Destroying Giant Stress Balls (Satisfying)

How many weird stress balls can we think of? More than you'd expect...
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Danny and Jon decided to make weird DIY stress balls. Find out if chili, jello, or other strange items were the most satisfying. And if that's not enough, you can watch us destroy more than eight different types of stress balls!
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  • Vat19


    9 days ago

    What other creative ways are there to destroy stress balls that we haven't thought of? Looking for something less calming? Try this:

  • King Of Pugs

    King Of Pugs

    19 hours ago

    add mustard relish and ketchup 😺

  • Madison Quinn

    Madison Quinn

    Day ago

    You guys should try thinking putty. Haven't had that stuff in a while

  • Loct


    2 days ago

    You can drop an anvil on it XD

  • 《Future》 Domino

    《Future》 Domino

    2 days ago

    +J O I N U S B R O T H E R USdownload is on drugs or drunk

  • 《Future》 Domino

    《Future》 Domino

    2 days ago

    The thing you said were spit balls there called orbies not hatten but it just bothers me

  • mr bunny

    mr bunny

    7 minutes ago

    I want that slime Nooooowww!!!i

  • Lbs Mme

    Lbs Mme

    Hour ago

    10:40 I exploded

  • Zory Aprilova

    Zory Aprilova

    2 hours ago

    Chili one was gross

  • Nicole Gron

    Nicole Gron

    2 hours ago

    This video should be called will it stress ball



    3 hours ago

    6:34 i dont why but it looks like birth

  • The Lewd Locomotive

    The Lewd Locomotive

    4 hours ago

    2:23 1:04 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Kermit The Frog

    Kermit The Frog

    4 hours ago

    2:21 *Me playing with ass for the first time*

  • Sweet p0tat0

    Sweet p0tat0

    6 hours ago


  • O 'Cri Fie

    O 'Cri Fie

    6 hours ago

    2:25 to 2:47 Slime channels better be on top of this.

  • Yo Mama

    Yo Mama

    7 hours ago

    Stop wasting good food please I LOVE GUMMY BEARS WHY?!

  • Fleetwood Dragon Fan Acount

    Fleetwood Dragon Fan Acount

    8 hours ago

    The chilly made me gag because it looks like 💩and vomit

  • Professor Midnight mcnuggez

    Professor Midnight mcnuggez

    8 hours ago


  • Crayteru Pao

    Crayteru Pao

    9 hours ago


  • Isobella Koot

    Isobella Koot

    9 hours ago

    Am I the only one who thought the chili looked like poop? I was distracted at the time and only got a glimpse, but ended up getting whiplash for my double take.

  • Bao Yi He

    Bao Yi He

    9 hours ago

    How does he know what an organ feels like 🤔

  • Nolan Roy

    Nolan Roy

    9 hours ago

    Vat 19 Lucas has his crossbow licenses

  • Owl Gaming

    Owl Gaming

    9 hours ago

    I love how they are using Bernoulli’s principle

  • VvBarbies


    9 hours ago

    3:48 I don’t think I’ll ever eat Taco Bell again

  • Subarashidesu-gacha :3

    Subarashidesu-gacha :3

    10 hours ago

    This hurts me to see how u make slime...



    10 hours ago

    I wonder how are you gonna clean up..

  • Krishita Kataria

    Krishita Kataria

    10 hours ago

    "IT FEELS LIKE AN ORGAN" when did you feel an organ?

  • ッSAEED『刀k』


    11 hours ago

    8:39 looks like testical

  • JK 47

    JK 47

    11 hours ago

    3:50 imagine dropping that on someone

  • Nuss Beutel

    Nuss Beutel

    11 hours ago

    “Let’s cut it open and see what’s inside” boi you just filled that mf wit chili you know what’s inside

  • Baking with Me

    Baking with Me

    11 hours ago

    Karina Garcia left the chats after seeing how they make slime 😂

  • Justin O'Donnell

    Justin O'Donnell

    12 hours ago

    Me: **expects dirt stress ball to bounce** Dirt stress ball: **flop**

  • Kaiya’s Music

    Kaiya’s Music

    12 hours ago

    *They looked so badass when they smashed it with a sledge hammer👌🏾 Lol*

  • Kaiya’s Music

    Kaiya’s Music

    12 hours ago

    *YEE YEE*

  • Turtle Lover

    Turtle Lover

    12 hours ago

    3:46 that’s makes me uncomfortable Splat Yeah!

