Film Theory: Did Detective Pikachu Prove Pokemon's Greatest Fan Theory?


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Detective Pikachu has done so much better than Pokemon fans - and honestly, everyone else - were expecting. It hits that balance of current relevance and nostalgia. And on top of that, it holds the clues to a ton of Pokemon fan theories! Today Loyal Theorists, we are looking to Ditto. For a long time, fans have speculated on the origins of the pink little blob. I am here to tell you that Detective Pikachu has given us all the clues we need to figure out Ditto's mysterious origins once and for all!
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Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
Editors: Koen Verhagen and BanditRants
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
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  • Josiah Kaminski

    Josiah Kaminski

    34 minutes ago


  • Jerome Alday

    Jerome Alday

    Hour ago

    Lololololol this theory is already confirmed years ago.

  • ZaneTNS _

    ZaneTNS _

    Hour ago

    oh no i will have nightmares aaaa no why did you make a scary video on ahtahuhus something 58 oh no help a

  • Legendary X

    Legendary X

    Hour ago

    My question is... Where’s Ash? Did Ash finally die? Or......

  • Blake Young

    Blake Young

    3 hours ago

    Its funny how new and mewtwo look different but one is supposed to be a clone of the other

  • Chairman Meow

    Chairman Meow

    4 hours ago

    Come on, we all fucking know very well what Ditto's purpose is.

  • Dana Mapalad

    Dana Mapalad

    4 hours ago

    Actually, I remember there was an instance of Blue (the girl one) fron pokemon adventures using her ditto as a mask to copy a person's face. So there is a canon moment where ditto transforms into something it doesn't see at that moment!

  • Estonian Bastard

    Estonian Bastard

    6 hours ago

    detective decker!

  • Mikanmeister


    7 hours ago

    Good, now make Pokemon Rusty live action

  • don't touch my YouTube account you brat

    don't touch my YouTube account you brat

    7 hours ago

    After that backstory scene in the near end of the movie, it all made sense. Why would ryan Reynolds play pikachu and the dad? Because he was the dad all along

  • Person Who likes cats

    Person Who likes cats

    9 hours ago

    I’m good at being alone at night. - Tim Goodman,Detective pikachu

  • Landon Beckman

    Landon Beckman

    10 hours ago


  • Ziizoe


    10 hours ago

    ugh, i hate it when people use pre 6th gen shiny pokemon in something of proof, they didn't pick the colors, they went one color pallet over and because they're both similar colors, they share very similar pallets, so they get switched to have similar pallets, which is the same reason there are so many blue pokemon that turn pink/purple, and why a bunch yellow/brown pokemon turn very slightly greenish and end up as disappointing shinies. it doesn't really damage the theory, but i just get annoyed whenever anyone uses it as proof or complains about a pre 5th gen shiny and says something like "why didn't they pick another color" as if they actually went through the trouble of picking 251 alternate pallets they thought most people would never see for gold and silver, much less going and programming in individual pallets instead of just probably (don't know for sure if this is how it actually technically works) just having it go "if X pokemon is shiny, pallet is +1" or something along those lines

  • Tensa Zangetsu

    Tensa Zangetsu

    11 hours ago

    Didn't that Ditto transform into a cannon in that episode to shoot down the Meowth Balloon? I don't remember if there was a cannon nearby, but all she said was"Ditto...Transform!" and it turned into a cannon. If it's memory is so bad, why did the cannon work properly?

  • Cosmic Dragneel

    Cosmic Dragneel

    13 hours ago

    And then gen 5 and 6. In ggen 5 we had a movie with mega mewtwo y wich was added in gen6

  • Chilling With Charlie Lynch

    Chilling With Charlie Lynch

    14 hours ago

    Welcome To Film... ah game.. I really don’t know any more. So welcome to... Game Film theory. GIVE ME 10 likes please 👇 thy

  • im fine

    im fine

    14 hours ago

    I remember a scene from the anime where Jesse and James shows a picture of Dragonite in a book, to a ditto, but instead of what they wanted, the Ditto transformed into the book

  • TacocatX


    14 hours ago

    I’m sorry to say, but Howard’s ditto is special due to his experiments on it. I still think the failed mew clones theory holds up well though

  • Jengordyn Foreskin

    Jengordyn Foreskin

    15 hours ago

    Dittwo lol

  • Bayley Collins

    Bayley Collins

    15 hours ago

    Ditto's in sun and moon can transform into humans there called the ditto 5.

