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  • Atom From School

    Atom From School

    3 hours ago

    First song I’ve heard from him and has definitely made me a fan 🔥

  • Lvl 99. MaximiliunMus Soldier

    Lvl 99. MaximiliunMus Soldier

    3 hours ago

    i can’t stress enough to say this DENZEL IS GOAT

  • Tyshawn Ruiz

    Tyshawn Ruiz

    3 hours ago

    This Is Fire!

  • Omixeyes


    4 hours ago

    So what? Denzel never gonna make a bad song?

  • Levi Sowell

    Levi Sowell

    4 hours ago

    this is how many times u listened to this already 👇

  • Kao Zorri

    Kao Zorri

    6 hours ago

    I don't have a dad though :(

  • Lilpulm Алексеевич

    Lilpulm Алексеевич

    6 hours ago


  • Avi p

    Avi p

    6 hours ago

    Best curry song

  • Paloma Callo

    Paloma Callo

    6 hours ago

    god bless

  • Kid Moucha

    Kid Moucha

    7 hours ago

    I can’t stop replaying 1:43

  • TheBurningChicken1


    7 hours ago

    Yoooooo that nostalgic 64 reference tho

  • Мяу Мяумяу

    Мяу Мяумяу

    8 hours ago


  • TerrioAk YT

    TerrioAk YT

    9 hours ago

    What a group of wonderful young men nice neighborhood

  • Tweeder Mack

    Tweeder Mack

    9 hours ago

    This rap fucking sucks.. Story over..... No substance. It's literally the same words over and over and over again... Fuck you and fuck this "Rap"

  • Dont Spread

    Dont Spread

    7 hours ago

    Its hip hop, not rap. Don't speak if you just uselessly flap with no thought you CHIMP. And it bangs hard, you just arent good enough.



    9 hours ago

    Denzel you are too fucking good my g

  • Abstract Peter Griffin

    Abstract Peter Griffin

    9 hours ago

    Damn I already can't wait for the next album

  • HamXmaH


    9 hours ago

    The coach guy at the start with Denz looks like Scott Arcaneux ($crim's dad)

  • G/than Works

    G/than Works

    9 hours ago

    Legally you have to stop saying he’s underrated now

  • RANE


    9 hours ago


  • Ekansh Ravishankar

    Ekansh Ravishankar

    10 hours ago


  • Andrey Kuchinskyi

    Andrey Kuchinskyi

    10 hours ago

    Слишком ахуенный клипасик

  • B Lijerent

    B Lijerent

    10 hours ago


  • teh vee teh vee

    teh vee teh vee

    10 hours ago

    straight rip off style

  • Dont Spread

    Dont Spread

    7 hours ago


  • Justin Morales

    Justin Morales

    11 hours ago

    Song is ass

  • SekouSan


    6 hours ago

    +Dont Spread daaammmnnn💀💀💀

  • Dont Spread

    Dont Spread

    7 hours ago

    And you are an illegal, soooo? Go fuck a tortilla

  • Trxsh Gxd

    Trxsh Gxd

    11 hours ago

    Fuckin fire

  • C1PH3R


    11 hours ago

    Honestly so underrated. Especially his xxl cipher.

  • f2p


    11 hours ago

    Can someone let me know what the sentence 'Never leave your day ones in the gutter' means? I'm studying English and I understood every other rules his parents said but still don't know what that mean ;(

  • Scully tZ

    Scully tZ

    11 hours ago

    He means that you should never leave your family. Day one's are the people you first see when you are born.

  • no one

    no one

    11 hours ago

    It means he loves Logan paul

  • Regwire112 _yt

    Regwire112 _yt

    11 hours ago

    Well I have something to blast when I'm playing mk11

  • weeps


    12 hours ago

    this go too damn hard

  • Adam Starks

    Adam Starks

    12 hours ago

    This is like my 6th time listening to this song

  • Tyler Anderson

    Tyler Anderson

    12 hours ago

    Little dude is eating a hot sausage. You know jit from Florida!

  • Lewis Simpson

    Lewis Simpson

    12 hours ago

    DADA 5000

  • abhyudaya sinh chauhan

    abhyudaya sinh chauhan

    12 hours ago

    Remarkable thing happen in hip hop.... its denzel curry

  • Shanelle Warner

    Shanelle Warner

    13 hours ago

    Well Denzel ain't never disappointed 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Ayyyechris


    13 hours ago

    Denzel Always keep the Hurricanes gear on... They need to let this Knock in HardRock Stadium this year

  • Deondre Dyer

    Deondre Dyer

    13 hours ago

    What did I stumble into this shit fire!!!

  • Cr7 Goldie

    Cr7 Goldie

    13 hours ago

    that wu tang dipset line.....tuff

  • Rowan Rome

    Rowan Rome

    13 hours ago


  • Elena S

    Elena S

    13 hours ago

    What type of cars were the ones in the video?

  • Malakat Dro

    Malakat Dro

    14 hours ago

    0:50 the man above your head is literally me. Are you scared of reading this? You should be....

  • Tom Dongerson

    Tom Dongerson

    15 hours ago

    Oh wow! Hard Bars in 2019? Who would have thought?

  • Andoni Michaus Astiz

    Andoni Michaus Astiz

    15 hours ago

    What he means with hoes wear a rubber?

  • King Boat

    King Boat

    16 hours ago


  • hazyclanx noah

    hazyclanx noah

    17 hours ago

    is it just me or did it sound like easy-E when he said "or a bitch slap" lol

  • CONNOR Schultz

    CONNOR Schultz

    18 hours ago


  • Zoodie ,

    Zoodie ,

    18 hours ago


  • Dark Aether

    Dark Aether

    18 hours ago

    this the best song of 2019 so far.

