Full Face Using Only Liquid Lipsticks


HI SISTERS! In today's video, I wanted to revive an old makeup challenge, Full Face Using Only Liquid Lipsticks! Enjoy and don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe!
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EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • Sarah Gruenberger

    Sarah Gruenberger

    7 minutes ago

    Do a makeup routine with only one brush!

  • Sandra Hostetler

    Sandra Hostetler

    34 minutes ago

    Your no man and you sound like a girl I'ma boy and I am on my mom's tablet

  • Dan Smith

    Dan Smith

    40 minutes ago

    Is he using the morphie palette

  • Milana's World

    Milana's World

    50 minutes ago

    lmao setting spray would’ve been interesting

  • you are stupid

    you are stupid

    58 minutes ago

    I can make so many sex jokes out of this but I don't want this comment demonitized so I am so sorry

  • The One

    The One

    Hour ago

    🏳️‍🌈⃠ 🏳️‍🌈⃠ 🏳️‍🌈⃠

  • Allycat


    Hour ago

    saw this and all i could think about is how sticky this would have to feel



    Hour ago

    Do only eyeshadow full face

  • Isabel Ordoña

    Isabel Ordoña

    2 hours ago

    I love james using a lot of product from JS 💖

  • Gigi OS

    Gigi OS

    2 hours ago

    James!!! You really outdid yourself this time 🤧 those eyes are the most amazing thing I've ever seen

  • LunaJWZ4


    2 hours ago

    Video idea: How about you go to the store and buy the cheapest makeup stuff and do your look with that? So you buy all the stuff you'd use in your normal routine but now with the cheapest products possible? Or like use all kind of products you wouldn't recommend us using.



    2 hours ago

    4:08 he meant conceal not highlight

  • Fab Smg

    Fab Smg

    2 hours ago

    This is the stupidest video ever

  • Sumeet Kalsi - Sir William Gage MS (1519)

    Sumeet Kalsi - Sir William Gage MS (1519)

    3 hours ago

    I’m new.. what’s code James😅😁

  • Ryder Hammontree

    Ryder Hammontree

    3 hours ago

    Ur sooooooo talented

  • Anna Lettieri

    Anna Lettieri

    3 hours ago

    Yo wtf this is so shister good

  • Sooo Cute

    Sooo Cute

    3 hours ago

    i think you should do half of your face flash back marry/your old makeup style and do the other half you new makeup style

  • Sooo Cute

    Sooo Cute

    3 hours ago

    you are soooooo good at makeup

  • Queen Diva

    Queen Diva

    4 hours ago

    I loved watching this video you are so funny and I love your energy 😌

  • Bianca Rose

    Bianca Rose

    4 hours ago

    Yes sis

  • Justine Fantarella

    Justine Fantarella

    4 hours ago

    Io sono italiana

  • Sapir Ophir-Rahimi

    Sapir Ophir-Rahimi

    4 hours ago

    James please try to anderstand stativ verbs💕

  • Leah Carey

    Leah Carey

    5 hours ago

    It actually looks sooooooooooooo good

  • Faiqa Ziya

    Faiqa Ziya

    5 hours ago

    When you applied your concealer flashback Mary started to quake 😂

  • Kristen reyes

    Kristen reyes

    5 hours ago

    Excuse me James I don’t see any rainbows in that holo I think it’s iridescent

  • Ëmèly M

    Ëmèly M

    5 hours ago

    You're so original 💞🙌🏼🖤

  • Lauren L

    Lauren L

    5 hours ago

    wHaT HoW?!

  • Matt G

    Matt G

    5 hours ago

    Why do people watch this.