  • Mrplayers 321

    Mrplayers 321

    15 hours ago

    Ditto: turns into mew two

  • Dawnphyre


    15 hours ago

    during that subscription plug, that moment you realize 0.1% of Earths population is subscribed to your channel, that's pretty big really, considdering thats EVERYONE ON EARTH, and there's a good chunk of the world that doesn't even have internet... I mean a bad chunk.... I mean it would be bad to be in that chunk.... you get my point... we should help them

  • Neon


    16 hours ago

    Rule, britannia Britannia rules the waves

  • Rashonna Norville

    Rashonna Norville

    16 hours ago

    Every body: Guyana. Nobody: MatPat: Guiiana.

  • tchgs11 zdok

    tchgs11 zdok

    17 hours ago

    0:28 *should have done the surprised Pikachu meme* Perfect opportunity missed

  • Christina Parris

    Christina Parris

    17 hours ago

    Um... In the comics Green used her ditto as a mask

  • Payton S.

    Payton S.

    18 hours ago

    I’ve always thought of ditto as “just there. After this video I think of ditto as a failure. So basically being just there. Make sense?🤧

  • Matthew Hunt

    Matthew Hunt

    18 hours ago

    that was not the first watchable video game movie what about rampage?

  • Ivy Mitsuno [Ivychandessu]

    Ivy Mitsuno [Ivychandessu]

    23 hours ago

    Sorry to say this fan boys/girls....still does not convince me, gimme a good reason besides "mewtwo and good graphics"

  • Sloppy Pancakes

    Sloppy Pancakes

    23 hours ago

    Can you do a Film Theory on the movie 9

  • carson cordova

    carson cordova

    23 hours ago

    Its true that Ditto can transform into any kind of Pokémon. But the problem is Ditto can be easily detected by just looking at the face even though it transformed into a different appearance. So most fans can be asking. Why Ditto can't change his face?

  • Brian Whelton

    Brian Whelton

    23 hours ago

    Is it weird that I kinda just assumed everyone knew this? 😂

  • Aidan Or

    Aidan Or

    Day ago

    Howard's ditto does get a few things wrong, the woman has a pink hand and the eyes are all wrong.

  • Alexander Harp

    Alexander Harp

    Day ago


  • Saleen Sundria

    Saleen Sundria

    Day ago

    But, like.... there were pokemon movies before Detective Pikachu... Although, I suppose those are more rooted in the anime than anything else. Also, edit: Before Arceus was introduced, the entirety of Pokemon pushes that Mew created all pokemon, which was why they wanted to clone Mew in the first place. It was always a power struggle. That failed. at least three times now.

  • Franklin Bonnefoy

    Franklin Bonnefoy

    Day ago

    The movie said it was a genetically enhanced ditto. Also the pokedex entry you just used said that Ditto can transform from memory, just that it would get details wrong. You kinda contradicted yourself for a theory that would've been answered had you done more research such as later dex entries and Pokemon books confirm Ditto is a failed clone. Also that the movie explicitly stated that Ditto was genetically enhanced. Sadly this didn't feel like much of a theory. Just a poorly researched statement

  • Lanz Dimaapi

    Lanz Dimaapi

    Day ago

    10:18 Clip:Used a ditto into a ditto 10,000 years later:still using the coph move Furure longlonglonglonglonglonglong past ago:The legend says that they are still fighting.

  • Jêññý Aņïmåťĕš

    Jêññý Aņïmåťĕš

    Day ago

    I thought this was canon before??

  • pinkGlitter boi

    pinkGlitter boi

    Day ago

    I watched the movie WHAT ARE YOUR QUESTIONS

  • Iamsandman 43

    Iamsandman 43

    Day ago

    At the end of that episode where they met ditto he transformed into a cannon tho

  • Lizardmaster55102 Momo

    Lizardmaster55102 Momo

    Day ago

    As a Pokémon nerd I knew this stuff years ago. I hate to say this but this isn’t really news, we’ve known that ditto was a failed clone of mew for years now.

