EATING All The WEIRD Cereals with Colby Brock (TASTE TEST)

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  • Sam and Colby // trap house edits!

    Sam and Colby // trap house edits!

    5 minutes ago

    "Bro you did not just do that bro" Colby's not as angry as I am about Brennen pouring milk first 😂

  • Sam and Colby // trap house edits!

    Sam and Colby // trap house edits!

    8 minutes ago

    I have 3 of those cereals in my house 😂🤷‍♀️

  • Stacy White

    Stacy White

    20 minutes ago

    Colbys laugh at 9:02 is the cutest thing ever.❤❤ I could not stop replaying it.

  • Daytona Molyneux

    Daytona Molyneux

    21 minute ago

    am i the only person that liked the actual cereal in lucky charms not the marshmallows.

  • Cindy Falkman

    Cindy Falkman

    46 minutes ago

    jeez why am i so like Colby when he eat, i literally spill everywhere when i eat also lmao ps y'all should do more of these, there so fun to watch :)

  • Kylise Deleon

    Kylise Deleon

    55 minutes ago

    The Sour Patch Kids cereal taste like sour Cheerios FYI

  • Kylise Deleon

    Kylise Deleon

    Hour ago

    Nooooooooooo cereal first and then milk💔😭😭

  • sketch person

    sketch person

    Hour ago

    In colbys video with brennen he said he could just eat a bowl of cerial and get a ton of views well here you go!

  • Olivia Cardwell

    Olivia Cardwell

    Hour ago

    Colby blew on the churros cereal

  • Willa Roberts

    Willa Roberts

    Hour ago

    I thought there was going to be at least one video where Brennen doesn't promote his merch but alas he promoted it

  • its maddie

    its maddie

    2 hours ago

    they never reviewed the froot loops 😂

  • peachy _

    peachy _

    2 hours ago

    Got so fucking triggered when he poured the milk in first 😂😂👏👏👏 lmao still love you tho

  • Starnightgirl88


    2 hours ago

    Makin my way downtown Makin a mess with milk eating random cereals dndndndndn pouring it wrong -

  • Bertha Avila

    Bertha Avila

    2 hours ago

    Sameeee coco puffs was always my favorite cereal but I was never allowed to get them all the time

  • Alina Austin

    Alina Austin

    3 hours ago

    Colby: this is gross Also Colby: eats another spoonful of cereal logic: none

  • Ella Grace

    Ella Grace

    3 hours ago

    I've had the Sour Patch Kids Cereal before and it was DISGUSTING but I think it was also stale or at least the textire was...and I like Sour Patch Kids!

  • Marcella Pugliese

    Marcella Pugliese

    4 hours ago

    As soon as Brennen put the milk in first, im like..... youre kidding me right now?! WHO TAUGHT YOU BRO

  • gfblez 1216

    gfblez 1216

    4 hours ago

    So is nobody talk about the intro where colbys shoulder was poking out? And colbys awkward rate is VERY HIGH!!

  • Addison Boyd

    Addison Boyd

    5 hours ago

    I would not like the maple bacon because I don’t like maple syrup

  • nina - rose

    nina - rose

    5 hours ago

    Colby made such a mess..

  • Kirsten Faith

    Kirsten Faith

    6 hours ago


  • Olivia Weaver

    Olivia Weaver

    6 hours ago

    Brennen needs to be on love island

  • Dezzy


    7 hours ago

    He said none of those are sold in stores but some of those are sold in HEB. (HEB is in Texas for those who don’t know.)

  • Nancy Deleon

    Nancy Deleon

    7 hours ago

    Me:🥴 Colby:spilling milk

  • Teenwolf_ _a.a

    Teenwolf_ _a.a

    8 hours ago

    Why are they doing the milk first in the bowl?!

  • peanut mango

    peanut mango

    8 hours ago


  • Sofia Pachuca

    Sofia Pachuca

    8 hours ago

    9:01 bro listen to colby’s laugh

  • sonic the iida

    sonic the iida

    8 hours ago

    Why does Colby reject the spoon milk

  • JR Benelisha

    JR Benelisha

    9 hours ago

    Colby’s mind: I’m finna blow on this cereal My mind: not the only thing he blows

  • lori jackson

    lori jackson

    9 hours ago

    I love how almost all the comments are about Colby...

  • fiddeliee


    9 hours ago

    3:03 why dafuq did he blow on it? 😂😂

  • Sofie Lent

    Sofie Lent

    9 hours ago

    If I was Colby I would physically not be able to pour the cereal in after Brennen poured the milk in first hahaha😂

  • charlotte Kelly

    charlotte Kelly

    9 hours ago

    You need to POUR THE MILK ON TOP OF THE CEREAL!!!!!!

