First Image of a Black Hole!

The Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration observed the supermassive black hole at the center of M87, finding the dark central shadow in accordance with General Relativity, further demonstrating the power of this 100 year-old theory.
To understand more about why the shadows look the way they do, check out:
I will continue updating this description with more links.
Event Horizon Telescope collaboration:
Animations and simulations with English text:
L. R. Weih & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Video of observation of M87 courtesy of:
C. M. Fromm, Y. Mizuno & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Video of observation of SgrA* courtesy of
C. M. Fromm, Y. Mizuno & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Z. Younsi (University College London)
Video of telescopes in the array 2017:
C. M. Fromm & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Animations and simulations (no text):
L. R. Weih & L. Rezzolla (Goethe University Frankfurt)
Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
Donal Botkin, Michael Krugman, Ron Neal, Stan Presolski, Terrance Shepherd, Penward Rhyme
Scale animation by Maria Raykova


  • Thu huong Phan

    Thu huong Phan

    6 hours ago

    Prefiero morir en un agujero negro, no en un tsunami

  • Neon Quill

    Neon Quill

    6 hours ago

    *Black hole and its Orange...*

  • Peter Parker Recycle Bin

    Peter Parker Recycle Bin

    6 hours ago

    I find the picture of the black hole is scary

  • Ebone Phillips

    Ebone Phillips

    6 hours ago

    ATHEIST: GOD IS SCIENCE FICTION ME: Okay and a black hole, 58 million light years away, swallowing whole galaxies, and moving directly towards Earth isnt? 😞

  • sagar gogoi

    sagar gogoi

    7 hours ago

    But reality is this picture took million years to reach earth maybe present view is way different



    7 hours ago all INFORMATION about Black hole in best way

  • Random Content

    Random Content

    8 hours ago

    When will it hit us???

  • xx KYLIE.V

    xx KYLIE.V

    9 hours ago

    Image or Photo?

  • Eddie Francisco

    Eddie Francisco

    9 hours ago

    Blurry images due to.... Black hole is so far far away from us, ...Ppl as always 😒

  • Fredrik Svensson

    Fredrik Svensson

    9 hours ago

    Never seen uranus?

  • Xeno Bardock

    Xeno Bardock

    9 hours ago

    Turned out to be cgi based on interpretation of data, not an actual photograph. They fooled us again.

  • Gustavo Jose Estrada

    Gustavo Jose Estrada

    10 hours ago

    I wach it when it was putted in Google after 1 hour

  • dadylle


    10 hours ago

    if the black hole absorbs matter from all corners with the speed of light, why the matter is in the form of a circle around the black hole, why not in sphere ball !!!!!?

  • AuthenticWasHere


    10 hours ago

    the first image of a black hole *haha you looked* 👌



    10 hours ago

    1000 yrears later black hole suking power vs vacume cleaner GONE WRONG!!

  • mathew paran

    mathew paran

    10 hours ago

    Enigma new arcana soon to release -gaben

  • NursKul


    10 hours ago

    You know what’s so cool about USdownload nowadays? The fact that real astrophysics and other sciences are more interesting than the crazy alien conspiracy stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I love those videos but what’s going on now is so exciting and exciting!

  • Phyarth


    11 hours ago

    Couple of weeks was super massive URANUS, black hole to humankind.

  • peanutbutter and jelly O_o

    peanutbutter and jelly O_o

    11 hours ago

    People r so slept. THIS IS CLEARLY A SIGN FROM GOD!!!

  • King ops AMV MODS

    King ops AMV MODS

    11 hours ago

    *Is it Black Hole or Butthole* ??

  • VAN月


    12 hours ago

    What if the light absorbed by the black hole is the light from the sun in another universe?

  • S.Vidhyardh Singh

    S.Vidhyardh Singh

    12 hours ago

    Finally a black hole pic!!! 😄 Hey there is some news about a Helium hydride molecule found in space, how about a video one that brother Derrick? 😊

  • Levi Ackerman

    Levi Ackerman

    12 hours ago

    Nice fact you got there. Mind if I turn it into a meme?

  • Lebron James

    Lebron James

    12 hours ago

    53 million light years...