  • Wave Master

    Wave Master

    Day ago

    I guess Matt Patt doesn't realize that the mew and ditto connection is fact and not a theory, also yeah ditto's can transform into anything at will. They tend to change into enemy pokemon if they fight, but they can transform into ANYTHING at all whenever they want to. Even weapons if you follow the anime in the ditto episode. Also note Ditto's make perfect copies in thier transformations, only the anime ditto from that episode couldn't make a perfect transformation. Something people keep forgetting and like in the movie they even use it have ditto eyes instead of the human eyes. Which is just inaccurate, and one of the only complaints I have with the movie. So to review If you accept everything put out as fact about ditto's they can become anything they ever want to be and that includes somehow transforming into cannons if they want and firing weapons. It is actual fact stated in the lore of pokemon that Arceus "Arceus is thought to have created the Sinnoh region and possibly the entire Pokémon world, the lake guardians Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit; and the creation trio Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. Because of this, Arceus is thought to be one of the most long-lived of all Pokémon species. It has the power to recreate the creation trio as well, presumably to guard the dimensions when a Trainer has caught one of them. According to the anime, its power can also bring back things that it once destroyed, make certain things vanish into thin air, or to halt time." as stated by the pokedex entries, Arceus also created mew with the genetics of every pokemon to ever be made anjd it's job so to create life. So every pokemon we see in the pokemon universe is almost entire created by mew procreations. With the exceptions of certians ones like Palkia, Dialga and Giratina. Those are over seen by Arceus our pokemon god. Also remember that humans in the pokemon world are also considered the same as other pokemon. They had married pokemon, and even died and became pokemon, in death or reincarnation or straight up turn into one while sleeping if they have increadibly high iq's. So Arceus is god of all beings in the pokemon universe. Cannon fact, Mew is just a pokemon tasked with a job, like how some pokemon are stated to have pushed the continents' tectonic plates around, or oversee all of space or time etc... And Ditto carries those same super genetics even as failed clones.

  • ScarfFox and Friends

    ScarfFox and Friends

    Day ago

    So the ditto in detective pikachu is actually dittwo

  • oh yeah yeah

    oh yeah yeah

    Day ago

    just came from local 58, hope thisll fix me 😅

  • sub 2 laddi

    sub 2 laddi

    Day ago

    Me too lol

  • Zushi Navalta

    Zushi Navalta

    Day ago

    Matpat: toy story bad *ditto is the remnant of repeated genetic experiment* Matpat: pokemon good

  • Lifefighter _YT

    Lifefighter _YT

    Day ago

    You:Ditto PunkExMachinima:Mew Goo Me (A true genius):A piece of living solid liquid containing DNA of every recorded monsters with extraordinary powerful self defense abilities which are used for enslavement.

  • Maya Luna Gijon

    Maya Luna Gijon

    Day ago life has been solved

  • Billy C TV

    Billy C TV

    Day ago

    Mr. Mime still probably... Banging Ash's Mom

  • _ CJEMM5D _

    _ CJEMM5D _

    Day ago

    I have a book about Pokemon and it says that ditto is a failed clone of mewtwo

  • _ CJEMM5D _

    _ CJEMM5D _

    Day ago


  • tails doll chao Heartless Roxas

    tails doll chao Heartless Roxas

    Day ago

    Tim's father was inside of pikachu the Whole time and Mute to Erased Pikachu memory

  • Puzzle Frog16

    Puzzle Frog16

    Day ago

    Wait if ditto came before Mewtwo ,would that then make ditto Mewtwo and then make Mewtwo mewthree

  • Solex Gruthor

    Solex Gruthor

    Day ago

    I have you a theory, Matpat! I literally just started watching the movie and I'm only a few minutes in. When Tim walks into his dad's apartment "Angels with Dirty Souls" is playing on the TV. They don't show that it's Home Alone, and Tim comments that his dad is still watching those "old detective" movies. That particular movie franchise only exists in the Home Alone universe. Do Detective Pikachu and Home Alone share the same universe?

  • Wayne Lee

    Wayne Lee

    Day ago

    Did you call it the... ...OVERWORLD???!!?

