Full Face Using FROZEN MAKEUP Challenge! ( -22°F)

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Hey S-Club! In todays video, I do the frozen makeup challenge! I put my makeup in the freezer for 24hrs then apply it on my face lol. It was interesting to see how the products changed after freezing them! Enjoy! xo
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  • Tracey Seven

    Tracey Seven

    13 hours ago

    You should do more PR videos, first impressions, brands vs brands is fun, keep your head up feeling shitty is only temporary ❤️💓❤️

  • Evita Mangharam

    Evita Mangharam

    14 hours ago

    She reminds me of Sandra Bullocks omg

  • abby Louise

    abby Louise

    Day ago

    skin care routine

  • Megan


    Day ago

    No one legit no one Sylvia: puts makeup in freezer then proceeds to put it on her face I have found my twinnnnn

  • Megan


    Day ago

    Breaks their lash glue everyone: oh crap and is in a bad mood and upset Sylvia: whoops and moves on 😂 like what she is the best.

  • Alexis Kidd

    Alexis Kidd

    2 days ago

    Okay but do we see how long her bottom lashes are

  • Meagan Newton

    Meagan Newton

    3 days ago

    “It smells like wet towel” hahahahahahahaha

  • Mitsuko Studios

    Mitsuko Studios

    3 days ago

    When you don't want to use the jefree star pallete

  • Maylani Rossello

    Maylani Rossello

    5 days ago

    Makeup routine using oil pastels 🤗🤗

  • dontuseme2 msp

    dontuseme2 msp

    5 days ago

    Bro i know i live in canada!!!

  • Person


    5 days ago


  • Malak Zarea

    Malak Zarea

    5 days ago

    You should do like reverse make up with like actual reverse like setting primer you replace it with setting spray And foundation replaced with lipstick

  • Roselynn Perez

    Roselynn Perez

    6 days ago

    Makeup room tour

  • Savannah Kiefer

    Savannah Kiefer

    7 days ago

    I feel like you look like Bailey from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants!

  • Makeupby_KACY


    7 days ago

    Do a full face of only powder or creams ! (Including brows) Ps. Ily so much ❤️🔆

  • Alyssa marie

    Alyssa marie

    8 days ago

    Love this videi

  • edidu jdjdj

    edidu jdjdj

    8 days ago

    Touehs Yousef

  • edidu jdjdj

    edidu jdjdj

    8 days ago

    Boenq. Ho inglês jgd yew the ousn

  • edidu jdjdj

    edidu jdjdj

    8 days ago

    The oh dinhs you serviços

  • edidu jdjdj

    edidu jdjdj

    8 days ago

    Faz mas vídeos

  • Brianna Barnett

    Brianna Barnett

    9 days ago

    Do a full face of free wish make up

  • bonnie siy

    bonnie siy

    9 days ago

    😁😁😁😁 love the vid. P ERFECTTTTT I also use the LUMIY LIGHTBLADE TO do my makeup PERFECT LIGHTING

  • Tyrieal Gibson

    Tyrieal Gibson

    10 days ago

    Put on your make up with your hand instead of using brushes



    10 days ago

    You should do a full face using only lip products!!!!!!

  • Jaswant Brar

    Jaswant Brar

    11 days ago

    Why do u speak sooooooo much?????

  • Macey Rowe

    Macey Rowe

    7 days ago

    Jaswant Brar why do u watch her then?

  • jayy summ

    jayy summ

    11 days ago

    She should have put a jeffree star highlighter in there so it could truly be "skin frost"

  • football 4 life

    football 4 life

    11 days ago

    Is Charlie (wolfieraps) yo boyfriend

  • Beth Vlogs

    Beth Vlogs

    10 days ago

    football 4 life they broke up

  • Elianna Ceferin

    Elianna Ceferin

    11 days ago

    TRY THE Tlm diablor matching up foundation

  • Star Power Girl

    Star Power Girl

    12 days ago

    The setting spray

  • Brianna Howell

    Brianna Howell

    12 days ago

    Pretty 💕

  • It’s meee Logan

    It’s meee Logan

    12 days ago

    VIDEO IDEA only products from the dollar tree

  • Valentine25 25

    Valentine25 25

    12 days ago

    Do a makeup room tour.