  • Black Knight

    Black Knight

    18 hours ago


  • Ricky Dunaway

    Ricky Dunaway

    18 hours ago


  • Svidjek Games

    Svidjek Games

    19 hours ago

    *It's very cool video!!!*

  • Brenda Reid

    Brenda Reid

    19 hours ago

    Highlight of my day. \m/

  • y̶o̶ m̶a̶m̶a̶

    y̶o̶ m̶a̶m̶a̶

    19 hours ago

    This dude was live at Rolling Loud

  • Crooked Cartunes

    Crooked Cartunes

    20 hours ago

    RIP Tree 👏🏻

  • XX Xxxd

    XX Xxxd

    21 hour ago


  • No Waves Media Group

    No Waves Media Group

    21 hour ago

    If you a real Denzel fan you know this like a tribute to his brother w/the backyard brawl....check the documentary on Netflix

  • Martian T

    Martian T

    21 hour ago

    Ma dady say trust modda modda say trust young girl whit the modda Brain fucked

  • joesephi gronkowski

    joesephi gronkowski

    21 hour ago

    People should listen to denzel more and stop listening to that lil pump and xan shit

  • ckeeky zekey

    ckeeky zekey

    22 hours ago

    1:42 I loved the throwback to the Powerpuff Girls on that verse

  • General Insanity

    General Insanity

    22 hours ago

    He a modern day Eazy E 🔥🔥🔥

  • Matthew Heller

    Matthew Heller

    22 hours ago

    this song is hot

  • Ninjaflip


    22 hours ago

    new album when?

  • Fallen_lost_soul _________

    Fallen_lost_soul _________

    22 hours ago

    What kind fight is this look closely at 1:16



    22 hours ago


  • Я Человек

    Я Человек

    22 hours ago

    Го в топ что бы Дензел увидел

  • Montanaof300


    22 hours ago

    This shit slap 🔥

  • Karla Rodriguez

    Karla Rodriguez

    23 hours ago

    Never heard this track before. As soon as the best dropped-stank face- 🔥🔥🔥

  • Luca Nasillo

    Luca Nasillo

    23 hours ago

    His brother was in the documentary film Dawg Fight, Denzel paying homage to his late brother, this video looking like the film

  • Daliqe


    23 hours ago

    If 6IX9INE and Denzel Switched Channels. the talent would be about accurate for the amount of subs. oh wait 6ix9ine should have my channel.

  • Max


    23 hours ago

    Denzel is incapable of making bad music.

  • Chris Rawls

    Chris Rawls

    23 hours ago

    Listened to this three times in the last hour Holy shit this track fuckin bangs

  • Tonia Day

    Tonia Day

    23 hours ago

    Now I love this kind of music!!!!❤️❤️💯💯🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Aaron Barrow

    Aaron Barrow

    23 hours ago


  • big stan

    big stan

    23 hours ago

    Surprised Dada 5000 didn't gas out

  • Dylan Byrne

    Dylan Byrne

    23 hours ago

    Damn Zel you went off

  • myguitardidyermom212


    Day ago

    the hook reminds me of Mike Jones "BackThen"

  • Jeremy hare

    Jeremy hare

    Day ago


  • Leone Beats

    Leone Beats

    Day ago

    The production on this is flawless damn!

  • Brandon Moller

    Brandon Moller

    Day ago

    That shit go!

  • Gy Dante

    Gy Dante

    Day ago

    Simply fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • vlCloud9Tony


    Day ago


  • Zenen Aguirre

    Zenen Aguirre

    Day ago

    Fuckin faget.

  • solo. Loco.

    solo. Loco.

    Day ago

    Poco pero locos 😂😂😂😂

  • youngsoldier93


    Day ago

    Only LEGENDS know about DADA 5000!!!

  • Denandars


    Day ago

    But slardar or bounty hunter is better



    Day ago

    Май деди сей траст но мен бат ёр брозерс

  • Jahha H

    Jahha H

    Day ago

    Denzel Curry the truth...🙏👍

  • Kaeden Ortega

    Kaeden Ortega

    Day ago

    This song is great and all but are any of us gonna acknowledge my man dada 5000 is the referee of the fight

  • cherice davis

    cherice davis

    Day ago

    my boii



    Day ago

    this song just charged my phone to 100%

  • Bob Clover

    Bob Clover

    Day ago

    Holy fuck! It might be time for me to get back to the US rap scene. Seems they’ve finally fucked off that mumble rap shit.

  • Skate123jesus


    Day ago

    Whoever disliked issa hoe💯

  • iiLimix_playz


    Day ago

    1:38 the most scariest gangsta moment ever

  • LaughingJesterInc


    Day ago

    Holy shit! This song is so good!

  • Levi Sowell

    Levi Sowell

    Day ago

    R.I.P Tree

  • Levi Sowell

    Levi Sowell

    Day ago

    such fire.

  • Amiss YouTube

    Amiss YouTube

    Day ago

    If I gotta be honest this go pretty hard and I’d rock in the truck with my sub woofers

  • Ben Pool

    Ben Pool

    Day ago

    You call your mama a ho?

  • lil pizza

    lil pizza

    Day ago

    1:43 he got us

  • ąîmbøț wîţh ňø hāćķś

    ąîmbøț wîţh ňø hāćķś

    Day ago


  • Jaina Abraham

    Jaina Abraham

    Day ago

    OMG this song is 🔥

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