  • night hunter

    night hunter

    Day ago

    I beat the elite four with dittos only

  • Natsu Fullbuster

    Natsu Fullbuster

    Day ago

    But Arceus and Victini (and some other pokemon) also has equal base stats like Mew (just higher/lower or the same). So are they connected?

  • Benji M

    Benji M

    Day ago

    That was the cosmononaut variety hour who said the movie was watchable in case you guys didn’t know

  • Robert Bernard

    Robert Bernard

    Day ago

    Mew = you Mewtwo = you, too Ditto = me too

  • Matthew Gooding

    Matthew Gooding

    Day ago

    Ditto transforms into a goddamn cannon in the anime.

  • Hamual The Great

    Hamual The Great

    Day ago

    I thought this was proofed already

  • Harmless Panda

    Harmless Panda

    Day ago

    PLEASE!! Do a game of thrones theory about Bran being the real villian of the show. That he saw how things would end and did nothing to stop it because he was evil, and let it all happen to begin with. So he would get the crown.

  • Lisa Zeiler

    Lisa Zeiler

    Day ago

    You forgot the cursed Pokemon game Pokemon Black.......

  • Jaxson Woodyard

    Jaxson Woodyard

    Day ago

    2:18 actually it’s 151

  • Creation Animations

    Creation Animations

    Day ago

    In the pokedex entries it says that if it does it by memory it gets details wrong so what if since humans have better memory it was really a human inside a ditto since they do have the ability to do it. AND ALTHOUGH you might say it doesn’t have a headband thing they might have only needed the headband for mewtwo since it is such a powerful physic type.

  • chicken thing

    chicken thing

    Day ago


  • Andre Kröger

    Andre Kröger

    Day ago

    I think this Ditto bends the existing rules to fit into the story. The copies aren't flawless. Look at the faces. They're a mess.

  • Alucard Fahrenheit Tepes

    Alucard Fahrenheit Tepes

    Day ago

    10:33 the sound glitches out Jk

  • Alucard Fahrenheit Tepes

    Alucard Fahrenheit Tepes

    Day ago

    82k likes 2.8k dislikes 2882 Why

  • michael james

    michael james

    Day ago

    Mewtwo should come back to pokemon make a new movie

  • Gacha Sweetie

    Gacha Sweetie

    Day ago

    MatPat I watched the movie with my friend that same day you did, I am happiness

  • justin Singh

    justin Singh

    Day ago

    Before every other pokemon there was all new and most of the mew changed to their environment

  • Chris Cary

    Chris Cary

    Day ago

    2:20 one hundred and fifty ONE, you're even showing mew... Number 151

  • WerewolfB312


    Day ago

    I thought the ditto was just a pink/purple T-1000

  • linkzellda


    Day ago

    Here is a theory for you... How strong is Ash, I mean we seem him lifting Pokemon that are heavy.

  • MysticShadow


    21 hour ago


  • Tammi Tennant Sanders

    Tammi Tennant Sanders

    Day ago

    You never know that obout mew and mew two

  • Prof. Gary

    Prof. Gary

    Day ago

    Ditto was an evil lil b in the movie

  • GameStellar


    Day ago

    Me 5 minutes trough the video: “Just come to the fucking point”

  • rana mukaled

    rana mukaled

    Day ago

    I just realized that mewtwo’s power might be the reason that meowth can talk

  • Amazing Wolf

    Amazing Wolf

    Day ago

    "It must be some kind of super ditto" Or, y'know, it could just be looking down at the crowd and seeing those pokemon and copying them

  • Mr.Memes


    Day ago

    what if you evolve dido

  • Hamster Main Here :3

    Hamster Main Here :3

    Day ago

    But what if that super ditto was mew transform? Cause new can transform, and possibly without having to see em

  • Zachariah Bolivar

    Zachariah Bolivar

    Day ago

    Background music sounds like some Naruto happy background music

  • Bird Guy9327

    Bird Guy9327

    Day ago

    In one of the Pokédex books it explicitly says ditto was a failed clone of mew

  • The 5th Horseman Of The Apocalypse

    The 5th Horseman Of The Apocalypse

    5 hours ago

    @Joystick Gaming 10:33 3:53

  • Joystick Gaming

    Joystick Gaming

    19 hours ago

    Ya can't trust the pokedex

  • Ash K

    Ash K

    Day ago

    What Pokédex book?

