DM’ing 100 CELEBRITIES TO SEE WHO WOULD REPLY.. **it actually worked**


Today I sent a dm to 100 celebrities on Instagram to see how many would actually respond.. and it really worked!!
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If you read this far down the description I love you


  • FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug

    2 months ago

    I didn’t expect that many people to reply.. GO DM ME ON INSTAGRAM I’LL REPLY TO YOU

  • emanuel mendez

    emanuel mendez

    7 hours ago

    A watch your episode

  • emanuel mendez

    emanuel mendez

    7 hours ago

    Am a fan

  • Zeox Playz

    Zeox Playz

    18 hours ago

    Sohamsta naj

  • Billy Mutch

    Billy Mutch

    18 hours ago

    I’m still waiting for a reply

  • Emrick Barajas

    Emrick Barajas

    Day ago

    Already did bro 🙏🏼

  • Seal YT

    Seal YT

    48 minutes ago

    FaZe Rug: *looks at thumbnail: Ahh i wish* 😖

  • 5 hours ago

    79% percent is James Charles I do things what’s up with that lol 😂.

  • Mr Jakoobian

    Mr Jakoobian

    6 hours ago

    Literally no one Not a single soul Faze rugs comment section James Charles kissed you like to undo

  • Simona Volpov

    Simona Volpov

    8 hours ago

    what's your insta?

  • ZE CAT

    ZE CAT

    10 hours ago

    The beginning is like 12 year old discussing there crushes omg it’s so cring

  • Sea clay

    Sea clay

    18 hours ago

    2:51 i died. Fs in the chat plz

  • Tea In Yo Hood

    Tea In Yo Hood

    18 hours ago

    There were so many people but yet he couldn’t do Taylor Swift



    19 hours ago

    Aww doggy soooo cute

  • The Sultan Of Swat

    The Sultan Of Swat

    20 hours ago

    He’s never had an original video

  • Saucepreme


    21 hour ago

    When he said yo swae i thought he was gonna talk bout faze sway

  • Jordan Buna

    Jordan Buna

    23 hours ago

    lilnas is gonna take that to serious.

  • Lil Josh

    Lil Josh

    Day ago

    Asap cant answer cause he is in swedish jail

  • Alan MHF

    Alan MHF

    Day ago


  • N30Ss_Phil


    Day ago

    Turns out this nigga is everybodys fan

  • Regina Williams

    Regina Williams

    Day ago

    I meet guunna at foot looker

  • Grace Hood

    Grace Hood

    Day ago

    Dude u should’ve done the egg and been like “yo u crack me up” something rlly cheesy

  • Hakeem Jordan

    Hakeem Jordan

    Day ago

    26:33 Hey Mia, we should collab some day 😏

  • Lpk YT

    Lpk YT

    Day ago

    That awkward moment when u dm a man who is in prison

  • Day ago

    He had to go and say he misses Obama

  • Lillyanne Crews

    Lillyanne Crews

    Day ago

    Did anyone else think real molly🤣

  • Brandon Booker

    Brandon Booker

    Day ago

    It’s all people who he’s talked to before... so it doesn’t count

  • Dogus S

    Dogus S

    Day ago

    y have post malone blocket u wtf

  • Jack Zhao

    Jack Zhao

    Day ago

    Tana's Jake's wife now.....😂😂

  • ZambieSlayerYT


    Day ago

    For desiigner you should’ve said “drrrrrra kek kek kek drrrrrrrrrra”

  • Chris Fire

    Chris Fire

    Day ago


  • Ashton summers

    Ashton summers

    2 days ago

    Hey face rug I live right beside Drake in Toronto

  • EManGotHoes


    Day ago


  • Linda Falcon

    Linda Falcon

    2 days ago

    Faze pump

  • ShitThe BedFred

    ShitThe BedFred

    2 days ago

    4:08 You can just tell he realized how long it was gonna take to do all those messages xDDD

  • Jon Lolo,

    Jon Lolo,

    2 days ago

    Red Bull got coke it gives u wing but real talk not drink

  • Jon Lolo,

    Jon Lolo,

    2 days ago

    I think I’m to high lol I’m laughing at this dumbmass

  • Jason Clark

    Jason Clark

    2 days ago

    For Jeffrey star you should have said hi sister

  • Jason Clark

    Jason Clark

    2 days ago

    For blueface you should have said bluefacebaby yea ight

  • America Steinhout

    America Steinhout

    2 days ago


  • America Steinhout

    America Steinhout

    2 days ago

    Shut the fuck up

  • Rizon


    2 days ago

    Tana mofo isn’t a celebrity

  • True OG

    True OG

    2 days ago

    Free Asap 💯 Every like I'll add a 💯 to free asap!