  • Stormy _Clouds

    Stormy _Clouds

    6 hours ago


  • Julie Benjamin

    Julie Benjamin

    6 hours ago

    omg i love it

  • Gemma Karsten

    Gemma Karsten

    7 hours ago

    Loved this challenge James the makeup is Sister Stunning Especially the rainbow eye makeup 🌈

  • Suna Duna

    Suna Duna

    8 hours ago

    (-,-) WTF

  • Laure’n #legit

    Laure’n #legit

    14 hours ago

    That is amazing love u James

  • dana_privv 15

    dana_privv 15

    15 hours ago

    Do a foundation color that is totally different from ur skin and then try to look like someone else!! Btw my insta acc is dana_privv12

  • Gamer. fox15

    Gamer. fox15

    15 hours ago

    ~James~ i think ik my own body,but thanks for your cunsirn though... {Wig flys} 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sophie Patron

    Sophie Patron

    16 hours ago

    prolly my fav vid ngl 😍

  • chicken nugget

    chicken nugget

    16 hours ago

    You. Look sister most

  • mandy mcconnell

    mandy mcconnell

    16 hours ago

    Hey could you possibly restock your x small sizes on you hoodies because all the colored ones are out of stock.

  • d boneless

    d boneless

    16 hours ago

    that earring stinks by now bro take it out and give that shit a rest

  • Frederikke Feilberg

    Frederikke Feilberg

    17 hours ago

    Jeeees.. he’s getting so boring !

  • Georgia Catton

    Georgia Catton

    17 hours ago


  • CharmanderStudio


    17 hours ago

    Mm James got thicccc eyebrows

  • Cattato Aka Samantha

    Cattato Aka Samantha

    17 hours ago

    No matter what James does, he ALWAYS fricken SLAYS! 😩❤️❤️❤️👑

  • Binit Kumả

    Binit Kumả

    17 hours ago

    Where's Ricardo Milos?

  • Cattato Aka Samantha

    Cattato Aka Samantha

    17 hours ago

    I think for A future video, you should do your full make up routine but instead of lipstick do eyeshadow only!

  • Ashanti Nichole’s World

    Ashanti Nichole’s World

    18 hours ago

    Omg YES James 😍😍😍

  • ғlιrт тнe arтιѕт

    ғlιrт тнe arтιѕт

    18 hours ago

    Cosplayers have to do this with normal lipstick all the time

  • Beth Howe

    Beth Howe

    19 hours ago

    I hate you so much😈😈😈😈😡😡😡😡

  • Marsh mellow

    Marsh mellow

    19 hours ago

    Why...are you so good? Like ohmahgash sister, dis sister is shook

  • Joanna Tapini

    Joanna Tapini

    19 hours ago

    "That’s a brow. Maybe not a good one, but it’s a brow." Me after I do my eyebrows everyday

  • ItzMeeraa


    19 hours ago

    omgg i thought he's makeup would be bad omg im sister shook!!! i love ya james charles

  • ShpookyBear369


    20 hours ago


  • Josie Chan

    Josie Chan

    20 hours ago

    *Do a backwards makeup challenge!* 😃 Start your routine with your last product and end with your first product! Foundation with liquid lipstick and lips with foundation! Etc.

  • Reese Hauk

    Reese Hauk

    20 hours ago

    James is magic and amazing. How can he do a WHOLE face of liquid lipstick when I can’t do my lips good with liquid lipstick.🤣 You are awesome!!!

  • Taylor Holland

    Taylor Holland

    21 hour ago

    i wonder how long it took for this to come off

  • Hailey Le’blanc

    Hailey Le’blanc

    21 hour ago

    He sounds like Mickey Mouse when he gets exited Omfg

  • Naomi Jewel

    Naomi Jewel

    21 hour ago

    James u should do a video where u do a full face with kids makeup

  • Laura 2k17

    Laura 2k17

    22 hours ago

    king of vine references lol i loved the singing old lady

  • Abbey Sills

    Abbey Sills

    23 hours ago

    I hope In 2019 im as happy as James was when he was doing his eye look

  • Lewis Pryke

    Lewis Pryke

    23 hours ago

    James charles kissed u like to undo

  • Broken Angel

    Broken Angel

    Day ago

    His smile❤😶

  • Maia Leckey

    Maia Leckey

    Day ago

    Literally James can do anything and make it look insane

  • Lalaland With Lil and El

    Lalaland With Lil and El

    Day ago

    Just became a sister

  • Atiza Afzal

    Atiza Afzal

    Day ago

    Can you do a sister spuad vid

  • Bexster


    Day ago

    Well done! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Shanzay Farooq

    Shanzay Farooq

    Day ago


  • Sarah Ab

    Sarah Ab

    Day ago


  • Geralda Heshta

    Geralda Heshta

    Day ago

    am i the one who thought about "how is he washing the face later and clean this all"😅😅 must be not that nice .

