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Chris Mannix believes Anthony Davis is 'going to end up' with the Celtics | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST


Sports Illustrated NBA Senior Writer Chris Mannix joins Cris Carter and Nick Wright to discuss Anthony Davis the trade rumors. Hear why he thinks the Boston Celtics are a more likely destination for AD than the Los Angeles Lakers.
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Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.
Chris Mannix believes Anthony Davis is 'going to end up' with the Celtics | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST
First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright


  • First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

    First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

    17 days ago

    Where will Anthony Davis play next season?

  • Jonathan


    12 days ago

    You know what i think? The Pelicans will splurge and sign anyone willing to join to make clear to AD that he can sign max with them AND go to the playoffs with them

  • Jonathan LeBrun

    Jonathan LeBrun

    15 days ago

    First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright The Raptors

  • bigwaltpro


    15 days ago

    He will play wherever NO can get the most for him. Not sure if Lakers will even want to deal with them now.

  • Giraffe!?!?


    15 days ago


  • Josh Sprague

    Josh Sprague

    5 days ago

    Cris Carter is stupid, IT isn't AD dude. We weren't giving a 5'9 Point Guard a max contract lol.

  • Glitter


    6 days ago

    Trade Davis to the worst team on purpose.

  • lwe3625


    13 days ago

    Who is this guy? He is very pro Boston and delusional

  • Gabriel Bennett

    Gabriel Bennett

    14 days ago

    Kyrie Irving with AD has a way better chance of winning a championship than Lebron and AD

  • Rati Konjaria

    Rati Konjaria

    14 days ago

    is this guy mad? xD he wants us to believe that Brown plus 2 mid first round picks and 2 late first round picks are move valuable then Kuzma Ball Ingram Hart and two late first rounders? xD

  • Jacob Thomas

    Jacob Thomas

    14 days ago

    IT didnt do for Boston, what Kobe did for LA

  • Jacob Thomas

    Jacob Thomas

    14 days ago

    Hayward, RW, Smart and 2 firsts + any Boston picks down the line.

  • Rhodrie Carillo

    Rhodrie Carillo

    14 days ago

    Chris Mannix is just a big Hater of Lebron... Mannix is a bias Sports Analyst

  • Khoa Do

    Khoa Do

    15 days ago

    Mannix got a very punchable face when he barks

  • Angel Lopez Oficial

    Angel Lopez Oficial

    15 days ago

    Kuzma > Tatum

  • KiDD ChroN

    KiDD ChroN

    15 days ago

    Boston trying to get AD there to MK ultra him into staying 👀

  • KiDD ChroN

    KiDD ChroN

    15 days ago

    AD says I don’t think Boston will be my choice! Every Boston person says ... we don’t care .. 😂😂 .. cmon we all know this is a tactic to stop Lebron & lakers from winning a chip and tying the all time amount of championships with Boston. Boston currently has like 16 or something and lakers have 15. Whatever it is it’s only one more than the lakers.

  • Off Meme

    Off Meme

    15 days ago

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  • Jeff Thomas

    Jeff Thomas

    15 days ago

    If you are the knicks why would you trade Zion?!? I wouldnt. Also, are the Celtics absolutely going to offer Tatum? Lastly, is Tatum better than Ingram and Kuzma?

  • Billy Gardner

    Billy Gardner

    15 days ago

    Danny please don't trade Tatum for a one year rental !! Dumb

  • Chris Rains

    Chris Rains

    15 days ago

    Nick Wright is in his feeling cause AD to LA didn't happen. I know Chris is from Boston but the Celtics got the inside track to AD because of their trade assets. Anyone that has any common sense can see that.



    15 days ago

    A Celtic fan thinks Davis is going to the Celtics, what a shocker.

  • Edward Brito

    Edward Brito

    15 days ago

    Mannix is a Boston fan & Laker hater... gut Celtics Tatum will be included top picks as well. Kyrie + Hayward pretty sure Pels dont take him on so that's it. Or Lakers who keep a player, room to sign a max on top of AD such a tough decision for AD. Pels didn't get the memo AD got all the leverage & unless he wants a ok all-star Derozan for AD they need to reconsider. Hayward is a big monkey wrench, Kyrie wanting out not commiting lol. Bucks Middleton package cause sure as heck don't want give up MVP Giannis & Knicks offer was rejected.