  • Olivia Partridge

    Olivia Partridge

    10 hours ago

    Look at the table before they ate all the cereals then look at the end of the vid RIP TABLE

  • Cami Hapnes

    Cami Hapnes

    10 hours ago

    "ThAt WaS gRosS" **keeps eating**

  • Elena Kane

    Elena Kane

    10 hours ago

    They have Frosted Flakes banana cream pie

  • BTS Jikook

    BTS Jikook

    11 hours ago

    This video is just them making a mess 😂

  • Amy Bass

    Amy Bass

    11 hours ago

    nobody: brennen: dAnK

  • Liliana Ramczyk

    Liliana Ramczyk

    13 hours ago

    As soon as u poured the milk first I wanted to kill u

  • Lylah Thom

    Lylah Thom

    13 hours ago

    I laughed sooo hard at 13:55 🤣 when you try to impress someone with your pouring milk skills.

  • Emma Lehman

    Emma Lehman

    15 hours ago

    The best cereal combination has to be lucky charms and cocoa Krispies it's amazing

  • Karina Rodgers Martinez

    Karina Rodgers Martinez

    15 hours ago

    lmao who else got mad at the fact that they opened the full bag of cereal wide open and didnt bother tearing a corner...ive been wounded from that

  • Hannah Vitale

    Hannah Vitale

    15 hours ago

    it’s 2 am and i’m fucking DYINGGGGG😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 also super high 3:05 WHYD COLBY BLOW ON THE CEREAL IM LITERALLY CRYING I CANT OML COLBY LMAOOO AND HE BIT IT WITH HIS TEETH😂😂 you gotta get that milkkkk😂 4:59 NOOO COLBYS MARSHMALLOW FELL OUT😂😂😂 but they just goin right at it😂 colby you’re literally the most messy person ever when eating what 😂

  • Sloan White

    Sloan White

    16 hours ago

    the milk on the table is actually wearing away on my sanity tbh

  • Karyck


    16 hours ago

    lil peeps 😔

  • Alex Brunelle

    Alex Brunelle

    16 hours ago

    The only thing I can focus on is him not using the word dank correctly and the milk on the table

  • AwwRoseyy Roesyy

    AwwRoseyy Roesyy

    17 hours ago

    Sorry colby but why did you blow the cereal LOL

  • Yari Esco

    Yari Esco

    17 hours ago

    if you live in cali some family dollars carry theses cereals, your welcome. i know cause my brother works there and he buys them :)

  • Dark-_-Carnage


    17 hours ago

    whatis wrong with you brennen

  • AvengersGirlyGamer


    17 hours ago

    Who in da FREAKING world puts the milk first!!!

  • Angel Reed

    Angel Reed

    17 hours ago

    u pissed me off when u poured the milk in first damnit

  • Ella Rose

    Ella Rose

    17 hours ago

    Brennen:* puts milk in bowl first* Me: “are you kidding me!?! What the hell were you thinking?!? *10 minuets later* Me:*triggered* *30 minuets later* Me: *still triggered*

  • Ally Rauber

    Ally Rauber

    17 hours ago

    The churro one you can buy in the store an it is 💯 amazing

  • sarah harrison

    sarah harrison

    18 hours ago

    I had to sour patch kids one before it was so gross it sat in my fridge for about three weeks before my mom threw it away

  • Deontavia thornton

    Deontavia thornton

    18 hours ago

    I dont know if I'm the only one but in lucky charms I dont like the charms I just eat the actual cereal part

  • Amy Bass

    Amy Bass

    11 hours ago

    Deontavia thornton me tooo

  • Miss. Universe

    Miss. Universe

    18 hours ago

    I love how Colby loves regular milk , I can’t stand almond milk

  • Kylee Spears

    Kylee Spears

    18 hours ago


  • Brooklyn Paige

    Brooklyn Paige

    18 hours ago

    When brennen poured the milk before the cereal i got annoyed because why the heck does that?!!

  • Kiara Cesar-Jones

    Kiara Cesar-Jones

    18 hours ago

    No one: Literally no one: Brennen:pours milk first 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Emily G

    Emily G

    18 hours ago

    the way he said "theyre actuallyquite dank" so matter o factly at 7:51 LOL

  • BB Love

    BB Love

    18 hours ago

    In slowly dying of laughter when they did the peep cereal

  • Kara T

    Kara T

    19 hours ago

    I actually had the sour patch kids cereal at the store and churros but they were both not that great 😂 so we threw those away

  • Raquel Green

    Raquel Green

    19 hours ago

    I love how he said "hi im sam and Colby "

  • Izzy_ 6158

    Izzy_ 6158

    19 hours ago

    Can we just take a moment to recognize colby and his messy ahh

  • Miya Atchley

    Miya Atchley

    19 hours ago

    Who the f*** puts milk first.... you monsters

  • no one

    no one

    19 hours ago

    I like bacon donuts...

  • Metro Byt

    Metro Byt

    19 hours ago

    Colby: "everybody will give you hate for putting milk in first!" Colby 5 seconds later: *blows on cereal*

  • Cheyanne Bryant

    Cheyanne Bryant

    19 hours ago

    Me cause u poor cereal first and then milk

  • Jasmine Eubanks

    Jasmine Eubanks

    19 hours ago

    I only would the sour patch cereal without milk

  • Anthony's haunted rituals

    Anthony's haunted rituals

    20 hours ago

    You can buy these at walmart lol

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