Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down 30 Spy Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED

Jonna Mendez, former CIA Chief of Disguise, takes a look at spy scenes from a variety of television shows and movies and breaks down how accurate they really are.

To learn more, check out Jonna and Tony Mendez's new book "The Moscow Rules" out now:

The International Spy Museum located in Washington, D.C. is a 501c3 nonprofit with a mission to educate the public about the history and impact of espionage and intelligence. The Museum features the largest collection of international espionage artifacts ever placed on public display.
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Former CIA Chief of Disguise Breaks Down 30 Spy Scenes From Film & TV | WIRED


  • Alena Kirillova

    Alena Kirillova

    Hour ago

    I think she or they are wrong about the fingers? You do a peace sign for 'two' and then join another finger for 'three'... It's not a giveaway.

  • F dL

    F dL

    2 hours ago

    This is one of the many reasons why The Americans and Matthew Rhys won awards, just listen to what she said. And the one about masks is just crazy, it must be hot wearing that lol.

  • Rooman


    2 hours ago

    This is what you're doing: ✋✊✋✊✋✊ *This* is what *I want you to do:* ✊

  • Peter Katow

    Peter Katow

    3 hours ago

    There are no Chinese Negroes. You're welcome.

  • Aertyn


    3 hours ago

    She sounds like she has some amazing stories. Sadly, she'd have to kill anyone she told :/

  • SuPiLusikas


    3 hours ago

    No NCIS saving Ziva scene? disappointing.

  • Janelle honey-Badger

    Janelle honey-Badger

    3 hours ago

    I was surprised you never mentioned "Burn Notice" This was one of the best TV spy shows I've seen. I would've loved to hear your opinions about it. If you make another one of these videos, can you include that show?

  • Nikki van Zanen

    Nikki van Zanen

    4 hours ago

    Lol I'm dutch and I sometimes count three without my thumb. That's totally not true. It's only if you start counting with one that you use your thumb per se.. :')

  • Kat K

    Kat K

    4 hours ago

    Argo is probably the best film I've ever seen. I loved the end where they were still tense until they were out of Iran air space, since the threat of being shot down was still very real. The whole movie is very accurate

  • vila sopha

    vila sopha

    4 hours ago

    I almost lost it Cambodian flag!!!!

  • Chris Völkle

    Chris Völkle

    5 hours ago

    please get her back and let her talk about burn notice! that show was like a spy school in video form!

  • whereisawesomeness


    5 hours ago

    Here's a reminder that the CIA orchestrated countless war crimes, including torturing people who are still in Guantanamo Bay to this day

  • Chantal Perez

    Chantal Perez

    6 hours ago

    This is one of the most enjoyable Wired vids I've seen. This lady is so interesting and good at explaining things concisely and well and she's also lovely :D

  • Robert Kos

    Robert Kos

    7 hours ago

    The Canadians came up with a plan and passports to help the Americans escape Iran. The Ben Affleck movie is a total lie

  • Robert van der kroft

    Robert van der kroft

    7 hours ago

    Editor wtf are you doing . Horrible having it stop and start sort it out

  • ign Nolo / laliluza

    ign Nolo / laliluza

    7 hours ago

    Big respect to the agent who took the L pill before the enemies could do anything.

  • Nyssa Syratov

    Nyssa Syratov

    7 hours ago

    lol i love the way she says, 'louis, can't you see?' half-laughing.

  • jose ignacio Farias

    jose ignacio Farias

    7 hours ago

    This was amazingly good. And this woman is amazing

  • Nerdling


    8 hours ago

    Amanda Hugginkis

  • Open Mind

    Open Mind

    9 hours ago

    Well Hollywood making fakes longer than CIA

  • ElDuderino The last

    ElDuderino The last

    9 hours ago

    21:49 I don't want that yogurt???

  • Jacob Smith

    Jacob Smith

    10 hours ago

    *HMPH* Sounds like something a former CIA Chief of Disguise would say

  • Richie M

    Richie M

    11 hours ago

    I believe what she said 50 % of the time

  • Kondratbl


    11 hours ago

    - is a former CIA Chief of Disguise - shows up on a popular USdownload channel to be seen by millions of people

  • hugehappygrin


    12 hours ago

    What is the official CIA take on the current president's absolute distrust of the "intelligence" community?

  • PequenoPoqui


    13 hours ago

    This editing is obnoxious and has been for many videos in this series. Countless people have complained and yet the editor continues to make otherwise interesting content deeply frustrating to watch. Please don't think you're better than the viewers and make an adjustment to this already.

  • Juan Felipe Sánchez

    Juan Felipe Sánchez

    13 hours ago

    hwy, FBI, i want to be a spy

  • Wiktoria Łukasiewicz

    Wiktoria Łukasiewicz

    14 hours ago

    ''WE DON'T'' don't they tho?

  • Wiktoria Łukasiewicz

    Wiktoria Łukasiewicz

    14 hours ago

    dental impression feels like choking. imagine that done to your entire face, crazy

  • Ember


    14 hours ago

    21:23 My Name Jeff

  • Deeplays Gaming

    Deeplays Gaming

    14 hours ago

    they wouldnt be caught dead in a catsuit, ...literally.