  • veegee49


    15 days ago

    I guess Chris Mannix was right

  • jayson joseph

    jayson joseph

    15 days ago

    Pelicans wants tatum now

  • jayson joseph

    jayson joseph

    15 days ago

    Kyrie doubtfully will stay with boston thats why AD will also be rental

  • jayson joseph

    jayson joseph

    15 days ago

    What if AD did not come to boston? Then your analysis is wrong?

  • Che1424


    15 days ago

    Bunch of angry bronsexuals in the comments 😂

  • MedicareSolutionsTurning65


    15 days ago

    Davis jersey behind says on it “NOLA”😀

  • Cristian Ziglioli

    Cristian Ziglioli

    15 days ago

    U are right Chris, for one year, and then he’ll be in LA

  • Meden Moises

    Meden Moises

    16 days ago


  • The pixel gun player Bro

    The pixel gun player Bro

    16 days ago

    1+scribers to me please

  • Mamba Out

    Mamba Out

    16 days ago

    Lebron is better than kyrie though, so teaming up with him would give him better chances.

  • dog person

    dog person

    16 days ago

    Why is Tom Brady doing a advertisement for Ashton martin those cars are far just rich people and for the elite Jesus Christ.

  • Already Know

    Already Know

    16 days ago

    I feel like pelicans should have just traded him to lakers for those few picks and all the players then keep and trade all them for people they wanna keep and trade for other people they want I don’t see another good trade for them knowing ad wants to go to one or two places and won’t resign

  • christian mafia

    christian mafia

    16 days ago

    I guess his unibrow Is his trademark

  • 11 11

    11 11

    16 days ago

    That is one ugly black guy lol wtf

  • Dr Dead

    Dr Dead

    16 days ago

    The nba doesn't matter.

  • Hush Whisper

    Hush Whisper

    16 days ago

    When they tell you the "Garden of Eden" can't be found, shown them this and see what they say

  • clay carpenter

    clay carpenter

    16 days ago

    I didn't know the new Sherrif of Red Rock was a sports opinionater lol. #TheHatefulEight

  • Do VS Don't

    Do VS Don't

    16 days ago

    Yes . AD to Boston is way too scary . Nick wrong would hate to see that now wouldn’t he .

  • Kyle Davis

    Kyle Davis

    16 days ago

    Lmao Boston is definitely not last on this list for Anthony davis

  • kinghanad


    16 days ago

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  • Dani Morrow

    Dani Morrow

    16 days ago

    *is that beetlejuice from the Howard stern show??*

  • Jimmy Lewis

    Jimmy Lewis

    16 days ago

    I hope Davis goes to a championship contender. He's too talented to waste his career with a subpar team like the Pelicans.

  • robert mull

    robert mull

    16 days ago

    Ad already said he won't sign long term for them so why should Boston even try kyrie gone in July anyway might as well get Thomas back baha

  • Fun Goddy

    Fun Goddy

    16 days ago

    Lets see how it all plays out but Celtics have a plan to sign and Trade.

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    Jesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the Gospel

    16 days ago

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  • Dennis Tyler

    Dennis Tyler

    16 days ago

    FA changed Sports, Trade demands ruined it...

  • ThirdEyeWarrior


    16 days ago

    No one can stand someone who wont take NO for an answer...Boston wants a "Shotgun Marriage" and believes at the end A.D. is going to sign long term 😆 How ? You already don't respect His wishes....What ? A.D. is going to stay because of The Clam Chowder ? Go ahead Boston Give More than the Lakers and watch "Cinderfella" break your heart.

  • Arnamo


    16 days ago

    I dont get it, why would the celtics give tatum brown and some picks for a year rental? I don't see the celtics makin a good offer to top the lakers other then maybe tatum and a 2nd late pick which isn't neraly enough but hey what is for ad? Celtics got Kyrie for Iseah and that wasnt fair either lol

  • Gordon Grant

    Gordon Grant

    16 days ago

    Wright hstes Boston. It's a mental illness with him.

