King Kromah

    14 days ago

    Did Skip really just bring up free throws

  • Tin Dobranić

    Tin Dobranić

    14 days ago

    Skip gets proven wrong but his answer is “was it game 7? “ “no” , “thaaaaaank you” what an idiot

  • Luca Romano

    Luca Romano

    14 days ago

    If they wanted AD so much, why they didn’t give Lebron? Lol bad managing

  • Luca Romano

    Luca Romano

    13 days ago

    Arsal Jafri was meant to be a joke srry

  • Arsal Jafri

    Arsal Jafri

    14 days ago

    You crazy Lebron always better than AD no matter what that’s just stupid

  • cap 1

    cap 1

    14 days ago

    Skip makes me so sick on how he hates on lebron

  • Marley Mal

    Marley Mal

    14 days ago

    Like Luther said, If only for one night 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • scottieblaze


    14 days ago

    Skip is such a biased, washed-up dufus, man. Hard to bother listening to such a non-factor who will never stop hating on Lebron James. And I can't even bother watching Bron play for the Lakers. But I can't waste time listening to Skip even moreso.

  • Gretar Gardarsson

    Gretar Gardarsson

    14 days ago

    Kick Skip out of that show and change it to Ol' Shay Sharp & Friends.

  • W C

    W C

    14 days ago

    lmaoo Skip probably cried all night after Rondo hit that shot

  • Tyockin Bethell

    Tyockin Bethell

    14 days ago

    Art in motion

  • Victor Maitland

    Victor Maitland

    14 days ago


  • Valsly


    14 days ago

    Skip was waiting for Lebron to come back...

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