  • Serval Inc

    Serval Inc

    15 hours ago

    To bad she didn’t mention winter soldier Capt and widow at the mall.

  • Milica Spasojevic

    Milica Spasojevic

    15 hours ago

    I love her I want to listen to her stories for hours omggg

  • Isaac Alonzo

    Isaac Alonzo

    15 hours ago

    IRL she's a dark Colombian girl named Victoria Margarita. Also when she said "Ben Affleck played my husband Tony Mendez", that was unexpected.

  • LA Durant

    LA Durant

    16 hours ago

    Secretary Pompeo:"Lying, Cheating, & Stealing reminds you of the glory of the American experiment" -

  • Colin Sharp

    Colin Sharp

    16 hours ago

    She is making it up as she go along. Anything else would be treasonous. Don't be naive, she is still at the service of the state, spreading disinformation. Very entertaining.

  • Budz 420

    Budz 420

    17 hours ago

    Stay in place... FOR A DAY OR TWO! Diapers standard issue?

  • TorrentialGaming


    17 hours ago

    Chief of Disguise is an actual job title, that is amazing lol

  • Jackson Redstar Videography

    Jackson Redstar Videography

    18 hours ago

    she should comment on how Hillary's double disguise was after her "fainting' incident in NYC! in fact, she should do a whole segment pointing out Hillary's doubles!

  • Joelle Nealy

    Joelle Nealy

    18 hours ago

    I could seriously watch her all day.

  • Salz Berry

    Salz Berry

    18 hours ago

    Anyone sees the guy at 20:06 she said was poorly disguised? Cause I don’t 🥴

  • Opiti-Cule Prime-Tangelient-[Atlas]

    Opiti-Cule Prime-Tangelient-[Atlas]

    18 hours ago

    Olivia Elizabeth Munn army navy treason mutiny sacrilege unfiedel baby murdering

  • ZmoPaR


    18 hours ago

    She is fascinating..Not sure how I ended up watching that, but watch it I did.

  • Capra Ibex

    Capra Ibex

    19 hours ago

    I want more videos with her!!!

  • The Aura Tree

    The Aura Tree

    19 hours ago

    Awesome lady.

  • D'Hotness McAwesome

    D'Hotness McAwesome

    19 hours ago

    So, just me or does "Former CIA Chief of Disguise" not sound exactly like that kid in 4th grade says his dad is when he tells you why his dad can beat up your dad? Not just me then. Cool.

  • charliefasurf1000


    20 hours ago

    CIA has used priests as spies in Eastern Europe for decades. What a load of bs ;)

  • Matheus


    20 hours ago

    27:20 so, does anyone knows what she is mentionning there? Asking for a friend who can't handle alcohol that whell

  • David Perez

    David Perez

    20 hours ago

    "same blue"

  • CrucifyRobinHood


    20 hours ago

    I was a professional shoplifter. You guys missed a dilly when I slipped by you. I would hit major hardware outlets for thousands at a whack so often the contractor desk knew my "name" and would help me to my truck with my "purchases" everytime because they knew I was in a hurry, being a busy professional. Thirty days per county, every major hardware outlet in every county on the west coast, for seven years. It was my ex who finally figured things out. When she demanded I go shoplift beer for her I quietly slipped away and started an "Honest Job". It doesn't matter how skilled you are if you don't know when to bail.

  • Kenneth Cabauatan

    Kenneth Cabauatan

    20 hours ago

    Nice denial there, Ex-Chief of Disguise. Historically, the Vatican has a clandestine group of Friar-Spies.

  • John Malley

    John Malley

    20 hours ago

    anybody else remember when Wired was actually kinda good?

  • Eric Rhodes

    Eric Rhodes

    20 hours ago

    Diversity hire

  • John Malley

    John Malley

    20 hours ago

    don't need an expert to tell me crappy tv shows and movies are unrealistic.

  • Michaela Wendt

    Michaela Wendt

    21 hour ago

    This was extremely interesting but I could not finish the video because of the annoying audio you keep putting in while Jonna speaks.

  • jekanyika


    21 hour ago

    "Spies in the skies"

  • Jan 2

    Jan 2

    21 hour ago

    Or just use /disguise

  • Samo Ketiš

    Samo Ketiš

    21 hour ago

    mole on the wrong side of the face

  • Louis Jones

    Louis Jones

    22 hours ago

    "We can arrange... anything." Quote of the video.

  • Willmanis1


    22 hours ago

    I realize in some of the situations, the pauses are necessary to reference what she's talking about, but most of the time they feel very unnatural. You could easily have her actual reaction to what she's seeing and the flow would be maintained and it wouldn't feel alien.

  • Darin W

    Darin W

    22 hours ago

    It'd be great to get intoxicated with this woman...if she wasn't 1)Undoubtedly more keen/ intelligent then I. Or 2) A career spy

  • Andrea Smirle

    Andrea Smirle

    23 hours ago

    she is amazing - calm, sweet, smart... and terrifying! please just have her tell stories, so into it

  • Ivory Oasis

    Ivory Oasis

    Day ago

    Remember when the CIA helped to stage the chemical weapons attack in Syria? That was revealed recently to be staged? Lolz, ohhh CIA, you scamps, silly willies, keep fooling people with all your tricksy wicksies.

