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  • CarlosCedillo


    2 days ago

    Zigler y Kane están en todos los MITB :v

  • Shankar An Shankar An

    Shankar An Shankar An

    2 days ago

    Next match update

  • Whichistheanykey PSN

    Whichistheanykey PSN

    3 days ago

    They had some great superstars in those days.

  • ashley hernandez

    ashley hernandez

    3 days ago

    Matt hardy deserved money in the back.

  • Skoopski Potatoes

    Skoopski Potatoes

    4 days ago

    Explain to me why in my head, Christian is only like 5'5" but in all reality dude is 6'2" lol. Idk why. Always thought he was a short guy

  • Alphakennyjuan Mikehawk

    Alphakennyjuan Mikehawk

    4 days ago

    They edited jack being unable to get it off lol

  • Kyle Sarti

    Kyle Sarti

    4 days ago

    literally everybody is botching and getting bonked in the head by ladders

  • Kyle Sarti

    Kyle Sarti

    4 days ago

    these ladders are dangerous!

  • Dude Dudeson

    Dude Dudeson

    5 days ago

    I hate jack swagger but now that I realize his theme song is rage against the machine I have more respect for him

  • Kaleb Nolan

    Kaleb Nolan

    5 days ago

    I still love the fact that everyone “forgets” how to climb a ladder when someone is late to stop them haha still very much entertaining tho

  • Davidson3098


    6 days ago

    Bring money in the bank back to wrestlemania :(

  • Emanuele Cimini

    Emanuele Cimini

    6 days ago

    I'm not sure if is he drew mcintyre or big cass



    7 days ago

    5:57 por cosas increíbles como estas EVAN BOURNE fue uno de los mejores luchadores que siempre daba buenas luchas, calidad pura.

  • Aldahir Ramírez

    Aldahir Ramírez

    7 days ago

    Kofi, Shelton and Evan Bourne are one of the most underrated superstars

  • Armando_. 4/ 17 / 26

    Armando_. 4/ 17 / 26

    7 days ago

    Goid for him

  • Name is None of your business.

    Name is None of your business.

    7 days ago

    Imagine being there that night front row then 9 years later watching this video and seeing yourself there? You’ll be like, “damn that was me 9 years ago”

  • Wii Sports

    Wii Sports

    8 days ago

    That Christian no sell of the twist of fate though hahaha

  • Alejandro Muñoz

    Alejandro Muñoz

    8 days ago

    Back when drew was one the greatest, oh wait he still is!

  • Danley Nuks

    Danley Nuks

    8 days ago

    8:31 that would of been an expensive lawsuit

  • Nick Peluso

    Nick Peluso

    8 days ago

    I wish they would stop saying WRESTLEMANIA MOMENT every 4 seconds. It takes away from the MOMENT

  • Mike Fowler

    Mike Fowler

    9 days ago

    11:59 Their 3 Punches in a row were synced up hahaha

  • Mike Fowler

    Mike Fowler

    9 days ago

    Evan Bourne was so obviously stalling just walking around outside the ring

  • Joshua Reaper

    Joshua Reaper

    10 days ago

    How is this only 14 minutes with ten people in it?

  • Tiernan12 playzz

    Tiernan12 playzz

    10 days ago

    You can tell this is fake by how when he throws the ladder it sounds fake plus why didnt he just grab the money and you can see at the start he was not even kicking his and he was falling what a disgrace

  • Joshua octobers

    Joshua octobers

    11 days ago

    Shelton, evan, christian, swagger those are the man growing up watching

  • Alejandro Rojas Quesada

    Alejandro Rojas Quesada

    12 days ago

    Today: Ricochet. In my childhood: Evan Bourne (unfortunately I saw just a few matches)

  • Riyas Vayalkara

    Riyas Vayalkara

    13 days ago


  • M.d. Khan

    M.d. Khan

    14 days ago


  • Ghulam Hyder

    Ghulam Hyder

    15 days ago

    very nice please please upload this types of videos more and more

  • Jenson Brame

    Jenson Brame

    16 days ago

    Who do you wanna win ??????

