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EATING at the WORST REVIEWED BUFFET in my CITY that is 1 star! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and comment what you think of this 1 star buffet restaurant! Subscribe so you don't miss any videos and make sure to enable notifications! WATCH Staying at the WORST REVIEWED HOTEL In My City check out digitalnex's channel:
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  • JisunSijanSojan1 JisunSijanSojan1

    JisunSijanSojan1 JisunSijanSojan1

    2 minutes ago

    I love restaura- I'll stick to mom's food

  • lily Cupcake

    lily Cupcake

    59 minutes ago


  • Anime Cat lover Gamer

    Anime Cat lover Gamer

    4 hours ago

    Hopefully there's sushi

  • Insanity Wolf434

    Insanity Wolf434

    6 hours ago


  • Blue BGS

    Blue BGS

    7 hours ago

    Waiter: Do not record my face Gordon Ramsay: WTF I AIN'T RECORDING YOU I'M JUDGING WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE !!???

  • hexbox360andpinkblosom hexbox

    hexbox360andpinkblosom hexbox

    8 hours ago

    Im her next door neighbor (hexbox360 cuzion)

  • Zuly casarez

    Zuly casarez

    9 hours ago

    Me me me πŸ‘€ am blue da de de da

  • CSH Studios

    CSH Studios

    9 hours ago

    If you ever wanna come to my house my mom makes killer bananas

  • Kishella Schneider

    Kishella Schneider

    9 hours ago

    I had that chocolate stuff at the buffet by my walmart it was Delicious

  • Lucas Wen

    Lucas Wen

    11 hours ago

    knowing lia she’d probably drink water with her hand too.

  • please like this comment

    please like this comment

    12 hours ago

    Wth! Pudding? That's a type of material like liquid WHY IS IT A SOLID

  • please like this comment

    please like this comment

    13 hours ago

    Calling gordan Ramsey rn

  • Chelsey Bryan

    Chelsey Bryan

    13 hours ago

    Ya know mah fav place to eat loads of buffets and i mean multiple... GURL GOLDAN CORRAL!!!IT GOT A DESSERT BAR BISH!!!

  • Aymar Aymar

    Aymar Aymar

    13 hours ago

    You change your youtube name???

  • Lianna Maria Di Caprio

    Lianna Maria Di Caprio

    14 hours ago

    Am I the only person not comfortable with the fact that she put the desserts on the same plate as her savory

  • Casandra Lynn

    Casandra Lynn

    16 hours ago

    More like teriyaki pigeon, duck is expensive they ain't using that it's probably pigeon or old chicken πŸ€£πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

  • Tyi Dyi

    Tyi Dyi

    16 hours ago

    Her reactions πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ’€πŸ€£πŸ’€

  • Jutta JH

    Jutta JH

    18 hours ago

    Not yours

  • Evelyn White

    Evelyn White

    18 hours ago

    Sooo gross can’t even watch

  • Elena Arrey

    Elena Arrey

    18 hours ago


  • reyna H

    reyna H

    21 hour ago

    I live in Las Vegas

  • Midnight Wolf

    Midnight Wolf

    22 hours ago

    Yo the hair dont take it out just leave it they might give you a refund or something

  • Crystal de la cruz

    Crystal de la cruz

    Day ago

    This buffet is negative 5 stars!!! Like if u agree!

  • Crimsia Flame

    Crimsia Flame

    Day ago

    Come to The Twin Cities. The reastrauts are really good here!



    Day ago

    Your lucky πŸ€ you didn’t 🀒 throw up or food poisoning

  • Mya Oliveros

    Mya Oliveros

    Day ago

    I went to Vegas

  • Kara Montanez

    Kara Montanez

    Day ago

    does anybody care

  • Meme_ Star

    Meme_ Star

    Day ago

    Still better then my school

  • PandaMakesGachaVideos


    Day ago

    Where’s Gordon Ramsay this restaurant need to be on Hell’s Kitchen

  • Adrian Zamudio

    Adrian Zamudio

    Day ago

    like in the restaurant...

  • Adrian Zamudio

    Adrian Zamudio

    Day ago

    ok so wait my question is was there other people in there with u,? and I am concerned about your health

  • Mike Santos

    Mike Santos

    Day ago


  • SafariDemon Mew

    SafariDemon Mew

    Day ago

    Are you sure the "moose" wasnt walnut pudding? It has the same color and you serve it warm

  • Creeper Death44

    Creeper Death44

    Day ago

    The BEEF is cockroach

  • Creeper Death44

    Creeper Death44

    Day ago

    The chicken is HOMAN

  • Norah Brahmi

    Norah Brahmi

    Day ago

    look on the reflection of dat window hella people be in there is it really a bad buffet??

  • Munchi Blavk

    Munchi Blavk

    Day ago

    1:28-1:29 her face omg lol

  • Jackie Encarnacion

    Jackie Encarnacion

    Day ago

    Wait.... Are you sssniperwolf?!

