Denzel Curry - RICKY


Director: Twelve’len
Supervising Director: Zev Deans
Producer: Wes Hager
Producer: Zori Davidkova
DP: Chris Raymond
Editor: Michael Russel
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Music video by Denzel Curry performing RICKY. © 2019 PH Recordings, LLC., Under exclusive license to Loma Vista Recordings. Distributed by Concord Music Group, Inc.


  • HHZZLL •

    HHZZLL •

    20 hours ago


  • HerbatkaW DomkuPolicjanta

    HerbatkaW DomkuPolicjanta

    21 hour ago

    Me: CASH ME OUTSIDE HOW BOUT DAH Denzel Curry: *Punches my face* Me: MY DADDY

  • Alexandre Foin

    Alexandre Foin

    23 hours ago


  • Kremit The Froggo

    Kremit The Froggo

    23 hours ago

    I found an old pair of headphones I used to always use. They make this song sound WAY better than usual, which I didn’t think was possible lol

  • jack perry

    jack perry

    Day ago

    I got a feelin this gonna be on 2k20

  • ShwatyGod / Yung Vague

    ShwatyGod / Yung Vague

    Day ago

    This Sounds like a three six Mafia Song from 1999

  • Bang hasan aja

    Bang hasan aja

    Day ago

    Song sing song. So greath. Go ahead....

  • Haman music

    Haman music

    Day ago

    im a metal head but i like t his guy other rapers sucks

  • Aoe Elhosseiny

    Aoe Elhosseiny

    Day ago

    What song is this beat from originally 1:43

  • Kyle Wilson

    Kyle Wilson

    Day ago

    If my eyes were closed I would almost think this was riff raff's old stuff

  • BadgerxRochasmar 7

    BadgerxRochasmar 7

    Day ago


  • Kaity Jewel

    Kaity Jewel

    Day ago

    I saw him at the Billie eilish concert

  • Robert Anastase

    Robert Anastase

    Day ago

    What a fucking legend

  • Jackson McFarland

    Jackson McFarland

    Day ago

    West palm in this bitch

  • Golden Supernova

    Golden Supernova

    2 days ago

    0:41 so we really not gonna talk abt this soccer dad

  • hong long

    hong long

    2 days ago

    GG WTF

  • Twatical


    2 days ago

    My daddy said trust no hoes but your mother

  • XFuture


    2 days ago

    This mans eyebrows is halarious

  • AllofIT Gaming

    AllofIT Gaming

    2 days ago

    Imma tell my kids this shit man god damn man's got some fire lyrics

  • Lil_Motion


    2 days ago

    Trust no who use a rubber thanks mama

  • Falcon Lord

    Falcon Lord

    2 days ago

    maan this nigga has a daddy ?? WTF ?? XD XD XD

  • DruNKen 69

    DruNKen 69

    2 days ago

    *A C R Y L O*

  • Mr.T


    2 days ago

    Actually fire wtf

  • **Dh6nte


    2 days ago

    the hardest educational music ever

  • X seyji

    X seyji

    2 days ago

    Is that j.cole at 4

  • Yomi Atkins

    Yomi Atkins

    2 days ago

    12 million

  • M C

    M C

    2 days ago

    I hope this song will be in Black Panther 2 🔥

  • Green Ghost

    Green Ghost

    2 days ago


  • Makhi Essix

    Makhi Essix

    2 days ago

    We not gone talk about how a 2yr old threw a gang sign

  • gatlyn riss

    gatlyn riss

    2 days ago

    I fought some one to this song

  • EasLIT


    2 days ago

    As you can see at 0:02 you can see J Cole wearing a blue white shirt with collar

  • itsyourbestjamintheworld gameing

    itsyourbestjamintheworld gameing

    2 days ago

    is the name of this song from the ricky on the life of pets

  • IKI' RU

    IKI' RU

    2 days ago

    Только не умирай, прошу!

