each of my family members picked out my outfits to school for a week..

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age: 14
birthday: MAY 28, 2004
where i live: california
grade: freshman
film & editing: FILM WITH CANON G7X
i edit with iMovie on iPhone/ MacBook.
love u dearly ;,)




    3 months ago

    hi! I also have a second channel where I post more bs so check it out :-) usdownload.net/p/UCPNtUWGhobdy3YM5APOdRdQ

  • xo.cheri


    29 days ago

    USdownload video idea: Have ur fans dm u they’re secrets and read them and respond to them in a video;)

  • s w e a t y

    s w e a t y

    Month ago

    @Ananelly Mascorro lmfao if you don't like her for her own opinion there's a door where you could uhm.. LEAVE 😍

  • KitKat Sista

    KitKat Sista

    Month ago

    Hey girl! I'm trying to start a channel soon, got any tips?

  • CarolineTheCoolestVlogs


    2 hours ago

    Mean while my school doesn’t allow any use of personal technology (like phones) during school hours or even on the property and we have an ugly ass uniform and still we have restrictions with our hair and jewelry and use to we couldn’t even wear non school related jackets or non school color jackets

  • piano master

    piano master

    4 hours ago

    dez: alright were gonna show this HoRRiD outfit real quick

  • Lil Yoongi

    Lil Yoongi

    Day ago

    20:32 this is me and my sister everyday PS: we both 13 and we fight so immature sometimes lmao

  • J A I L E E N

    J A I L E E N

    2 days ago

    des: cranberry pills for u know what me: and I oop-

  • brendon urie

    brendon urie

    3 days ago

    i feel like dez can’t go at least a week without having a water spot on her shirt lmao

  • Nygaard Vlogs

    Nygaard Vlogs

    4 days ago

    Nobody: Literally Nobody: Me: I wonder what Starbucks drink is that😂

  • Reece Gramling

    Reece Gramling

    4 days ago

    no one: dez: this locket is from honey co lockets

  • Vivian Ardon

    Vivian Ardon

    5 days ago

    This video felt like I was watching a full episode of La Rosa De Guadalupe 😂 but I still love your videos💘

  • Trippy Shana

    Trippy Shana

    5 days ago

    I love your intro

  • Saydie


    6 days ago

    Omg your mom is adorable😭🥰😂😂

  • Tarralyn Cook

    Tarralyn Cook

    6 days ago

    Dad knows what he is doing, I love this!!!😭

  • Baby girl kayllaaa Phan

    Baby girl kayllaaa Phan

    6 days ago

    You got the same bday as my little brother

  • Sarai Thao

    Sarai Thao

    6 days ago

    ur lil sister is so cute omg

  • Adrienne Tiffith

    Adrienne Tiffith

    6 days ago

    Do you know I would be wearing every single little thing you have.....

  • Rocket Z

    Rocket Z

    7 days ago

    Starts at 25:28 your welcome

  • Sunshine


    20 hours ago

    thanks <3333

  • Tiana Tiana

    Tiana Tiana

    7 days ago

    Whats the song in your intro??

  • Kpop Universe

    Kpop Universe

    8 days ago

    hello Dez !💗 Hopefully you can read this because school starts next month and, I love your vans red checkered backpack and I really wanna know where you get them ??? Hopefully you can read this thank you if your reading this comment 😊!

  • Mariam Khan

    Mariam Khan

    8 days ago

    Did anyone else see that when they went to Walmart the sky was purple

  • madi hansen

    madi hansen

    8 days ago

    your little sisters are so cute

  • lindsay martinez

    lindsay martinez

    8 days ago

    you should make a video about what we should know before becoming a freshman. idk she probably won't even see this but I know a lot of people need this information.

  • Crazy Reeper

    Crazy Reeper

    9 days ago

    How did you get that scar on you’re stomach? Just asking please dont get mad, btw I love you!!

  • SnapCrackleandPop _

    SnapCrackleandPop _

    8 days ago

    She was in a car accident.

  • Misha Jean

    Misha Jean

    9 days ago

    Aaww Rachel melted my heart ☺️💕

  • Jessica Ramundo

    Jessica Ramundo

    9 days ago

    Girl you talk to much

  • SnapCrackleandPop _

    SnapCrackleandPop _

    8 days ago

    Its her youtube video. What did you expect?

  • Annette Garcia

    Annette Garcia

    10 days ago

    Ok so negl I thought it was just u and Alexis and ur parents don't know why

  • Lara Allaf

    Lara Allaf

    11 days ago

    When u wore the Billie eillish outfit u didn’t wear the shoes ur sis picked:/

  • MinniThe Moo

    MinniThe Moo

    11 days ago

    Me: Has two pairs of shoes Her: Has a whole corner of 10 thousand shoes

  • Alondra Alo

    Alondra Alo

    11 days ago

    She looks a lil like mere reeves

  • Gabriella Playz

    Gabriella Playz

    11 days ago

    What is Rachel and Victoria’s channel?