  • Inocencia Bonilla

    Inocencia Bonilla

    Day ago

    My mom's friend tried an oyster and she found poop in under the tung

  • MzN8tv Ink

    MzN8tv Ink

    Day ago

    Is this sssniperwolf

  • Ruby Reyes

    Ruby Reyes

    Day ago

    the way she chews i’m throwing up

  • YMcNasty


    Day ago


  • Mikayla Oneal

    Mikayla Oneal

    Day ago

    My sister lives there

  • Dark Rainbow

    Dark Rainbow

    Day ago

    I’m watching this on a 48-hour fast. It really helps.

  • Vanessa McKenzie

    Vanessa McKenzie

    Day ago

    Her face looked like she liked the ouster’sπŸ™ƒ

  • Avery Thornton

    Avery Thornton

    Day ago

    do they not have forks



    Day ago

    Poor lia hope she doesn’t get sick πŸ˜’

  • VerΓ³nica VΓ‘squez

    VerΓ³nica VΓ‘squez

    Day ago

    Ssniperwolf: this is a one star rating restaurant Me: so why do you hear a lot of people in the background and a lot of noise No hate I still love you Ssniperwolf ❀️❀️❀️

  • Jennifer Salvidrez

    Jennifer Salvidrez

    Day ago

    Roses are red violets are blue OMG I got a like what why is it blue

  • Snake Craft

    Snake Craft

    Day ago

    Sssniperwolf that shrimp 🦐 was not cleaned because you yank out the eyes and intestines at the same time you ate literally SHIT πŸ’©



    Day ago

    Lol sniper ur supposed to swallow the oyster

  • wing lee

    wing lee

    Day ago

    how r these places not shut down yet.....?

  • DrPepperLover Kit

    DrPepperLover Kit

    Day ago

    When you hate smacking and you hear a smacking noise and then you give the phone a constipated look of disgust from the sound of smacking. It was worse cause I was wearing ear buds to. Not trying to be rude its just I hate the smacking noise. It agitates to a while new level. :P

  • Calia Haufle

    Calia Haufle

    Day ago

    Her mouth is open my pet pev but I still love your videos

  • TheoFriend l

    TheoFriend l

    Day ago

    I went to one of the best buffet in Englad!!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! IT WAS YUMMY!!!!

  • Jolet Kpop?

    Jolet Kpop?

    Day ago

    Put a napkin on your lap and just spit it down onto the napkin

  • Amy Garrido

    Amy Garrido

    Day ago

    so to eat oisters u have to swallow it whole like suck it up good πŸ˜…πŸ˜£

  • Ava Castillo

    Ava Castillo

    Day ago

    I cant eat anything with a face bc I feel bad one time my dad made pancakes and put a face on it and I ate a little but felt bad immediately after...

  • olivia ward

    olivia ward

    Day ago

    Just to let you know but that was not a mussel because a mussel is a fish that has a mouth persay that you have to open and pull the fish out of and if you can not open it that means that there is nothing inside.

  • Jennifer Naughton

    Jennifer Naughton

    Day ago

    It’s not bad Really not bad 0:1 seconds later It’s terrible Absolutely terrible

  • Red Panda

    Red Panda

    2 days ago

    I hate hair in food cuz maybe the hair have some dead skin attached to it.. ACK

  • _ Ε΅Γ«Δ«rd

    _ Ε΅Γ«Δ«rd

    2 days ago

    Billie said hi

  • 24mona28


    2 days ago

    I LOVE BUFAS sorry I don't no how to spell I'm 7

  • Reyna Prado

    Reyna Prado

    18 hours ago

    its in the tittle ohhh and im 9

  • SincerelyXkayla


    2 days ago

    Omg I’m in Vegas too for a vacation tho

  • Exteme Mist48 Gaming

    Exteme Mist48 Gaming

    2 days ago

    You live on Vegas lia?

  • mUfFiN cAkE

    mUfFiN cAkE

    2 days ago


  • Aleah Alexander

    Aleah Alexander

    2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay walks Gordon Ramsay: seriously. you are done. Waiter: what? Have a seat. Gordon Ramsay: I'm out. Peace ✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️ Waiter: what?πŸ€” Gordon Ramsay: really. Look at that chair.😀😀😀😀

  • Gallon of Patrick

    Gallon of Patrick

    Day ago

    When you try to be funny*

  • Roblox Girl

    Roblox Girl

    2 days ago

    My mom needs to cook there then they will be rated 5 stars.

  • Cauiana Pendleton

    Cauiana Pendleton

    2 days ago

    i bet my grandma can cook better than that place and my mom

  • wolfie yeet

    wolfie yeet

    2 days ago

    Me and my brother did this game with food and good stuff in it or bed stuff I eat dead fish I wanted to throw up

  • rivgaming 123

    rivgaming 123

    2 days ago

    Your not sniper wolf

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