  • David Hinshaw

    David Hinshaw

    16 days ago

    Boston is over hyped and new Orleans will not make the playoffs in the next 10 years plus after seeing how they treat players no one will want to go there

  • jpin0002 jpin0002

    jpin0002 jpin0002

    16 days ago

    If kyrie stays, this is his best chance at a title. All they need is a 4/5 superstar and their the best team in the east. And playing with Lebron is the fastest route to losing in the finals 😍😞👀

  • Matz G

    Matz G

    16 days ago

    Why would celtics give up their Best young Player for 1 season of AD?

  • Justin Martin

    Justin Martin

    16 days ago

    RIPPLE EFFECT? that statement was so disingenuous! Anthony davis his son is stepping out on a contract 1 1/2 years early that he signed... get out of here with that!

  • Christian Rivera

    Christian Rivera

    16 days ago

    If AD is traded to the Celtics he won’t take it seriously. It’s gonna be like Kawhi’s last year in San Antonio. It’s clear he has no desire to play for or represent that franchise.

  • Patrick James

    Patrick James

    16 days ago

    The Celts will acquire Davis keep Kyrie Tatum trade Brown possibly a couple of other players and a future pick. Draft Zion and win multiple championships

  • Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine Terrance

    16 days ago

    Hello, Humans. “As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed.” - Vincent Van Gogh

  • Karlos Kindle

    Karlos Kindle

    16 days ago

    Who is this stupid dude the put on the set with a Chris and Nick? God Lee... 😂🤣😂

  • Vlad Panchenko

    Vlad Panchenko

    16 days ago

    Ask KG, Paul and Rey how Ainge treats his stars.



    16 days ago

    Hhahahaha! Mannix, u crazy.... AD hates Boston.

  • 1k


    16 days ago


  • Blane Ries

    Blane Ries

    16 days ago

    Chris mannix thinks ad is coming to the Celtics WOW WOULD HAVE NEVER GUESSED

  • GT johns

    GT johns

    16 days ago

    I keep hearing about the Celtics but no one can say what they are willing to give. This is the team that's known for cheating others teams in trade deals.

  • Ron Johnson

    Ron Johnson

    16 days ago

    this guy is an idiot. nothing he said made any sense. waste of a show with him

  • kamash12able


    16 days ago

    Nick owns Mannix's but like it's no fair

  • Chris Reynolds

    Chris Reynolds

    16 days ago

    Cris carter! Savage!

  • Joel Mcbride

    Joel Mcbride

    16 days ago

    I dont think he's going to Boston at all. As a fan I don't want him there either especially if he don't want to.

  • Joel Mcbride

    Joel Mcbride

    16 days ago

    Lol ad wants to go nut hug LeBron and still not win.

  • Desmond Hawker

    Desmond Hawker

    16 days ago

    He said he wanted to go to a team where he can win and knowingly excluded the celtics. He demanded a trade knowing the celtics would never trade for him now, unless they trade kyrie. His intentions are pretty clear, he does not want to play for the celtics. I'm a celtic but this is clear as day, move on Chris M.

  • baghdadbob121


    16 days ago

    Send AD to Memphis 🤣🤣🤣

  • Jr v Gaming

    Jr v Gaming

    16 days ago

    I feel like AD father doesn’t run his legacy. If AD wants to go to the Celtics then that’s on him not on his dad right? You can’t let anyone control your future, because if they do, does that make you happy, because someone chose your future for you and not yourself? Why would AD want to go to the lakers if the lakers might not even be in the playoffs this year. If he does then AD took the biggest L of his career just like bron did going to the lakers.

  • Tony Dorsett

    Tony Dorsett

    16 days ago

    Mannix is a fool been talking same mess for years & Boston ain't won a thing dude always wrong

  • Didi Tiu

    Didi Tiu

    16 days ago

    Yo Nick Wrong! NO loves Tatum, why do you really believe that AD is going to the Laker? Do you BJ LBJ Mr. Wrong?!!!

