Gigantamaxing Changes the Game in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! ⚔️🛡️


🚨 Galar Research Update 🚨
✅ Gigantamaxing
✅ New Pokémon
✅ Galar Pokémon League
✅ New Gym Leaders
Time to learn more about Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield!
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  • Eggmans T i t s

    Eggmans T i t s

    46 minutes ago


  • ProRyder Gaming

    ProRyder Gaming

    51 minute ago

    Watch My videos please and thank you

  • Last Doppelganger

    Last Doppelganger

    59 minutes ago

    As a fan since I was a kid, I feel disrespected by this game. Also, as soon as I saw James Turner as lead designer, my hopes went downhill

  • Spider-King


    Hour ago

    Max is Allistar in disguise!

  • Ciel Phantomhive

    Ciel Phantomhive

    Hour ago

    OMG ITS FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ryan


    Hour ago


  • ᴅᴀᴛ ʀᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ ᴡᴇᴀʙᴏᴏ

    ᴅᴀᴛ ʀᴀɴᴅᴏᴍ ᴡᴇᴀʙᴏᴏ

    Hour ago

    Lmao Gigantimax is basically a giant version of mega evolution. And the award for the biggest trolls goes to..... *GameFreak*

  • Astronaut_ _Puppy

    Astronaut_ _Puppy

    Hour ago

    Did anyone notice that Allister has an 'Obey' Hoodie?

  • Chaoxytal


    Hour ago

    I’m only playing if Gardevoir made the cut

  • I’m_A_Weirdo_That_Likes_Anime_And_Gay_Shit _

    I’m_A_Weirdo_That_Likes_Anime_And_Gay_Shit _

    Hour ago

    Even though the animations suck and it’s pretty much mega evolution, I’m still excited for the game, as long as it’s not as easy as Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee/Pikachu I’ll be fine playing it and I think that the multiplayer aspect is interesting. I’m not saying that this is going to be a great game but I’m just trying to keep an open mind about it, yes it’s lazy for a million dollar company, but I’m just trying to say that it can still be a *good* game, I said *good* not great or amazing but *good* .

  • Trynantrium


    Hour ago

    They’re getting real desperate with pokemon now lol

  • One of Hitlers Moustache hairs

    One of Hitlers Moustache hairs

    Hour ago

    Just play gen 3 or gen 4 they still are arguably the best

  • Jason Gomind

    Jason Gomind

    Hour ago


  • SKO 1415

    SKO 1415

    2 hours ago

    Do they (Pokémon) get their abilities back that’s all that matters

  • Kai Arashi

    Kai Arashi

    2 hours ago

    "Game footage in this video is not final" It better not be

  • Lunar Prism

    Lunar Prism

    2 hours ago

    Please do NOT do what you did with sun and moon. Don’t go revealing the entire game before it releases.

  • unNoticed


    2 hours ago

    So the new gimmick is Megas but worse?

  • A Random Person On The Internet

    A Random Person On The Internet

    2 hours ago


  • Jake Curry

    Jake Curry

    2 hours ago

    Why is everyone getting upset at nessa

  • Joel Bernal

    Joel Bernal

    2 hours ago

    Beep beep boop Rule 34 bot spies new targets

  • count rackula

    count rackula

    2 hours ago

    People need to stop complaining like who’s really gonna wanna catch 800+ pokemon every single year 🤦🏻‍♂️. Just let this game have its own dex with about 300 monsters from old and new and I’m fine

  • Michael Mergener

    Michael Mergener

    3 hours ago

    Screw gigantamax. Bring nat dex back

  • Michael S

    Michael S

    3 hours ago

    Wait so the Tentacruel that destroyed the city was actually a gigantamax this whole time??

  • Cailyn Glover

    Cailyn Glover

    3 hours ago

    That was 11 new Pokémon that’s been introduced so far.

  • Casual Goats

    Casual Goats

    3 hours ago

    Man these new gym designs are sad. Another corner cut.

  • a person

    a person

    3 hours ago

    Quick question what happened to mega evolution

  • TanukiSpirit


    3 hours ago

    Mega Evolution was removed. It's been replaced by Dynamax and Gigantamax.

  • Thirdyoshibro thirdyoshibro

    Thirdyoshibro thirdyoshibro

    4 hours ago

    Who’s ready for the clowns to say stuff about animations, graphics and the national dex

  • Roman Caruso

    Roman Caruso

    4 hours ago

    Nice animations and national dex

  • Smash Jumper Z

    Smash Jumper Z

    4 hours ago

    Despite the bad dex and 3ds animations this trailer looks turnt.

  • super tp guner

    super tp guner

    4 hours ago

    So what if I use a Pokemon that can use self-destruct with the big Pokemon battles

  • Plush Movie Studios

    Plush Movie Studios

    4 hours ago

    I think Allister is my favorite gym leader

  • TheShinyGlaceon


    4 hours ago

    At this point I could care less about the national Dex, I just want to play the game I'm still upset about the major reuse of the 3ds animations, the low quality textures on the overworld and the super small render distance I'm not defending the game and most people really shouldnt defend gamefreak for this laziness

  • Eric Hsu

    Eric Hsu

    4 hours ago

    Who are these new ugly animals

  • Jack Lord

    Jack Lord

    4 hours ago


  • BSP Caleb

    BSP Caleb

    4 hours ago

    Cant wait for these in pokemon go. It will be a long time but still

  • Crystal Cheston

    Crystal Cheston

    4 hours ago

    I'm so excited, especially for Bea and Allister. The characters are all so cute, and I'm excited for all of the new pokemon. A lot of the pokemon might have been removed but that won't stop me from crying if I don't get the chance to play this amazing game.

  • Lucarion Swordart

    Lucarion Swordart

    5 hours ago

    Wait. What if the reason there is no national security is because every Pokémon is in it?

