Damian Lillard UNREAL 50 Pts CLUTCH Performance! 2019 WCR1 Game 5 Blazers vs Thunder | FreeDawkins


April 23, 2019 | Damian Lillard UNREAL 50 Pts CLUTCH Performance! 2019 WCR1 Game 5 Blazers vs Thunder | FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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  • Austen Hilton

    Austen Hilton

    3 days ago

    He was on pace for 65+ crazy

  • Justin Cruz

    Justin Cruz

    3 days ago

    One of the greatest playoff performances of all time

  • Justin Cruz

    Justin Cruz

    3 days ago

    My boy DLill gotta show out this year

  • Juniorii Jr

    Juniorii Jr

    2 days ago

    Justin Cruz he will dw bout that

  • jrags717


    4 days ago


  • Ali Kemal

    Ali Kemal

    5 days ago

    My man got HOF difficult shots in real life

  • Bruce Rivers

    Bruce Rivers

    6 days ago

    This man single handily sent the Thunder back into rebuild mode.

  • Okhi Sullivan

    Okhi Sullivan

    6 days ago

    Imagined if mike breen called this game

  • XXPirateGamingXX


    7 days ago

    Who's here after westbrook got traded?

  • Elias Cervantes

    Elias Cervantes

    7 days ago

    Damien lillard ended the thunder organization

  • ツfrxnco


    9 days ago

    2:54 one of the cleanest shots I’ve ever seen

  • The People's Mix

    The People's Mix

    4 days ago

    Every time I see that it hits me that shot is INSANE

  • PrJ_Mantis


    10 days ago

    Man i just bought his shoes (dame 5) they bomb

  • Don Julio

    Don Julio

    11 days ago

    This man re arranged an entire teams system with one shot

  • Joshua Ayuban

    Joshua Ayuban

    11 days ago

    Who is still watching this in July?

  • Jay Mally

    Jay Mally

    13 days ago

    My Boa Dame Will Forever be a humble Beast , Some of y’all just now fw him bc he hit this shot even though he hit the same shot against the rockets to advance them into the next round 🏀💪🏾He been clutch 💍

  • Shawn Rasquinha

    Shawn Rasquinha

    13 days ago

    Looking back now This was the game Lillard got Russ and PG to split 🤣

  • L G R W

    L G R W

    13 days ago

    Dame sent okc into rebuild mode😂dude is a legend forever in oregon

  • Steve Biko

    Steve Biko

    14 days ago

    Simplesmente Sensacional !!!

  • Temuri Kakachiya

    Temuri Kakachiya

    14 days ago

    Watch Dame destroy clippers and they will rebuild too lol...hahahaha

  • Black Mamba

    Black Mamba

    16 days ago

    The game that destroyed an entire franchise.

  • Stanlen Faucher

    Stanlen Faucher

    23 days ago

    Damian Lillard started the 2nd Half with one deep three 2:55, ends the second half, game, and series with the same shot defended by the person, Paul George.

  • 411knockout


    26 days ago

    Dame really shut Westbricks ass up! Dude was running his mouth and Dame let his game do the talking!

  • OG Purrp

    OG Purrp

    28 days ago

    Dame dolla 💵

  • yunfeng An

    yunfeng An

    Month ago

    Westbrook should be more calm

  • Heisenberg


    Month ago

    1:48 Double jump?

  • Rody Gonzalez

    Rody Gonzalez

    Month ago

    no Vaseline

  • Stink Fist

    Stink Fist

    Month ago

    Look at 2:50. He was just showing what is coming. PG after the game winner: "it was a bad shot"... you were warned dumba$$ 😂

  • Mark K

    Mark K

    Month ago

    Faxxxxxxxxxxc, he makes those

  • All Chargers Highlights

    All Chargers Highlights

    Month ago

    One of the best games ever played by a guard.

  • 山田太郎


    Month ago

    6:36 これはヤバすぎ

  • Stephen Calhoun

    Stephen Calhoun

    Month ago

    Paul George should've signed elsewhere

  • C. Wilson

    C. Wilson

    Month ago

    it is so darn exciting. i will never forget the OKC and Denver series. Both stunning. plus the sweep from Warriors not as bad after all that excitement. Basketball heaven !!

  • Moonroof


    Month ago

    My favorite gw

  • Demari


    2 months ago

    Anybody seen the broom? 🧹

  • Jarrad Williams

    Jarrad Williams

    2 months ago

    This Guy Is So Underrated He's Like Steph Curry The Way He Shoots The Ball From Deep Dame And Steph My Favorite Point Guards

  • Yung Angst

    Yung Angst

    2 months ago

    Fuck a "big market" Lillard's a star anywhere



    2 months ago

  • Your Daddy

    Your Daddy

    2 months ago

    That shot was serial killer cold blooded 😐

  • Utopic Mania

    Utopic Mania

    2 months ago

    4:10 You can see someone from OKC bench complaining about the travel lol

  • qisrankedeleven


    2 months ago

    Great game Dame. What in the world was Westbrook doing on that last shot geez 🤦

  • Kingsavagebruh


    2 months ago

    Worstbrick holds the L again yet ppl say he's good he's the worst clutch shooter ever and can't win plus he just wants stats

  • TammyL


    2 months ago

    Go Blazers its your turn this DAME time!!!