  • Mary ann Pescador

    Mary ann Pescador

    12 hours ago

    “Squishy little balls” get it

  • Kaptain YT

    Kaptain YT

    13 hours ago

    3:44 it looks like poop

  • Phsyco Cuber

    Phsyco Cuber

    13 hours ago

    The Stress ball inception looks like the Mars Lander

  • Justin Stevens

    Justin Stevens

    13 hours ago


  • Justin Stevens

    Justin Stevens

    13 hours ago


  • Justin Stevens

    Justin Stevens

    13 hours ago

    11:17 dun

  • Justin Stevens

    Justin Stevens

    13 hours ago


  • Talk Sick

    Talk Sick

    13 hours ago

    I thought the video paused at 10:41

  • A Place of Random and Weird

    A Place of Random and Weird

    14 hours ago

    Are you *ABSOLUTELY SURE* that they are gummy bears??!!!1!???

  • Cassie Corpus

    Cassie Corpus

    14 hours ago

    You pronouncing spitballs wrong because they're called Orbeez not spitballs Vat19

  • Jakob Thompson

    Jakob Thompson

    14 hours ago

    How can I make that first one without the vacuum chamber?

  • Ramiro Torres

    Ramiro Torres

    15 hours ago


  • Lightin2


    15 hours ago

    The cut and fall really get mee😍😍😍

  • The Blue Draw

    The Blue Draw

    15 hours ago

    2:41 looks like if you shot somebody then the bullet exploded in the back

  • Student Sophie Brodil

    Student Sophie Brodil

    15 hours ago

    imagine the clean up for the spitball stress ball

  • _ B and Friends _

    _ B and Friends _

    16 hours ago

    “yeah slap that..” That’s what she said.. ;)

  • WeepyHook Splash3r

    WeepyHook Splash3r

    16 hours ago

    5:30 das hot

  • Emma Davis

    Emma Davis

    17 hours ago

    Can you please make a video where you freeze dry random food and try it? Because freeze dried peeps and gummy bears are sooo good!👍🏻

  • elliot hawkins

    elliot hawkins

    18 hours ago

    They were like eww to the chillie I LOVE CHILLIE

  • Psychotic Sy

    Psychotic Sy

    18 hours ago

    Were they gummy bears?

  • Monkeyojacko


    19 hours ago

    ⚠️ *warning satisfying* ⚠️

  • Doggo_lover :D

    Doggo_lover :D

    19 hours ago

    "YEAAAAAAAAH" was he pooping or something-

  • David Topić

    David Topić

    19 hours ago

    Thank you. Now I want those gummy bears and mad mattr

  • Caleb Kleven

    Caleb Kleven

    19 hours ago

    6:33 me after Thanksgiving dinner

  • Poké-Ch- ad

    Poké-Ch- ad

    19 hours ago

    6:46 no context just watch/hear it

  • Briana Isbell

    Briana Isbell

    19 hours ago

    The jelly one Kinda reminded me of a jelly filled doughnut

  • memesintheattic ‘

    memesintheattic ‘

    20 hours ago

    The instant snow looks like crack

  • UnicornsRule


    20 hours ago

    I’d cut it open and eat the gummy bears

  • UnicornsRule


    20 hours ago

    How do you know what an organ feels like huh? Huh?