  • Otto Alvarez

    Otto Alvarez

    5 hours ago

    The dinamax or gigantamax things seem so silly to me. Too unreal I guess. I get that Pokémon are inherently unreal, but this just seems so strange.

  • Kay Shamrock

    Kay Shamrock

    5 hours ago

    Something the people complaining might want to note, 1:59 "Game footage in this video is not final"

  • Logan Ryder

    Logan Ryder

    5 hours ago

    Pokemon is getting out of hand.

  • Plasma Specter

    Plasma Specter

    5 hours ago

    Is this legitimate?

  • Doobdoob3


    5 hours ago

    So the chairman is like super evil right

  • Darwin The Shiny Tympole

    Darwin The Shiny Tympole

    5 hours ago

    Imagine some accidentally eating that pokemon

  • Micquan Dawson

    Micquan Dawson

    5 hours ago

    Bea =Bae

  • Eevee :

    Eevee :

    5 hours ago

    Even Thanos snap affects the pokemon world i just hope red survives also dragonite victreebell roserade and ect



    5 hours ago

    If Dynamaxing/Gigantamaxing turned Pokémon with Mega Evolutions into their Mega form, I would have no problem with this. That way, every Pokémon would be able to be buffed when dynamaxed, but certain Pokémon have different buffs because they mega evolved or gigantamaxed

  • KyoshiLonehearted


    5 hours ago

    Pokemon Stadium from 20 years ago had better quality animations.

  • Casey Otolski

    Casey Otolski

    5 hours ago

    Everybody get hype, we got Kaiju battles now

  • Sonic Plush HQ-Our videos are really strange

    Sonic Plush HQ-Our videos are really strange

    5 hours ago

    Mega Evolution, again

  • Lucky the Lucky girl

    Lucky the Lucky girl

    5 hours ago

    OMG a cake Pokemon CUTE and yummy! Wait is it rare?

  • Chaos The Protogen

    Chaos The Protogen

    5 hours ago

    Make Mew part of the game!

  • Poipole


    5 hours ago

    Im getting Pokemon Sheild with Sobble as my starter and i might pick the scottish pokemon trainer avatar

  • breonna wilkinson

    breonna wilkinson

    5 hours ago

    *somewhere in GF studios* Dumb Tod:"Yo guys look what I did!" Shows new pokemon and giantmaxing to other colleagues. Colleages: Wowzers Tod that looks great let's all try making those too! *A few months later* Boss: Um guys where is mega evolution and like all the other pokemon for the national DeX? Dumber: We WeRe So BuSy WoRkInG oN nEw AnImAtIoNs ThErE wAs No TiMe Or SpAcE... BuT lOoK bOsS wE mAdE a NeW tHiNg! Boss: By GoD tHiS cHaNgEs EvErYtHiNg, ToD yOuR a GeNiUs! We ShAlL CaLl It GiAnTmAxInG! Everyone else: Why? No. Stop it. Right now that's not, we don't... *internal screeching*

  • Poipole


    5 hours ago

    Tyranitar + Gigantimaxing = Godzilla

  • Senri Sugoi

    Senri Sugoi

    5 hours ago

    How is there a corgi pokemon before a Shiba pokemon? That don make no sense luv...

  • Cherry the Hybird

    Cherry the Hybird

    5 hours ago

    First 2 are really cute.

  • Reyn Time

    Reyn Time

    6 hours ago

    So is it Dynamax or Gigantamax?

  • Jose L

    Jose L

    6 hours ago

    The Ghost-Type Expert is The Next Gen Creepypasta

  • Blak Stabber Games

    Blak Stabber Games

    6 hours ago

    What if a dynamaxed or gigantamaxed pokemon uses minimize?

  • Irrelechez Gaming

    Irrelechez Gaming

    6 hours ago

    I think I’m going to stick to let’s go

  • magnusm4


    6 hours ago

    Welp better bring out the extra thick memes........ *And the sonic deviantart inflation fetish art!*

  • John Shook

    John Shook

    6 hours ago

    Yaaaaaaaaaass I’m pretty sure the people who say, “ I’m not getting the game because of the national dex” I’m pretty sure there going to try it out then there gonna feel stupid for saying all the hate😂😂😂

  • Dandy Vandy

    Dandy Vandy

    6 hours ago

    I think people need to realize they cant animate every possible move every pokemon can learn individually. There is no way there is enough room for that or time. Unless you want it to take 25 years for the game to come out

  • Ronin _GX

    Ronin _GX

    2 hours ago

    *Thank You*

  • DaMarkus Powell

    DaMarkus Powell

    6 hours ago

    It's funny. Idc about the dex change or the fact people can't grow up cuz something was taken from them. I just want my game and play with YAMPER!!

  • Europa Aura

    Europa Aura

    6 hours ago

    Pokemon company please stop making candy pokemon and make them how the first 3 gens were. Like real animals

  • Zach Hatten

    Zach Hatten

    6 hours ago

    Getting way too much of a digimon vibe. Pokemon are our friends and partners, not giant hologram monsters this is seriously a huge step backwards. I've been playing since the day Red and Blue versions came to America and this just does not *FEEL* right.

  • Revolt Playz

    Revolt Playz

    6 hours ago

    Ur telling me I'll just have another snorlax?

  • ferns spirits

    ferns spirits

    6 hours ago

    *I didn’t know a cheap version of geodude could be possible but rolycoly came in*

  • Searing Cold

    Searing Cold

    6 hours ago

    Literally does not change anything lmao

  • Elite Ayanokoji

    Elite Ayanokoji

    6 hours ago

    So... Dynamaxing + Mega Evolution = Gigantamxing & Gigantamaxing + Z move = G-max move Yep, quick maths

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