DAD OF THE YEAR! | Nets vs. Sixers Game 4

Shoutout to this dad protecting his kid as things got chippy between Nets/Sixers.
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  • Simanga Maziya

    Simanga Maziya

    21 day ago

    Great job Dad

  • tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker

    21 day ago

    And the Defensive Player of the Year goes to...

  • Maniac Rider

    Maniac Rider

    22 days ago

    That kid won't forget that!!👍

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  • Yorikomi


    22 days ago

    This Dad's name is Marlon from PH he is my cousin edit: full name is Marlon dizon

  • panggop jio

    panggop jio

    22 days ago

    I went to basketball game before with my uncle

  • Glorified Rhymes

    Glorified Rhymes

    22 days ago

    I'm calling a blocking foul for dad wearing that purse tho...

  • Cosmic Tuxedo

    Cosmic Tuxedo

    23 days ago

    Basketball players are such drama queens. Retards can't fight for shit and act tough for nothing.

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    Junaid Ahmad

    23 days ago

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  • S & S ajjha

    S & S ajjha

    23 days ago


  • ali 1234567

    ali 1234567

    24 days ago

    Wer mich folgt folge ich auch

  • Some Kid

    Some Kid

    24 days ago

    0:13 Why Does Ben Simmons Look So Tall

  • seKtor 51

    seKtor 51

    25 days ago

    Big fucking deal. Who wouldnt do that

  • RWT


    25 days ago

    MVP of Game 4

  • Yogi Smokes

    Yogi Smokes

    25 days ago

    Can we admit dad was a pussy and started reacting way before anything started. Just a scared little man getting out of the way

  • Rami Sebit

    Rami Sebit

    25 days ago

    Nigga was like damn my Js n 💧!! Then was like my kid too!! The LV bag Chinese r making money

  • Chicken McNuggets

    Chicken McNuggets

    25 days ago

    Is it just me because I have no idea what is going on right now

  • DANIEL James

    DANIEL James

    25 days ago

    Scum bags don’t care about the people there to see them play! What a shame!

  • Side Winder

    Side Winder

    25 days ago

    Yeah apparently America has dads that typically don't take care of their children...

  • Yo Mamma

    Yo Mamma

    25 days ago

    And the Defensive Player of the Year goes to...

  • Kaye Wilde

    Kaye Wilde

    26 days ago

    Yeah, and the people holding the mike were commenting like they were still on the game.

  • Totally Piggy

    Totally Piggy

    26 days ago

    "Great Job by Dad" - Bad Job of the NBA.

  • Lizeika Lindo

    Lizeika Lindo

    26 days ago

    I went to basketball game before with my uncle

  • Amang Mugen

    Amang Mugen

    26 days ago

    reflex level: 9999999 the real mvp

  • Earl Green

    Earl Green

    26 days ago

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    Yev RAH

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  • a smith

    a smith

    26 days ago


  • Average Arbin

    Average Arbin

    26 days ago

    i would've let them hit me, so i could sue them..

  • Megan Laroza

    Megan Laroza

    27 days ago

    Asian dad i damn good 😁

  • Tom H

    Tom H

    27 days ago

    uhm, am i the only one questioning why he brought a baby to a game much less sat in the first couple rows behind the basket? Dad of the year? more like Dumbass of the year...

  • Amosh Thakuri

    Amosh Thakuri

    27 days ago

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  • Kamil Malikov

    Kamil Malikov

    27 days ago

    You wouldn’t do the same ?

  • zaya


    27 days ago

    Reckless ass players dude.

  • SteveRay


    27 days ago

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  • Daniel Lee

    Daniel Lee

    27 days ago

    You go dad

  • I Am Happy And I Deserve It

    I Am Happy And I Deserve It

    27 days ago

    I don't condone violence But this will be my fave basketball fight 😂😂😂

  • Ruby Wants Friends

    Ruby Wants Friends

    27 days ago

    I thought they were talking about the guy on the right then they panned away and I was really confused.

  • Hayden Knowlton

    Hayden Knowlton

    27 days ago

    Someone give that dad someone round of claws

  • roger scott

    roger scott

    27 days ago

    Hero? Has even done something for Israel?

  • James Blunt

    James Blunt

    27 days ago

    He ain't no Pookie, and Ray Ray that's for sure.

  • K3 Boys

    K3 Boys

    27 days ago

    Dad of the year he saved his son than watching the fight go on

  • Timothy John

    Timothy John

    27 days ago

    Dad of the year front runner, but what’s with the murse??

  • John Paul G. De Asis

    John Paul G. De Asis

    27 days ago

    excellent defense by dad......harden is shaking

  • john roberts

    john roberts

    27 days ago

    Great job by blacks

  • doug rabbit

    doug rabbit

    27 days ago

    Dad's got some game!

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    Copy Cat RICH

    27 days ago

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  • gensotenno


    27 days ago

    0:12 I went to Barclays Center and watched the game of Nets once before, and then I sat next to nice American family hundsome Dad and cute son.

  • Anglo Gobloggian

    Anglo Gobloggian

    27 days ago

    Dads a bitch

  • 007VitaminD


    27 days ago


  • E.K. Caine

    E.K. Caine

    27 days ago

    Like this if you’re not going to check out my music 😔

  • Juan Cailles

    Juan Cailles

    27 days ago

    That Dad have more defense than most nba players

  • Toby Reinhardt

    Toby Reinhardt

    27 days ago

    I’m offended!!! How do they know he’s a dad??? He could be a large woman of color!! Or perhaps he identifies as a booger!!! Please people, ask before you assume.