  • Gabriel Gutt

    Gabriel Gutt

    Day ago

    "There are ways not to get drunk", I need that

  • Manatee Man

    Manatee Man

    Day ago

    Oh, she is fun! Mendez is perfect for these. Her mix of expertise, wry humor, and brevity is incredibly entertaining. If you get the opportunity to have her on again, please do!

  • banrions


    Day ago

    yesss my best girl sydney bristow getting compliments

  • Mike


    Day ago

    you want to be forgettable but alias is okay ?

  • James Champion

    James Champion

    Day ago

    Miss direction is the CIA bread & butter, they lie for living so do you actually believe anything that comes out her mouth. If all of this was true would the CIA want us to believe it, that be a NO!!!

  • Jessica Gore

    Jessica Gore

    Day ago

    I wish this lady was my grandma

  • Samantha B

    Samantha B

    Day ago

    Jonna and her husband Tony seem like one of the coolest couples ever! Imagine their offspring! And their families who may know about their job!

  • Dany V

    Dany V

    Day ago

    Spoiler Alert: If u were waiting for Jason Bourne for the entire video, sorry, u will waste 27 minutes of your life. U r welcome

  • Christopher Genee

    Christopher Genee

    Day ago

    What about team America world police?

  • Ada Ode

    Ada Ode

    Day ago

    Noo, the editing is so annoying 🙈

  • Cheyruz


    Day ago

    When she said "but we can arrange... anything" I got a bit of a shiver down my spine Edit: "What if I said we have it?" got a similar vibe.

  • sleepup7931


    Day ago

    4:00 lol she trying to say they don't dress as reporters/religious or peace corp , they do it all the time

  • Gema Firdaus Putra

    Gema Firdaus Putra

    Day ago

    According to what she said at 3:10 "You wanted to be forgettable.." Dayum, I AM already a master of disguise..

  • Agent_Ash


    Day ago

    I was kinda excited to watch this, but a minute into the video I realized it was edited by the same person who edited the video about hackers. It's terrible. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Cutting into people's speech with other videos is not funny, not interesting and it's an awful editing practice. Never EVER do this. And I hope you're gonna re-edit and reupload this one, because I'd actually like to watch that.

  • ballnutz


    Day ago


  • ballnutz


    Day ago

    dont believe her folks. the media has been used often. it has come to light since 2016. they may not actually pose as media but they LEAK LIES like a motherflubber.

  • Dave Bertoletti

    Dave Bertoletti

    Day ago

    I love these videos, she's incredibly experienced and gives precious and interesting insights on the real deal of undercover operations. Very, very interesting and well conducted.

  • L J

    L J

    Day ago

    This lady is about to come down with a fatal case of depression.

  • SushiLeader


    Day ago

    Amazing content, editing nearly ruined the entire video though

  • Mateusz Kaczmarczyk

    Mateusz Kaczmarczyk

    Day ago


  • demetria alika

    demetria alika

    Day ago

    finally something that is not james charles or tati related

  • PGTMR2


    Day ago

    Wouldn't pretend to be media you say... interesting.

  • Rodrigo Forense

    Rodrigo Forense

    Day ago

    Priest are "too vulnerable"? Really?

  • torkamarinum


    Day ago

    Omg, she's hardcore!

  • Ceilvia C

    Ceilvia C

    Day ago

    Wait what? Europeans starts counting with their thumb??? Mind Blown

  • Summer Raine

    Summer Raine

    Day ago

    Ok can I get an RIP for the secret agent who died before betraying his country and giving them the satisfaction of torturing them? 🖤👏🏻👆🏻

  • Nica


    Day ago


  • The Dragon Reborn

    The Dragon Reborn

    Day ago

    Wear Hi-Vis and you can get anywhere and steal anything.

  • Rebecca Greenwood

    Rebecca Greenwood

    Day ago

    The editing was annoying

  • Randy Swellburg

    Randy Swellburg

    Day ago

    This woman would make her point much better if a the end, she pulled off her mask and was a man.

  • CallMeKes


    Day ago

    I can't find the previous video she was in.

  • Dallas


    Day ago

    This is so interesting, too many edits though. Why do the characters need to be responding to her?

  • Habitt5253


    Day ago

    I wonder how much of what she said is actual misinformation and how much was true?

  • TheNatural


    Day ago

    No CIA in the media lmfao

  • CJ Schmitt

    CJ Schmitt

    Day ago

    Plot twist...that's not even Jonna Mendez...

  • Arielle Macuch

    Arielle Macuch

    Day ago

    "Poor Lois." LOL

  • ChrisTripp


    Day ago

    Where is the other video? I need more CIA stories.

  • iggy iggy

    iggy iggy

    Day ago

    laughable she thinks the CIA knows every under cover operation that goes on. they dont use the media what bollocks what about argo .if you hear a gun shot do you doubt it because you cannot see it

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