Giving Starbucks Employees $1,000 If They Spell My Name Right!


Today we went to different Starbucks locations and gave the workers $1,000 if they spelled our names right.. It wasn't so easy..

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If you read this far down the description I love you


  • FaZe Rug

    FaZe Rug

    Month ago

    Would you guys spell all those names right if you worked at Starbucks? (by the way the Brian with a 'y' comment was a JOKE. Anyone who's named Brian is lit)

  • Gucci Turtle

    Gucci Turtle

    Day ago

    My name is Luis 😂

  • Luigi Giron

    Luigi Giron

    2 days ago

    My cuz in name is Bryan so disrespectful

  • brendon riley

    brendon riley

    2 days ago

    I would get 800 total

  • Ellena Galindo

    Ellena Galindo

    2 days ago

    My cousins name is Brian

  • Kyle Caliri

    Kyle Caliri

    3 days ago

    I see what he did here.



    11 minutes ago

    The First Lady would’ve go it right if Arkan was able to pronounce his name right, he literally said Ar- Kin , when it’s Ar - KAN

  • Fortnite vids22

    Fortnite vids22

    51 minute ago

    Who heard fearless laugh at 6:12

  • orlaith gamez

    orlaith gamez

    Hour ago

    gucci duhhh

  • Sidrah Hussain

    Sidrah Hussain

    Hour ago


  • /faZe/Jagga gaming

    /faZe/Jagga gaming

    Hour ago

    U stole it from Mimi locks

  • Maha An

    Maha An

    Hour ago


  • AshnaGohar


    4 hours ago

    Do you ever visit Mike the homeless man you helped?????

  • Douemi Job

    Douemi Job

    5 hours ago

    Me: Felicia Dad: Fl 😁😁😁

  • bloop bloop

    bloop bloop

    7 hours ago


  • bloop bloop

    bloop bloop

    7 hours ago

    My name is also Brian

  • bloop bloop

    bloop bloop

    7 hours ago


  • Graham Brawl Stars

    Graham Brawl Stars

    7 hours ago

    Faze rug you said 1000

  • Jack Vincent

    Jack Vincent

    8 hours ago

    15:43 that dude in the background: So you goonnnaaa split that??

  • Giuseppe Priola

    Giuseppe Priola

    9 hours ago

    Yo my name is Giuseppe

  • Wild Vince

    Wild Vince

    9 hours ago

    I want to see a guy who comments and his channel name is BrYan with a Y

  • Most unbelievable Motivitional speeches!

    Most unbelievable Motivitional speeches!

    12 hours ago

    The last employee is so hot!damn!

  • Jaret Vargas

    Jaret Vargas

    12 hours ago

    She took that 200 bucks quick the girl from the youtuber names

  • MrGoated


    13 hours ago

    10:20 she snached the money

  • True Religion

    True Religion

    14 hours ago

    Title's a bit click bait... But still groovy!

  • Karinos Life

    Karinos Life

    14 hours ago

    Who is Lithuania will get it maybach 😂😂

  • JustGogoBG


    16 hours ago

    is your mom turkish ?

  • Violeta M

    Violeta M

    17 hours ago

    I saip joisep

  • Spplendid


    17 hours ago

    Employee: What´s your name? Rug: Well I can´t give that to you, that´s actually for you to try to spell yourself and there might be a reward if you get it r right Employee: ...ok 4:42 Check my new song tho :)

  • Wink !

    Wink !

    17 hours ago

    Who Else thinks Anthony looks like Max Muncy on the dodgers

  • Nino trucking Nino

    Nino trucking Nino

    17 hours ago

    My name is Brian but it is spelled Brayan

  • Kearston Brannan

    Kearston Brannan

    17 hours ago

    rug is goona be gucci

  • Denis Amo

    Denis Amo

    18 hours ago

    For the third round you are going to be Gucci

  • Ray Sunners

    Ray Sunners

    20 hours ago


  • Nolan TheLegend

    Nolan TheLegend

    20 hours ago

    All these place look like the ones where I live

  • GM_TheHuman


    20 hours ago


  • Joanna Sanchez

    Joanna Sanchez

    20 hours ago

    Sorry but Arkan is so cute tho

  • Declan Feeney

    Declan Feeney

    21 hour ago

    gucci is our name

  • Ethan S

    Ethan S

    21 hour ago

    your name is gonna be gucci

  • nicole cook

    nicole cook

    21 hour ago

    I just realized the dude working with the other girl at the end looked like he wanted money SO BAD when Brian gave it to her.