  • Galaxypuppy


    Day ago

    Bird Guy9327 you just broke soooooo many theriost

  • pikachumaster87


    Day ago

    Guys just quick spoiler alert I'ma tell u rn what this mistery is all about. Detective Pikachu IS Harry. Gasically when Harry and his pokemon, PIKACHU crashed, Mewtwo took the soul of Harry and put it into the living Pikachu, leaving him with Amnesia. Because Mewtwo took away all of the memories of Harry/detective Pikachu.

  • bekah saxon

    bekah saxon

    Day ago

    by this logic arent greninja and turtle guy who's name I don't know also mew clones?

  • Lazy Assassin

    Lazy Assassin

    Day ago

    Not necessarily clones, Though altered by mew dna i think.

  • Celeste


    Day ago

    Just wanna day my bro watched DP and I guessed The Plot Twist 😂

  • Anna-Marie Schelling

    Anna-Marie Schelling

    Day ago

    I thought the plot twist was pretty ovious

  • Dominic Dorsner

    Dominic Dorsner

    Day ago

    if the theory is ditto is a failed clone of mew we have known that for years.

  • Strawberry Milk

    Strawberry Milk

    Day ago

    I still haven't watched the movie yet and I'm a huge fan of Pokémon the only reason I won't watch it because of jiggly puff (it looks so wrong)

  • Carlosferry96


    Day ago

    At 11:28 guess what I just solved your question (sorry no spoilers) at that time in the movie a pokemon festival was going on and guess what there were lots of people and pokemon. So ditto maybe just looked out and saw people and pokemon.I solved it I solved your question

  • life as hell

    life as hell

    Day ago

    Can you do The Space Between us for your next video

  • Frida Unold

    Frida Unold

    Day ago

    I'd love a supernatural theory

  • chopper


    Day ago

    Do a video of "The office" and what creed did, pleasseee

  • Kay-TV


    Day ago

    chopper OMG YES!!!!!!!

  • David Stone

    David Stone

    Day ago

    I just saw Godzilla king of the monsters. I thought there would be alot of good theories in there besides how the main characters didn't suffer from the bends. I wondered how much money did Monarch have? I could swear they had an outpost just for counting money. Another question is how much would the repair bill be for all the damage done?

  • Danielle Fioretti

    Danielle Fioretti

    Day ago

    Alright Matpat, I got a big theory for you. I just finished watching the Frozen 2 trailer and realized something. Remember those two children about 3.5 minutes into the teaser trailer? Contrary to what I’ve heard about them being new characters, I think we’ve already been introduced to them. After seeing a quick shot of the Queen in the new trailer, and what Grand Pabi said about the past isn’t as it seems, I believe that scene is a glimpse into the childhood of the King and Queen. If you look closely at the male child being blown up by leaves, he clearly has blonde hair. The girl has a similar hair color to the Queen. They also don’t appear in any scenes with Elsa, Anna, or the other characters which backs up it being a flashback. What are your thoughts? This seems a bit far fetched, but could the Queen have powers? That could be where Elsa’s come from. They don’t just put scenes of characters, especially those we believe are dead, in film trailers.

  • a meme comment

    a meme comment

    Day ago

    Look at this MatPat

  • xHeatwave


    Day ago

    What if Howard's ditto wasn't all that special but just had photo graphic memory, in a sense you could argue that vivdly being able to "see" the appearance of something may permit a ditto to transform into a pokemon it's already seen enough to have a perfect image in memory. We've also seen ditto transform into a human back in Pokemon sun/moon/ultra where a ditto in a police station was impersonating an officer who had called in sick for a week or so and returns to the station after revealing the ditto to be an impostor.

  • Eli G.

    Eli G.

    Day ago

    Thank you for being awesome.

  • Ya Do0dle

    Ya Do0dle

    Day ago

    hi epic matpat i need you to theorize this for me thank you if you can't just click on it use the epic url bar alright see you matthew patrick



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  • Lordof Mankind

    Lordof Mankind

    Day ago

    Make an episode on the wandering earth!!!

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