  • aaminah wahab

    aaminah wahab

    Day ago

    this looks soooooo good ;D!!!!!!

  • HerAnonymousSelf


    Day ago

    *wait why did the final result look so good tho*

  • Ki De Ruiter

    Ki De Ruiter

    Day ago

    WHAT moisturizer did he usedddd. He talks so fast haha

  • Chimchim Butttrash

    Chimchim Butttrash

    Day ago


  • Brielle Sherman

    Brielle Sherman

    Day ago

    damnnnn okayyy

  • Dream Dolls

    Dream Dolls

    Day ago

    I think morphe restocks the palette more than he thinks... Every Friday I check if it’s in stock... I can’t remember the last time it said out of stock😂😂

  • Sinead Dalben

    Sinead Dalben

    Day ago

    did anyone count how many times Jeffree was mentioned or his products were used????

  • Hanna and Maya

    Hanna and Maya

    Day ago

    You have mad talent

  • Nikki Bonilla

    Nikki Bonilla

    Day ago

    Absolutely amazing ❤️

  • Want some Bleach?

    Want some Bleach?

    Day ago

    *see nothing wrong* James:THE BROWS ARE UNEVEN!

  • Liliy Ninva

    Liliy Ninva

    Day ago

    Do a video full face eyeshadow makeup

  • Create With Yma

    Create With Yma

    Day ago

    James: whebifinisheddecortingmybeautyroomtheotherday.... Me: so this why....um....and... so uh....

  • Breanna Flores

    Breanna Flores

    Day ago

    Your so good at makeup!!

  • Samuel Fausto

    Samuel Fausto

    Day ago


  • Ari Rae

    Ari Rae

    Day ago

    okay wow i could never..

  • Alona the Ravenclaw

    Alona the Ravenclaw

    Day ago

    When this is your first time watching James Charles and are already obsessed...

  • Gymnastics Squad

    Gymnastics Squad

    Day ago

    James:highlights on the chin for natural glow Me: how is it natural if u used smt to do it

  • B.C D

    B.C D

    Day ago

    The other brow is *LITERALLY STRAIGHT* *im scared*

  • Graci Hetzer

    Graci Hetzer

    Day ago

    Hey sister James!, i need some advice i just found out that im lgbtq and i am bisexual but i dont wanna tell anybody because they would think im crazy so what should i do??

  • Calista Kilb

    Calista Kilb

    Day ago

    Dude your hand alone is a peace of art

  • Vinícius Venturine

    Vinícius Venturine

    Day ago

    he speaks so fast 😥

  • Teagan Flamingo

    Teagan Flamingo

    Day ago

    I don't know how anyone could possibly hate on James, he is so kind and beautiful!! Some people just don't know what they are talking about.

  • Patricia González

    Patricia González

    Day ago

    99.9% of the comments are how the lipstick matches his skin 😂

  • sayed munawary

    sayed munawary

    Day ago

    are you a he or a she

  • Alissa Pupich

    Alissa Pupich

    Day ago

    He can literally make anything work

  • Ashley Fernandez

    Ashley Fernandez

    Day ago

    A video idea can be like have a family feud game about makeup and with people who don’t know much about makeup

  • Zayden Tubon-Fulgencio

    Zayden Tubon-Fulgencio

    Day ago


  • Noah DelHierro

    Noah DelHierro

    Day ago

    He talks a lot!😒😩

  • Colored Rainfall

    Colored Rainfall

    Day ago

    “It is not the tools that make the artist, but rather what the artist makes with the tools he has” this is how you tell a good artist from a bad one and James honey, you’ve proved yourself an amazing artist by creating such a sickening look with just liquid lipsticks

  • BaileyClaudiaStevie FlemingVelascoAlexis

    BaileyClaudiaStevie FlemingVelascoAlexis

    Day ago

    pure talent

  • Liv May

    Liv May

    Day ago

    not being funny but I can’t even do makeup this well with my actual makeup never mind with lipstick💀 ur amazing James!!

  • Its oreoz Duh!

    Its oreoz Duh!

    Day ago

    *when your an ivory 3 and the foundation still doesnt match your zkin tone*

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