  • Terry O

    Terry O

    16 days ago

    Someone made a comment that is so true. The best MITB Matches were at Wrestlemania

  • pati oblong

    pati oblong

    17 days ago

    Thanks Edit=like and suscribe

  • ก้อดี หว่างขวัญ

    ก้อดี หว่างขวัญ

    17 days ago


  • Sagar Tamang

    Sagar Tamang

    19 days ago


  • 太太 楊

    太太 楊

    19 days ago


  • قناة متنوعه / محمد فالح هادي .

    قناة متنوعه / محمد فالح هادي .

    19 days ago

    مصارعه غير حماسيه ، 👎👎👎 .

  • Manchesterjeremy Donny

    Manchesterjeremy Donny

    20 days ago

    Now 2019 drew look better, kofi wwe champ, hardy tag team cham, swager very well in mma debut, zigler fomer wwe world hvywght cham,

  • Antonio Rafaski

    Antonio Rafaski

    20 days ago

    jack returns please

  • mandybethhouse


    21 day ago

    The lasers are really wood but they are painted over

  • nellyontour85


    21 day ago


  • Fajar Sihombing

    Fajar Sihombing

    21 day ago

    Heyahhhhhh budak balangor

  • Fajar Sihombing

    Fajar Sihombing

    21 day ago


  • Danny Russo

    Danny Russo

    21 day ago

    FACES 1. Christian 2. Evan Bourne 3. Kofi Kingston 4. Matt Hardy 5. Montel Vontavious Porter 6. Shelton Benjamin HEELS 1. Dolph Ziggler 2. Drew McIntyre 3. Jack Swagger 4. Kane

  • Stephen Podgórski-Vennes

    Stephen Podgórski-Vennes

    22 days ago

    12:29 "a twist of fate from the top of the ladder" It looked more like Christian countered a potential ToF to some sort of neckbreaker

  • Stephen Podgórski-Vennes

    Stephen Podgórski-Vennes

    22 days ago

    11:52 you can see the ref on the far end of the hard camera signal to another ref to go tell another superstar that it's his turn

  • Pintu bhatt

    Pintu bhatt

    22 days ago


  • ShaneMintyFresh


    22 days ago

    I forgot, which wrestlemania is this?

  • Mohammed Mohammed

    Mohammed Mohammed

    19 days ago

    Mania 26

  • Sufian King

    Sufian King

    22 days ago

    WWE Beautiful Nice

  • Major Gavini

    Major Gavini

    23 days ago

    The ladders are wood not metal

  • Connor Mcbride

    Connor Mcbride

    23 days ago

    kofi always has the most intresting ways of staying in the match

  • Nick


    23 days ago

    Not that I could do better but Evan stuffed up a few times in this.

  • Nick


    23 days ago

    “These ladders don’t care who wins! They have a mind of their own” haha good old King, He comes out with some funny stuff.

  • Shahid Sama

    Shahid Sama

    24 days ago

    Puberty hit drew mcyntyre like💥

  • Chris younan

    Chris younan

    24 days ago

    I love wwe

  • Jamie Kelso

    Jamie Kelso

    24 days ago

    Kofi's hair looks stupid

  • PilloTheStar


    24 days ago

    5 of them were in last year's MITB match...

  • Azze. 600 subs sin subir ningún video

    Azze. 600 subs sin subir ningún video

    25 days ago

    Que nostalgia... La piel de gallina

  • Phoenix


    25 days ago

    Imagine Matt Sydal and Evan Bourne crossed paths in a ring together, that would be incredible. They've got very similar move sets 🤔

  • Turhan Henderson

    Turhan Henderson

    25 days ago

    I was gonna make a Drew Mac joke until they said that was really him... But almost 10 years ago.

  • Tombstone-Pt-Br


    25 days ago

    This is a match! Pure nostalgia. How I miss you !!! Good times.

  • Imran khan

    Imran khan

    26 days ago

    Money in the bank should be at WrestleMania

  • Brother Nero

    Brother Nero

    26 days ago

    They cut Jack Swagger's botch

  • Imran Shahid

    Imran Shahid

    26 days ago

    How does twist of fate from ladder do nothing to Christian

  • play 98

    play 98

    26 days ago


  • Syed Faiz

    Syed Faiz

    26 days ago

    Swagger's theme remind me of Smackdown vs Raw 2011,that Swagger is money loading screen tho.