  • help me for the love of shrek

    help me for the love of shrek

    12 hours ago

    For anyone complaining about it being blurry Just stop, at least they actually got a picture of a black hole, which is super far away. What have you done? Absolutely nothing but sit on your fatass complaining instead of actually doing something.

  • oh no no

    oh no no

    12 hours ago

    I see a butt hole

  • said side

    said side

    12 hours ago

    I was thinking that Sun is biggest thing in the universe

  • pwpw w

    pwpw w

    12 hours ago

    That’s really amazing and I feel grateful that I saw the black hole in my life time!

  • ツNecation


    13 hours ago

    Looks like an eye

  • Sidney Carvalho

    Sidney Carvalho

    13 hours ago

    how can I contest this?

  • Famous TV

    Famous TV

    13 hours ago

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  • ThinkTac


    13 hours ago

  • twincammike83 mike

    twincammike83 mike

    13 hours ago

    The black hole is there for a reason...and it is to send the middle East into. it I bet them ediots would still be shooting and beheading each other on the way to the black hole...

  • BobbyGamer TC

    BobbyGamer TC

    13 hours ago

    Am i the only one kind of scared?

  • Espen Bøgh

    Espen Bøgh

    14 hours ago

    I forgot to mention that we not would able to see it - but only the refleksion on this enormous mass from af black hol by its mass inteferrence to its sorroundings as a disturbance in space, time and lights.

  • Nuddy Muddy

    Nuddy Muddy

    14 hours ago

    It was formed because of clumped socks

  • Espen Bøgh

    Espen Bøgh

    14 hours ago

    Very interesting, but this image shows a black hole that seems to stretches millions of miles i diameter across being very visible, which is altså very contrary to previus tines story about black holes - only being at the size of the tip of a pin head - almost invisible to the naked eye and being a singularity that small due to its density.

  • Chillyshot Orbitus

    Chillyshot Orbitus

    14 hours ago

    Sadly to say, but this discovery shows nothing more than how stupid and naive ordinary people are.

  • lounz


    6 hours ago

    How so?

  • kapil kumar

    kapil kumar

    15 hours ago

    Since black holes are the place where time stops then it should be a place where time starts! so it can be portals for other universes. Let us think that all of us are in a universe which is more energetic then black holes should be a place that transfers energy to other universes..??? If any of us know what is going please let me know the truth?

  • Lupus Tenebris

    Lupus Tenebris

    15 hours ago

    This would be a great cover for a Cosmic Black Metal album...

  • Ariwakikilla


    16 hours ago

    A hole is nothing at all, but you can break your neck in it !

  • rgerber


    16 hours ago

    No matter how small or far, as a fact it is still blurry. Or do you really deny that truth?

  • MrD


    16 hours ago

    И все верят как дурочкИ)

  • Donnie Poole

    Donnie Poole

    16 hours ago

    I'm surprised the picture came back

  • Debbito Mobburī

    Debbito Mobburī

    16 hours ago

    1969 scientist: We finally got people on the moon this is one of our greatest achievements! 2019 scientists: hold my beer...

  • Elli P

    Elli P

    16 hours ago

    People seem concerned that it's pointing almost straight at us. "Oh no! We're doomed! Why don't we move the Earth?" Whoa! Calm down. No need to move a thing. It's millions of light years away in distance, so what we're seeing is it as it was millions of years ago in time. If it vanished today, now, at this very minute, or exploded or got eaten by a giant floaty space aardvark, we'd not know about it for millions of years either. Light travels s-o-o-o slowly... We are talking serious latency here. It's a new image, yes, but it's a snapshot of a very, very, very old portrait. That black hole will look WAY different now. Taller, a bit fatter, maybe starting to lose its hair, and it's probably got one of those cool little beards like Frank Zappa. So it doesn't matter that it's nearly pointing at us. Ooh, scary. Big shiny space torch beam - Ah, no. Can't hurt us. Can't do a darn thing. It's a space wuss. Yawn. And as for the future - well, there's no need to move. Assuming the human race is still around in millions of years [highly doubtful; those giant floaty space aardvarks will devour us all!], galactic drift would have moved the planet billions of miles out of the way anyhoooo. So... forget it. Relax. Grab a coffee and a packet of biscuits. What we're seeing now, today, is how it looked to the dinosaurs millions of years ago. And nothing bad happened to them, right? Apart from going extinct, I mean. Never mind black holes; it's those giant floaty space aardvarks you've gotta watch out for...