  • How Now

    How Now

    27 days ago

    Dad is defensive man of the year 2019.

  • Dunk Ball

    Dunk Ball

    27 days ago


  • Roxy Appricot

    Roxy Appricot

    27 days ago

    Very unprofessional of the players...i really hope they get some consequences

  • Metro Tmobile

    Metro Tmobile

    27 days ago

    He thought it was group of Godzilla's.

  • matma01


    27 days ago

    Dad doing what a PARENT is supposed to do!

  • jaafar Ibrahimovic

    jaafar Ibrahimovic

    27 days ago

    He lowkey reached for his gun first

  • PDC TV

    PDC TV

    27 days ago

    Yow this dude got the power of the six paths :)

  • Lee johnson

    Lee johnson

    27 days ago

    MY Dad Didnt Love Me Like This whipes Tear.. ... come sauce it up with ya boy saucenjohnson If You Like What Ya Hear sauce That Button

  • Knight


    27 days ago


  • crash medicated

    crash medicated

    27 days ago

    It amazes me how these players, who make millions, would put a kid in harms way bc they can not control their attitude. You can not call these guys role models. They should start losing their contracts. If you want to fight, join the UFC

  • walmartskills


    27 days ago

    You know a sport is fucked when a kid can't even sit in the front row and feel safe...

  • Pinas Basketball

    Pinas Basketball

    27 days ago

    I thought that dad were going to hold his son so that it wouldnt go and get involve in the brawl

  • I AM

    I AM

    27 days ago

    After that, the ref called a foul on the little boy and gave James harden two free throws...House of Highlights show all of the footage next time please!

  • Tony 2times

    Tony 2times

    27 days ago

    Those white folks were shook up somebody call the cops

  • Bob Hawke

    Bob Hawke

    27 days ago

    2019. Dad of the year. Has come a long way since he drowned his sons twin sister in a bucket of water at birth. #nomoreonechildpolicy

  • James Abramofsky

    James Abramofsky

    27 days ago

    Dad of the year???! Give me a fucking break!! Dad hit the panic button....clearly Dad hasn’t seen too many NBA fights over the years😂

  • Jalon Glover

    Jalon Glover

    27 days ago


  • Wisdom ABB

    Wisdom ABB

    27 days ago

    if Dudley gets a three then simmons has to get one



    27 days ago

    Kala ko si pambansang kolokoy

  • I'm A Narc!

    I'm A Narc!

    27 days ago

    Lmao if it was his mom he would have been flattened because she would have had to grab her purse first

  • guysmalley


    27 days ago

    What else is he to do? Leave him, maybe it’s the overpaid thugs who are not so great

  • bargain bob

    bargain bob

    27 days ago

    Lakers could have used that kind of defense

  • Angel Diaz

    Angel Diaz

    27 days ago

    Wow that looks really bad for the NBA that fans cannot besafe...Next terrorist bringing bombs now that's something to fear all senses American people would not used to that kind of attack on The Daily other countries experienced it very often so do you know how bad it is.

  • Devon Guistwite

    Devon Guistwite

    27 days ago

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  • 4 Elotes

    4 Elotes

    27 days ago

    que gran video😀

  • R8ted H8ted

    R8ted H8ted

    27 days ago

    Nobody puts baby in a corner.

  • Ok Alright

    Ok Alright

    27 days ago

    Joel embiid be like “I don’t have any weapons officer!”

  • Ethan Braga

    Ethan Braga

    27 days ago

    So you didn’t expect him to move? You thought he would just sit there?

  • Michael McFadden

    Michael McFadden

    27 days ago

    Player of the night

  • Mayen XD

    Mayen XD

    27 days ago

    Do you see the shity role model the players are setting

  • TMT Lamonte

    TMT Lamonte

    27 days ago

    Full video on me

  • TMT Lamonte

    TMT Lamonte

    27 days ago

    Tmtlamonte reaction

  • 2MushEpicness Eclipse

    2MushEpicness Eclipse

    27 days ago

    Lol and they probably don’t even know that they made top trending.

  • EA J

    EA J

    27 days ago

    That's called being a dad. A paternal instinct to protect your offspring. It is rare nowadays. He is awesome.

  • Jacobo Meneses

    Jacobo Meneses

    27 days ago

    Is clearly not his first time in the first row

  • KostaAtlas


    27 days ago

    Why??? Any man would of helped a kid

  • Minh đỗ

    Minh đỗ

    27 days ago

    How does a guy doing what he suppose to do as a dad got on trending?

  • GamingShocker


    27 days ago

    my dad would run first before me😂

  • A Z

    A Z

    27 days ago

    I had Seats like that once. The guys are bigger, faster and rougher than they appear on tv

  • Gi Freeman

    Gi Freeman

    27 days ago

    I saw two great dads protecting their kids

  • Brandon Baldestomo

    Brandon Baldestomo

    27 days ago

    Dad's approach to game is always been phenomenal

  • deztroyer76


    27 days ago

    Dad of the year for getting out of the way of giant men fighting? Boy have standards dropped off a cliff.

  • Marie J

    Marie J

    27 days ago

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  • notamerica70


    27 days ago


  • Hannibal


    27 days ago

    Catholic priest tryouts.

  • Mariyah Styles

    Mariyah Styles

    27 days ago

    Lmao I love how everyone's focused on the dad on the left but not the dad to to the right carrying a baby

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