  • Fishing With Nicholas

    Fishing With Nicholas

    21 hour ago

    lol it look cool

  • Neji Bob

    Neji Bob

    22 hours ago


  • marlin cox

    marlin cox

    23 hours ago

    why did you not use obelck

  • bee


    23 hours ago

    7:59 is way too hot man, i cant be the only one wildly attracted to this man-

  • hen ko

    hen ko

    23 hours ago

    8:39 that’s what she said

  • Adnan Chinisi

    Adnan Chinisi

    Day ago

    I think they didn't do the roof drops on certain stress balls because they popped

  • Elizabeth stedman

    Elizabeth stedman

    Day ago

    7:27 I'm dead 😂😂😂😂

  • M Omar

    M Omar

    Day ago

    Whole video is ruined when the chilli stressball comes in

  • Dabi {Todoroki?????}

    Dabi {Todoroki?????}

    Day ago

    Janitor: *am I a joke to you?*

  • 2016 kid

    2016 kid

    Day ago

    They Should Have done a Micro Magnets stress ball!!!

  • Hopester Lemont

    Hopester Lemont

    Day ago

    10:07 , then how are the oceans so dirty?

  • Anne Mae

    Anne Mae

    Day ago

    Destroy 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼👀



    Day ago

    The sound of the jello tho



    Day ago

    Erik ☹️

  • It's Chelsea Borgonia

    It's Chelsea Borgonia

    Day ago

    The orange gummy though I feel so sad because they made it into a stress ball and break it lol :(

  • Shyamali Das

    Shyamali Das

    Day ago

    Didn't know you guys sell dirt

  • Explodinglemons


    Day ago

    you should put milk into the rice crispy one, so it’s more squishy and less damaging to the balloon

  • Emma Stack

    Emma Stack

    Day ago

    Just gonna ignore slime rope !???

  • tatt oo sticker

    tatt oo sticker

    Day ago

    I was sad that not all of the stress balls got dropped of the building

  • James Wilson

    James Wilson

    Day ago

    I feel sorry for that persons car who was running things over

  • Actioncat7


    Day ago

    I was so sad they didn't drop the spit balls off the roof.

  • G0G0 DUCK

    G0G0 DUCK

    Day ago

    Vat19 ASMR when?

  • _AutumnMaple_


    Day ago

    10:39 I'm dying 😂😂😂

  • Jaiden_ya Boi

    Jaiden_ya Boi

    Day ago

    8:39 that’s what she said

  • Philip Cunningham

    Philip Cunningham

    Day ago

    6:33-6:35 owwwwwwwwwwwwww it looks like a rlly bad cut

  • Andrew Brandt

    Andrew Brandt

    Day ago

    Waste of food.... Dislike :(

  • theGinger78


    Day ago

    7:50 ZIT.

  • Soolty gh0stz

    Soolty gh0stz

    Day ago

    The insta snow looks like cocain

  • Cloutortilla


    Day ago

    The slime really hurt me

  • Ethan Ellis

    Ethan Ellis

    Day ago

    Wow you are good at sewing snow bals

  • Fun with Cyan

    Fun with Cyan

    Day ago

    3:34 how does he know what an organ feels like?

  • Jozelyn Rodriguez-Wolff

    Jozelyn Rodriguez-Wolff

    Day ago

    3:36 : who’s your daddy Legends will only know

  • Ramiro d

    Ramiro d

    Day ago

    8:40 ( ͡o ͜ʖ ͡o)

  • Ugandan Warrior

    Ugandan Warrior

    Day ago

    I guess they saw the king of random’s video

  • siri luna

    siri luna

    Day ago

    10:35 the smack sound got me 😂😂

  • Ash._ .Vlogz

    Ash._ .Vlogz

    Day ago

    10:39 How it just plopped down like that was funny 😂😂

  • Whalun


    Day ago

    Why does every second of dialogue in this video sound horribly dirty out of context

  • Megan James

    Megan James

    Day ago

    I was sad that not all of the stress balls got dropped of the building

  • panggop jio

    panggop jio

    Day ago

    Now I want gummie bears... thanks "let's cut it open and see what's inside!" You. Just. Put. Chili. In. it. What do you think is going to be inside?

  • Nugget


    Day ago

    What's the music called>

  • Vaulted Mitts

    Vaulted Mitts

    Day ago

    U gay if you like balls

  • Playinger


    Day ago

    2:20 -“Slap that.”

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