  • travius berkley

    travius berkley

    2 days ago

    What’s the other deep voice song That I’m thinking about? I can’t figure it out

  • Khaden Maxie

    Khaden Maxie

    3 days ago

    Nobody caught that z-ro reference ?

  • Tyler Boney

    Tyler Boney

    3 days ago

    This shit slap's

  • 2000 subs by commenting challenge?

    2000 subs by commenting challenge?

    3 days ago

    RIP Dreads

  • Michael Trujillo

    Michael Trujillo

    3 days ago

    I fought his brother 3 times in bkyd check my latest fight against guy featured in video fighting against curry.

  • Chandra


    3 days ago

    Stop the track bring it back 🤤😩

  • chasity LTL

    chasity LTL

    3 days ago


  • Hayden playz Just me 1000

    Hayden playz Just me 1000

    3 days ago

    Get him to 1 million

  • cooldogkidz


    3 days ago

    nobody: idle pokemon: 2:25

  • SupR_T0oxiToZz


    3 days ago

    Rip hair now.

  • Twatical


    3 days ago

    Absolutely mad

  • Blah Blah

    Blah Blah

    3 days ago

    He snapped

  • dragon star

    dragon star

    4 days ago

    Eyo lyrics?

  • Vic


    4 days ago

    1:19 Little Denzel

  • KryZ


    4 days ago

    Does no one realise that's dada 5000 I dont really watch ufc but that mans pretty dope

  • Michael Trujillo

    Michael Trujillo

    3 days ago new dada fight

  • Puuwai Bueno

    Puuwai Bueno

    4 days ago

    0:35 What it *Doh*

  • xxxsauce gaming

    xxxsauce gaming

    4 days ago

    Damn my name is ricky

  • Tony Villarreal

    Tony Villarreal

    4 days ago

    U should come to Fresno CA

  • Tony Villarreal

    Tony Villarreal

    4 days ago

    Deep voice Denzel is fire



    4 days ago

    no girls no money....... thats what i call a good rapper

  • Sean Cochrane

    Sean Cochrane

    3 days ago


  • Cody Roder

    Cody Roder

    4 days ago

    They really got Dada 5000 as the ref

  • Jose Torres

    Jose Torres

    4 days ago

    Speaking the thruth.💯👍👍😤😧😩😩😩😩

  • MekhiThe Hussle

    MekhiThe Hussle

    4 days ago

    Who came from open mic

  • Danny M

    Danny M

    4 days ago

    I love your music and I want to be your student

  • Dat Boi Jojee

    Dat Boi Jojee

    4 days ago

    *”hes just a one hit wonder”*

  • Smooth Stick

    Smooth Stick

    4 days ago

    legend has born

  • thomas88309


    4 days ago

    Just a little autotune not on the low voice i like it not all new school rap is bad this is pretty good but old school rules

  • T P

    T P

    4 days ago

    Let's be friends curry

  • Bryant Gill

    Bryant Gill

    4 days ago


  • Reltih Floda

    Reltih Floda

    4 days ago

    R.I.P dreads

  • JustFunnyASF


    4 days ago

    Denzel currys ability to lower his voice is quite scary and impressive at the same time

  • JustFunnyASF


    2 days ago

    @Tacosvan ik that it's just that he made the song better low pitched

  • Tacosvan


    2 days ago

    You know voices can be pitched right?

  • Ayham Salameh

    Ayham Salameh

    4 days ago

    this song makes me want to drive by my own shadow

  • M V

    M V

    5 days ago

    Acrylo's RICKIE brought me here

  • Trap Star

    Trap Star

    5 days ago

    “Stop the track” track stops

  • Mary Scott

    Mary Scott

    5 days ago


  • Wes Marsen

    Wes Marsen

    5 days ago

    holy fucking shit dude

  • Isiah McDonald

    Isiah McDonald

    5 days ago

    I love this video, because in 0:12 that’s the guy his brother had to fight with , in a back yard Street fight, his brother was killed by the police #rip #305

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