    17 hours ago

    Thats nearly coming to earth

  • the bad videos

    the bad videos

    17 hours ago

    There are so many people talking about other people talking about how it's so fuzzy wAiT a MiNuT3

  • abhijit shaw

    abhijit shaw

    17 hours ago

    salute to all the 200 scientists

  • KAMISAMA97 Mana Vaham

    KAMISAMA97 Mana Vaham

    18 hours ago

    Who's here because *MUSE* 😅

  • AcousticPotatoes


    18 hours ago

    I initially wasn’t able to believe it was clicked on a camera, instead I thought it was some imaging or maybe a probability function.

  • Randey !!

    Randey !!

    18 hours ago

    N I G G A

  • Ray Yuen

    Ray Yuen

    19 hours ago

    It's blurry because the black hole thang wants us humans to make a troll out of it . Whatelse do we do? One thing appears and we make a big fcking fuss over it until another "thing" comes out to entertain our intelligence.

  • Tamara Lee

    Tamara Lee

    20 hours ago

    Its FAKE

  • Venus I don't

    Venus I don't

    20 hours ago

    Nice joke,lol

  • VocalEdgeTV


    21 hour ago

    According to the media, there wasn’t a was just that one lady that is solely responsible for the image. Men are so useless. I mean right?

  • VocalEdgeTV


    21 hour ago

    They shoulda just used a new iPhone to take it. Woulda be clearer. Has that low light feature.

  • Venus I don't

    Venus I don't

    20 hours ago

    Nice joke,if you don't know,the image was taken so far away

  • KIZZY 69

    KIZZY 69

    21 hour ago

    Shame they didn't focus the camera properly... we could have seen a more detailed picture

  • Venus I don't

    Venus I don't

    20 hours ago

    It's not a damn camera,Goddamn it

  • Massimo Gigante

    Massimo Gigante

    22 hours ago

    Some people said it is fake

  • steviebkhall


    22 hours ago

    That sucks! Now we have to have new religion ! Cosmic space sings ? Stay away from "this" ! Peace.

  • tsatele21


    22 hours ago

    Here's a test for yall Multiple Magnetic force × rotation speed × time = ?????

  • AcousticPotatoes


    18 hours ago

    tsatele21 I still haven’t studied magnetism, but is it kinda like torque due to magnetic forces?

  • daryl blancaflor

    daryl blancaflor

    23 hours ago

    Japanese took that photo, understand? So stop complaining about being blurry

  • No Insult reply just because you mad m8

    No Insult reply just because you mad m8

    23 hours ago


  • Mark Magno

    Mark Magno

    Day ago

    Lol theres 5.4 mil views and you have 5.4 mil subs

  • James Samuel

    James Samuel

    Day ago

    Will all these people stop bringing up Allah, God and religion? This isn’t bloody scripture, this is science! Stop using incredibly vague and factually inaccurate phrases and twisting them to match this incredible finding.

  • Venus I don't

    Venus I don't

    20 hours ago

    It's people opinion,stop being triggered

  • SrmthfgRockLee


    Day ago

    much smaller..only 4 million bruh!

  • Kumquat Lord

    Kumquat Lord

    Day ago

    I can't believe there's already porn of it.

  • ProteinHammer


    Day ago

    I think it looks beautiful. Got goosebumps just looking at the reconstructed video. I hate the time we live in... Then see this and realize we are extremely lucky. Thanks for the video I'll definitely have to look more into this!

  • Reder Khalifa

    Reder Khalifa

    Day ago

    It weird to think that that black hole we’re looking at 50 million years in the past. I wonder how big it is now

  • Sideburn


    Day ago


  • Rahëëm


    Day ago

    Is that Matt stonies stomach?