  • JaronZ


    16 days ago

    Kevin Garnett said he will never play for Boston. We all know how that played out. It's simple, rings with the C's or 2 years 50 ball with LBJ.

  • cygriffin83


    16 days ago

    Them good ole boys dont wanna believe AD dont wanna go to Boston... delusional...

  • Petey Pitts

    Petey Pitts

    16 days ago

    This guy has the Cs all in his mouth!!!

  • Just Jeff

    Just Jeff

    16 days ago

    Nick Wright ETHER’D Mannix. Lmao. Had him stumbling and bumbling. Hahahaha

  • Scott Sophia

    Scott Sophia

    16 days ago

    *In other news: Chris Mannix* went to *Boston College*

  • GGYY


    16 days ago

    The Celtics only trade star, you'll go ?

  • Mr.Pereggz


    16 days ago

    The pelicans wanted me in the trade as well..

  • Solo Lee

    Solo Lee

    16 days ago

    Chris Mannix ? Mannix Mauraders ?

  • William Gee

    William Gee

    16 days ago


  • William Gee

    William Gee

    16 days ago


  • Carlos Garcia

    Carlos Garcia

    16 days ago

    The LAKERS ARE SO DOOM . they picked Ingram instead of Porzingis. They picked Ball instead of A. Fox . and they want to trade the whole promising young core for Davis because they want to please LeBron and make gim happy. A. Davis comes to the Lakers . let's say he get injured ......Thats it for magic and that team. Jajajaja

  • wowthatsbs


    16 days ago

    This boston homer is insufferable

  • Kevin Le

    Kevin Le

    16 days ago

    Kyrie would leave in the summer. Davis won’t resign there. Celtics would lose everything if they trade for AD.

  • Marc H

    Marc H

    16 days ago

    Why are all these talking heads trying to put AD on the Lakers, not his choice.

  • Jason Condie

    Jason Condie

    16 days ago

    Seriously what an absolute flog how can someone with one direction and opinion always for Celtics be in the media..

  • lasso daniel

    lasso daniel

    16 days ago

    Aren’t the pelicans sending a message of you come to our team good luck trying to leave?

  • Eric Cartman

    Eric Cartman

    16 days ago

    #10 on trending

  • jrmop 09

    jrmop 09

    16 days ago

    Did this fool not see what LeBron did to his precious Celtics, with a bunch of bums he beat Boston in 7. Lakers have more a chance than Boston at reaching any finals rn

  • Devin Dyquisto

    Devin Dyquisto

    16 days ago

    Pels are gonna get diddly and deserve it.

  • Devin Dyquisto

    Devin Dyquisto

    16 days ago

    Terrible move by Celtics if they do it. Give up franchise players for 1 year of Davis who won't want to be there.

  • Sam Shepard

    Sam Shepard

    16 days ago

    Kyrie & AD to the Lakers - eventually :)

  • kaytlu


    16 days ago

    Nick Wright is so blasted biases pro Lakers, I just don't want to see him any moredsdd

  • B.M.F F

    B.M.F F

    16 days ago

    Celtics should cut a deal for Antetokumpo

  • 808supa43


    16 days ago

    AD going to the CAVS if I was the GM that's what I would do😅😏

  • original cameron

    original cameron

    16 days ago

    Do you guys think Ad will go to Lakers or Warriors?

  • Javier Delgado

    Javier Delgado

    16 days ago

    Looks like Nick hates the Celtics.

  • Brehon Mills -The Stock Investor

    Brehon Mills -The Stock Investor

    16 days ago

    Everyone is wrong.. Boston would be foolish to trade their young assets for a guy that's hurt....

  • JC Gonzales

    JC Gonzales

    16 days ago

    What Boston did to Isiah is the reason. Players feel like the Celtics can't be trusted. Ainge treats nba players the same as the Patriots. That's his right but in a players league that can turn guys away

  • Sports Central

    Sports Central

    16 days ago

    I hope the Celtics get AD and he walks after next year. Sweet revenge for IT.

  • Jay Eff Ess

    Jay Eff Ess

    16 days ago

    I guess Chris Mannix should ask Anthony Davis' dad about this prediction...

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