  • Dame Lill N/A

    Dame Lill N/A

    2 months ago

    curry. what curry? this guy is OP AF

  • Akashi Seijuro

    Akashi Seijuro

    2 months ago

    My career take over plus green light 😂

  • Christian Rayo

    Christian Rayo

    2 months ago


  • Meredith Leavitt

    Meredith Leavitt

    2 months ago

    Hows dames nuts taste russ?

  • Damian Lillard

    Damian Lillard

    2 months ago

    Thats me! 😉🏆

  • Wesley Gregory

    Wesley Gregory

    2 months ago

    Coldest shot in NBA history

  • Jisoo Kwon

    Jisoo Kwon

    2 months ago

    4:10 was a travel he moved his pivot

  • Jisoo Kwon

    Jisoo Kwon

    2 months ago

    @Emre Gürdal chill out i know that just pointing something out don't be so aggresive

  • Emre Gürdal

    Emre Gürdal

    2 months ago

    Who gives a Fucc bro its gone

  • Josephine Dellosa

    Josephine Dellosa

    2 months ago

    Dapat mag laro sya sa team USA

  • Jalen Graham

    Jalen Graham

    2 months ago

    Damn OKC had to loss like that

  • Super Mario

    Super Mario

    2 months ago

    This is the difference between a man and a child. Damian is a man, a leader not a child like russ who will never become a leader

  • Nic Reyes

    Nic Reyes

    2 months ago

    Imagine if this was game 7 and the Blazers were down 2 and Dame hits that 40 footer on Westbrook's face instead. Oh my.

  • Alex Quinonez

    Alex Quinonez

    2 months ago

    Russ ain't rocking the baby no more. Hopefully, he gets humbled after this and starts playing team basketball.

  • Fitnees Brown

    Fitnees Brown

    2 months ago

    I never seen anything like Lillard since LeBron

  • hello bye

    hello bye

    2 months ago

    Can't say that was a bad shot he was hitting tougher 3s the whole game

  • Mozzie Elite

    Mozzie Elite

    2 months ago

    Best damnnnn PG in the Game. Dame⌚️

  • Esau Appana

    Esau Appana

    2 months ago


  • MisterBinx


    2 months ago

    Look at Lillard's first bucket. Down 10 points. At home. Nothing going. Pressure to bring your team back. He takes a fade away floater in Grant's face. Swish. He has no fear.

  • Alberto F

    Alberto F

    2 months ago

    Haven’t seen a cold blooded assasian like this since Kobe

  • Winter Is Coming

    Winter Is Coming

    2 months ago

    The greatest single game performance I've ever seen

  • Mindful Attraction 2.0

    Mindful Attraction 2.0

    2 months ago

    this really feels like a chip to me lol finals or not, great playoffs and season

  • suraj thapa

    suraj thapa

    2 months ago

    Nailed it

  • Han Ngn

    Han Ngn

    2 months ago

    Noootre Dame is on fiiire !

  • Matthew Gilfus

    Matthew Gilfus

    2 months ago

    He misplayed that last possession so badly

  • Glenn Paul Giango

    Glenn Paul Giango

    2 months ago

    WTF!!!a clutch shot ending OKC from series from a very long range 3 point territory???Russ speed is extraordinary but he misses a lot,...Dame is all time great guard,with beastmode skill 3's than Russ...Dame got much Basketball I.Q over much more athletic Westbrook....I think Blazers 110% ready for GSW

  • WATU


    2 months ago

    If only Jack could have made him wrestler of the week smh

  • Alex NBA

    Alex NBA

    2 months ago

    man i’ve watched this video a thousand times now and it’s still unbelievable. dame is amazing

  • Lloyd Villanueva

    Lloyd Villanueva

    2 months ago

    It doesn’t matter if he wont be able to make it on Finals. He’s the MVP of this playoff series.

  • Farimang Jawara

    Farimang Jawara

    2 months ago

    and that game winner aint even the most difficult shot of the game.. he took three more deep threes like that which were contested and even got fouled on one.. i think he is more comfortable shooting these shots.. got a theory on that based on personal experience but too boring.. oh and he raps.. humble guy that inspires not just his teammates, but everyone cuz he's actions do the talking.. respect

  • Taj


    2 months ago

    Dame Lillard rhymes with Game Winner.

  • Kory Peoples

    Kory Peoples

    2 months ago

    Westbrook is a savage Lillard is an Assassin.

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