  • MrFourkinghell


    Day ago

    I don't buy it. Every week "space" makes the news. No one can prove it and what is the use of it? Space is a major scam industry.

  • Ben Jobob

    Ben Jobob

    Day ago

    The XYZ rotation thing is confusing to my eyes.

  • woken broken

    woken broken

    Day ago

    Space might be the final frontier but it's made in a Hollywood basement

  • Philip Loadwick

    Philip Loadwick

    Day ago

    Can that same method of linking the dishes together not be used to link them together as we orbit the sun so then the dish is like 2AU in diameter?

  • John Parkin

    John Parkin

    Day ago

    Thats someone lighting there farts "

  • Spirant Brute

    Spirant Brute

    Day ago

    *Plot twist It's actually GT-R taillight*

  • DCairforce1


    Day ago

    And many people still do not believe in GOD specifically scientists. How dare you guys?

  • Venus I don't

    Venus I don't

    20 hours ago

    +Heini Knallkopp it's because God say it in the other name

  • Heini Knallkopp

    Heini Knallkopp

    Day ago

    So... where does the bible say that god has an event horizon and likes to swallow matter?

  • aous kaza

    aous kaza

    Day ago

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  • Flarry


    Day ago

    A cheezit picture wowww

  • Heimn Kader

    Heimn Kader

    Day ago

    lts looks like my ass!

  • BeyondGaming04


    Day ago

    Looks like the back of a yugioh card

  • muhammad akbar

    muhammad akbar

    Day ago

    Here comes the meme thing, OwO



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  • yukio ichijo

    yukio ichijo

    Day ago

    akala ko naman kung ano na, eclipse lang pala

  • BRO edits

    BRO edits

    Day ago

    Him: I could stare qt this image for a long time Me: no balls

  • RepThePoop Roblox

    RepThePoop Roblox

    Day ago

    Can shhience do an expirament? Trow ur phone that has ,, Live " on and see whats inside!



    Day ago

    I ain't nerd so idk wag1 wiv dis😂

  • Karen Garcia

    Karen Garcia

    Day ago

    Why do I fell like they put a black background with like a donut and then they just put the donut on fire...

  • Communism isn't cancer

    Communism isn't cancer

    Day ago

    Wow, didn't know NASA uses android to take photos of extraterrestrial objects.

  • Dan LE Trinh Hoang

    Dan LE Trinh Hoang

    Day ago

    Hey!should we be frightened now.I mean we don’t exactly know the speed of a black hole travel. No I mean the black holes could be any where,travel to earth ,and eat the rest of galaxy milkay.

  • Kai Growtopia

    Kai Growtopia

    Day ago

    I Remembered Interstellar

  • Ennouri Fouad

    Ennouri Fouad

    Day ago

    The black hole was spoken about by the Holy Quran more than 4000 years ago

  • Emman


    Day ago

    Stop explaining why the pic is so blurry to stupid people who would just complain not appreciate.

  • Spidey Parker

    Spidey Parker

    Day ago

    Come one....this is not the first picture of the black hole. *Go check out Interstellar*

  • Roy Porter

    Roy Porter

    Day ago

    Can 2 atoms occupy the same space at the same time? They can if separated by time! Due to the slowing and almost stopping of time due to a black hole, the curvature of time is excessive, causing matter to be buffered in time, stacking up on itself only separated by femtoseconds (Yocto-seconds is probably more correct) or simply, the curvature of time. Hence, matter can seemingly occupy the same space. (Infinite time curvature equals infinite density, like before the big bang?) time-factor-theory.

  • Joshua Louden

    Joshua Louden

    Day ago

    Anyone else hear the halo reach soundtrack in the background?

  • Mahmoud M

    Mahmoud M

    Day ago

    Any one else realized that the end of the world is very near and the people should know why they are created??? All this things in quran and that dark hole you can find it in quran for 1440 years ago

  • Bruce Welty

    Bruce Welty

    Day ago

    Several issues about this being a black hole. NOT the only possibility.

  • Kng Kylie

    Kng Kylie

    Day ago

    I wish Stephen would see this

  • Voken


    Day ago

    *is it me or does it look like a donut*

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    *It’s coming for us*

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