  • Inspirational Makeup Feed

    Inspirational Makeup Feed

    13 days ago

    No one: Sylvia: Oouuuuu ITS PRETTY😋 I love her so much😂

  • Evelyn Chavez

    Evelyn Chavez

    13 days ago

    Don’t freeze Her: I wonder what happens if you freeze it Me, everyone: it will freeze

  • Debbie Winnington

    Debbie Winnington

    13 days ago

    Full face of animal patterns x

  • Danielle & Kassandra Vlogs

    Danielle & Kassandra Vlogs

    14 days ago

    You should do a video of a full face of melted makeup

  • Natalia Lopez

    Natalia Lopez

    14 days ago

    not makeup related but do a clothing haul for summer and quick ootds

  • Leiel Elsour

    Leiel Elsour

    14 days ago

    U didt use for pluss?!😂

  • A xx

    A xx

    14 days ago

    Literally one of the most gorgeous person ever😍💓 Sylvia it’s only right u do a video using melted makeup now, see if u can try make it work which I’m sure u can 😂✨

  • Paiton Robey

    Paiton Robey

    13 days ago

    Dude yes 😂😂

  • The Gymigos

    The Gymigos

    14 days ago

    What app do you use for editing your videos

  • dailydose ofdaisy

    dailydose ofdaisy

    14 days ago

    How is this even supposed to work omg. Lol

  • Kira Veritas

    Kira Veritas

    14 days ago

    Please do Tarte vs Two Faced !!!!

  • maria pomaski

    maria pomaski

    14 days ago

    U should totally do a makeup in the dark

  • lillongo


    15 days ago

    Billie eilish commented on your insta

  • Kyla Peredin

    Kyla Peredin

    15 days ago

    Do a products you hate video. You use products you don’t favor and use it and wear it for 24 hours. Also you should do the very first makeup tutorial and try to follow it. Also you should do like following James Charles tutorial or Jeffree Starr’s tutorial. Maybe you should melt your makeup? You could do a find your shade like James Charles. You could do Adam picks your makeup for the day. You could do Adam’s makeup if he lets you. You could do a food for makeup. Like you use food in place of makeup. That’s all the ideas I have.

  • Alese Williams

    Alese Williams

    15 days ago

    do a blindfolded makeup challenge with a friend that has no makeup knowledge

  • Sabrina Carroll

    Sabrina Carroll

    15 days ago

    Test out Neutrogena makeup products please

  • Emily Rattray

    Emily Rattray

    15 days ago

    You should defnitly try the nuetragena hydro boost stuff, i use the foundation but i would like to see what you think of it

  • Ariana Osorio

    Ariana Osorio

    15 days ago

    Video ideaa❤ Challenge yourself & someone else to see who can do thier makeup better with doing your makeup with a mirror about 7-10ish feet away. Not a huge mirror either

  • Meredith T

    Meredith T

    15 days ago

    Lmao I’ve noticed the people who went to coachella either came back with a cold..or herpes. There’s no in between.

  • Nora Gonzalez

    Nora Gonzalez

    15 days ago

    Cooking / baking with Sylvia !!

  • Nora Gonzalez

    Nora Gonzalez

    15 days ago

    Do more videos with your brother !!!

  • Kaylee Munoz

    Kaylee Munoz

    15 days ago

    my kylie lip pencil always does that!

  • I am First

    I am First

    16 days ago

    oh my god you look like sandra bullock

  • Leah Kling

    Leah Kling

    16 days ago

    Heat up all your makeup up!!! 🔥

  • Abbey White

    Abbey White

    16 days ago

    VIDEO IDEA Go into NYX or Sephora and ask strangers to pick your make up VIDEO IDEA 2 Full face of makeup using 1 pallet!

  • Shirin Essa

    Shirin Essa

    5 days ago

    Abbey White the first idea safiya nygaard did it

  • Tara The Hufflepuff

    Tara The Hufflepuff

    17 days ago

    For a video you should do the Full Face of Art Supplies challenge!! 🎨💕

  • k p

    k p

    17 days ago

    Youre an idiot.

  • # گـف̲ــؤٰ୭شِشَھہ ھ

    # گـف̲ــؤٰ୭شِشَھہ ھ

    18 days ago

    Me in lraq❤️😻l love you 💘⛓

  • Diba


    18 days ago

    We love how’s she uses drug store makeup lol ( not hating)

  • Catlynn Yates

    Catlynn Yates

    18 days ago

    Diba fenty.....smashbox...farsali....fixplus...huda? that’s drugstore

  • MiMi Dreams

    MiMi Dreams

    18 days ago

    You should microwave your makeup

  • anna martinelli

    anna martinelli

    18 days ago

    Alter ego makeup !

  • amy g

    amy g

    18 days ago

    Who else thinks the “embarrassment”wing is better than any wing you’ve ever done? 😆🙋🏼‍♀️

  • Summer Squad

    Summer Squad

    18 days ago

    This is how cute her make up is (my likes)

  • Colette Bella

    Colette Bella

    18 days ago

    Her eyes looked rose gold yooo.

  • Lizzie Rose

    Lizzie Rose

    18 days ago

    Could you do a full face of your pallete and maybe do a lot more vids using the James Charles pallete, coz u only used it once when ur Adam picked ur makeup I luv u so much tho Sylvia xxxx

  • Missy Richert

    Missy Richert

    18 days ago

    If you normally wear cool shades try warm vice versa

  • Sophie Araiz

    Sophie Araiz

    19 days ago

    Do makeup under water.