  • Louie Paul

    Louie Paul

    26 days ago

    I seriously thought drew or Christian was gonna win it not the Kurt angle wannabe

  • Dev Ananas

    Dev Ananas

    26 days ago

    Best Mr Money In The Bank is CM PUNK!

  • SuperMarioFanDJ Gaming

    SuperMarioFanDJ Gaming

    26 days ago

    How is this 2019?

  • RaccGoon


    26 days ago

    drew mcintanre

  • Aditya Naynak

    Aditya Naynak

    26 days ago




    27 days ago

    Ladders won't mind hurting anyone

  • ادريس الصديق

    ادريس الصديق

    27 days ago

    WOLF WRESTLING Club 6 six America

  • Miles Henry Remastered

    Miles Henry Remastered

    27 days ago

    Ahh yes. SvR 2011 vibes.

  • dayoungsta94


    27 days ago

    Whenever people ask me which Money in the Bank match Shelton Benjamin should’ve won I always point to this one, as much as I love Swagger this was completely wasted on him and his whole title run was just forced and painful to watch



    27 days ago

    The golden days of WWE

  • Dre Jones

    Dre Jones

    27 days ago

    Mvp should Of had a wwe championship

  • Etchezarri


    27 days ago


  • ahmet mimecraft'ta

    ahmet mimecraft'ta

    27 days ago

    jeff hardy ın awesome

  • Jalingo


    27 days ago

    So much fail in this video 😃

  • Ashutosh Bandooni

    Ashutosh Bandooni

    27 days ago

    Who knew McIntyre would someday become a good shot

  • Will M

    Will M

    27 days ago

    Mcintyre should o won

  • Isaiah Rodriguez

    Isaiah Rodriguez

    27 days ago


  • Melissa Anderson

    Melissa Anderson

    27 days ago

    Wow MVP I miss that guy.

  • Abiefatta Saputra

    Abiefatta Saputra

    27 days ago

    Panjat Pinang Version WWE

  • Lucas Ruan

    Lucas Ruan

    27 days ago

    Eles senta muito bem,cara na primeira vez que eles mindero foi muito top

  • AdekKecil Chanel12

    AdekKecil Chanel12

    27 days ago

    3:26 is fail



    27 days ago

    Christian is the 🐐

  • A. Κηροπήγιος

    A. Κηροπήγιος

    27 days ago

    Those where the days

  • The Brood Master

    The Brood Master

    27 days ago

    Swagger at the top of the ladder

  • LM10 - football channel

    LM10 - football channel

    27 days ago

    I wanted evan to win

  • Jesus Castro

    Jesus Castro

    27 days ago

    I saw this at buffalo wild wings when they would show pay-per- view. They no longer do it sucks 😥😴 they bring back so many memories.

  • Master MoJo

    Master MoJo

    27 days ago

    So many underrated wrestlers I wish MITB was still on Wrestlemania

  • Edilson Diaz

    Edilson Diaz

    26 days ago

    Master MoJo instead of that unnecessary André the Giant memorial battle royal

  • علاوي العراقي

    علاوي العراقي

    27 days ago

    Who missed evan bourne

  • Zeca Urubu

    Zeca Urubu

    27 days ago

    when wwe was good....

  • Pokerface Entertainment

    Pokerface Entertainment

    27 days ago

    This match 10 years ago would have been crazy

  • Tavares Hubbard

    Tavares Hubbard

    27 days ago

    So mania 23 24 and 25 never happened

  • Thomas Bobbitt

    Thomas Bobbitt

    27 days ago

    12:35 I’m sorry, what?

  • Rafael Benitez

    Rafael Benitez

    27 days ago

    Jack Swagger back in WWE 79%

  • RextheRebel


    27 days ago

    Wow, i this was my my hayday of WWE as i was really just getting into it around 2007-2008. I was 12-13 at the time, i grew up on this and playing the Smackdown vs Raw video games. So much fun, such a cool era i remember fondly. Look at Drew though! How the mighty have risen to new heights! I miss MVP.

  • Dylan Singley

    Dylan Singley

    27 days ago

    Shelton Benjamin should be in this year's Money In The Bank ladder match (if he wants to anyway)

  • Douglas Snyder

    Douglas Snyder

    27 days ago

    I would have to say that having ten men in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match is NOT the best idea.

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