  • Vintage Gamer

    Vintage Gamer

    2 days ago

    Dont you dare like this post!!

  • RTW Savage

    RTW Savage

    2 days ago

    y didn’t u dm Ryan Trahan

  • SoccerLp 12

    SoccerLp 12

    2 days ago


  • God terms Yeet

    God terms Yeet

    2 days ago

    Is that tana mojo I thought it was tana mongeuw

  • Tyler Mills

    Tyler Mills

    2 days ago

    | | | V

  • Maria Corado

    Maria Corado

    2 days ago

    U said kylee repied fkn dumbass stupidbass dumbass

  • Emir Duhovic

    Emir Duhovic

    2 days ago

    19:37 lmao

  • Ximena's Adventures

    Ximena's Adventures

    2 days ago

    U and James Charles are getting married Like to run away 😂👍

  • kayden Payne

    kayden Payne

    2 days ago

    Dm James harden saying what's defense

  • DGU Dragon

    DGU Dragon

    2 days ago

    All the question you ask were not really good questions to respond to

  • Eman the best Flores

    Eman the best Flores

    2 days ago


  • backwoods only

    backwoods only

    3 days ago

    Your brother is a hating ass nigga😂 He hate on everything you say, hoe ass nigga

  • No Yes

    No Yes

    3 days ago

    Man said hit me up....LMAO he just did

  • ryder kolk

    ryder kolk

    3 days ago

    go subscribe to ryder kolk

  • jessie Suto

    jessie Suto

    3 days ago


  • klintoutdoors Nieto

    klintoutdoors Nieto

    3 days ago

    I fuck with pubg add me on pubg klintoutdoors

  • Esteban Rivera

    Esteban Rivera

    3 days ago

    Idc what that guy says lol your hot af 😂

  • Omarian Bradley

    Omarian Bradley

    3 days ago

    Aye u a fan of yg me too 😁

  • Janae Garner

    Janae Garner

    3 days ago

    Bryan stop singing you r gonna get copy writed

  • Jonathan Wang

    Jonathan Wang

    3 days ago

    28:35 is when they check for responses

  • Bubba Pena

    Bubba Pena

    3 days ago

    TANA...? Edit:isn't she with jake Paul

  • ÄïÐênツ


    3 days ago

    U should’ve told Madison beer that hulvc loves her

  • Long Live Jahseh D. Onfroy

    Long Live Jahseh D. Onfroy

    4 days ago

    Mike Tyson looked at yo profile an was like nah nvm

  • Ben Macpherson

    Ben Macpherson

    4 days ago

    Is rug guy

  • UnwisestGNU


    4 days ago


  • Omar Zepeda

    Omar Zepeda

    4 days ago

    Fam.. why y’all sitting so close to each other? There’s a whole couch

  • Jenna ?¿

    Jenna ?¿

    3 days ago

    Omar Zepeda they gotta look at the phone

  • Itzzz Mr.Clapz

    Itzzz Mr.Clapz

    4 days ago

    why are you guy sitting so damn close

  • Shelby Finney

    Shelby Finney

    4 days ago

    My cousin is actually second cousin to Miley Cyrus and first cousin to Billy Ray Cyrus! Edit: Spelled Cyrus wrong😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Dwyane Wade

    Dwyane Wade

    4 days ago


  • Ritz


    4 days ago

    Bro he messaged Mia Khalifa what if he gets a nude back🤣

  • Chris Palmer

    Chris Palmer

    4 days ago

    Lael Hansen did it first.

  • Ashton Frye

    Ashton Frye

    4 days ago

    That dog looks dead for a good 1 and a half minutes of the video.

  • Phil Collins

    Phil Collins

    5 days ago

    tai lopez is not a fucking celebrity...

  • breva breva

    breva breva

    5 days ago

    What rugs about,,, cuteness,, niceness,,,,Kindley,,, sweet,,,,dope,,,he's lit, I'm following his walks and I watch every vid I see he's cute and I wish I could at least have 1mill or 1thous but you know rug is more then cute he's heart warming make Shure you keep it up we all want him to stay. Please give me 112 subs if you love rug I'll see him in his videos love you rug

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