  • Jayda Fryar

    Jayda Fryar

    19 days ago

    Roses are red And ketchup is to I got a like on my comment But why is it blue?

  • Lili Luevano

    Lili Luevano

    19 days ago

    You should try to do a recreating chocella looks

  • Rosa Storey

    Rosa Storey

    19 days ago

    I feel like the frozen bronzer could work for darker colored people because it’s more pigmented. If their bronzer isn’t dark enough for them. Just my opinion.

  • Karyss Albert

    Karyss Albert

    19 days ago

    I REALLY want that full face of neutrogena makeup video

  • Angie Rubio

    Angie Rubio

    19 days ago


  • Anna Romero

    Anna Romero

    19 days ago

    Do a full face bare minerals

  • Anna Romero

    Anna Romero

    19 days ago

    Do all the possible combinations of eye looks from your by cosmetics palette 😭 I’d love to see that and appreciate it I Be have some trouble messing around with all the colors you provided us with in your palette

  • Raquel Lima

    Raquel Lima

    20 days ago

    Quem veio pela mari Maria ?

  • Asia Johnson

    Asia Johnson

    20 days ago

    Doing your makeup with only food

  • Pretty XOXO

    Pretty XOXO

    20 days ago

    Ice princess doing makeup 🥰

  • My life as Ximena

    My life as Ximena

    20 days ago

    Buy make up from wish or the dollar store and try to do a full face with that

  • Jada Jackson

    Jada Jackson

    20 days ago

    Will you do a nutregina makeup look

  • Captain Sarah

    Captain Sarah

    20 days ago

    how much is -22 ferinhieght in Celsius because I don't use feritntheight in my country

  • Khloe South

    Khloe South

    20 days ago

    BoyFriend/husband the over voice of makeup vid and you cant him the what the product are called

  • Jolee Stone

    Jolee Stone

    20 days ago

    Just want a tutorial what products are you are liking and yeah just go simple and do a tutorial I feel like now days they are going all out and just want simple

  • l01morales


    20 days ago

    How about color correction video or a all Milani video

  • Gladys Cancela

    Gladys Cancela

    20 days ago

    Can you do a review of the mochino school supplies :)

  • Kelari Cuddles

    Kelari Cuddles

    20 days ago

    ideas 1. do your make up with your opposite hand 2. do blind make up, have no mirror, or way to see yourself, see how you look 3. put bunch of make up in a bag and pull out a random number of them and do a full face with it 4. make up time capsule, do inspired make up lewks from like the 50s, 60s, 70s so forth so forth 5. drag queen make up 6. full face of make up with just primary colors only

  • Isabella Cassidy

    Isabella Cassidy

    20 days ago

    Only drug store or only one brand make up challenge plx

  • mia Driscoll

    mia Driscoll

    20 days ago

    15:22-15:32 I DIED LAUGHING😂 and I don’t know why

  • Gina Belezos

    Gina Belezos

    20 days ago

    Love the look still, you can literally do it all! Love ya !

  • Cal ż Cal

    Cal ż Cal

    20 days ago

    OMG SYLVIA usdownload.net/item/video-3D97w4a4oJs.html

  • godhatesxristina


    20 days ago

    Billie Eilish commented on your instagram

  • Ameera Khan

    Ameera Khan

    20 days ago

    i am legit not kidding when I saw the title I thought it was from the movie Frozen and u were using kid make up turns out it was me who misread😂😂😂😅

  • Kadence King

    Kadence King

    20 days ago

    Morning routine

  • Fatimah Hameed

    Fatimah Hameed

    20 days ago

    Can you try the fixy makeup set

  • Myanna Summers

    Myanna Summers

    20 days ago

    I hate the word moist took...

  • SavageMsRaya 420

    SavageMsRaya 420

    20 days ago

    “None of the product really came on my face”😂

  • Paulo Lima

    Paulo Lima

    20 days ago


  • Tudo sobre As aventuras de Poliana

    Tudo sobre As aventuras de Poliana

    20 days ago

    Quem veio pela mari maria

  • a. p

    a. p

    20 days ago

    you should totally test out the neutrogena makeup!!!❤️

  • abigail smith

    abigail smith

    20 days ago

    You should do makeup with chalk

  • Dana L

    Dana L

    21 day ago

    1.) Full face of makeup with food 2.) Full face of makeup blindfolded 3.) Full face of makeup using no tools 4.) Full face of makeup in alphabetical order 5.) Full face of makeup with strangers favorite 6.) Full face of makeup in less than 5 minutes

  • Tara Tate

    Tara Tate

    19 days ago

    1.) *AcNe HaS eNtErEd ThE cHat*

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