  • Vanessa Rico

    Vanessa Rico

    Day ago

    Where are your parents from?

  • wolfboy278 angel

    wolfboy278 angel

    Day ago


  • Michael Fuller

    Michael Fuller

    Day ago

    i have no idea why people ask for like they are just comments do u get something for it i don't know???????

  • TGC Seeker

    TGC Seeker

    Day ago

    First there was alex from target now there is josh from Chick fil a

  • Brydan Bui

    Brydan Bui

    Day ago

    Rug: Brian with a y is weird Me: AYYY WUT THE FLIP YOU SAY???

  • Bryan Solis

    Bryan Solis

    Day ago

    I Fucking hate u (jk still love the vids btw my name is with the y cuz of the accent

  • Bryan Solis

    Bryan Solis

    21 hour ago

    @nicole cook I didn't see his comment I had to edit it lol

  • nicole cook

    nicole cook

    21 hour ago

    dude that's harsh (the begging of your comment)

  • U alright fam?

    U alright fam?

    Day ago

    why tf is there tons of videos with the same title and similar thumbnail? this is trippy

  • angela miramontes

    angela miramontes

    Day ago

    Hi your the 😎 coolest youtuber

  • Bryan Anton

    Bryan Anton

    Day ago

    I felt hurt why no shout outs to bryans with y and my name is bryan😞

  • No Hearts

    No Hearts

    Day ago

    tl;dr I lose.

  • Rikko Railey

    Rikko Railey

    Day ago

    12:45 that guy looks like elvis presley

  • Samuel Eich

    Samuel Eich

    Day ago

    This was so funny



    Day ago

    Your calling me fucking weird because my name is Bryan with a y that is fucked up

  • HaydenScoots


    Day ago

    U can say no sometimes keep that in mind

  • Mr. Mexican guy Estrada

    Mr. Mexican guy Estrada

    Day ago

    Rug I think your the best FaZe member that I know. Your the best Mr. Mexicanguy Estrada.

  • John Martin

    John Martin

    Day ago


  • Mohammed Alariefy

    Mohammed Alariefy

    Day ago


  • PianoX music

    PianoX music

    Day ago

    Are u arabe ?? You look a little bit like dat

  • Michal Peka

    Michal Peka

    Day ago


  • Kamari Mccalla

    Kamari Mccalla

    Day ago

    15:50 you know damn well the dude in the back wanted something to😭

  • Arno Heifdunner

    Arno Heifdunner

    Day ago

    Did u guys know starbucks employees spell ur name wrong on purpose so ppl post it on social media so they can get more customers

  • Mythical Lynx

    Mythical Lynx

    Day ago

    If I ever went to Starbucks I bet they would misspell my name😂😂 Cause it’s Anaïs (You say Anna-ees) They spell it from Annaiis over Anaiis till Annais It’s darn annoying

  • The a Family

    The a Family

    Day ago


  • Shaemar Cherew-Gordon

    Shaemar Cherew-Gordon

    Day ago

    bruhhhh he didn't say "my pleasure"!!!

  • Kareem Radwan

    Kareem Radwan

    Day ago


  • Bucket Crew 5

    Bucket Crew 5

    Day ago

    That girl snatched that money fast like dang



    Day ago

    I wish I could a Starbucks employee I. Your city cause I am so good in Grammeer!

  • Frost Dragon

    Frost Dragon

    Day ago

    Were you just joking about spelling grammar wrong or r u serious?

  • Nautica Mena-Strait

    Nautica Mena-Strait

    Day ago

    Your a dick my cousins name is spelled with y

  • ItsAllAboutIzzy


    Day ago

    This is exactly why I wanna be a Starbucks barista

  • Annie Yamunaque

    Annie Yamunaque

    Day ago

    Josh from Chic-fil-a

  • Fearsome KK49

    Fearsome KK49

    Day ago


  • Max


    2 days ago

    4:17 why is that nigga in the back Arkan just staring in the camer he so fucking ugly

  • nicole cook

    nicole cook

    21 hour ago

    but to be true even tho he might be... well you know, does not mean you should say anything rude like that like.... chill.

  • nicole cook

    nicole cook

    21 hour ago

    Tf that's rude don't just go about saying that just mind your f*ucking buisness

  • Joaquin Rangel

    Joaquin Rangel

    2 days ago

    Let's gooooo

  • Tru Hauntings

    Tru Hauntings

    2 days ago

    rihanna isnt a rapper

  • E-Man Games

    E-Man Games

    2 days ago

    Brun buy ne gucci you be looking fire we could match

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