  • Joey & Alissa

    Joey & Alissa

    11 days ago

    Her Channel: ‘Got 300k+ subscriber in 2 month’ My Channel: ‘Exactly No One Subscribe’

  • Jackson Parker

    Jackson Parker

    11 days ago

    You’re sister is so pretty

  • anxiety is my friend

    anxiety is my friend

    12 days ago

    i kinda got a little triggered when she didnt wear the og outfit her dad picked cos it was actually really cute

  • Jordan Ruiz

    Jordan Ruiz

    12 days ago

    I’m sorry I love you but you did you say April instead of August because April already past😂

  • Karola Busquets

    Karola Busquets

    13 days ago

    i actually thought the outfit ur dad chose was cute ;( still the purple outfit was SO cute.

  • yo daddy

    yo daddy

    13 days ago

    Keep that hair !!! It's so beautiful

  • Brianna Dill

    Brianna Dill

    13 days ago

    So really the little girls have a different like personality like they have different styles and only 1 said makeup and like yea but like the camera Quality on your sister is different and like you are like the fashion girl like most of all your dad is awsome Yass so cool girl so yea

  • Brianna Dill

    Brianna Dill

    13 days ago

    Ok so when you went to Walmart like 1 person was in the back of you looking at you like that's weird like it's like problem you outfit no problems with me sooo you good

  • Brianna Dill

    Brianna Dill

    13 days ago

    I'm gonna take your man and he gonna watch me dance and I won't give him back I just took your man ha just because I can andp he ant coming back and that's just that oh that tik tok

  • Brianna Dill

    Brianna Dill

    13 days ago

    So your outfits are cute and they have my kinda vibe but I'm just being my self I don't were makeup and I don't like we're makeup that much sooo yea but your sister is pretty and I think your outfits should be 1000 dollar outfit

  • Maria


    14 days ago

    Can we all appreciate that she has a bille ellish

  • promise joy

    promise joy

    14 days ago

    if you wanna see a funny yet emotional breakdown, check out my latest video!!! love you dez

  • YouRosa


    14 days ago


  • iDalooly


    15 days ago

    Bruh I liked yo dad outfit but you was lookin like Barney lowkey😂

  • Olivia


    15 days ago

    u copied this from someone

  • Dragon Balls For Life

    Dragon Balls For Life

    15 days ago

    Literally my sister looks just like you. But shes i 6th grade. Shes like a little version of you. She also acts like you too.

  • LB_ life

    LB_ life

    15 days ago

    Hey guys go check out my chanel

  • Lex since1995

    Lex since1995

    15 days ago

    Who else is sad seeing her and Renato knowing the tea...😥😥

  • Fatima Magana

    Fatima Magana

    15 days ago

    Okay the last fit was so cuuuuuttttttee!!!!!

  • Strawberry Gacha

    Strawberry Gacha

    16 days ago

    This was the first vid o saw by u and now ur my favourite youtuber

  • luna


    16 days ago

    omg i didn’t know u were japanese- oop- love that

  • xmia bearx

    xmia bearx

    16 days ago

    You have 799k now!

  • xmia bearx

    xmia bearx

    16 days ago

    I have a family of six too! Fyi ur like my idol😘💕❤️

  • Natalia Hello

    Natalia Hello

    17 days ago

    This is a fucking documentry dangggggggg I skipped a lotttttt

  • Kiara Jordan

    Kiara Jordan

    18 days ago

    Purple outfit Me: Ok Daphne Not a hate comment

  • Samantha Guerrero

    Samantha Guerrero

    18 days ago

    Hey ily I’ve been here since 75k subscribers 💕

  • o op

    o op

    18 days ago

    Ilyyy dezz❤️❤️❤️

  • xIsabellax **

    xIsabellax **

    19 days ago


  • _Lily_ 1110

    _Lily_ 1110

    19 days ago

    yoo does anyone know the name of her intro song 😂 shits fire

  • Adyson Gunther

    Adyson Gunther

    19 days ago

    Hi I love this vid so yeah

  • Renace Glassey

    Renace Glassey

    19 days ago

    She literally didn’t wear any of the full outfits

  • Renace Glassey

    Renace Glassey

    19 days ago

    I feel clickbaited😳

  • Salma’s Lifestyle

    Salma’s Lifestyle

    20 days ago

    We love a sister Billie Stan ooooooo

  • عائلة الخيال The imagination family

    عائلة الخيال The imagination family

    20 days ago

    Are you popular at school?

  • Kalani Julliette

    Kalani Julliette

    20 days ago

    i just found out alexis was the oldest

  • Itz_Kristina_Avery


    20 days ago

    I’m sorry but bangs do not look good on her💀

  • Snow.Gacha


    20 days ago

    Ligit wanna have those at my school.

  • Yanet Nava

    Yanet Nava

    20 days ago

    Is it just me or does she look like gypsy?

  • Donika Zuta

    Donika Zuta

    20 days ago

    Lol i that you'r shurt sed dum life

  • Aliyah Hernandez

    Aliyah Hernandez

    20 days ago

    Who let her out of the house like that ' I mean really that outfit isnt it 💀

  • Anni Hunter

    Anni Hunter

    21 day ago

    This bitch got a lot of shoes 💞😂

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